April 30, 2016


Every year, many retailers participate in an event called Free Comic Book Day. Held on the first Saturday of May since 2002, the goal of the initiative is to get people interested in comics by offering them a sampling of what can be found on the shelves every week. Not only will FCBD 2016 fall on the day we kick off our COMIC BOOK MONTH event, but we'll also be covering the smattering of Saturday-based comics that have come out over the years as a helpful guide for you to look for in your local shop's back issue section.

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This year's offering of Saturday-based comics:

Strawberry Shortcake #0.

Spongebob Freestyle Funnies 2016.

Pink Panther.


(WB, September 9, 2000-July 8, 2005)

The JC Group, Blue Train Entertainment, Adelaide Productions, Columbia TriStar Television, Sony Pictures Television

James Sie – Jackie Chan, Shendu, Chow
Stacie Chan – Jade Chan
Sab Shimono – Uncle
Noah Nelson – Tohru (season 2-5, recurring previously)
Jackie Chan – Himself (live)

            Martial artist. Actor. Director. Producer. Stuntman. Singer. These are the many hats worn by comedic action star Jackie Chan, who has had a long and varied career in entertainment since he was five years old.

Jackie Chan.

            Chan was born Chang Kong-sang in British Hong Kong, where he was nicknamed Pao-pao (Chinese for “cannonball”) due to his energetic nature and always rolling around as a kid.  He was enrolled into the Peking Opera School where he excelled in martial arts and acrobatics, eventually becoming part of the performance group comprised of the school’s best students called Seven Little Fortunes. He and some of the Fortunes would appear in the 1962 film Big and Little Wong Tin Bar

Chan in the '70s.

            Chan would continue to train in various disciplines and take many small roles in films, becoming a stuntman at 17 in the Bruce Lee films Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon. His first starring role came in 1973 with the film Little Tiger of Canton, which had a limited release in Hong Kong. Having difficulty finding sustainable work due to the failures of his early efforts, Chan eventually joined his parents in Australia where he worked in construction. A colleague named Jack took Chan under his wing, earning Chan the nickname “Little Jack” that would become his permanent name: Jackie.

Rumbling in the Bronx.

            Chan’s first major success came with the 1978 film Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow, which established the comedic kung fu genre. Chan’s mainstream success came in the film Drunken Master. Under his manager Willie Chan (no relation), Chan attempted to break into the international market during the 1980s, initially having some trouble and choosing to renew his focus on Hong Kong films. He finally conquered North America with the 1995 film Rumble in the Bronx, which eventually led to his blockbuster success with the 1998 buddy cop action comedy Rush Hour

Animated Jackie.

            Chan became widely known for his comedic timing, humorous fighting style, and ability to improvise with any object as a weapon. Being a living cartoon on screen practically begged for him to become a real one, and in 2000 those prayers were answered with Jackie Chan Adventures. Developed by Chan along with John Rogers, the series followed the adventures of archaeologist Jackie Chan (James Sie, who would go on to assume another Chan role of Monkey in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness) after he had been conscripted into the services of the secret spy agency Section 13 by his old friend, Captain Augustus Black (Clancy Brown). With Section 13, Jackie would travel the world to retrieve mystical artifacts in order to keep them out of the hands of various dark forces who would use them for their own ends. Inspired by Chan’s films, cartoon Jackie would be portrayed as a bumbling-yet-competent fighter who tried to avoid conflict as much as possible, often exclaiming “Bad day! Bad day! Bad day!” whenever things would go sideways and saw him fleeing for his life.

Uncle casting a spell.

            Aiding Jackie on his adventures would be his uncle, known only as Uncle (Sab Shimono). Jackie lived and worked with Uncle in his antique shop, Uncle’s Rare Finds, in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Uncle was an accomplished martial artist from his years as part of the Seven Little Fortunes, and a chi wizard. Uncle could often be heard exclaiming “aiyah!” or saying “one more thing”, usually as admonitions to other characters, and frequently employed a two-fingered slap upside the head in order to get their full attention or chastise them for something stupid.

