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(ABC, September 12-December 26, 1970)
Rankin/Bass Productions



Paul Soles – Tobias, Irving the Bold, Merlin the Magician Jr., Inkley, Mole, Badger, Chief Weasel, King the Lion, Robin Hood, Sir Lancelot, various
Carl Banas – King Herman the Atrocious, Ugliola, Sheriff of Nottingham, Sir Gallahad, Uncle Charles, Monk the Gorilla, various
Claude Rae – Mr. Toad, Sir Malcolm St. George, Bunkley, King Arthur, Additional voices
Donna Miller – Daisy, Water Rat, Queen of England, Field Mice, Additional voices



            Kenneth Grahame was a British writer that lived from 1859-1932. A good student, he wanted to attend Oxford University, but due to the cost was instead sent to work at the Bank of England, the central bank of the United Kingdom. There, he quickly rose through the ranks to become its Secretary. In 1899, he married Elspeth Thomson and they had a son, Alastair, in 1900. Alastair was born with blindness in one eye and was plagued by health problems, school bullies and an unhappy home life until he committed suicide in 1920. In 1908, Grahame was forced to retire (health was the official reason—the actual reason was he had fought with one of the bank’s directors, Walter Cunliffe, who would eventually become Governor of the Bank of England) and relocated his family to his childhood home of Cookham where they lived in what would become Herries Preparatory School.

70th anniversary publication of The Reluctant Dragon.

            While he was in his 20s, Grahame published light stories in various London periodicals; some of which would be collected and published as Pagan Papers in 1894 and then The Golden Age in 1895. 1898’s Dream Days contained Grahame’s most famous short story: “The Reluctant Dragon”.  The story, set in Grahame’s one time residence of Berkshire Downs in Oxfordshire (where St. George was said to have fought a dragon in legend), featured a young boy discovering and befriending a poetry-loving dragon. The townspeople learn of the dragon’s existence and called for St. George to exterminate him. However, St. George befriends the dragon as well and stages a fake joust between them, which leads to St. George convincing the townspeople the dragon meant no harm. The story was effectively the prototype for all the ones that would present the typically thought-of-as-evil being as a sympathetic character.

The 1st edition of The Wind in the Willows.

            Grahame’s next most famous work would come in 1908, when he turned the bedtime stories he told his son into the children’s novel The Wind in the Willows. The plot centered around Mr. Toad; the rich, jovial, friendly, kindhearted yet arrogant and rash master of Toad Hall whose personality was inspired by Alastair. He was quick to fall into the latest fad and drop it just as quickly in favor of the next one. It just so happened his latest obsession became motorcars; which he routinely crashed, incurred astronomical fines, and had three stays in the hospital. His friends—the timid and thoughtful Mole, the charming boat-loving Rat, and the wise and considerate Badger—attempt to keep him out of trouble, but Toad winds up in jail anyway. This allowed the sinister weasels, stoats and ferrets to take over Toad Hall, prompting the four friends to fight to take it back. Along with this central story, the book contained several short stories independent of it centered around the adventures of Rat and Mole. While initial reviews of the book were mixed, it quickly became popular; with U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt and Winnie the Pooh creator A.A. Milne being counted amongst its fans.

Ad for a stage version of The Reluctant Dragon.

            Over the years, both stories have seen reprintings with and without pictures, as well as adaptations into stage (the first of which was written by Milne), screen and radio productions that continue on to this day. Disney would release a film version of both as part of anthology films in 1941 and 1949, respectively, and continues to feature their versions in their parks and productions. On television, there was a 3-year period dedicated to adaptations of Grahame’s works. In 1968, a puppet adaptation of The Reluctant Dragon was performed by Kukla, Fran and Ollie for an episode of NBC Children’s Theater. In 1969, The Wind in the Willows was adapted using still images by artist John Worsley and narration by Paul Honeyman. In 1970, Rankin/Bass Productions took their first stab at adapting the stories; however, they ambitiously decided to do both at the same time.

Rankin/Bass' Reluctant Dragon meeting their Mr. Toad.

            The Reluctant Dragon & Mr. Toad Show debuted on ABC on September 12, 1970. As the title suggests, it featured the adventures of the dragon, now named Tobias (Paul Soles), and Mr. Toad (Claude Rae). However, the worlds of the two characters only interacted during the opening and closing titles, commercial bumpers, and in the story “Toad’s Time Machine”. The series was actually broken up into three different stories: two featuring Tobias at the beginning and end, and a Mr. Toad one right in the middle. The entire series was adapted and written by Romeo Muller and William J. Keenan, music by Maury Laws with lyrics by Jules Bass, characters designed by Paul Coker Jr., and animation duties handled in Japan by Mushi Studios. It was produced and directed by studio founders Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Bass.

Tobias after encountering a daisy.

            The Reluctant Dragon segments opened with royal trumpets blaring before the story title was shown with Tobias behind it. As in the original story, Tobias was a gentle dragon who didn’t want to hurt anyone. However, he was cursed by the wizard Merlin to unleash dangerous fiery sneezes whenever he saw a daisy in any form—from the real thing to a simple picture. It was often a point of great shame when one of these attacks hit; as well as troublesome for the medieval village of Willowmarch where he resided.

Tobias, Sir Malcolm and King Henry in one of many encounters with Ugliola and Iriving the Bold.

            Ruling over Willowmarch was King Herman the Atrocious (Carl Banas); a self-centered and short-tempered royal who frequently tried to get rid of Tobias while at the same time often relying on him to handle certain kinds of trouble. He was often on the receiving end of one of the sneezing fits. Knight Sir Malcolm St. George (Rae) was Tobias’ only true friend and did what he could to protect both him and the kingdom. A little girl named Daisy (Donna Miller)—who claimed to love Tobias—made it her mission in life to get him a bouquet of daisies whenever possible; either being blissfully or maliciously ignorant of the effect they had on him. Additional trouble was often caused by two Vikings from Viking Land: the large Ugliola (Rae) and the diminutive Irving the Bold (Soles). They sought to steal whatever they could from Willowmarch—be it valuables or the entire kingdom itself. They were often stopped by Tobias as much as their own incompetence.

Badger, Rat and Mole look on in worried disbelief as Toad explains his latest endeavor.

            The Mr. Toad segments began with their own brief intro showing Mr. Toad piloting a variety of vehicles before crashing onto Tobias’ tail and giving him a sneezing fit by offering a daisy. Residing at Toad Hall in turn-of-the-century Scotland, Mr. Toad was a carefree and aloof soul who squandered his money on every single whim that crossed his mind. This often put him at odds with his friends—English gentleman Mole (Soles, using a British accent), rough and tumble Rat (Miller, modulated with an Irish accent), and stalwart Badger (Soles, using a Scottish accent)—who were either inconvenienced by his flights of fancy or dragged along on them. Aiding him in his schemes was sometimes a legion of dimwitted and lazy field mice (all Miller). There were also the weasels, who took every opportunity they could to usurp Toad Hall from Mr. Toad’s possession; necessitating Toad and his friends getting it back from them through some elaborate scheme. Although Mr. Toad seemed unbothered by these turns of events, a wink to the camera at the end sometimes let on he was more cognizant than seemed.

Toad being tricked by the weasels into signing over Toad Hall for a shiny new fire truck.

            The Reluctant Dragon & Mr. Toad Show, unfortunately, had trouble finding an audience; it was cancelled and removed from the schedule before it finished airing. It returned to the network on Sunday mornings beginning September 12, 1971 and remained there until the following September. The series has largely disappeared since, with only 7 episodes made available online so far through the Internet Archive. Rankin/Bass would get another crack at Mr. Toad for ABC in their 1987 telefilm The Wind in the Willows, which was a more faithful adaptation of the book again written by Muller. The film was actually completed in 1983 and released onto video in the UK, but was met with several delays before it could make its American debut. This ended up being the last production by Rankin/Bass, as the company would be shut down on March 4, 1987. Rankin and Bass would partner for two more productions before officially dissolving their partnership on December 17, 2001; with all but several projects from their library split between Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Discovery.


