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(Disney XD, Disney Channel, January 18, 2015-May 19, 2019)


Disney Television Animation




Eden SherStar Butterfly

Fred TatascioreBuff Frog/Yvgeny Bulgolyubov (season 1 & 4, recurring otherwise)
Grey GriffinJackie Lynn Thomas (season 1-2, recurring after), Moon Butterfly (season 3-4, recurring previously)
Alan TudykLudo Avarius (season 1-2, recurring after), River Butterfly (season 3-4, recurring previously)
Jeffrey Tambor (season 1-3) & Keith David (season 3-4) – Glossaryck
Zosia MametHekapoo “H-Poo” (season 2-4)
Jenny Slate“Flying” Princes Lilacia Pony Head (season 3-4, recurring previously)
Rider StrongTom Lucitor (season 3-4, recurring previously)
Amy SedarisMina Loveberry (season 3-4, recurring previously)
Jessica WalterMiss Heinous/Meteora Butterfly (season 3, recurring before & after)
Esmé Bianco - Eclipsa Butterfly (season 4, recurring previously)
Abby ElliottJanna “Banana” Ordonia (season 4, recurring previously)



            Created by Daron Nefcy, Star vs. the Forces of Evil centered on the adventures of Star Butterfly (Eden Sher), the trouble-making heir to the royal throne of the dimension of Mewni. On her 14th birthday, she inherited her family’s magic wand, with which she accidentally set fire to the castle. Her parents decided to send her to Earth as a foreign exchange student so that she could safely (for them) practice her magic. She befriended and took up residence with human boy Marco Diaz (Adam McArthur) and his family in a fictional suburb of Los Angeles and attended Echo Creek Academy with him. Of course, misadventures followed as her spells often materialized in unplanned ways and she gained a pair of dimensional scissors that allowed her to whisk Marco away to a variety of worlds. Not to mention there were evil doers who would have loved to get their hands on her wand and Magic Instruction Book, aka the Book of Spells, to conquer her kingdom.

Star and Marco hanging out with Tom and Pony Head enjoying a meal under water.

            Those evil doers took on several forms. The initial antagonist was Ludo Avarius (Alan Tudyk), a diminutive bird-like being whose terrible childhood gave him a need to prove his worth and sought Star’s wand to conquer the universe. Because his army of Monsters was incompetent, he often hired Toffee (Michael C. Hall), a humanoid lizard with regenerative abilities that once led an army against Mewni and murdered Star’s grandmother. Toffee would eventually usurp Ludo and kick him out of his own castle, but Ludo made a comeback with new minions in the form of a bald eagle and giant spider (both Dee Bradley Baker). Miss Heinous (Jessica Walter) was a Mewman-Monster hybrid who ran St. Olga’s Reform School for Wayward Princesses, which was dedicated to beating all rebelliousness out of princesses and make them conform to expected norms, along with her robot assistant, Gemini (Jeff Bennett). Star and Marco (disguised as a princess) eventually deposed her and got her kicked out of the school. Heinous would come to discover her real name was Meteora Butterfly and she was the legitimate heir to the Mewni throne; having been switched out with peasant girl Festivia because of her bloodline. Mina Loveberry (Amy Sedaris) was a Mewman warrior that Star idolized and wanted to be like before she attempted to conquer the Earth in disgust of America’s democracy. Mina was made a magic-resistant super soldier by former queen Solaria (Gemma Whelan) and was dedicated to eradicating all Monsters on Mewni.

Concept art of Star.

            Nefcy created the initial pitch for Star for Cartoon Network’s The Cartoonstitute, an initiative created by Cartoon Network executive Rob Sorcher and led by Rob Renzetti and Craig McCracken that would have showcased animated shorts created without the input of executives and focus testing; similar to The Cartoon Cartoon Show/What a Cartoon! Show over a decade earlier. This version saw Star as a regular 4th grade girl who believed herself to be a magical girl like Sailor Moon and Marco (named Sol) as a boy who was obsessed with Dragon Ball Z and martial arts. The two of them would have been enemies instead of friends, and Star would have used the force of her determination to solve problems. Nefcy was heavily influenced by her love of anime, and a desire to see the kinds of characters she liked from them on American television. However, Cartoon Network had a stance against girl shows and passed on her idea. Nefcy continued to work on and refine the idea in between making other shorts, graduating from CalArts, and working at Warner Bros., Nickelodeon and eventually Disney. It was while at Disney that she pitched her revised version of Star and was given the greenlight to develop a show. However, it was suggested that she age Star up to a teenager and give her actual magical powers, requiring a complete overhaul of her concept on the fly. As a result, her eventual pitch to Vice President of Disney Television Animation Eric Coleman flopped. But, after a bit of time mulling over the new concept and developing new ideas, she got a chance to pitch the show again and it was finally given the go ahead in 2013 with Jordana Arkin and Dave Wasson overseeing the development.

