September 17, 2016


(KBS2, April 6-September 28, 2006 KOR,
CW, September 22, 2007-March 1, 2008 US)

Daewon Media, Design Storm, BRB Internacional

Jeong Ah Son (Korean) & Aidan Drummond – Marty
Lee In-Sung (Korean) & Andrew Toth – Buttons
Bak Seon Yeong (Korean) & Claire Renaud – Ally
Wan -Gyeong Seong (Korean) & Ron Halder – Gaff
Kim Il (Korean) & Lee Tockar - Och
Nicole Oliver – Black Beauty
Garry Chalk – Duke Von Rhymer, Narrator

Iron Kid was a joint South Korean/Spanish CGI animated series with strong Japanese anime influences. It was produced by Daewon Media and Design Storm in Korean and BRB Internacional in Spain. The series was set in a post-apocalyptic future resulting from countless wars. The greatest one was against the ultimate robot called The General who believed that robots should rule over humanity. He instigated the Second Robot War and was only stopped by Eon and his powerful fist.

Marty and Buttons.

100 years later, 11-year-old scavenger Marty (Aidan Drummond) had come to discover he was actually the descendant of Eon when he found the Fist of Eon in a cave. At the same time, a former scientist from the Central Defence Federation (CDF), the world police force, named Dr. Chen stole The General’s heart from storage and spearheaded his reconstruction. He was aided in this endeavor by industrialist Duke Von Rhymer, who was also working on his own ends to resurrect The Gigantor: a giant robotic war creature. Other threats included The Four Invincible Lords Lightning, Rain, Wind and Cloud who were The General’s most powerful allies; Black Beauty (Nicole Oliver), robotic rival to Gaff whose mission was to take the Fist from Marty; Steeljaw Jack, a robot created by Chen who operated as a hired mercenary; and Eiger, an enormous robot and The General’s most powerful warrior.

Graff charges into battle.

Aiding Marty’s quest to stop The General was Buttons (Andrew Toth), Marty’s robotic talking dog who served as the series’ comic relief; Ally (Claire Renaud), the stepdaughter of Von Rhymer who could read and decipher computer code; Gaff (Ron Halder), an ancient robot who watched over the Eon family and the Fist for over 100 years; Master Zhang, a martial arts master who trained Marty how to properly wield the Fist; Charlie, a friend and servant of the family who raised Marty as his own per his real father’s instructions; Violet, a member of the CDF who was embedded in Von Rhymer’s Iron Tower who became Ally’s tutor and surrogate big sister; Shadow, a rehabilitated criminal that worked for the CDF; and Chief Gibson, leader of the CDF.

Eon Kid and his allies prepare for battle.

The series debuted on April 6, 2006 on South Korea’s KBS2 and TVE in Spain. The series ran for a single season of 26 episodes, telling a complete story arc that followed Marty’s acquisition of the Fist and his training on how to use it and defeat The General upon his resurrection. Javier Mellado composed the series’ music. Manga Entertainment acquired the international broadcast rights to the series and translated it for English-speaking countries. Renaming it Eon Kid to avoid any copyright issues with Marvel ComicsIron Man franchise, the series aired on The CW’s Kids WB! Saturday morning programming block beginning on September 22, 2007. However, not every episode was aired; “Strength Isn’t Everything” was merged with “Ally’s Secret”, and “Orange Mama” and the final two episodes were never broadcast. In Australia, 25 of the 26 episodes aired.

Eon Kid on DVD.

In 2007, Playmates produced a line of action figures based on characters from the series. In 2008, Anchor Bay Entertainment released the entire series in two sets in Australia. In 2009, they released two DVDs containing five episodes each in the United States. Between 2008 and 2009, Tribanda Pictures released the entire series across four DVDs in non-English speaking territories. 

“The Legendary Fist” (4/6/06 KOR, 9/22/07 US) – A journey into the forbidden area leads Marty to find Ally escaping sinister forces and the legendary Iron Fist of his ancestor.