Jade: as troublesome as she is helpful.

At the start of the series, Jackie’s 12-year-old niece, Jade Chan (Stacie Chan, again no relation, and Lucy Liu for the first appearance of her future self), came to stay with Jackie and Uncle. Although she was born in Hong Kong, she was fully Americanized. Inspired by Gosalyn Mallard from Darkwing Duck, she was adventurous and often defied both of her guardians to participate on their exploits. Although she often caused the trouble that would plague Jackie, she just as often came up with solutions. A running gag on the show would have Jackie supposedly locking her up in a secure location before things got too heavy, only for her to appear seconds into the action.

An earlier incarnation of Uncle's shop.

Jackie Chan Adventures premiered on The WB as part of their Kids’ WB! programming block on September 9, 2000. It was a joint production between Blue Train Entertainment, Adelaide Productions, Columbia TriStar Television, Sony Pictures Television and Chan’s own The JC Group; a production company he founded for his works. The series’ intro, set to Wheatus’ “Chan’s the Man” theme, featured a montage of Jackie being caught in comedic danger situations and occasionally having him briefly swapped out for the real Chan. Chan would again appear at the end of each episode to answer a fan question as read by Jade that covered a variety of topics from his career to Chinese culture, as well as in promos for the show interacting with Jade, Uncle or other Kids’ WB! characters. Animation was handled by Dong Woo Animation, with the characters primarily designed by Jeff Matsuda. While the characters were rendered in a clean style, the backgrounds were a bit more abstract; featuring colors that would defy object border lines, much like a child’s coloring book.

The Talismans.

Along with Rogers, the series was written by David Slack, Duane Capizzi, Kevin Campbell, Tom Pugsley, Greg Klein, Alexx Van Dyne, Dean Stefan, Eddie Guzelian, Mark Seidenberg, Patti Carr, Lara Runnels, Andrew Robinson, Henry Gilroy, Jan Strnad, Dave Collard, Ken Goin, Hilary Bader, William Forrest Cluverius, Steven Melching, Rob Hoegee, Adam Beechen, Brian Kaplan, Michael Jelenic, Louis Hirshorn, Joelle Sellner, Raf Green, Marsha F. Griffin, Marty Isenberg, Nicole Dubuc and Dean Orion. Campbell, Slack and Melching served as story editors. Jim Latham and Christopher Ward provided the music.

Shendu's statue form, with holes waiting for the Talismans to be returned.

The series became popular, running for a total of five seasons and expanding beyond Saturday morning to air up to six days a week on the network. Each season had its own overreaching story arc and new primary villains, which were incorporated into the intro for that year. The first season focused on the hunt for twelve magical Talismans representing the animals on the Chinese zodiac. Each Talisman had its own unique attribute: Rat could give inanimate objects life; Ox bestowed super strength; Tiger could split a being’s Yin and Yang; Rabbit granted super speed; Dragon fired pure, fiery energy; Snake granted invisibility; Horse provided healing abilities; Sheep allowed astral projection; Monkey allowed shape-shifting; Rooster gave the power of levitation; Dog granted immortality; and Pig bestowed heat vision. The powers once belonged to the demonic dragon Shendu (Sie) who ruled China until a chi wizard cast him in stone and divided his ability amongst the Talismans some 900 years ago. 


Seeking freedom and revenge for both him and his siblings, the Demon Sorcerers, Shendu managed to contact and ally himself with Valmont (Julian Sands for the first two seasons, Andrew Ableson after), the leader of the criminal organization known as The Dark Hand. Valmont was a criminal mastermind and a martial arts expert from the United Kingdom who could match and even best Jackie in a fight. However, like most bosses, he preferred to leave the fighting to his men; specifically, a group in his organization known as The Enforcers. 

The Enforcers: Hak Fu, Chow, Finn and Ratso.