Star and Marco ready for all challengers.

            Nefcy wanted Star to exhibit and maintain her individuality; fighting against the “perfect princess” her parents wanted her to be. She also downplayed the significance of high school on the lives of the teenagers, choosing not to make it a central focus but just another location. Nefcy removed the trope of having Star try and pass as a normal human by hiding her magical powers—instead, everyone was aware of them and generally cool with it (unless, of course, they were on the receiving end of one of her spells gone wrong). Nefcy stated that Star was very much like her. To balance out the hyperactive Star, Marco was made her straight man, although he had his own quirks such as looking for anything that could help him shake his “safe” image. McArthur portrayed him as smart and thoughtful while not really leaning into his being nerdy or unlikeable. Marco was largely based on Nefcy’s husband, filmmaker Bobby Miller (who provided some voices for the series).

The Butterfly kingdom on Mewni.

            Star vs. the Forces of Evil was only the second series to be created for Disney Television Animation by a woman, the first being Sue Rose’s Pepper Ann 17 years prior, and the third series overall following Doc McStuffins from Chris Nee. It was set to premier on Disney Channel in the fall of 2014 but ended up debuting on January 18, 2015 before moving to Disney XD in March as part of Disney’s restructuring to make XD their cartoon-exclusive channel. Prior to its release, the title sequence was shown at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 during a Gravity Falls panel in order to build up hype for the show. And it worked, as a leaked viral recording of the intro started a wave of fans and fan art. Disney sitcom stars Olivia Holt and Kelli Berglund also participated in promoting the series; with Holt dressing up as Star in a series of short videos shown on the network and Berglund occasionally joining in. The result was that Star’s debut was the highest in Disney XD’s history, drawing in 1.2 million viewers on average, with the initial Disney Channel airing having 2.33 million. Disney quickly greenlit a second season and then a third following the first season’s conclusion. A final fourth season was greenlit during the transition to season three. Season four saw the show move over to Disney Channel for its initial broadcasts, followed shortly after by re-airings on Disney XD.

Star faces down Ludo.

            Nefcy stated that the show was storyboard driven, with the storyboarders taking a two-page outline and turning it into a full script. These storytellers were comprised of Nefcy, Arkin, Wasson, Mike Mullen (who also directed), Ian Wasseluk, Aaron Hammersley (also a director and producer), Lane Lueras, Dave Stone, Zeus Cervas, Bert Youn, Carrie Liao, Danielle Koenig, Dominic Bisignano (also a director and supervising producer), Mike Yank, Piero Piluso (another director), Christofer Graham, Carlos Ramos, Scott O’Brien, Nate Federman, Kyle Neswald, Carder Scholin, Nate Cash, Tyler Chen (director also), Jushtin Lee, Evon Freeman, Le Tang, Giancarlo Volpe (director, too), Katie Crown, John Mathot, Amy Higgins, John Infantino, Brett Varon (director), Amalia Levari, Aleth Romanillos, Sabrina Cotugno, Amelia Lorenz (both eventual directors), Annisa Adjani, Mark Ackland, Riccardo Durante, Zach Marcus, Cassie Zwart, Sarah Oleksyk, Eric Acosta, Robert Snow, Christian Magalhaes, Bryan Caselli, Chris Walsh, Gina Gress, Nicolette Wood, Casey Crowe, Charlotte Jackson, Madeleine Flores, Kenny Pittenger, and Matthew Yang. Each episode was comprised of two 11-minutes segments aired together to form a half-hour, with a few full half-hour episodes here and there--particularly the season finales. During the second season, some segments were broadcast as individual episodes. A telefilm, The Battle for Mewni, led the transition from the second to third season and was later broken up into the first seven episodes of season three. The characters were designed by Rachelle Reyes, Becky Dreistadt, Stephanie Ramirez, Devin Taylor, Cheyenne Curtis, Lynn Wang, Jenny Goldberg, Angela Mueller and Adam Rosette. Animation duties for the first season were handled by Mercury Filmworks and Toon City Animation, then moved to Rough Draft Korea and Sugarcube for the remainder. The series’ theme was composed by Brad Breeck, with Nefcy, Ego Plum and Brian H. Kim doing the ending themes performed by Shen for the first two seasons and Agnes Shin for the last two.

