February 07, 2015


            February is known as Black History Month in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It began in 1926 as Negro History Week, proposed by historian Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. It was set during the second week of February, chosen to coincide with the birthday of AbrahamLincoln and Frederick Douglass. The objective was to teach the history of America’s black population. In 1969, the leaders of the Black United Students at Kent State University proposed expanding it to a month, celebrating it independently the following year. In 1976 for the bicentennial, the expansion was formally recognized by the United States government. The UK followed in 1987, and then Canada in 1995.
            So, what better time to explore the presence of black characters and culture on Saturday mornings? All this month we’ll be giving you a selection of programs featuring a black main cast as well as those that made notable contributions to establishing a black presence on television.

            We kick things off with two of the most unlikely shows on this list, but when you read about them you’ll understand why they’re here. It’s THE HARDY BOYS and JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS on February 7th.

            On February 14th, things begin to make a little more sense on the surface as we bring you THE HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS and FAT ALBERT.

            February 21st adds a little music into our lives with the inclusion of THE JACKSON 5IVE and KID ‘N’ PLAY.

            Finally, February 28th brings us some law and order with STATIC SHOCK and FILLMORE.

            What do you think of our initial selections? Let us know via E-Mail, in the comments below, or on our Facebook group and Facebook page.

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