February 24, 2018


            Welcome to SMF: CELEBRITY EDITION! This one’s going to be a bit different from other theme months. For one thing, instead of a whole month, we’re just giving a week to this. Yeah, we’ve just about finally caught up after falling behind last year, but since February has come and gone we’re just going to burn off the entries for the month and get going on the next one.

            So, why CELEBRITY EDITION this time around? Well, it just so happens that Roseanne is making a comeback this year—the latest in a long line of 20-30+ year cancelled shows to do so. And, seeing as how Roseanne once had an animated series (don’t believe us? You should…it’s the first entry!) we decided to plan accordingly.

            So, join us this week as we give you another dose of shows starring celebrities you typically wouldn’t find on Saturday mornings. This is CELEBRITY EDITION!

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