Star takes the Diaz family to another dimension.

            The first two seasons took place primarily on Earth, centering on Star’s trying to acclimate to human culture while mastering her magic. There was also the ongoing will they/won’t they relationship subplot between her and Marco. Earth characters included Marco’s parents, Rafael (Artt Butler) and Angie (Nia Vardalos), who thought Star would be a good influence on Marco and were very supportive of him; Ferguson O’durguson (Nate Torrence) and Alfonso Dolittle (Matt Chapman), Marco’s best friends; Jackie Lynn Thomas (Grey Griffin), Marco’s long-time crush and eventual girlfriend, although ultimately she ended up in a relationship with a French girl named Chloé (Jessica Paré) making her the first female Disney character in a same-sex relationship; Principal Skeeves (Bennett), the principal of Echo Creek Academy who was very emotional and often acted more like a student than the principal; Miss Skullnick (Dee Dee Rescher), Star and Marco’s homeroom math teacher that accidentally gets turned into a troll; Sensei Brantley (Nick Swardson), an instructor at the strip mall karate dojo where Marco trained who learned all his karate from instructional videos; Oskar Greason (Jon Heder), Star’s initial crush at school who dropped out of school and lived in his car, playing keytar; Jeremy Birnbaum (Joshua Rush), a spoiled rich kid whose parents sponsored the dojo and was Marco’s rival; Janna Ordonia (Abby Elliott), a mysterious student that hung out with Star and Marco with an interest in the occult; StarFan13 (Nefcy), Star’s biggest fan who dressed like her and tried to mimic her as much as possible; and Brittney Wong (Minae Noji), the spoiled head cheerleader that was constantly annoyed by Star’s antics. Glossaryck (a play on “glossary”, voiced by Jeffrey Tambor & Keith David) was Star’s Magic guide that dwelled within her spell book and trained her in the use of spells; however, he was bound to the book and served whoever possessed it. Eventually, the Diaz family was expanded when Marco gained a sister: Mariposa (Spanish for “butterfly”).

Moon and River Butterfly.

            The last two seasons moved primarily to Mewni, where the Butterfly family history and history of Mewni was explored, as well as who really was meant to rule the kingdom. Marco followed Star and served as her squire, with even further complications to their romance developing. The ongoing subplot however dealt with the discrimination Monsters faced from Mewmans and the destructive lengths some would go to to eliminate them rather than understand them. Mewni characters (some of which had crossed over to Earth for visits previously) included Star’s parents, Moon (Griffin, with Katie Driver portraying her younger self), whose experiences in battle against Toffee and utilizing dark magic made her overprotective of Star, and River (Tudyk, with Ashbourne Serkis as his younger self), a member of the Johansen family that were Viking-like barbarians fond of the outdoors; Pony Head (Jenny Slate), a floating unicorn head, fellow princess and attendee of St. Olga’s that was Star’s best friend and initially jealous of her relationship with Marco; Tom Lucitor (Rider Strong), a hot-headed three-eyed demon that was Star’s ex-boyfriend who eventually rekindled his romance with her; Buff Frog (Fred Tatasciore using a Russian accent), an anthropomorphic frog that initially served as Ludo’s spy but came to befriend Star and Marco and settled down with his family; Kelly (Dana Davis), a Woolett and old friend of Star’s whose turquoise hair could cover her entire body and initially dated a diminutive hairy creature that lived on top of her hair named Tad (Greg Cipes); Eclipsa Butterfly (Esmé Blanco), the former queen of Mewni and mother of Meteora who was imprisoned for using dark magic and eloping with a Monster, Globgor (Jamie Camil), but was eventually freed by Moon in exchange for helping to defeat Toffee; and the Magic High Commission, a group of powerful beings that guarded magic in the universe comprised of Moon, Hekapoo (Zosia Mamet), who created the dimensional scissors and could duplicate herself, Omnitraxus Prime (Carl Weathers), manipulator of space and time, Lekmet (Baker), a goat-headed demon Glossaryck created, and Rhombulus (Kevin Michael Richardson), who served as an enforcer that could encase prisoners in unbreakable crystal.