The Enforcers were comprised of Irish comedian Finn (Adam Baldwin), who had a strong affinity for the 1970s and sang disco at weddings before the Dark Hand; Ratso (Brown), a nerdy strongman with an innocent demeanor that wore a bandage across his nose as a fashion statement; Chow (Sie), the shortest and youngest member of the team who wore yellow-orange sunglasses; Hak Foo (Jim Cummings in season 1, John DiMaggio after), a red-haired martial artist who liked to announce animal-related descriptions to his attack of choice at the moment; and Tohru (Noah Nelson), a very large Japanese man who began to question his role with the Dark Hand. Eventually, Tohru defected to Section 13 and became Uncle’s employee and apprentice in his shop, learning chi magic and becoming a valuable member of Jackie’s allies. Shendu also had his own minions, the Shadowkhan, who looked like ninjas with glowing red eyes and gray skin.

Shendu and a Demon Portal.

The second season saw Shendu’s life in peril from his siblings for his failure to free them. He made a bargain with them to allow him to possess someone on Earth, preferably Jackie, in order to work at saving them again. They agreed, but Shendu accidentally ended up possessing Valmont instead; bound to him due to a curse Shendu’s siblings placed on him. As a result, both often vied for control at a given time. The Dark Hand went after a legendary Pan’ku Box that will lead them to the eight portals needed to free the Demon Sorcerers: Po Kong (Mona Marshall), the mountain demon; Tchang Zu (Brown), the thunder demon; Hsi Wu (André Sogliuzzo), the sky demon; Tso Lan (Glenn Shadix), the moon demon; Dai Gui (Frank Welker), the Earth demon; Bai Tza (Marshall), the water demon; and Xiao Fung (Shadix & Corey Burton), the wind demon. The season also saw the introduction of Dark Chi wizard Daolon Wong (James Hong), who was the antithesis of Uncle (jokingly referred to as “anti-Uncle” by Jade) and utilized warriors empowered by Dark Chi. Wong sought to increase his powers by absorbing Chi energy through the mouths located on his palms.

Animals of power.

The third season put renewed focus on the Talismans when Wong and the Dark Hand simultaneously attacked Section 13 for them. In order to stop them, Jackie destroyed the Talismans and unwittingly released their energy to possess noble animals around the world. A new quest began to find the animals before Wong could absorb their Chi energy, leading to the introductions of Scruffy the dog, Sasha the tiger, Nick the rat, Hai-Ku the monkey, Egbert the rooster, Mordecai the pig, Lucky the rabbit, Bab the sheep, Sampa the snake, Royal Medicine the horse, and Yaka the ox. With all dragons extinct, the combustibility power fell to Shendu who proceeded to trick Wong into giving him corporeal form. 

The Oni.

The fourth season had Wong attempt to re-summon the Shadowkhan, accidentally summoning their king Tarakudo (Miguel Ferrer) instead. He and his generals each had an Oni mask that allowed the wearer to summon a different tribe of Shadowkhan with abilities different from what has been seen on the show until now. When those masks were gathered into one place, it allowed Tarakudo’s generals’ spirits to break free from the masks and gain form on Earth. Shendu’s son from the future, Drago (Michael Rosenbaum), came to the present in order to free his father but ended up setting his sights on the powers of the Demon Sorcerers. Drago also recruited The Enforcers to his cause, giving them an upgrade and new powers. In the final season, Drago went around the world to find the cursed objects of the Immortals that imprisoned the Demon Sorcerers in order to free them and conquer Earth.

The J-Team: Viper, Tohru and El Toro Fuerte.

During their adventures, the Chans sometimes required help from others they met. In Mexico, they befriended El Toro Fuerte (Miguel Sandoval), a masked luchador who prided himself on never removing his mask (even though he ended up doing so in every episode). With him was always his number one fan, Paco (Franco Velez), a young boy around Jade’s age who had a conflicted relationship with her, as well as a crush. Viper (Susan Eisenberg) was initially a thief when she met Jackie, but gave up her life of crime to become a security consultant after a run-in with the Dark Hand. Jade idolized her, which annoyed Jackie who felt Viper was a bad influence. Regardless, they had proved valuable allies on occasion, and when assembled by Jade, along with Captain Black and Tohru, they formed the J-Team. Jade would also assemble the empowered animals at one point to create the T-Troop, with her as an equally empowered T-Girl.