“A Cold Day in Willowmarch / Build a Better Bungalow / A Day at the Fair” (9/12/70) – Tobias is unwilling to use his fire to free Willowmarch from Viking Land as it’s against the law to do so. / To keep the mischief to a minimum, Toad’s friends oversee the construction of his new guest house. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.
“Cowardly Herman / Casey Toad / Daisies Away” (9/19/70) – Sir Malcolm sets up a fake fight between Tobias and King Herman in order to cure the King of his sudden bout of cowardice. / Mr. Toad has taken to playing with a model railroad—using full-sized trains. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.
“Dippy / Gentlemen's Gentleman / Dragon Under Glass” (9/26/70) – The Vikings use a baby dragon to distract Daisy so that they can capture Tobias and keep him out of their plans. / After losing Toad Hall to the weasels when he spends the mortgage payment, Mr. Toad happily becomes their butler. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.
“Free a Cold, Starve a Viking / Ghost of Toad Hall / Happy Birthday, Dear Tobias” (10/3/70) – NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE. / When the weasels trick Mr. Toad into signing over Toad Hall, he and his friends decide to play ghost and scare them out. / If Tobias can keep away from daisies all day on his 400th birthday, his sneezing curse will finally be lifted.
“How to Be a Wizard / Jack of All Trades / How to Vex a Viking” (10/10/70) – NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.
“If It's Wednesday It Must Be Viking Land / Jove! What a Day / Lights, Camera, Action” (10/17/70) – NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.
“Merlin the Magician, Jr. / Micemaster Road / National Daisy Week” (10/24/70) – Expecting important visitors, King Herman enlists the aid of Merlin’s son to remove Tobias’ curse. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.
“Never Count on a Cornflower / Movie Maker Toad / No Bix Like Show Bix” (10/31/70) – NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE. / Mr. Toad takes up filmmaking and recruits the weasels as his villains, who in turn sabotage the production. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.
“Saving the Crown / Polo Panic / Sir Tobias” (11/7/70) – The Vikings come to steal the crown jewels and use a daisy to keep Tobias from stopping them. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE. / After King Herman banishes him, Tobias decides to try and make London his home.
“Subway Sabotage / Sail Ho-Ho / Taxes Are a Drag on Dragons” (11/14/70) – Tobias comes to the rescue when the Vikings steal the palace through an underground tunnel. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.
“The Big Break / Sandhogs / The Campscout Girls” (11/21/70) – NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.
“The Flying Flagon / The Amphibious Mr. Toad / The Haunted Castle” (11/28/70) – NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE. / King Herman forces Tobias to spend the night in a castle that ends up being haunted by King Arthur and some of his knights.
“The Kid's Last Fight / The Demolition Derby / The Purple Viking” (12/5/70) – NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE. / The Vikings bring a massive purple Viking to Willowmarch to steal their bridge.
“The Robot Dragon / The Great Bonfire Contest / The Starve Versus Herman, the Atrocious” (12/12/70) – Tobias gets blamed when the Vikings attack Willowmarch with a robot dragon. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.
“The Tobias Touch / The Great Motorcycle Race / Tobias, the Terror of the Tournament” (12/19/70) – NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.
“Tobias, the Reluctant Viking / Toad's Time Machine / Wretched Robin Hood” (12/26/70) – NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE. / Mr. Toad builds a time machine that takes him and his friends to medieval Willowmarch. / Tobias and Sir Malcolm encounter Robin Hood, who doesn’t exactly live up to his legend.
“The Toughest Daisy in Willowmarch / Twenty Thousand Inches Under the Sea / The Great Zoo Bust Out” (1/2/72) – Tobias tries to get rid of a daisy in front of his door before he’s supposed to receive an award for not destroying the town for a month. / Mr. Toad’s friends get pulled into an unwitting adventure on his latest invention: a submarine. / King Henry sells Tobias to a zoo where he ends up unwittingly aiding in the other animals’ escape.

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(ABC, September 9-December 23, 1972)
Rakin/Bass Productions, Halas and Batchelor



Donny Osmond – Himself
Jimmy Osmond – Himself
Alan Osmond – Himself
Wayne Osmond – Himself
Jay Osmond – Himself
Merrill Osmond – Himself
Paul Frees – Fuji, Hortense Bird, various
Iris Rainer – Various



            The Osmonds were an American family musical group that were very popular in the 1970s. George Virl Osmond Sr. and Olive Osmond resided on a farm in Ogden, Utah, and were musicians within their church. They had nine children: Virl, Tom, Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay, Donny, Marie and Jimmy.

            In 1958, Alan (9), Wayne (7), Merril (5) and Jay (3) began singing as a barbershop quartet around the town and during church services as a way to earn money for hearing aids for their brothers Virl and Tom, both born with severe hearing impairments, and to finance future church missions. Their talent and stage presence encouraged their father to take them to an amateur barbershop singing competition in California. While there, the family took a trip to Disneyland where the Osmonds performed with the park’s own barbershop quartet, The Dapper Dans. Having been seen by Tommy Walker, Director of Entertainment and Customer Relations, they were hired to perform at the park the following summer. It also landed them minor roles in the Kurt Russell television series The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters and an appearance during a segment of the “Disneyland After Dark” episode of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color, where Walt Disney himself took viewers around Disneyland at night and showed off the nighttime entertainment; complete with numerous entertainment guest stars.

            When singer Andy Williams’ father Jay saw them at the park, he encouraged his son to book the Osmonds on his show, The Andy Williams Show. The Osmond Brothers became regulars on it from 1962-67, earning the nickname “one-take Osmonds” amongst the staff due to their professionalism and constant rehearsing. Donny would join the group in 1963, with Marie and Jimmy making appearances later on and Jimmy eventually joining in 1967 (Marie would be the last to join up a few years after in 1973). When the show ended in 1967, the Osmond Brothers were signed to The Jerry Lewis Show until it was cancelled in 1969; at which point they rejoined The Andy Williams Show for its second run.

Osmonds LP sleeve featuring The Osmond Brothers and Donny in the middle.

            Deciding they wanted to get away from variety shows and perform as a rock and roll band, The Osmond Brothers recorded and released their first single, “Flower Music” with the B-side “I Can’t Stop”, in 1967 for UNI Records. Record producer Mike Curb saw the Osmonds perform and recognized their talent. He signed them to MGM Records and paired them with producer Rick Hall. Now known as The Osmonds, they released their first hit single, “One Bad Apple” written by George Jackson, in November of 1970, along with their first MGM album, Osmonds. It hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed there for five weeks in early 1971. The album itself hit #14 on the Billboard Top Lps chart and was certified gold later that year. Their second album, Homemade, was recorded in just 6 days and released in August of 1971; with the single “Double Lovin’” peaking at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was certified gold in early 1972.

Osmonds Greatest Hits album featuring Jimmy with the group.

            With their third MGM album, Phase III in 1972, the Osmonds began writing and performing their own music, gravitating towards a rock sound. Their fourth album, Crazy Horses, went even harder on the rock; going over into heavy metal territory. They wrote all the songs, played all the instruments, and sang all the vocals. Merrill and Donny were the co-lead vocalists—with Donny mostly singing the chorus of the songs—until Donny’s voice began to change, forcing him to drop back to largely instrumental contributions. The band compensated by progressively lowering the key until his voice finished changing. While still working with his brothers, Donny had also engaged on a solo career; releasing his own albums alongside the group’s. Jimmy would follow suit with his own solo work beginning in 1972.

Rankin/Bass' caricatures of The Osmonds: Jimmy, Donny, Jay, Wayne, Merrill and Alan.

            Rankin/Bass Productions partnered with MGM to bring the Osmonds to Saturday mornings for ABC; similarly to how they had The Jackson Five the year prior. In fact, both cartoons were very much identical in their structure and presentation. The Osmonds would follow the brothers as they embarked on a world tour after winning a contest to become musical goodwill ambassadors. They traveled on a provided psychedelic jet plane piloted by Alan, accompanied by their anthropomorphic dog, Fuji (Paul Frees in 4th wall-breaking internal monologues, using a Japanese accent). Unlike The Jackson 5ive where a touring schedule kept the Jacksons too busy to participate in the show, the Osmonds provided all of their own voices; with Frees and Iris Rainer doing all the rest. Along with the interesting characters they met in each new location, trouble usually followed the brothers due to Jimmy’s immaturity and impetuousness and Donny’s tendency to be girl-crazy. One girl Donny wasn’t crazy about was his self-proclaimed #1 fan: Hortense Bird (Frees), an old lady with missing teeth who decided to follow the Osmonds on their tour.

Dancing through the streets.

            The Osmonds debuted on ABC on September 9, 1972, airing right after The Jackson 5ive. The series was a showcase for the music of the Osmond brothers, with two songs being worked into every episode accompanied by a music-video like sequence. All of the songs--with the exception of “Getcha Goin’ My Way”, which wouldn’t be released until 2012--were taken from the albums Osmonds, Homemade, Phase III and Crazy Horses; the Donny solo albums The Donny Osmond Album, To You with Love, Donny, Portrait of Donny and Too Young; and the Jimmy solo album Killer Joe. “One Bad Apple” was used as the series’ theme, with episode titles appearing at the end of the intro in an apple shape. Maury Laws provided the rest of the music, and Curb served as an executive producer. The show was written by Rainer, Earle Doud, William J. Keenan, Claire Merrill and Romeo Muller, and animated by Halas and Batchelor. This was the second—and last—series to feature Rankin/Bass’ new and improved laugh track; which had better modulated laughs than their previous one and benefitted from better timing by the sound engineers. It only ran a single season of new episodes, with a second season comprised entirely of reruns on Sunday mornings. Several episodes would be released to VHS in the early 1990s by The ABM Group, and Donny would release a DVD compilation of 5 episodes through his website in 2007. While the complete series has never been released, episodes have been uploaded to YouTube by fan accounts.