Love-crossed: Marco with Jackie, Star with Tom.

            Disney decided to let the series end with the fourth season. During its run, it racked up numerous awards and nominations, including the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, BTVA Voice Acting Awards (of which it won three), the Annie Awards, a Daytime Emmy Award (which it won), and a Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico. Despite bringing almost everything to a conclusion, Nefcy left the ending a bit open in the hopes of someday getting to revisit the world with another project, as well as leave fans something to build off with their art and fanfiction.

Glossaryck and the spell book's forbidden chapter.

            Several video games based on the series were released to the Disney XD website and for download to mobile devices. 2015 introduced Creature Capture, a tile-matching puzzle game, and Star vs. the Dungeon of Evil, an action-adventure game that saw Star and Marco captured by Ludo and having to escape his castle. Quest Buy Rush was made available in 2016 and was an endless runner platforming game featuring Star going through Quest Buy (an allusion to Best Buy), a maze-like retail store featured on the show. Star and Marco were also playable characters in the platforming puzzle game Hero Trip, which featured characters from various Disney XD shows.

Eclispa uses the power of commercialism to subdue Meteora.

            Joe Books published four of a planned eight-issue comic series beginning in 2016. Star vs, the Forces of Evil: Deep Trouble was written by Marcus and illustrated by Taylor. It was cancelled due to poor sales. The released issues were later collected into a trade paperback. Joe Books also released a Cinestory Comic of the first episode which utilized stills rather than original art. A second Cinestory Comic was released in 2019 based on “Starcrushed”. Disney Press released Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension in early 2017, a “guide to life” book written by Marco, Star and Pony Head (but really by Amber Benson, Bisignano, Taylor and Cindy Plourde). A Stump Day Edition with additional content was set to release that September but was pushed back to October. Benson also wrote The Magic Book of Spells in 2018 with Nefcy, which was a real-life reproduction of Star’s spell book. Funko would release Star, Marco, Tom and Ludo as part of their Pops! line in late 2018, early 2019. Butterfly Mode Star would be made exclusive to Hot Topic stores. Toy company PhatMojo would debut a Star plush as a Comic-Con exclusive in 2018, then made it available for retail later that year. Other products included additional plushes, cosplay items, coloring books, earrings, costumes, keychains, notebooks, blankets, bags and more. Although the series has not yet been released to home video, it has been made available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video and on Disney+.




Season 1:

“Star Comes to Earth / Party with a Pony” (1/18/15) – Star is sent to Earth to learn her magic and she befriends Marco after enrolling in school. / Star’s best friend Pony Head visits and competes with Marco for her affections.


“Matchmaker / School Spirit” (3/30/15) – Star plots to get a better grade by fixing her teacher up, but instead Ludo attacks and her teacher ends up becoming a troll. / As the school prepares to battle on the football field against their rivals, Star takes the concept a little too literally.


“Monster Arm / The Other Exchange Student” (4/6/15) – Star uses her wand to fix Marco’s broken arm, turning it into a tentacle that wants to conquer the world. / The Diaz’s former exchange student visits and becomes the center of attention, but Star suspects something is off.


“Cheer Up, Star / Quest Buy” (4/13/15) – While hiding from Ludo’s army in a shed, Marco tries to cheer up Star when her crush doesn’t call her after she left her number. / Star and Marco head to an inter-dimensional store to get a charger for her wand, and Ludo happens to be shopping there at the same time.


“Diaz Family Vacation / Brittney’s Party” (4/20/15) – Star takes the Diaz family to Mewni as an anniversary gift and must keep her father from seeing her off Earth. / Star and Marco crash Brittney’s birthday party on a bus, which is then further crashed by Ludo.