In 2001, Playmates released four action figures and three deluxe versions based on the show. Despite the show’s popularity and longevity, these were the only toys Playmates made and are incredibly rare, although not valuable. Burger King, Hardee’s, Wendy’s and Carl’s Jr. all included various toys in their kid’s meals featuring the show’s characters.  From 2002-2003, Grosset & Dunlap released a series of easy reader novelizations based on the series, while Tokyopop produced several volumes of manga from 2004-2005. Eaglemoss International also published a magazine from 2003-06 that adapted almost every episode into comic format. 

Jackie on DVD.

Between 2001-2002, Sony Pictures released four episodes on individual VHS tapes; three in the United States with one in the United Kingdom. In 2002, the first nine episodes were released across three DVD volumes in the United States, with the first two also released overseas. The complete first season was released in 2004, but only in Region 2. The complete second season was released as a manufacture on demand DVD in 2012 in the United States, and then as The Demon Portals Saga in 2019 by Mill Creek Entertainment. Two video games were released based on the show: Jackie Chan Adventures: Legend of the Dark Hand was released in 2001 for the Game Boy Advance by Activision, while Jackie Chan Adventures was released by Sony for the PlayStation 2 in Europe and China, with the United States release cancelled after the intended publisher, Hip Games, went bankrupt. The PS2 version was made compatible with PlaySation’s EyeToy.

Season 1:
“The Dark Hand” (9/9/00) – Jackie’s niece Jade comes to live with him just as he gets involved with Section 13’s attempt to stop the Dark Hand from acquiring the talismans.

“The Power Within” (9/16/00) – Jade accidentally swallows the Rooster Talisman and gains the ability of levitation.

“The Mask of El Toro Fuerte” (9/23/00) – The Ox Talisman is part of the mask worn by undefeated Mexican wrestler El Toro Fuerte.

“Snake Hunt” (9/22/01) – An archaeologist with a TV show complicates the search for the Snake Talisman, especially when the Dark Hand shows up.

 “Enter the Viper” (9/30/00) – Jackie and Jade go after Viper, who uses the Snake Talisman to steal, but Jackie ends up arrested for her crimes.

“Shell Game” (10/14/00) – Jackie has to protect the giant tortoise that holds the Rabbit Talisman from being eaten by an evil millionaire.

“Through the Rabbit Hole” (9/8/01) – The Rabbit Talisman sends Jade back in time and she has to protect a young Jackie from the Dark Hand.

“Project A, For Astral” (10/28/00) – When Jade uses the Sheep Talisman to astrally project herself, Shendu takes over her body to enter Section 13.

“Bullies” (11/11/00) – Captain Black is hurt when Valmont uses the Dragon Talisman to rob a bank, putting Jackie on a personal vendetta to take him down.

“Tough Break” (11/18/00) – Jade accidentally drops the Rat Talisman into her toy, bringing it to life with only an injured Jackie to stop it.

“The Rock” (12/2/00) – Valmont lures Jackie into a trap and hits him with a petrification poison from Shendu, demanding all the Talismans in exchange for the cure.

“The Warrior Incarnate” (9/15/01) – Jade tries to repair a statue she broke by using the Rat Talisman to reanimate it.

“The Jade Monkey” (12/9/00) – Jade has to find the monkey that stole the Monkey Talisman or be stuck as one forever.

“The Dog and Piggy Show” (2/10/01) – Valmont hires Hak Foo to recover the Pig Talisman from Jackie when Tohru fails.

“The Tiger and the Pussycat” (3/10/01) – The Tiger Talisman splits Jackie, and his bad side gives Valmont all the Talismans in order to resurrect Shendu.

“The Day of the Dragon” (3/17/01) – Uncle creates a potion to allow Jackie to steal the Talismans back from Shendu before he destroys all of Asia.