            The Osmonds’ popularity began to decline following the release of their ambitious 1973 album, The Plan, which carried a strong religious message and a progressive rock sound. Within three years, the band put out music in a variety of genres including bubblegum pop, hard rock and easy listening, giving them an inconsistent sound and took them away from the pop music that made them popular in the first place. Not helping matters was Donny’s voice change taking away their younger fans and his tendency to cover oldies on his solo albums. Alan, Wayne and Merrill had all gotten married between 1973 and 1974, which led to the band reducing their touring schedules to spend more time with their families. Finally, the Osmond brand had gotten diluted with Donny, Marie and Jimmy emerging as solo artists, and Donny and Marie recording duets together. By 1976, album sales were slumping and The Osmonds had only one last Top 40 hit with “The Proud One”, a cover of a Frankie Valli minor hit.

Donny & Marie billboard during their residency at the Flamingo.

            Donny returned to television with Marie for The Donny & Marie Show, with their siblings working in supporting roles. After its cancellation in 1979 and with the family in debt, the Osmonds switched from MGM successor Polydor to Mercury Records and released the unsuccessful album Steppin’ Out. An attempt was made to get Marie back on TV with a sitcom pilot that never aired and a variety show that only ran 7 episodes. Marie carved out a successful career singing country music and starring in the Broadway revivals of The King and I and The Sound of Music. She starred in the short-lived sitcom Maybe This Time and hosted the talk show Donny & Marie with Donny. Donny returned to pop music in 1989, sang “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” for Disney’s Mulan, starred as Gaston in the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast, and toured as the title role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Donny also had a turn as a game show host and won the 9th season of Dancing with the Stars. In 2008, Donny and Marie had a residency at the Flamingo Las Vegas that was originally supposed to run for 6 months, but kept being extended until it finally ended in 2019 after 11 years. Donny went on to have a solo residency at Harrah’s Las Vegas while Marie continues to tour and do commercials.

The Osmonds all together for Marie's 60th birthday.

            Alan, Wayne, Merril and Jay returned to The Osmond Brothers to earn money for their debts. A handful of their songs just missed breaking the top 40, and their record sales were reduced by their unwillingness to tour and desire to only promote their music through music videos, but they were able to pay off their debts by 1983. They continued to perform with various line-ups, including their children, as well as independently with other performers. Alan retired from the group in 2007 and Wayne in 2012 after a stroke left him unable to play guitar; although they played one more performance with them in 2018 and again in 2019 for Marie’s 60th birthday. Merril planned to retire in 2022, but continued on for a limited run in 2024. Jay continues to perform with Alan’s son, Nathan, and they plan to begin a residency in Branson, Missouri in October of 2024. Jimmy suffered a second stroke in 2018 and had dropped out of showbusiness to recover, with Merril hoping he’d eventually return to the group.


“And Away They Go” (9/9/72) – The Osmonds have a chance to audition for a world tour, but Jimmy and Fuji ruin their chances.
Songs: “One Bad Apple” & “Go Away Little Girl
“China” (9/16/72) – While Jimmy and Fuji are fighting, the brothers must play a ping pong game for America against China.
Songs: Don’t Panic” & “Sweet and Innocent
“Jimmy and James in London” (9/30/72) – In London, Jimmy is mistaken for a prince that he resembles.
Songs: In the Rest of My Life” & “Why
“Sir Donald of Bavaria” (9/30/72) – In Bavaria, Donny dreams that he, Jimmy and Fuji are sent back to Medieval times.
“Paris” (10/7/72) – The brothers must save a restaurant from closing wile a government minister conspires to make them lose a contest to a local band.
Songs: Promise Me” & “Shuckin’ and Jivin’
“Monte Carlo” (10/14/72) – While in Monte Carlo, Jimmy makes a hit film while Donny falls for the wrong girl.
Songs: Wake Up Little Susie” & “Getcha Goin’ My Way*”
*Unreleased until 2012.
“Denmark” (10/21/72) – Donny must stop some undersea bullies in order to get a sea witch’s spell reversed and change Jimmy’s fin back to legs.
Songs: Love Me” & “Hold Her Tight
“India” (10/28/72) – Jimmy befriends a genie in India.
Songs: And You Love Me” & “Hey Girl
“The Yukon” (11/4/72) – Jimmy accidentally sends the brothers to the Yukon.
Songs: All I Have to Do Is Dream” & “My Drum
“The Black Forest” (11/11/72) – A whole town may sleep forever if the brothers can’t fix a special clock.
“Italy” (11/18/72) – A girl dates Donny as a ploy to get the valuable coin Jimmy found.
“Australia” (11/23/72) – Jimmy gets a new admirer: a kangaroo.
Songs: It’s You Babe” & “Lonely Boy
“Transylvania” (11/25/72) – The Osmonds are invited to a birthday party held by a vampire.
Songs: Killer Joe” & “We All Fall Down
“Rio” (12/2/72) – Jimmy ends up getting lost during a costume contest in Rio.
Songs: Prety Blue Eyes” & “Hey Mr. Taxi
“Don Osmondo in Spain” (12/9/72) – Donny takes up bullfighting in order to impress a girl.
Songs: Puppy Love” & “Yo-Yo
“Luck of the Osmonds” (12/16/72) – Jimmy gets mistaken for a leprechaun in Ireland.
“Coming Home to Utah” (12/23/72) – The brothers return to Utah to a fairly lackluster homecoming.
Songs: Utah” & “Too Young

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You can read the full story here.

Best known as half of the Smothers Brothers comedy duo. He served as one of the original hosts in the pilot episode of Hot Dog before being replaced by Jonathan Winters for the resulting series.

December 23, 2023


Happy Holidays, Saturday fans! Much as we did for Halloween, this year we decided to give you all the gift of Christmas-themed episodes and specials from some of your Saturday favorites. So, sit back, unwrap your gift, and enjoy all the holiday goodness!

What are your favorite Holiday specials and episodes? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter @SatMForever.

101 Dalmatians: The Series

“A Christmas Cruella”
The puppies live through their own version of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

“The Reindeer Hunter”
Santa hires Ace to find his reindeer on Christmas Eve.

The Adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy

"The Christmas Adventure"
Ann and Andy try to help find Santa's stolen sleigh in order to save Christmas.

The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police

"Christmas Bloody Christmas"
Sam & Max spend Christmas with Sam’s grandma at Blood Island prison where the prisoners attempt a jailbreak.

All Grown Up!

“The Finster Who Stole Christmas”
Chuckie’s desire to make this Christmas more memorable ends up going too well as he mistakenly steals a tree to replace his father’s lame one that the whole town is searching for.

Alvin and the Chipmunks

“A Chipmunk Christmas”
Alvin gives the harmonica Dave gave him to a sick boy to make him feel better, and his plans to secretly replace it are accelerated when Carnegie Hall wants him to play it on Christmas Eve.

“Santa Harry”
Uncle Harry, disguised as Santa, plans to replace the Chipmunks with robots in order to make a fortune.

“Merry Christmas, Mr. Carroll”
The Ghosts of Christmas come to Alvin to get him to stop being so selfish on Christmas.


"Froggy Little Christmas"
Anne is determined to give her mother the Christmas parade float she always wanted just as Andrias decides to take a personal hand in his next attack.

Angelina Ballerina

"The Gift"
Seeing the Pinkpaws twins' expensive gift for Miss Lily has Angelina doubting her own homemade one and she decides to take on a number of jobs to earn money for an expensive hat.

"The Show Must Go On/Christmas in Mouseland"
Upset that her rival got the part she wanted in the Cinderella play, Angelina quits and the show falls apart soon after--and the Queen is expected to attend!

Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps

"Angelina's Holiday Treats"
Angelina and Marco eat too many sweets before they're expected to perform in a holiday showcase.


“’Twas the Day Before Christmas”
The Warners act out their interpretation of Clement Moore's "A Visit from St. Nicholas" as Slappy reads it to Skippy.

“Jingle Boo”
Colin can't seem to convince everyone else that the store's Santa is actually a giant chicken.

“The Great Wakkorotti: The Holiday Concert”
Wakko belches to the tune of Jingle Bells.

“A Christmas Plotz”
The Warners play the ghosts to Plotz’s Scrooge.

“Little Drummer Warners”
A retelling of the birth of Jesus featuring the Warners.

“The 12 Days of Christmas”
Little Bluebird sings The 12 Days of Christmas—and all the gifts end up being turtledoves.

The Warners sing Noel.

“The Christmas Tree”
Slappy’s tree ends up being relocated to Rockefeller Center.

Apple and Onion

"Christmas Spirit"
Apple and Onion take a job as mall Santas in order to earn money for their presents, but they'll only get paid if they get more kids to visit them over their competition.

Archie's Weird Mysteries

"The Christmas Phantom"
Archie ends up trapped in a department store with a monster.

Back at the Barnyard

“It’s an Udderful Life!”
Otis convinces Donner and Blitzen to visit the barnyard, but when Santa gets sick as a result the animals must finish his deliveries for him.

