February 13, 2016


Have you missed us? We've missed you. But now we're back for season 3 of SMF! This year we'll be bringing you more of your favorite shows and cereals, and hopefully introducing you to some you may not be familiar with along the way. We've also been hard at work fixing up and improving some of the older entries, which you can read about in the UPDATES tab at the top of the page as we go along. 

While we do have some fun shows planned in the coming months, we're always willing to shift things if people request a particular show that falls within any of our planned themes. So, if you want your favorite show to jump the line tell us what it is through the contact form on this blog, or on one of our two Facebook groups. By the way, at both Facebook groups you can find additional photos and videos from the stuff we've already posted. 

Now that all that's out of the way, onward!

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