Season 2:
“Mother of All Battles” (9/24/01) – A gang wants to recruit Tohru while his mother visits and clashes with Uncle.

“The Stronger Evil” (9/29/01) – Jackie joins Section 13 in stopping the Dark Hand again while Shendu returns to Earth and possesses Valmont.

“The J-Team” (10/6/01) – Jade recruits Tohru, El Toro Fuerte and Viper to help against the Dark Hand as they search for the Demon Portals.

“Jade Times Jade” (10/13/01) – Jade uses a spell to duplicate herself so that she can follow Jackie to Japan and obediently stay home as she was told.

“The Curse of El Chupacabra” (10/15/01) – El Toro Fuerte calls Jackie for help in dealing with El Chupacabra.

“Rumble in the Big House” (10/20/01) – Jackie has to go undercover into the prison built over the site of the next portal to stop Valmont and his crew.

“Lost City of the Muntabs” (10/22/01) – Jackie and Jade help a millionaire discover the Muntabs not knowing he just wants to steal the secret of their longevity for himself.

“And He Does His Own Stunts” (10/27/01) – While in Hollywood, Jades tries to get Jackie to become a movie star while he just wants to stop the Dark Hand.

“Showdown in the Old West” (10/29/01) – Visiting a ghost town leads Jackie to discover an old book that relates a story of Jackie’s ancestor—the former town sheriff.

“Queen of the Shadowkhan” (11/3/01) – Jade puts the image of the face on a book they found onto her leg, inadvertently turning herself into the Queen of the Shadowkhan.

“Origami” (11/5/01) – Jade asks Viper to help them catch the art thief Origami, who can fold himself like paper.

“Shanghai Moon” (11/10/01) – Jackie and Jade follow the Dark Hand into space to stop them from freeing the Moon Demon.

“The Lotus Temple” (11/12/01) – Jade accidentally discovers the Lotus Temple and promises to help a young girl break the curse on her.

“Armor of the Gods” (11/17/01) – Jackie ends up finding the armor worn in the battle against the Demon Sorcerers when the Dark Hand arrives to free the Earth Demon.

“Agent Tag” (11/19/01) – Jackie goes after Jade when she stows away on the mission of Section 13’s best agent, Tagert McStone.

“Tale of the Demon Tail / Demon in Di-Skies” (11/24/01) – When Jade accidentally snaps off His Wu’s tail, he disguises himself as a young boy to woo Jade into giving it back to him.

“The Return of the Pussycat” (12/1/01) – Jackie and Uncle explore an underground city instead of attending Jade’s play and an ancient evil is freed from it seeking revenge on its captors.

“Scouts Honor” (12/8/01) – Jackie forces Jade to join the Buttercup Scouts to get her active, and she gets revenge by forcing him to accompany them on a camping trip.

“Danger in the Deep Freeze” (12/15/01) – The Chans and Toru must keep Peter Bailey from abducting an abominable snowman, whom Jade names Dwayne.

“Into the Mouth of the Evil” (1/19/02) – An evil dentist uses Jackie’s filling to smuggle an ancient artifact.

“The King and Jade” (1/26/02) – When Jackie is asked to guard the King of Tangra, Jade uses the Snake Talisman to join them.

“The New Atlantis” (2/2/02) – While Valmont seeks the Chans’ help to exorcise Shendu, the water demon seeks to make San Francisco the new Atlantis by flooding it.

“The Eighth Door” (2/9/02) – Jade is accidentally banished along with the water demon, and Shendu promises the Demon Sorcerers access to Earth through his portal.

“Demon World – Part 1” (2/16/02) – Shendu returns to Earth and possesses Jackie, using him to acquire the Book of Ages and rewrite history so that the Demon Sorcerers rule.

“Demon World – Part 2” (2/23/02) – Jade attempts to reassemble her J-Team with some of the Talismans in order to restore the world.

“Enter the Cat” (3/2/02) – Jackie finds a magical cat statue that transforms anyone scratched by it.