Back to the Future

"A Dickens of a Christmas"
Doc takes everyone to 1800s London to celebrate a "Dickens" Christmas and the key to the DeLorean ends up stolen by a pickpocket.

Batman: The Animated Series

“Christmas with the Joker”
Joker escapes Arkham and challenges Batman and Robin to find him and free his hostages: Gordon, Bullock and Summer Gleason.

“Holiday Knights”
The Gotham holidays sure are busy as Ivy and Harley kidnap Bruce for his credit cards; Batgirl encounters Clayface; and Batman and Robin must stop the Joker.

Ben 10 (2005)

“Merry Christmas”
The Tennysons come across a Christmas Village in the middle of the desert and visiting it results in Max being recruited as Santa Claus—permanently.

Big Bad Beetleborgs

“Christmas Bells and Phantom’s Spells”
Flabber’s Christmas decorating is put on hold when the Magnavors go around stealing gifts and decorations from around town.

Big City Greens

"Green Christmas"
Worried he's not on Santa's "Nice" list, Cricket sets out to do as many good deeds as possible.

"Chibi Tiny Tales: Christmas Crashers"
Cricket, Alice and Tilly must finish Satna's deliveries after Cricket and Alice capture him and lose the key to his cage.

"Random Rings: Santa Calls Cricket"
When Santa butt-dials Cricket, he enlists his help in trying to break Ebenezer Scrooge's curse on the holidays in exchange for being put on the "Nice" list.

"Random Rings: Cricket Pranks Chandler"
Cricket calls Chandler Kinney of ZOMBIES 2 pretending he's Santa and has put her on the "Naughty" list.

"Random Rings: Tilly Tests Trevor"
Tilly tests ZOMBIES 2's Trevor Tordjman for the role of Santa in her movie, but Alice has some notes for him.

"Chibi Tiny Tales: Christmas Marathon"
The Greens and Remy (with an unwanted appearance by Chip) all compete in a wintry triathlon. 

"Broken Karaoke: Santa Gave My Grandson Coal for Christmas"
Alice relays to Cricket and Tilly about the time she confronted Santa at the North Pole after he gave Cricket a lump of coal for Christmas.

"Virtually Christmas"
When Cricket gets snowed in at Remy's he convinces his family to do their holiday traditions together in a VR game...unfortunately, he doesn't realize how violent the game can really become.

"Shortsmas with Big City Greens"
When Bill's attempt at a holiday light display goes off predictably...bad, Cricket, Tilly and Remy enact "Plan B": showing off a collection of Christmas-themed shorts.

Big Hero 6: The Series

"The Present"
Hiro, Baymax and Fred go around town trying to retrieve the present Fred loses when he accidentally takes Hiro's backpack.

Big Wolf on Campus

"Anti-Claus is Coming to Town"
Tommy and his friends must help keep a Santa impersonator from ruining Christmas.

Biker Mice from Mars (1993)

“Chill Zone”
Limburger plans to steal the Earth’s water using a giant snow sucker.

Blaze and the Monster Machines

“Monster Machine Christmas”
Blaze and AJ help Santa get ready for his deliveries, but Crusher accidentally sends the presents flying far away when searching for his own.

"A Blazing Amazing Christmas"
AJ and Blaze try to help Crusher do enough good deeds to earn him a Christmas present from Santa.

"Monster Machine Christmas Extravaganza"
The town celebrates the holidays with performances, ice skating, and blazingly-fast tree decorating. /  Crusher helps Blaze save Santa's sack from falling off a cliff and Blaze serves as Santa's sleigh.

Bobby’s World

“Miracle on 34th Street & Rural Route 1”
Christmas with the family teaches Bobby the true meaning of the holiday.

Bump in the Night

“’Twas the Night Before Bumpy”
Bumpy enlists Squishy’s aid in heading to the North Pole to steal  Santa’s sack of presents.


"How the Griff Stole Christmas"
While the rest of the camp is involved in making gifts for underprivileged children, Griff acts out and actively destroys some of them.

"Summer Winter Wonderland"
Cold weather in July inspires Lou to hold an early Christmas celebration at the camp, however not every camper is finding the holiday spirit as easily as he is.

Bunsen is a Beast

“Bunsen Saves Christmas”
When Amanda ends up on Santa’s "Naughty" list, she stuffs him in a gift box and steals all the toys.

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

“Holiday Time”
Zurg steals a device from Santa and now Star Command must help him make his deliveries to save the holiday.

The Buzz on Maggie

"Those Pesky Roaches"
When the Pesky kids go on strike for a raise, their parents hire roaches to do their chores instead.

Camp Candy

“Christmas in July”
The campers try to fend off a heatwave by make-believing it’s Christmas while also having to teach Vanessa about the Christmas spirit.


"The Third Element (Sakura's Wonderful Christmas)"
Sakura invites Julian to the amusement park so that she can give him a Christmas present, but duty calls when The Firey Card makes an appearance. 

“A Present for the Cards (Sakura, the Cards, and the Presents)”
Sakura uses The Mirror Card to duplicate herself to go Christmas shopping with Tori while she deals with a pair of enchanted fence bars with Li.

“Sakura’s Strange Fortune (Sakura and the Strange Written Fortune)”
While at the shrine for the New Year’s celebration, Eli gives Sakura a fortune that says a truth will be revealed to her during her first dream of the year.

The Casagrandes

"A Very Casagrandes Christmas"
The final night of Las Posados doesn't go quite as planned as the Casagrande's friends and neighbors all come by for various reasons, and Arturo gets locked in the store while buying ingredients to make them food.


“A Christmas Peril”
The Ghostly Trio fill in for the Ghosts of Christmas.  

“Ms. Banshee’s Holiday Hits”
Ms. Banshee screeches the holiday classics.

“Fright Before Christmas”
Kat and Casper must prevent the Ghostly Trio from spooking Santa when he arrives or else they won't get any presents.


“When Santas Collide”
Angry he didn’t get the present he wanted, Rudy goes to spend the holidays in the ChalkZone and almost ends up accidentally ending Christmas there.

City Guys

"The Gift of Friendship"
The gang comes together to help Al’s family when his father loses his job.

"Miracle on 134th Street and Lexington Avenue"
While the gang throws a Christmas party for residents of the community center, Chris and Dawn attempt to bring a family back together.

"Party Like It's 1999"
Unable to get to Times Square for New Years, the gang heads to the school roof to watch the fireworks and reminisce about the past year.

Coop & Cami Ask the World

"Would You Wrather Get a Moose Angry?"
Jenna decorates for Christmas to recapture the feeling from when her husband was alive; Cami and Minty compete to raise the most holiday donations; Coop and Fred try to scare Ollie into behaving for the holidays by inventing Kramplemoose, a moose that punishes bad kids.

"Would You Wrather Lose Your Presents?"
Convinced her kids don't know the real meaning of Christmas after finding out they tried to find out what she got them, Jenna decides there will be no presents given this year.

Craig of the Creek

"Locked Out Cold"
On their way to meet up with the rest of the family, Craig, his sister and father get locked out of the house and must find someone with their spare car keys.


"It's Snow Problem"
Cro devises a new invention to help the mammoths gather wood for their annual hot tub soak during an extremely cold winter.

Darkwing Duck

“It’s a Wonderful Leaf”
Bushroot decides to ruin Christmas by taking over all the Christmas trees in town.

Digimon: Digital Monsters

“A Very Digi Christmas”
Control sprites and rampaging digimon spoil the DigiDestined’s holiday celebration.

Doc McStuffins

“A Very McStuffins Christmas”
Doc and her friends head to the North Pole to get a part to fix a toy broken by an elf, but Stuffy ends up separated from the group and needs Lambie and Chilly to save him.

“The Doc McStuffins Christmas Special”
Doc and the Pet Rescue Team set out to deliver all the Christmas presents when Santa disappears.

Doug/Disney’s Doug

“Doug’s Christmas Story”
Porkchop is accused of attacking Beebe and Doug has to prove his innocence before he’s sent away.

“Doug’s Secret Christmas”
With the new baby on the way Doug’s family is too busy to celebrate Christmas, so he and Porkchop have their own private celebration in his room.

DuckTales (2017)

“Last Christmas!”
Scrooge avoids holiday stress by traveling to the past with a trio of ghosts and crashing history’s greatest Christmas parties.

"How Santa Stole Christmas!"
Scrooge has to put aside his long-standing feud with Santa in order to help deliver presents when Santa hurts his leg.

The Dukes

“A Dickens of a Christmas”
Boss attempts to break the rules and continue the race on Christmas, sending him into his own A Christmas Carol.

Dumb and Dumber: The Animated Series

"Santa Klutz"
Harry takes a job as a store Santa, leading Lloyd to believe he's the real thing.

Earthworm Jim

“For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls”
Queen Slug-For-A-Butt attempts to brainwash Santa Claus.

Eek! The Cat

“It’s a Wonderful 9 Lives”
Eek attempts to deliver a present that Santa lost.

