January 02, 2016


Here we are, at the close of yet another year. We here hope it was a good one for you all, and we thank you for sticking it out with us through whatever delays we may have faced. It's time for us to take our winter break, but the blog will be back up and running with new material on February 13th. So, now's the perfect time to catch up on some of our older stuff (which we'll be doing, fine-tuning with any new information, checking links and what not). As always, check us out on Facebook by clicking the badge on the right side or by searching us by name, and send us your comments, questions and requests. We can't make this blog awesome for you if you don't tell us how!

Here's a look at what's coming up in 2016:

February is our second BLACK HISTORY MONTH where we'll look at some more shows starring black characters.

March is JUSTICE LEAGUE MONTH. With Batman v Superman due out in theaters, we're going to take a look at a variety of DC Comics shows starring the members of the Justice League that will be featured in the movie.

April is SMF: CELEBRITY EDITION. This month, we'll look at shows featuring the voices, names, likenesses or characters of people not generally known for doing an animated series like movie stars, comedians and the like.

May is COMIC BOOK MONTH. We've done Marvel. We'll be doing DC. It's time to give the other guys a chance to shine. In time for Free Comic Book Day and the next Captain America movie, we'll look at some of the shows based on indie comics.

June is our second pass at VIDEO GAME MONTH where we'll check out some more programs based on popular video games.

August is our LIVE month. Believe it or not, not EVERY show on Saturday morning was a cartoon. This is the month where we'll look at shows starring living, breathing people.

As always, October is HALLOWEEN MONTH where we'll showcase Halloween-themed programs.

November we go to the land of the rising sun with JAPANESE IMPORTS MONTH.

And while we don't have banners ready for them yet, we haven't forgotten about the other months. July we'll go to the wild, wild world of SPORTS with athletically inclined programs. September is TV SPIN-OFF month, where we'll check out some of the prime time shows that were given the Saturday morning treatment. And in December we'll take another dip in the WARNER BROTHERS pool with a line-up of 1990s programs produced by Warner Bros. Television animation.

All this and more on SMF! See you then!

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