“Pleasure Cruise” (3/9/02) – The Chans and Tohru embark on a cruise to keep a rare statute out of criminal hands.

“Tough Luck” (3/16/02) – The Enforcers break out on their own and their first caper spoils Jackie’s plans to return a cursed gem to its tomb in Ireland.

“The Chosen One” (3/23/02) – Tohru is believed to be the chosen one of th Ben-Shui monastery, which attracts the attention of practitioners of Dark Chi.

“Glove Story” (3/30/02) – Magical gloves frame Tohru for several thefts.

“The Chan Who Knew Too Much” (4/27/02) – Magical druids hunt down Jackie and Jade as they search for the missing Stonehenge.

“Chi of the Vampire” (5/4/02) – Uncle infuses Jade with some of his chi and Tohru with some of hers to counteract the effects of a vampire attack.

“The God, the Bad, the Blind, the Deaf and the Mute” (5/18/02) – Daolon Wong kidnaps Uncle in order to help him use his monkey statues to steal the senses of everyone in China.

“Shrink Rap” (8/17/02) – Jackie races Hak Foo for the armbands of Shiva, but Jade’s spell shrinks them both to the size of ants.

“I’ll Be a Monkey’s Puppet” (8/24/02) – Jackie is turned into a puppet when he releases the Monkey King and can only be restored by having the King pull his leg.

“The Amazing T-Girl” (9/7/02) – Jade wants to have fun with the Talismans one last time, accidentally becoming infused with all their powers.

Season 3:
“Re-Enter the J-Team” (9/14/02) – Chang holds a tournament to find a worthy fighter to be his bodyguard, and Jade assembles the J-Team to thwart his plans.

“The Powers Unleashed” (9/21/02) – Jackie destroys the Talismans to keep them out of evil hands, and their power goes into the noblest animals of the world representing the Zodiac.

“Viva Las Jackies” (9/28/02) – Jackie’s acquisition of a stage show tiger is hindered when the tiger splits into a docile and savage version, and Jackie ends up with two heads.

“Aztec Rat Race” (10/5/02) – Jackie and Jade team-up with El Toro Fuerte and Paco to find the empowered rat, who ends up reanimating a statue of Quetzalcoatl.

“Monkey A Go-Go” (10/12/02) – Finding the empowered monkey in Hawaii leads to a fight between Daolon Wong and a reawakened Monkey King.

“When Pigs Fly” (10/19/02) – Jackie has to convince the owners of the empowered pig to turn him over, but Daolon Wong manages to absorb both its powers and that of the rooster they caught.

“Rabbit Run” (11/2/02) – The noble rabbit is a Jackalope player in a stadium in Wyoming where a young player uses its powers to prove himself to his team.

“Sheep In, Sheep Out” (11/9/02) – Wong uses Bab the sheep’s power to cast out Jackie and Jade’s astral forms and to find the remaining noble animals.

“The Invisible Mom” (11/16/02) – Tohru’s mother accidentally turns herself invisible with the noble snake and uses her ability to secretly protect Tohru from harm.

“A Jolly J-Team Xmas” (12/14/02) – The J-Team has to save Christmas when Wong attempts to steal Santa Claus’ chi.

“Little Valmont, Big Jade” (1/25/03) – Valmont goes to the Chans for help when Wong turns him into a kid and ends up helping them retrieve the noble horse.

“The Ox-Head Incident” (2/8/03) – While Hak Foo and Wong fight over the power of the ox, Uncle secretly transfers the power into himself for safe keeping.

“Animal Crackers” (2/15/03) – Jade sneaks all the animals out of Section 13 in order to prove to her classmates her adventures were real, giving Wong an opportunity to capture them.

“Tohru Who?” (3/1/03) – Valmont wipes Tohru’s memory in order to use him to help rebuild his Dark Hand empire.

“Re-Enter the Dragon” (3/8/03) – Wong makes a deal to resurrect Shendu in exchange for the power of combustibility, but Shendu double-crosses him and steals all his power.