“Mewberty / Pixtopia” (6/15/15) – Mewberty causes Star to break out into hearts around boys and eventually turns her into a butterfly creature that steals them away. / Unable to pay the bill for the prank calls on Star’s mirror, Star, Marco, Alfonzo and Ferguson must go work in a mine.


“Lobster Claws / Sleep Spells” (6/22/15) – Marco tries to help Lobster Claws reform after Ludo fires him. / A bout of sleep-spelling is revealed to be Star defending herself from an intruder who wants to steal her face.


“Bood Moon Ball / Fortune Cookies” (7/20/15) – Star’s ex invites her to a ball stating that he’s changed, but Marco has his doubts. / Marco tricks Star into thinking fortune cookie fortunes are real, and Ludo and Toffee plan to use this to their advantage.


“Freeze Day / Royal Pain” (7/27/15) – Star freezes time so Marco can make his daily head-nod with Jackie but is then unable to UN-freeze it. / River gets kicked out of the castle and comes to visit Star, becoming enamored with Earth activities and overstaying his welcome.


 “St. Olga’s Reform School for Wayward Princesses” (8/10/15) – Star and Marco go to bust Pony Head out of school for her birthday only to discover she’s been brainwashed into compliance.


“Mewnipendance Day / The Banagic Incident” (8/17/15) – Star enlists help to reenact Mewni’s Independence Day battle, which Frog infiltrates to get her wand. / When Marco refuses to get Star a wand she wants, she heads into town herself and ends up attacking a pirate restaurant believing they’re real pirates.


“Interdimensional Field Trip / Marco Grows a Beard” (9/14/15) – A boring field trip inspires Star to take the class to another dimension where they end up captured by a yarn monster. / Star’s spell to help Marco impress Jackie goes out of control and his beard grows to monstrous lengths.


“Storm the Castle” (9/21/15) – Toffee has taken over Ludo’s castle and captured Marco, and Star is forced to destroy her wand to save him.


Season 2:

“My New Wand! / Ludo in the Wild” (7/11/16) – Star tries out her new wand and accidentally traps it, Marco and her book of spells in her closet. / Ludo discovers that Star had banished him back to Mewni and he reacquires his own wand.


“Mr. Candle Cares / Red Belt” (7/18/16) – Marco discovers the guidance counselor’s poor advice stems from his being in league with Tom. / Marco discovers his sensei never earned his red belt because the tape ended up stuck and they go on a quest to find a new tape.


“Star on Wheels / Fetch” (7/25/16) – Marco teaches Star how to ride a bike—but she hasn’t quite figured out how to stop. / Star ends up taking care of a dog who ended up with her wand in her mouth.


“Star vs. Echo Creek / Wand to Wand” (8/1/16) – Star goes on the run when a sugar high causes her to accidentally crush a police cruiser. / Ludo tries to learn how to use his new wand while Star attempts to use hers to clean the Diaz house, causing an even bigger mess.


“Starstruck / Camping Trip” (8/8/16) – Star encounters a homeless girl from Mewni whom she decides to mentor, and who decides she wants to take over the world. / King Butterfly joins the Diaz camping trip, causing trouble with the park ranger and ruining Marco’s plans to show Star a geyser.


“Starsitting / On the Job” (8/15/16) – Marco and Star end up disagreeing on how to watch after Buff’s tadpoles. / While investigating the theft of Mewnian corn with Boo, Buff keeps thinking about his tadpoles causing him to become distracted and klutzy.


“Goblin Dogs / By the Book” (9/12/16) – Going for the goblin version of a hot dog turns into a grand quest. / Marco tries to get Star and Glossaryk to reconcile after they have a falling out over Star’s study habits.


“Game of Flags / Girls’ Day Out” (9/19/16) – Star devises a way to get involved in the games at the family reunion. / Star gets sent to detention where she’s told she’s the mayor and is responsible for fulfilling the other detentionees’ needs.


“Sleepover / Gift of the Card” (9/26/16) – Star hosts a sleepover with a game of truth or dare where a magical cube punishes a liar until the game is over. / Miss Heinous hires a bounty hunter to get revenge on Star while Star has to get Marco to use his Quest Buy gift card before it—and its giver—expires.