“It’s a Very Merry Eek’s-Mas”
Eek takes Sharky to Santa to get him reunited with his family, but they end up helping Santa instead when his elves and reindeer go on strike.

Elena of Avalor

Elena and her friends attempt to celebrate the holidays together, but a series of mishaps leads Elena to having to remind them what the holidays are supposed to be about.

“Snow Place Like Home”
Elena’s plans for spending a quiet and peaceful Navidad at home is threatened by a freak snowstorm.

"Festival of Lights"
Elena and her family rescue a royal family in peril who then teach them about their holiday of Hanukkah.

Fat Albert Christmas Special

The Cosby Kids offer to help out a needy family that show up at their clubhouse, but the junkyard’s owner has other ideas.

Flint the Time Detective

“Cavemen’s Christmas”
Travelling to ancient France leads the time detectives to help a young girl find her missing mother.

Flying Rhino Junior High

"Phantom Christmas"
When Earl refuses the Christmas spirit, Ratticus confronts him as The Phantom and forces him to relive all the chaos he’s caused at the school.


“In Arms Way”
Freakazoid’s Christmas shopping is put on hold to stop Arms Akimbo.

Free Willy: The Series

"Yuletide and Red Tide"
The Machine sends Jesse a jet-ski for Christmas that's full of red tide and infects the waters when Jesse uses it.

Gadget and the Gadgetinis

“Santa Claw”
Gadget and his allies have to head to the North Pole to rescue Santa from Dr. Claw.

Gadget Boy & Heather/Gadget Boy's Adventures in History

"A Gadget Boy Christmas Around the World"
Spyda wants to destroy Christmas, so she goes back in time and kidnaps various historical figures tied to the holiday.

Garfield and Friends

“Heatwave Holiday”
Beating the heat with cold thoughts ends up spreading throughout the town.

"A Garfield Christmas Special"
Garfield, Jon and Odie head to the Arbuckle farm to spend Christmas with the family.

The Ghost and Molly McGee

"Festival of Lights"
The McGees spend their first Hanukkah with the Stein-Torres family as a blackout hits Brighton.

"Saving Christmas"
Molly takes inspiration from A Christmas Carol to try and get Mr. Davenport in the holiday spirit and save the town's Christmas celebration.

"Broken Karaoke: We Wish You a Scary Christmas"
Scratch sings about haunting people during the holiday season.

"White Christmess"
As Molly prepares the perfect Christmas for the town seniors, Scratch stresses about finding her the perfect gift.

"Perfect Day"
Molly asks Scratch to create a time loop so she can fix every mistake she makes on New Year's Day.

Go Jetters

"The North Pole, Arctic Ocean (Christmas Special)"
Th Go Jetters head to the North Pole on Christmas Eve where they discover Glitch has "borrowed" Santa's sleigh.

Goof Troop

“Have Yourself a Goofy Little Christmas”
Sick of Goofy blowing up his house every year, Pete takes his family away to Asperin, Colorado for the holidays.

Heathcliff (1984)

“Christmas Memories”
The Catillac Cats reminisce about how they all met while throwing Leroy a birthday party.

“North Pole Cat”
Heathcliff and Spike head to the North Pole to bring returned letters back to Santa.

Hey Vern, It's Ernest!

"Hey Vern, It's Holidays" 
Ernest sets the world record for celebrating all the major holidays in one day.


“The American Revolution (Part 1)”
George Washington and his troops cross the Delaware River to surprise the Red Coats on Christmas.

Hotel Transylvania: The Series

"The Fright Before Creepmas"
Mavis tries to get Krampus to fix a 1,000-year-old mistake so that Lydia will let everyone enjoy a family Creepmas.

"A Year Without Creepmas"
When Mavis accidentally causes Krampus to take a vacation, she must team-up with Santa to save Creepmas.

House of Mouse

“Pete’s Christmas Caper”
Peter volunteers to play Santa at the party in order to steal all the gifts.

“Clarabelle’s Christmas List”
Clarabelle gets her hands on Santa’s list and adds anyone who tires to look at it to the “naughty” side.

“Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse”
The staff tries to get Donald into the Christmas spirit while they’re stuck at the club.

Inspector Gadget (1983)

“Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas”
Dr. Claw takes over Santa’s workshop and has the elves make defective toys.

It's Pony

"Bramley Holiday"
The Bramley's must find a way to spend the holidays with Grandma Ruth without having t leave anyone (or anypony) behind.

It’s Punky Brewster!

“Christmas in July”
A trip to Santa’s workshop leads to an accident that causes it to snow around the world.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

"It's a Winter Never Land!"
Captain Hook steals the holiday tree and the presents the pirate kids planned to give to their Never Land friends for Winter Treasure Day.

"Captain Scrooge"
Captain Hook is taken on a journey through time by a ghostly pirate to learn how to share his treasure. 

Jackie Chan Adventures

“A Jolly J-Team Xmas”
The J-Team has to save Christmas when Wong attempts to steal Santa Claus’ chi.

Justice League Action

"Party Animal"
Green Arrow's ambitions of throwing the perfect Christmas party are dashed when Plastic Man brings a tranquilized Solomon Grundy to the party. 

Kuu Kuu Harajuku

A decorating mishap as a child causes Nofun to seek to destroy the Tinselfest celebration.


“The Holiday Spirit”
Robbie accidentally knocks Santa out of the sky and all the presents land on Stingy’s house.

Life with Louie

“A Christmas Surprise for Mrs. Stillman”
Louie and his dad take it upon themselves to bring Christmas cheer to a woman that seemingly has none.

“Family Portrait”
Learning one of his friends is an orphan, Louie invites him to his house for Christmas.

Lilo & Stitch: The Series

“Topper: Experiment 025”
Stitch steals all of the town’s Christmas presents in order to find an experiment pod.

The Lion Guard

"Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas"
The Lion Guard calls on the various animals in the land to help them prepare a Christmas surprise for Timon and Pumbaa.

The Loud House

"11 Louds a Leapin'"
As the Louds prepare for Christmas, Lincoln and Clyde try to get Lincoln's sled back from Mr. Grouse's yard and learn a few things about their grumpy neighbor. 

"Season's Cheating"
Lincoln spends so much time attempting to rig the family gift swap in his favor that he forgets to get a gift for the sister whose name he drew.

"A Flipmas Carol"
After Flip takes advantage of all the last-minute holiday shoppers, three sets of ghosts visit him that night to help him change his ways.

Madeline/The New Adventures of Madeline

"Madeline at the North Pole"
A trip to the North Pole leads the girls to help Santa prepare for Christmas when all the elves end up sick.

The Magic School Bus

"Holiday Special"
When Arnold accidentally recycles Wanda’s toy soldier, she angrily wishes recycling was never invented and Miss Fizzle decides to grant that wish.

Martin Mystery

“Eternal Christmas”
A lonely man gets his wish for eternal Christmas when he smashes a snow globe, which Martin and his friends must restore before they’re trapped forever.

“All I Want for Xmas”
Martin and Diana attend a Christmas party at the Center, but a villainous elf plans to ruin Christmas by twisting everyone’s Christmas wishes.

The Mask: The Animated Series

“Santa Mask”
Kablamus, Walter and the mutants disguise themselves as Santa to commit crimes.

Masked Rider

“Ferbus’ First Christmas”
Dex is homesick as the Stewarts prepare for Christmas, while Nefaria plants Maggots in their house to capture Santa Claus.

Max & Ruby

“Max’s Christmas”
Ruby refuses to allow Max to stay up and wait for Santa.

“Grandma’s Present”
Ruby asks Max to keep Grandma busy while she shops for the perfect Christmas present for her.

“Max and Ruby’s Christmas Tree”
Ruby wants to use traditional decorations on the tree, but Max wants to use toys.

“Max’s Christmas Passed”
Max plans to cheer up Ruby who’s sad that Christmas is over.

“Ruby’s Perfect Christmas Tree”
Ruby sets out to find the perfect Christmas tree for the holidays.

“Max’s Christmas Presents”
Ruby makes decorations while Max heads out to ask Santa about the prefect presents he should get.

“Max and Ruby’s Christmas Carol”
Max’s role as bell-ringer with the carolers ends up calling the whole town to come watch them perform.

Men in Black: The Series

“The Black Christmas Syndrome”
MIB must rescue Santa Claus from Drekk.

Mickey Mouse

“Duck the Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special”
Donald decides to stay in town instead of migrating for the winter, and Mickey is determined to make his first Christmas memorable.

Mickey Mouse & Friends

"Chibi Tiny Tales: Bad Breath"
It's time for Mickey to kiss Minnie under the mistletoe--unfortunately, he's got a case of stubborn bad breath!

Mickey Mouse Works

“The Nutcracker”
Minnie’s nutcracker doll turns into a handsome prince in order to rescue her from the Mouse King.

“Mickey’s Christmas Chaos”
Mickey and Mortimer compete for a house decorating contest.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

“Alpha’s Magical Christmas”
Sad while the Rangers are away helping Santa Claus, Alpha 5 consoles himself by singing Christmas carols with children from around the world.

