What is Saturday Mornings Forever?
Saturday Mornings Forever is a journey back in time to our childhoods through association by the common television programs we all used to watch.

What shows are you covering?
I'm covering any show that ever aired an original episode on a Saturday morning between the hours of 7AM and 1PM. Currently I'm working in the period from the dawn of television to the present. Any current shows will have to end before I even attempt them.

How do you decide when to post an entry?
I try to synch up posts with significant events that relate to an entry, be it a movie release, a DVD release, something with the stars or what have you. Otherwise, it's completely random based on whose research goes the fastest to get an entry completed.

Why are some episode airdates out of order?
There are two types of orders for TV episodes: production order and televised order. Production order is the order in which the makers of a program wanted it to be presented to the world. Televised order is when a network decided to first broadcast an episode for whatever reason. Depending on the information available, the episode guides on SMF will be in production order as much as possible.

You sure are link happy, aren't you? Why is that?
To provide some extra reading for anyone interested in learning more about people involved with a program, or about anything that may be referenced in an entry. Sometimes, seeing a name isn't enough and you need the visual to either be completely reminded of something you may have known once or forgotten, or to learn about something completely new. 

Okay, but then why aren't some things linked while others are?
There are two reasons why something wouldn't be linked in an entry: either the person in question doesn't have an official web presence or has a name so generic that it's hard to discern which one is the correct one, or I just referenced a show that will receive a future entry on SMF. In the latter case, those links will be filled in once the entry does go live.

Why isn't my favorite show on here yet?
Two reasons: either I hadn't gotten around to it, or the show didn't air on Saturday mornings in its original showing. A great number of shows ran during the week and were later rerun on Saturdays. I may cover reruns at some future date, but as there are almost a thousand original programs already gotta keep the focus somewhere. There's also secret reason #3: your favorite program may have been a repackaged program block. What that means is several shows were aired together under a blanket series title and intro. Those shows, if they meet the SMF criteria, will be covered individually and the block title will be mentioned in each one. For example: Scooby-Doo All-Star Laff-A-Lympics is the blanket title for the programs Laff-A-Lympics, The Scooby-Doo Show, Captain Caveman and Dynomutt, and not its own program.
Did you actually watch all of these shows?
All of them? No. But a good 80% or so I have seen either when they were brand new or in one of their various rerun cycles. Any program I hadn't seen before I try to get some exposure to before I write about it to my the write-ups as authentic as possible.

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