“Friendenemies / Is Mystery” (10/3/16) – Tom and Marco start to become friends when they realize they have a lot in common. / Buff ends up captured while investigating a hole in the corn field wall and discovers Ludo is back.


“Hungry Larry / Spider with a Top Hat” (10/10/16) – Star and Janna summon Hungry Larry to make Mr. Diaz’s haunted house scary, but Larry ends up eating everyone. / Spider with a Top Hat wants to be summoned for use by Star, and not just entertainment for the other wand monsters.


“Into the Wand / Pizza Thing” (11/7/16) – When Star’s wand malfunctions Glossaryck has her go inside it to find and remove an object that doesn’t belong. / Going for a pizza turns into a misadventure when Pony Head tags along with Marco.


“Page Turner / Naysaya” (11/14/16) – Glossaryck is called away after telling Star not to turn to a page of dark magic, and Star enlists Marco’s help to give into the temptation. / Marco finally gets up the nerve to ask out Jackie just as Tom puts a curse on him so he can’t ask out Star.


“Bon Bon the Birthday Clown” (11/21/16) – Star lets Marco go out with Jackie and spies on them, letting her jealousy distract her from Ludo swooping in to steal her spell book.


“Raid the Cave” (2/6/17) – Star sets out to retrieve the book from Ludo.


“Trickstar” (2/7/17) – Star discovers that the magician hired for Marco’s sensei’s birthday party is stealing the joy of the attendees.


“Baby” (2/8/17) – A fairy is sent to evaluate Star and if she fails she could be forced to return to Mewni.


“Running with Scissors” (2/9/17) – Marco abuses the dimensional scissors, causing Hekapoo to snatch him and reclaim them since Pony Head stole them from her in the first place.


“Mathmagic” (2/13/17) – Star uses magic to try and get out of answering a math question but ends up causing a time loop.


“The Bounce Lounge” (2/14/17) – Star and Pony Head round up their old crew to throw a fundraiser to save their favorite party venue.


“Crystal Clear” (2/15/17) – Rhombulus believes Star is responsible for glitches affecting dimensions and encases her and Marco in crystal.


“The Hard Way” (2/16/17) – Ludo learns about the forbidden chapter in the book and makes Glossaryck show him, causing Toffee to take possession of Ludo.


“Heinous” (2/20/17) – Miss Heinous arrives at the Diaz household to make “Princess Marco” pay for costing her her job.


“All Belts are Off” (2/21/17) – Marco becomes upset when Jeremy is asked to represent the dojo for the Grandmaster’s visit and decides to gather video evidence of his unworthiness.


“Collateral Damage” (2/22/17) – Star accidentally destroys a possum statue that means a lot to the school and tries to change their perspective to eliminate its importance.


“Just Friends” (2/23/17) – Star bonds with Jackie when they and Marco go to a concert, but it turns to jealousy when couples begin kissing.


“Face the Music (Part 1)” (2/27/17) – Songstrel Ruberiot is tasked to write a song about Star for Mewman Song Day and exposes all her biggest secrets, including her crush on Marco.


“Starcrushed (Part 2)” (2/27/17) – Moon leads a raid on Ludo with the Commission and takes back the book before going to Earth and telling Star she must return home.



“The Battle for Mewni” (7/15/17*) – Star returns home to discover magic is disappearing, forcing her to challenge Ludo to save her family and kingdom.
*Later broken up as the first 7 episodes of season 3 on July 20-21.


Season 3:

“Scent of a Hoodie / Rest in Pudding” (11/6/17) – Star has kept Marco’s hoodie and tries to rescue it from the royal laundry so it’ll keep his scent. / Believing Glossaryck is haunting her, Star enlists Janna’s help to bury the remains of the spell book in a place of meaning for him.


“Club Snubbed / Stranger Danger” (11/7/17) – Star confronts Tom to find out why he’s been avoiding her at the Silver Bell Ball. / Star’s friendly chat with Eclipsa is interrupted by the Commission who arrive to crystalize her.


“Demoncism / Sophomore Slump” (11/8/17) – Star and Pony Head set out to rescue Tom from a demoncism that is meant to turn him more normal. / Marco gets everyone tired of his stories of Mewni and Jackie breaks up with him so that he’s free to go back.