“I’m Dreaming of a White Ranger”
The villains attempt to ruin Christmas by capturing Santa Claus.

Milo Murphy’s Law

“A Christmas Peril”
Murphy’s Law goes into overdrive when Milo invites his entire family for Christmas, while Dakota and Cavendish both traverse time to undo an argument that ends their friendship.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

“A Christmas Special”
When Adrien runs away from home on Christmas, Ladybug sets out to find him and bring him back.

When Marinette tells Nino's little brother gifts he found for Adrien were early Christmas presents, he decides he wants Christmas to come early and is akumatized into Christmaster with an army of toys.

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

"Hum Bug"
Bounce tries to do a last-minute good deed so that the Dream Bug will visit him and give him a sweet dream, but the sinister Spiderus ends up hijacking his good deed for his own gain.

"Dashing Through the Snow"
Miss Spider, Squirt and Bounce aren't having a very Jolly Holly Day when they're caught outside in a snowstorm.


"The Christmas Tree"
Cold after a snowball fight, Molang accidentally starts a fire using Piu Piu's Christmas tree as kindling.

¡Mucha Lucha!

"The Match Before Xmas"
Santa's evil twin brother Rudo and his team of Chupacabras attempt to take over Christmas and make sure only the bad get presents.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

"Holidays Unwrapped"
The girls try to create a fake snow day to get out of a test; Pinkie Pie braves an epic snowball battle to get Rarity her annual soufflé before it falls; Twilight helps the Apple family outwit the Flim Flam brothers from stealing their cider; the girls plot different ways to get Sunset’s key out of her school locker in order to get to their gifts for needy kids; Rainbow Dash goes on a frantic search for a gift for Fluttershy when she forgets about the group’s gift exchange; Applejack wants the girls to take a group photo to send out to the whole school, but the girls aren’t too excited about the idea—or her theme.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

“Hearth’s Warming Eve”
The Mane Six and Spike head to Canterlot to put on a Hearth’s Warming Eve play about the founding of Equestria.

The Apple and Pie families spend the holidays together and find that their respective traditions may be a bit too different.

“A Hearth’s Warming Tail”
Twilight attempts to cure Starlight’s holiday blues by reading a Hearth’s Warming story to her.

“The Hearth’s Warming Club”
While Twilight investigates which of her students pulled a disruptive prank, they share memories of home and their respective holiday traditions with each other.

“Best Gift Ever”
To reduce the stress of the holidays, the ponies decide to pick a name out of a hat and focus on finding the perfect gift for that particular pony.

The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

“Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too”
Christopher Robin sends off a letter to Santa with the gang’s desires, but soon they become greedy and keep asking for more.

 “Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year”
It’s time for the holidays and the usual chaos abounds in the Wood, along with Pooh forgetting where he hid Piglet’s present.

New Kids on the Block

“Christmas Special”
After their concert, the New Kids end up at a homeless shelter where they spread joy to the less fortunate.

The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries

“The Nutcracker Scoob”
The gang has to warm the heart of the cruel Winslow Nickleby who delights in ruining the Christmases of the residents of the children’s home.

The New Woody Woodpecker Show

“A Very Woody Christmas”
Woody ends up foiling a couple of thieves stealing people’s Christmas presents.

“It’s a Chilly Christmas After All”
Chilly wants to hitch a ride with Santa to go to a warmer climate, but first he needs to get past Smedley the elf.

“Yule Get Yours”
Woody’s attempts to get back on Santa’s "Nice" list ends up getting him into even more trouble.

“The 12 Lies of Christmas”
Woody, Wally and Miss Meany all disagree on who saved Santa—and Christmas—from a couple of crooks one year.

Oggy and the Cockroaches

"A Truce for Christmas"
Oggy has second thoughts about throwing the cockroaches out into a storm on Christmas Eve.

"Santa Oggy"
When the cockroaches injure Santa, Santa plays up his pain so that Oggy has to replace him for the holiday.

"North-Pole Panic"
The cockroaches infiltrate Santa's workshop in order to kidnap him.

"Green Peace"
With his artificial tree a mess, Oggy decides to chop down a real one--which the cockroaches set their sights on.

The Oz Kids

"Who Stole Santa?"
The kids try to help elf Wisk find Santa before Christmas.

"Christmas in Oz"
While the kids try to get Rick to come to the Christmas party, Otto tricks Andrea into thinking she wasn't invited.


“Christmas Comes to Pac-Land”
When Santa crash lands in Pac-Land, the Pac-Family tries to help him complete his deliveries.

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

“Happy Holidays and a Merry Berry Day”
When Pac’s parents return from a top-secret mission, Pac goes to great lengths to hide them from his friends.

Pac must save Santa-Pac and his round-deer after they’re kidnapped to the Netherworld.

Pee-wee’s Playhouse

"Christmas Special"
Pee-wee’s star-studded Christmas party gets a damper when Santa tells him he must shorten his wish list or other kids won’t get presents.

Penguins of Madagascar

“The All Nighter Before Christmas”
With the zoo closed for Christmas, the animals prepare their Kidsmas celebrations.

Pepper Ann

“A Kosher Christmas”
Pepper Ann comes to believe she must choose between her family’s holidays and can’t decide between Christmas and Hanukkah.

Peter Pan and the Pirates

“Hook’s Christmas”
Hook deems Christmas a waste of time until he’s visited by the Ghosts of Christmas.

Pickle and Peanut

“Tree Lighting”
Pickle and Peanut take Scampy and his brothers to New York for a show so that they can experience snow, but Peanut has trouble keeping Scampy’s brothers in line.

“A Merry Mocap Musical”
The behavior of Scampy’s brothers repeatedly gets them and Pickle and Peanut stuck in Illinois.

“A Cabbage Day Miracle”
Pickle and Peanut are upset that the holidays are over until Mr. Mjart tells them about another one.

“Springtime for Christmas”
Pickle plays Santa at Mjart Mart, and he and Peanut use their imaginations to help a little boy’s wish come true.

“Yellow Snow”
Pickle and Peanut start a snowball fight with a type of explosive snow that can destroy the town.

Pink Panther and Sons

“Insanity Claus”
Only Panky believes that the Santa that came into their house is the real one, and it turns out he was right—after they had him sent to jail!

Pinky and the Brain

“A Pinky and the Brain Christmas”
Brain infiltrates Santa’s workshop in order to put his hypnotic doll on everyone’s Christmas list.

Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain

“Yule Be Sorry”
Brain experiences life as if Pinky was never his friend.


“Holiday Hi-Jynx”
Ash encounters a Jynx who can’t find his way to Santa to return his boot, which leads Team Rocket to believe that he really IS Santa.

“Pikachu’s Winter Vacations: Christmas Night”
The Pokémon are left behind while their trainers run errands, but the curious little monsters end up trashing the house’s holiday decorations.

“Pikachu’s Winter Vacations: Stantler’s Little Helpers”
The Pokémon help Santa search for a rare berry to cure his Stantler’s fever.

“Pikachu’s Winter Vacations: Delibird’s Dilemma”
The Pokémon’s snowball fight causes a passing Delibird to fall and lose all of the Christmas presents it was carrying.

“Pikachu’s Winter Vacations: Snorlax Snowman”
When the Pokémon’s Snorlax Snowman comes to life, it ends up taking them on a wintery adventure.

Postman Pat

“Postman Pat’s Magic Christmas”
Finishing his deliveries in time to play Santa at the village Christmas party seems almost impossible for Pat until a mysterious stranger appears to help.

 “Postman Pat’s Christmas Eve”
Pat must rescue Ajay and his Christmas tree from a snowdrift.

“Pat’s Special Delivery: The Flying Christmas Stocking”
Pat is delivering a stocking full of Secret Santa gifts from kids to their parents, but the stocking rips along the way and loses all the presents.

“Postman Pat and the Christmas Panto Horse”
Pat sets out to retrieve Pumpkin after she gets scared by the snow so that Lucy can perform in the pantomime.

Pound Puppies (1986)

"Happy Howlidays"
The pound is closed after Katrina hides some overdue bills, and it's up to Zazu to help the puppies regain their home.

Pound Puppies (2010)

"I Heard the Barks on Christmas Eve"
The Puppies need a miracle to place thousands of pups overflowing the shelters all over town.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers

"Scrozzle's Revenge"
The Beast Bots must rescue the Rangers from their entrapment inside giant holiday ornaments.

Power Rangers Dino Charge/Dino Supercharge

“Race to Rescue Christmas”
Chase tries to get home for the holidays, but the Rangers must recover Santa’s computer from Poisandra.

“Here Comes Heximas”
Heximas seeks to control the planet through cursed lumps of coal, but first he must get the Rangers under his spell using Secret Santa gifts.

Power Rangers Dino Fury

"Secret Santa"
Javi and Solon end up caught in a trap while the Rangers try to retrieve a magic sketchbook stolen from Santa.

