December 05, 2015


Hey, folks. If you're a regular reader, you might have noticed the last few weeks' entries have been EXTREMELY late in getting up, The original goal was to have this thing updated every weekend (preferably on Saturday mornings). Unfortunately, life and work tend to interfere with those plans a bit; especially as the holiday season approaches. These entries take some time to do between the researching and the writing and the linking and the proofing and the posting... And if there's no time to do them obviously they can't get done.

But, bear with us for a bit, and we'll have some good stuff for you. We're doing something a little special with November's final entry, which is why it hasn't been posted yet. Hopefully you find the effort worth the wait. Then, we'll speed right into December's themes. We'll take our usual break in January and try to use the time to get a bit ahead on things so that there's less of a wait in 2016 (which was the plan for this past January, but,

Our commitment to you is to bring you good, quality stuff about your favorite Saturday morning programs (or to introduce you to new ones!). If there's a choice between sacrificing quality for timeliness, the quality is going to win out every time. 

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for being a reader. Hopefully you like the rest of what we have in store for 2015.

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