November 15, 2014


(ABC, October 28, 1995-February 3, 1996)

Hanna-Barbera Productions, New Line Television

Bill Fagerbakke – Harry Dunne, Cowboy
Matt Frewer – Lloyd Christmas, Gunther, Jim #3

            The third of three Jim Carrey films turned into an animated series, Dumber and Dumber: The Series was based on the film Dumber and Dumber.

            When Forrest Gump uttered his famous phrase, he never met these two. The directorial debut of the Farrelly brothers, the film focused on two best friends: Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) and Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey). They were good natured guys who happened to be incredibly stupid. Lloyd, a limo driver before he was fired, falls in love with his last client, Mary Swanson (Lauren Holly), who leaves a briefcase full of money behind at the airport she’s brought to for her kidnapped husband’s ransom. Lloyd sees it and decided to return the briefcase to her. They began a road trip to Aspen in Harry’s dogmobile from his former dog grooming job with the kidnappers in hot pursuit, bumbling through every situation and keeping just head of the crooks.

Harry, Lloyd and Otto the van.

            The film was released on December 16, 1994. Despite negative reviews, the film was a commercial success and developed a cult following. It launched the carreer of the Farrelly brothers and solidified Carrey’s bankability in Hollywood. Looking to cash in on the success, New Line entered into an agreement with Hanna-Barbera to produce an animated series based on the movie.

A beaver named Kitty.

            The show followed the continued misadventures of Harry (Bill Fagerbakke) and Lloyd (Matt Frewer) as they traveled across the country in their reacquired dogmobile (now named “Otto”), taking odd jobs that they can’t seem to keep down and stupidly stumbling through events. In true Hanna-Barbera fashion, the pair was given a new pet: Kitty, a female beaver that was smarter than her owners. Bennett Yellin, one of the writers on the film, served as a writer for the series, which, naturally, featured comedy that was greatly toned-down for the Saturday morning audience. The animation by Sunwoo Animation tried hard to recapture the classic Hanna-Barbera feel; using thick lines, flat, stylized backgrounds and solid primary colors. While Harry and Lloyd had a passing resemblance to their movie counterparts, they looked just different enough to avoid likeness rights issues.
Series title card from video streaming sources.

            Lasting only a single season, it was the shortest-running series based on Carrey’s films. It was also one of the last Hanna-Barbera productions made for network television, especially in light of ABC’s acquisition by Disney and subsequent “house-cleaning” of the network to remove all non-Disney produced programming. While the series has seen some video releases in Australia and Russia, the only places it was widely available was on the iTunes Store and Amazon InstantVideo.

            In 2003, New Line produced a prequel called Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd. The film had no involvement by either the Farrelly brothers or the original actors. The film was released on June 13th and received generally negative reviews; however its relatively low budget allowed it to become a financial success at the box office. In 2014, after many promises and speculation, the Farrelly brothers, Carrey and Daniels reunited to make the sequel to the original: Dumb and Dumber To. This movie officially ended Carrey’s 20-year no-sequel policy he initiated after finding no acting challenge in making 1995's Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.


“Otto’s Best Friend” (10/28/95) – An evil car collector steals Harry and Lloyd’s van when they enter it into a car show.

“Dumb Luck / Dumbbells” (11/4/95) – Harry and Lloyd accidentally stop a robbery when they take jobs as security guards. / Harry and Lloyd become personal trainers.

“Top Dumbs” (11/11/95) – Harry and Lloyd are hired as test pilots for a new military plane.

“Dixie Dolts / Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Dumbness” (11/18/95) – Looking for buried treasure in a swamp leads Harry and Lloyd to find an escaped convict instead. / Harry and Lloyd chase a robot mailman in order to retrieve the halibut they accidentally mailed.

“Horse Non-Sense / Senseless in Seattle / Mmm, Cheesy” (11/25/95) – Harry and Lloyd become horse caretakers. / Harry and Lloyd attempt to rescue Kitty from the Space Needle. / Harry and Lloyd become pizza delivery men.

“Moves and Breakers / To Bee or Not to Bee” (12/2/95) – Harry and Lloyd must retrieve a stolen art collection. / Harry and Lloyd believe a bee farm-turned-amusement park is the base of the Killer Bee gang.

“Dream a Little Scream / Speed and Speedier” (12/9/95) – The owner of the Gates Motel chases after Kitty. / Harry and Lloyd are trapped on a taco-mobile rigged with a  stink bomb.

“Santa Klutz / Hole in Something” (12/16/95) – Harry takes a job as a store Santa, leading Lloyd to believe he’s the real thing. / Harry, Lloyd and Kitty compete in a miniature golf contest.

“Brain, Brain, Go Away” (1/6/96) – The friendship is tested when Harry accidentally drinks a serum that makes him a genius.

“Home Cookin’” (1/13/96) – Lloyd returns home to prevent his old flame from getting married.

“Bootcampers / Overbite in Paradise” (1/20/96) – Harry and Lloyd join the army thinking they’re going to a summer camp to make boots. / Kitty is believed to be a god by natives on a deserted island.

“Chipped Dip / Laundryland Lunacy” (1/27/96) – Harry and Lloyd recall when Lloyd chipped his tooth. / Harry and Lloyd mistake a Laundromat for an amusement park.

“Harry Canary / Alienated” (2/3/96) – Harry reminisces about his family line in preparation for a contest. / Harry and Lloyd are abducted by aliens.

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