Power Rangers Megaforce

“The Robo Knight Before Christmas”
Robo Knight is mistaken for a donated Christmas toy and is shipped to Africa where he learns the meaning of Christmas.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel

“Past, Presents, and Future”
Sarah has to travel through time with Santa to free the Rangers from Cleocatra’s freeze.

“The Poisy Show”
Poisandra returns to put a damper on the Rangers’ Christmas celebration.

Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai

“Christmas Together, Friends Forever”
The Rangers find the spirit of the season while reflecting on their first year together.

 “Stuck on Christmas”
After battling Nighlok, the Megazord breaks down leaving the Rangers stranded and missing Christmas with Mentor Ji.

Power Rangers Zeo

“A Season to Remember”
A spell is cast on the Rangers that turn them into intolerable bigots against other cultures.

The Raccoons

"The Christmas Raccoons"
When their home is cut down for a Christmas tree, the Raccoons end up in a battle to save their forest from deforestation.

The Real Ghostbusters

“XMas Marks the Spot”
The guys unknowingly rescue Ebenezer Scrooge from the three spirits in the past, resulting in the end of Christmas in the present.


“Yes Mikey, Santa Does Shave”
Mikey’s attempts to prove that Santa is real ends up doing just the opposite.

“Recess Christmas: Miracle on Third Street”
Peter, Alordayne and Muriel end up trapped in a snowbank on the way home and Peter finds a way to blame it on T.J. and the gang.

Rescue Heroes

“Alone for the Holidays”
Rocky is depressed he needs to be on duty for the holidays, but a rescue may just remind him what the true meaning of the season is.

Saturday Supercade

Donkey Kong Jr.: "A Christmas Story"
Junior and Bones come across a man claiming to be Santa’s helper with a magic toy-making machine that ends up stolen by a pair of thieves.

Saved by the Bell (1989)

“Home For Christmas”
The gang prepares for a production of A Christmas Carol while Zack falls for a homeless girl who works at the mall.

Saved by the Bell: The New Class

“Christmas in July”
The Club’s annual celebration has Screech, Bobby and Tommy worried over what gifts to buy and Megan protests the swimsuit part of the Snow Queen Pageant.

“The Christmas Gift”
Screech arranges for Belding’s family to visit the ski lodge they’re at, not knowing Belding decided to go home to visit them.

“Fire at the Max”
When he forgets to turn off the Christmas tree lights Ryan accidentally causes The Max to be burned down.

The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs

Ralph gets assigned North Pole duty once again, leading a contingent of dogs who help a confused Santa go about his Christmas duties.

Sesame Street

“Christmas Eve on Sesame Street”
Big Bird sets out to solve the problem of Santa fitting down the narrow chimneys on the street.

“Elmo Saves Christmas”
After Elmo rescues Santa from a chimney, he’s given a magical snow globe that will grant him three wishes.

“Elmo’s World: Happy Holidays!”
Elmo explores the traditions of the various winter holidays.

“Elmo’s Christmas Countdown”
Oscar is determined to have the most Christmas joy and is given the official Christmas-Counter-Downer--without which Christmas can’t come--that he ends up throwing away.

“Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas”
Elmo’s father spins a tale about why cookies are left out for Santa.


“SheZon’s Greetings”
SheZow must rescue Santa from the clutches of Tatooselah.

Shimmer & Shine

"Santa's Little Genies"
The genies visit the North Pole and accidentally send Santa on vacation, leaving them to try and fulfill all his Christmas deliveries.

The Smurfs (1981) 

“The Smurfs’ Christmas Special”
Two young kids try to get help when their grandfather ends up stranded in the woods, while Gargamel pursues the children in order to gain a scroll that will lead him to the Smurfs’ village.

“Baby’s First Christmas”
Evil witch Chlorhydris plans to put an end to Mr. Nicholas’ spreading of joy for the holidays by making him feel hate.

“The Magic Sack of Mr. Nicholas”
When his elves take ill, Mr. Nicholas calls the Smurfs to help him finish making all the toys so that he can deliver them on time.

“’Tis the Season to be Smurfy”
Grandpa and Sassette lead the Smurfs to the human village to help make an elderly couple’s Christmas better.

Space Goofs

"Holiday Heave Ho"
The aliens believe Santa Claus is a red blob from the horror movie they watched the night before and try to keep him out of their house.

The Spectacular Spider-Man

The Sinister Six break out and reform during the holiday season to set out to destroy Spider-Man.

SpongeBob SquarePants

“Christmas Who?”
Sandy tells SpongeBob about Christmas, and SpongeBob proceeds to spread it to everyone in Bikini Bottom.

“The Secret Box”
SpongeBob desperately wants to see what’s inside Patrick’s secret box.

“Snowball Effect”
SpongeBob and Patrick try to get Squidward to join in their snowball fight.

“Frozen Face-Off”
Everyone participates in a worm-sled race for a chance to win a million dollars.

“It’s a SpongeBob Christmas!”
To ensure his Christmas wish is granted, Plankton uses Jerktonium to make everyone in Bikini Bottom naughty.

“Goons on the Moon”
Sandy takes her Science Scout troop up to the moon where SpongeBob accidentally causes it to fall out of orbit.

"Plankton's Old Chum"
Stuck with all the chum from his fake holiday scheme, Plankton convinces SpongeBob that it's Chum Day and everyone must get chum as gifts.

"SpongeBob's Road to Christmas"
SpongeBob, Patrick and Plankton head to the North Pole to deliver a gift to Santa, but they discover that Santa's not there and Patchy is cosplaying as him.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil

“Stump Day”
Star, Marco and the Mewni celebrate the snowy holiday of Stump Day.

“Holiday Spellcial”
One of Eclipsa’s dark spells gets invited to the office holiday party.

Static Shock

“Frozen Out”
The holidays threaten to be snowed out when homeless Maureen Connor’s powers rage out of control due to her mental state.

Strawberry Shortcake: Berry in the Big City

"Berry Merry Melody"
The berries exchange their Winterswirl gifts and take part in Huckleberry Pie's: creating a holiday song together.

"Mission: Unfrostable!"
When they learn that Purple Pie Man has no intentions of honoring a contest he holds, Strawberry and her friends plot a heist to steal the contest tokens from his shop and make sure he does.

"The Magic Is You!"
Blueberry Muffin tries to help her friends cope with the Winterswirl stresses of getting everything done on time.

"Best New Year's EVER!"
Strawberry and Raspberry get invited to spend New year's in Times Pear with Kiki Lime, but they soon discover the glitz and glamor doesn't compare to an intimate evening with their friends.

"Strawberry Shortcake's Perfect Holiday"
Strawberry wants everything to be just perfect for the annual tree lighting ceremony at the Berryworks, but the Purple Pieman is up to his old tricks again.

"A Holiday Your Way"
When other berries make fun of Honeydew's snowman, Strawberry steps in to show that there's no wrong way to make a snowman.

"Strawberry's Perfect Present"
Strawberry's streak of being a perfect gift-giver are challenged when she draws the twins' names for the Secret-Swirl Gift Exchange.

"Kiki KeyLime's Favorite Things"
Crabapple Jam convinces Strawberry not to bake something Kiki asked for in order to steal the spotlight, and Pie Man tries to convince her to take revenge.

Super Dave: Daredevil for Hire

“Merry Christmas, Super Dave!”
Super Dave ends up involved in the rescue of a kidnapped Santa.

Super Mario World

“The Night Before Cave Christmas”
The bothers attempt to introduce the cave people to Christmas, but Koopa steals all of their gifts.

Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries

“It Happened One Night Before Christmas”       
Granny tries to figure out what happened to the $8000 missing from her brother’s company.

“Feather Christmas”
Granny helps a little girl retrieve the bird her parents got rid of.


“No Time For Christmas”
Taz travels across the Outback to bring Christmas gifts to his friends.

Teacher’s Pet

“A Dog for All Seasons”
While Mrs. Helprman takes on the herculean task of incorporating everyone’s beliefs into a holiday play, God sends an angel dog to help Spot learn if dogs have any holiday traditions.

“The Blight Before Christmas”
Tired of getting dog toys for Christmas, spot sets out to find a lost dog and claim the reward to buy stuff for himself.

Teamo Supremo

"Happy Holidays, Mr. Gruff!"
Teamo teams-up with their favorite action hero to stop Alchemy's experiment to prove people are more materialistic around the holidays.

Teen Titans Go!

"Second Christmas"
Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy trick Starfire into believing that there's a Second Christmas and to expect the arrival of Second Santa Claus.

"The True Meaning of Christmas"
Tired of being on the "Naughty" list, the Titans head to the North Pole to get their presents in person.

"Halloween v Christmas"
The Titans must help stop Santa Claus from taking over Halloween.

"Teen Titans Save Christmas"
When Santa quits it's up to the Titans to make sure Chrismtas goes off without a hitch.

"Christmas Crusaders"
Santa Claus and Robin team-up to stop the Coal Miner.

"Beast Boy on the Shelf"
Santa forces Beast Boy to spy on his teammates and report their naughty behavior to him.