“A Night at the Opera” (4/5/03) – Two warriors in Uncle’s old acting troupe are found stealing priceless artifacts from an exhibit Jackie is setting up.

“Attack of the J-Clones” (5/3/03) – Chang escapes from prison and uses clones of the J-Team to steal for him.

Season 4:
“The Mask of the Shadowkhan” (9/13/03) – Wong accidentally frees Tarakudo, king of the Shadowkhan, and the Chans must keep the masks of his generals out of his hands.

“Samurai Ratso” (9/20/03) – Ratso puts on the second mask and summons a new breed of Shadowkhan: the Razor Khan.

“The Amazing T-Troop” (9/27/03) – When Scruffy becomes possessed by a mask, Jade assembles the other animals and forms the T-Troop to get him back.

“The Black Magic” (10/4/03) – Captain Black ends up wearing the next mask and steadily grows more evil under its influence.

“The Demon Behind” (10/11/03) – Jade uses the Rat Talisman to bring the next mask to life to interrogate it, but it escapes and ends up attached to Finn’s rear.

“Fright Fight Night” (10/25/03) – Paco and El Toro Fuerte visit on Halloween and Paco puts on one of the masks in order to out-scare Jade.

“Half A Mask of Kung-Fu” (11/1/03) – A bidding war breaks out over the next mask resulting in its being split in half and worn by both Valmont and Jade.

“The Shadow Eaters” (11/15/03) – Hak Foo becomes possessed by the next mask, and the card with the mask’s removal ingredient is lost along the way.

“The Good Guys” (11/22/03) – The Enforcers attempt to reform and help the Chans take on a trio of jewel thieves.

“Déjà vu” (1/17/04) – Wong is freed for good behavior and goes after the magical Déjà vu stone in order to reclaim his lost power in the past.

“J2: Rise of the Dragons” (1/31/04) – The Chans encounter Jade from the future who has come back to prevent the revival of Shendu by Drago.

“The J-Tots” (2/7/04) – Jade wants to be recognized as a J-Team member and casts a spell that turns them into toddlers while in battle with their evil duplicates.

“Ninja Twilight” (2/14/04) – Recovering the last mask results in the Oni Generals being freed and the Chans having to find a way to defeat them.

Season 5:
“Relics of Demons Past” (9/11/04) – Drago escapes Section 13 and recruits the Dark Hand to retrieve weapons that contain demon chi.

“It’s All in the Game” (9/18/04) – The Chans join a game show in order to get access to a prop containing demon chi.

“Black and White Chi All Over” (9/25/04) – Drago and his new henchmen activate demon chi, spoiling Jade’s birthday.

“Dragon Scouts” (10/16/04) – The Enforcers have reformed for the sake of their visiting nephews, but Jackie suspects otherwise.

“The Demon Beneath My Wings” (6/4/05) – Jade’s teacher is possessed by the Sky Demon Chi, putting the Chans up against her, Drago and ghosts.

“Mirror, Mirror” (6/4/05) – Uncle takes his charges to visit his old home town before it’s flooded by a new dam, encountering a mirror housing evil spirits.

“Antler Action” (6/11/05) – An earthquake frees the demon chi, and one of them ends up in a teenager longing to be a hero.

“Clash of the Titanics” (6/11/05) – In order to defeat the Thunder Demon, Jackie must retrieve an artifact with his chi from a sunken ship in the Arctic.

“Stealing Thunder” (6/18/05) – Drago takes over Seattle in order to create a powerful lightning rod to increase his Thunder Demon powers.

“Weight and See” (6/18/05) – The Chans find the immortal weapons for the Mountain Demon Chi, but have to sort them out from other items.

“J2-Revisited” (7/8/05) – Jade follows a thief through a portal and encounters her older self.

“The Powers That Be – Part 1” (6/25/05) – Drago holds Uncle, Black and Jackie hostage in exchange for the demon chi.

“The Powers That Be – Part 2” (6/25/05) – Section 13 desperately accepts help from anyone in an effort to stop Drago from summoning his demon brethren.

Originally posted in 2016. Updated in 2020.