“Lint Catcher / Trial by Squire” (11/9/17) – Marco returns to Mewni but Star is indifferent and assigns him the job of squire of the Knight of the Wash. / At a blowout sale at Quest Buy, another squire ridicules Marco under the assumption he only became Star’s squire because they’re dating.


“Princess Turdina / Starfari” (11/13/17) – St. Olga’s is throwing a celebration for Marco’s alter ego, but he wants to come clean and reveal his true identity to them. / Star sets out to understand why Mewmans treat monsters poorly.


“Sweet Dreams / Laval Lake Beach” (11/14/17) – Star discovers that she travels in her butterfly form in her sleep. / Helping Kelly with her relationship trouble makes Marco face his repressed feelings for Star just in time to catch her kissing Tom.


“Death Peck / Ponymonium” (11/15/17) – In trying to get the only holdout to sign Star’s petition to treat monsters better, Marco accidentally breaks the royal’s leg and is sentenced to death. / Star becomes close to Pony Head’s sisters who then confide in her their plan to frame Pony for murder.


“Night Life / Deep Dive” (11/16/17) – Marco helps Hekapoo deal with rampant random portals, causing him to ignore his duties as Star’s squire. / Star and Janna set out to find what’s causing Star’s transformations, but she ends up entranced to stay in the Realm of Magic.


“Monster Bash” (11/16/17) – Star holds a party to bring Mewmans and Monsters together, but an investigation into disappearances leads to a revelation about Miss Heinous’ true identity.


“Stump Day / Holiday Special” (12/2/17) – Marco decides to celebrate Star’s birthday rather than the holiday of Stump Day, causing the Stump to angrily attack. / The spells within the wand are leery of the Seeing-Eye spell, which just watches them and reveals their truths to each other.


“The Bogbeast of Boggabah / Total Eclipsa the Moon” (3/3/18) – River takes Star on a hunt for the Bogbeast, which Star tries to rush through. / Moon and Eclipsa infiltrate the Royal Archive to learn about the truth of Eclipsa’s daughter.


“Butterfly Trap / Ludo, Where Art Thou?” (3/10/18) – The Butterflies use the trial of Eclipsa to get to the truth. / Dennis goes on a hunt across dimensions to find his brother Ludo.


“Is Another Mystery / Marco Jr.” (3/17/18) – Monsters begin a mass exodus from Mewni considering growing discrimination. / Marco learns he’s going to have a baby brother and has a Mewni artist paint his picture for him, only to end up disfigured when the artist gets it wrong.


“Skooled! / Booth Buddies” (3/24/18) – Meteora invades St. Olga’s to learn about her origins and decides to retake the Mewni throne. / At a wedding, Star and Marco become trapped in a magic photo booth until they manage to take a sincere picture together.


“Bam Ui Pati! / Tough Love” (3/31/18) – Pony Head falls into a deep depression over Meteora stealing her horn, becoming addicted to Korean dramas. / Moon and Eclipsa head to the Pigeon Kingdom to stop Meteora’s path of destruction.


“Divide (Part 1)” (4/7/18) – As acting queen, Star puts Marco in charge of defending the kingdom from Meteora while she searches for her mother.


“Conquer (Part 2)” (4/7/18) – Meteora seems unstoppable, but despite Tom pleading to retreat to his home dimension Star is determined to make a stand.


Season 4:

“Butterfly Follies (Part 1)” (3/10/19) – Under Eclipsa’s rule monsters’ conditions have greatly improved while Mewmen’s have degraded, and Star continues the search for her mother.


“Escape from the Pie Folk (Part 2)” (3/10/19) – Moon is found among the Pie Folk without her memories, and they discover they are descended from Pie Folk.


“Moon Remembers / Swim Suit” (3/17/19) – Moon decides to leave with River, not fully trusting Eclipsa and choosing to respect Star’s decision to cede the throne. / Star is called on to settle a dispute between Eclipsa and Rhombulus over freeing her husband from his crystal prison.


“Ransomgram / Lake House Fever” (3/17/19) – After receiving a ransomgram, Star and Marco head out to rescue Nachoes from the Neverzonian Wraiths. / Star ends up stuck at Tom’s house due to a fire rain and deals with awkwardness from his mother.