"A Holiday Story"
Satna gets Beast Boy's help to get him back into the Holiday Mob.

"The Great Holiday Escape"
After learning Beast Boy had Santa locked up to prevent his takeover of the other holidays, the Titans plan to break him out so that they'll get presents for Christmas.

"Christmas Magic"
The Titans are given a Christmas gift by Mumbo Jumbo that ends up being a trick to shrink them down to toy size.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

“The Christmas Aliens (aka Michelangelo’s Christmas Rescue)”
Michelangelo attempts to stop the Purple Dragons from stealing a truck full of toys at Christmas time.

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

"Thomas' Christmas Party"
Thomas enlists his friends' help in throwing a Christmas party for Mrs. Kyndley as a thanks for saving them from an accident a year ago.

"Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree"
Thomas ends up buried in a snowdrift while fetching the Christmas tree for Sodor's annual Christmas carol party.

"Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure"
The engines must work together to get the mountain village their mail when a blizzard causes delays

"It's Only Snow"
Thomas must find a way to get to a village in time for the holidays after he and Toby get stuck in the snow when his plow breaks.

"Oliver the Snow Engine" 
Oliver's disposition about the weather doesn't improve when he's tasked with making a delivery for the winter festival and ends up crashing into a giant snowman.

"Not So Hasty Puddings"
Thomas is jealous that Elizabeth gets to deliver the Christmas puddings this year.

"Don't Tell Thomas"
The other engines plan to throw Thomas a surprise party to show their appreciation of his keeping the tracks snow-free.

"Keeping Up with James"
Wanting to finish his tasks quickly so that he'll get to deliver the presents train, James ignores Edward's warnings about icy tracks and derails.

"Thomas' Tricky Tree"
Thomas goes to pick up a Christmas tree, but Duncan's teasing flusters him enough that he ends up accidentally dumping a flatbed of pipes into the canal.

"Thomas' Frosty Friend"
The wind causes Thomas to pick up a giant inflatable hitchhiker.

"Henry's Lucky Day"
Henry believes he owes his versatility in snow to his "lucky trucks", which end up being accidentally broken just as he needs to deliver presents around the island.

"The Party Surprise"
Freddie neglects to tell Mr. Percival that he's relocating this year's winter party from his house to the wharf so that Colin the Crane can participate.

"Merry Winter Wish"
The engines all make a wish on the festive Star of Knapford that Thomas delivers.

"Merry Misty Island"
The Logging Locos put a damper on Bash, Dash and Ferdinand's Christmas party plans.

"Henry's Magic Box"
Henry picks up a Christmas surprise box for the Fat Controller, but it soon disappears at the farm just as strange trees being popping up all over.

"Let It Snow"
Gordon and Thomas pick up logs for an animal shelter and sing a song to make snow clouds appear.

"Surprise, Surprise"
Thomas tries to ensure all of his friends get repaired in time for the Christmas party.

"Percy the Snowman"
Thomas is tasked with bringing the Fat Controller to the town square to turn on the Christmas lights.

"Tree Trouble"
The steam engines hold a competition against the diesels to see who can find the best Christmas tree on Sodor.

"Ho Ho Snowman"
Charlie pretends to be a snowman to help Henry appreciate snow more.

"Salty's Surprise"
Edward goes on a hunt to find Salty a Christmas present.

"Emily's Winter Party Special"
Emily must find Sir Topham Hatt's top hat for a chance to pull the Winter Special.

"The Christmas Tree Express"
Toby takes Rheneas to Misty Island to find the perfect Christmas tree.

"Santa's Little Engine"
Thomas is tasked with bringing a sleigh for Sir Topham Hatt to use to play Santa, but the sleigh ends up slipping down a hill on the way.

"The Missing Christmas Decorations"
Feeling left out of the holiday festivities, the diesels decide to "borrow" some decorations from the steam engines.

"Long Lost Friend"
Gator returns to the island after a long time away and is anxious to see Percy, but the two of them keep missing each other.

"Last Train for Christmas"
The engines work together to fight the elements and get the people to their homes in time for Christmas.

"Duncan the Humbug"
With Duncan seemingly grumpier than usual, Victor bribes him with a new coat of paint if he can keep from grumbling for an entire day.

"The Perfect Gift"
Percy is worried that Reg may be missing out on the holiday celebrations and decides to find something to cheer him up.

"A Cranky Christmas"
Believing he broke the special Christmas crate Thomas is supposed to deliver, Cranky hides it.

"Diesel's Ghostly Christmas"
The engines play the Ghosts of Christmas in order to get Diesel to be more helpful.

"Letters to Santa"
An old rivalry with Harold the Helicopter causes Percy to foul up his job of bringing letters to Santa.

"The Christmas Coffeepot"
Investigating a "talking tree" leads Thomas to discover Glynn the Coffeepot Engine, who's hiding out of fear of being scrapped.

"Terence Breaks the Ice"
Terence takes an ill-advised shortcut across the frozen lake while collecting Christmas trees for the holiday market.

"Daisy's Perfect Christmas"
It's hard for Daisy to find the holiday spirit when everything fails to go as planned.

"Thomas' Animal Ark"
The engines must find a way to keep the animals warm when the boiler at the Animal Park breaks down.

"Kangaroo Christmas"
While in Australia for the holidays, Thomas must help a little girl retrieve her toy kangaroo from a real one.

"Hunt the Truck"
Bill and Ben have been hiding trucks to force the other engines to look for them, and one of them happened to be the Christmas supplies Edward needed to collect for Sir Robert Norramby.

"Nia's Bright Idea"
Nia is inspired by lighthouses to cover a big wheel in Christmas lights to help Harold see through a storm.

ThunderCats Roar

"Mandora Saves Christmas"
The ThunderCats must help Santa Claus evade Mandora and get off of Third Earth.

The Tick (1994)

“The Tick Loves Santa!”
When a crook dressed as Santa gets electrocuted by a billboard, he gains the ability to duplicate himself.

Timon & Pumbaa

“Don’t Be Elfish”
Timon is desperately trying to get off Santa’s "Naughty" list.

Tiny Toon Adventures

“It’s A Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special”
When Max sabotages Buster’s special and replaces him as the star of Tiny Toons, Buster considers quitting the show.

Tom and Jerry Tales

“Ho Ho Horrors”
Tom and Jerry battling it out in Tom’s dream ends up with them wrecking the house for real. 

Top Wing

"A Top Wing Christmas"
The Cadets look forward to spending Christmas with Penny's family, but end up having to save Santa and Penny's little brother when Santa crashes on his way to deliver the Penguin's presents.

Total DramaRama

"Me, My Elf, and I"
Realizing he won't be getting any gifts for Christmas, Duncan tricks the others into going to the North Pole and deleting Santa's "Naughty" List.

"Snow Country for Old Men"
Chef brings snowmen to life to entertain the kids, but they all turn out to be evil.

"The Tree Stooges Save Christmas"
After accidentally destroying Chef's Christmas tree, the kids set out to replace his holiday treasures and save Christmas.

Transformers: Animated

"Human Error"
Sari helps the Autobots experience their first Christmas, but Optimus is uneasy about the new popular toy being based on Soundwave.

Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Christmas in July"
Doc's weather machine causes a snow storm in the middle of summer.

The Weekenders

“The Worst Holiday Ever”
The gang heads to Lor’s grandmother’s farm for the holidays but their RV gets stuck in a blizzard.


"Santa What a Mess"
Mess' disillusionment about Santa comes to an end when he and his friends end up having to replace Santa's sick reindeer.

What’s New, Scooby-Doo?

“A Scooby-Doo Christmas”
The Mystery, Inc. gang must restore Christmas to a town by uncovering the mystery of the headless snowman that plagues them.

Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

“Just Like Old Times”
Carmen gives the CHIEF a virus, making him believe Carmen is good and Zack and Ivy are thieves.

Where's Waldo? (2019)

"A Wanderer's Christmas"
Waldo and Wenda must go back in time and stop Odlulu from ruining everyone's Christmas in her attempts to get off of Santa's "Naughty" list.

Winx Club

“A Magix Christmas”
Bloom ends up stuck in Alfea for Christmas when the Trix send the Ice Dragons after her.

X-Men: The Animated Series

“Have Yourself a Morlock Little X-Mas”
Last-minute shopping is interrupted when Storm, Wolverine and Jubilee must rescue Leech of the Morlocks.

X-Men: Evolution

“On Angel’s Wings”
Rogue and Cyclops believe a mysterious heroic angel is a new mutant that Magneto wants to frame in order to instill a hatred of humanity in him.

Yo-Kai Watch

“A Very Yo-Kai Christmas”
Nate discovers the town is overrun with Yo-Kai while he goes to get his family’s Christmas cake.

“The Koma-Santa Claus”
Komasan and Komajiro become overwhelmed by requests when they help Santa Claus with his deliveries.

“Yo-Kai Ol’ Saint Trick”
Nate’s mother is possessed by Ol’ Saint Trick and Nate must correctly answer his three questions or else he’ll end up sucked into a bag forever.