“The Heir to the Fist” (4/13/06 KOR, 9/29/07 US) – Marty’s father realizes that the General will soon return while Marty needs to quickly learn to use the fist to save Ally from her father.

“The Journey Begins” (4/20/06 KOR, 10/6/07 US) – Marty, Ally and Buttons make way for the Crystal City but have to evade capture as a price has now been put on their heads.

“Strength Isn’t Everything” (4/27/06 KOR) – Marty quickly learns the importance of skill as he has to take on various groups of robots and bounty hunters.

“Ally’s Secret” (5/4/06 KOR, 10/13/07 US) – Everyone wonders why Ally is so important to her father’s plans as a biker gang plans to capture them for the reward and payback.

“Orange Mama” (5/11/06 KOR) – Marty and his friends encounter the elderly, yet fiendish, Orange Mama.

“The Grand Wrestling Tournament” (5/18/06 KOR, 10/20/07 US) – Marty is forced to compete in the Orange Valley Wrestling championship.

“The Fight Goes On” (5/25/06 KOR, 10/27/07 US) – Ally and Buttons try to escape Orange Mama, but their plans are foiled when Jenny wants to play with them.

“Escape From the Orange Valley” (6/1/06 KOR, 11/3/07 US) – Marty learns Orange Mama plans to take the fist and turn them in, hastening his search for Ally and Buttons so they can escape.

“The Maxes Attack” (6/8/06 KOR, 11/10/07 US) – The escape from Orange Valley is met with resistance from Orange Mamma, Duke Von Rhymer and some other old foes.

“Confronting Fate” (6/15/06 KOR, 11/17/07 US) – After Ally is captured, Gaff appears and teaches Marty about the history of his family.

“The 10 Woodenmen” (6/22/06 KOR, 11/24/07 US) – Marty begins training under the Grandmaster to strengthen his chi to master the fist.

“A Warrior is Born” (6/29/06 KOR, 12/1/07 US) – After Marty finally masters the fist, Master Zhang bestows upon him the chi he has been holding for 100 years.

“To the Iron Tower” (7/6/06 KOR, 12/8/07 US) – Marty begins his destiny by setting out to rescue Ally from the Iron Tower.

“Ally’s Escape” (7/13/06 KOR, 12/15/07 US) – Steeljaw Jack prevents Marty from successfully rescuing Ally.

“Fall of the Tower” (7/20/06 KOR, 1/5/08 US) – Marty, Ally and Violet try to escape from Kahn while the General’s forces seize the Iron Tower.

“Nightmares” (7/27/06 KOR, 1/12/08 US) – Marty begins having nightmares about his real father when one of the General’s elite warriors appears to fight him.

“Out of Control” (8/3/06 KOR, 1/19/08 US) – The fist takes control of Marty’s Mind, putting Chief Gibson in the position of having to stop him.

“To the Mystic Glacier” (8/10/06 KOR, 1/26/08 US) – Grandmaster leads Marty to the Temple of the Iron Soul to seek a way to repair the fist.

“The White Monks” (8/17/06 KOR, 2/2/08 US) – Marty, Buttons and Shadow are ambushed by the Four Invincible Lords on the way to the temple.

“The General Awakes” (8/24/06 KOR, 2/9/08 US) – While Marty finally enters the temple, the General has awaken.

“Eiger the Patient” (8/31/06 KOR, 2/16/08 US) – Marty faces Eiger the Patient while Dr. Chen revives Gigantor and sets him against the CDF.

“The Revolt of Kahn” (9/7/06 KOR, 2/23/08 US) – Kahn begins to question the General’s orders and plans to rebel.

“To the Iron Tower! Charge!” (9/14/06 KOR, 3/1/08 US) – Marty fights his way into the Iron Tower while Ally discovers a way to defeat Gigantor.

“The Last Battle, I” (9/21/06 KOR) – Ally tries to stop Gigantor while Marty has to face the Four Invincible Lords to get to the General.

“The Last Battle, II” (9/28/06 KOR) – Marty faces the General with Gaff, Shadow and Captain Magnum while Ally and Buttons discover the transcoder needed to stop Gigantor is gone.

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