“Yada Yada Berries / Down by the River” (3/24/19) – Star and Marco investigate who put Yada Yada Berries—which turn people into stone—in Eclipsa’s food. / An annoying family forced off their land moves in next to Moon and River in the woods.


“The Pony Head Show! / Surviving the Spiderbites” (3/24/19) – Pony Head’s plan to endear Eclipsa to everyone via a talk show falters when Seahorse hacks everyone’s phones so they can’t turn it off. / Visiting dignitaries from the Spiderbite Kingdom reveal that Globgor ate their ancestor, prompting Star to hide her piece of spell book from Eclipsa.


“Out of Business / Kelly’s World” (3/31/19) – Overwhelmed by the crowds at Quest Buy’s Closing Day sale, Janna disguises herself as an employee and takes Star and Marco into a restricted section. / Marco spends a day with Kelly to cheer her up but keeps ending up in misunderstandings with local customs.


“Curse of the Blood Moon” (3/31/19) – Believing their feelings are the result of a curse, Star and Marco follow Tom to the underworld where they give up their first memory of falling for each other.


“Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell / Ghost of Butterfly Castle” (4/7/19) – Ludo falls back into old habits, especially when he learns Eclipsa now has Star’s wand. / Moon’s home in the woods has become a community that relies on her to solve their problems, resulting in her heading to haunted Butterfly Castle to retrieve her ledger to keep track.


“Cornball! / Meteora’s Lesson” (4/7/19) – Star sets up a game that puts monsters and Mewmans on the same teams—with explosive results. / While Eclipsa’s away, Glossaryck takes Meteora back in time to teach her a lesson.


“The Knight Shift / Queen-Napped” (4/14/19) – The other knights gang up on Marco when he quits being one of them shortly after being knighted. / Eclipsa ends up kidnapped and Star and Marco must rescue her.


“Junkin’ Janna / A Spell with No Name” (4/14/19) – Trying to show Tom how to have fun lands him and Janna against a crow monster. / Star and Eclipsa must work together to stop a dangerous spell.


“A Boy and His DC-700XE / The Monster and the Queen” (4/21/19) – Tom gets a dragon cycle to join the Dragon Cycle Club on a ride. / Eclipsa finds Star’s piece of the book and restores it, having Globgor’s freedom in her hands.


“Coronation” (4/21/19) – Star holds a coronation for Eclipsa, but everyone goes into panic when Globgor is revealed to have escaped his prison.


“Doop-Doop / Britta’s Tacos” (4/28/19) – Marco and Janna decide to return to Earth while Star wants to go traveling with Tom…or does she? / Marco and Star reconnect with all of their old friends and see what they’ve been up to in their absence.


“Beach Day / Gone Baby Gone” (4/28/19) – Recalling her future photo of her and Marco at the beach, Star decides they should have an actual beach day. / Hekapoo appears to give Marco a warning about returning to Mewni and allows Meteora and Mariposa to travel through her portal.


“Sad Teen Hotline / Jannanigans” (5/5/19) – Tom breaks up with Star and both discover they’re unable to open a portal to or communicate with Mewni. / Star, Tom and Marco turn to Janna to try and remember how she got to Mewni without a portal.


“Mama Star / Ready, Aim, Fire!” (5/5/19) – The kids lock themselves in Oskar’s car as they travel through the Magic Realm and end up attacked by a dark unicorn. / The kids arrive to find Mewni is under attack by Mina and the High Commission.


“The Right Way / Here to Help” (5/12/19) – Star and the others manage to defeat Mina’s battle armor, only to discover she has an entire army at her disposal. / Moon and River arrive and Moon tries to convince Eclipsa to surrender.


“Pizza Party / The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse” (5/12/19) – Eclipsa surrenders to Moon in exchange for her family’s safety, but Mina betrays Moon and is determined to wipe out all monsters. / Star discovers that she’s destined to destroy magic, but when she does Marco will be sent back home forever.


“Cleaved” (5/19/19) – Star decides to destroy magic and heads into the magic dimension with Marco, however she’s not powerful enough to do it until joined by all the queens of Mewni.