Saturday Mornings Forever began on Facebook, of all places. I created a group designed to bring people together who had fond memories of their times as kids, sitting in front of the TV between the hours of 8-12 before going outside to play or whatever else. After the first year of the group, I began to realize it might be fun to turn that love into a book--an encyclopedia of all things Saturday morning. After spending the next year working on entries, researching shows from various decades and genres, I started getting jittery in wanting people to see them. At the suggestion of some of my friends, I decided to turn the book into a blog, and that's where you are now. Together, we'll revisit some beloved shows, discover some new shows, experience the commercials and cereals that made our Saturday mornings our most favorite day of the week.

The blog will receive regular updates on Saturday morning (when else), American Eastern-Standard time.

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