September 10, 2016


                Computers are everywhere. In our homes. In our phones. In our watches. In our appliances.  Hell, you're even READING this on some kind of computer (and if you're not, that's seriously impressive). Within nearly a century we’ve gone from computers that look like this:

            To computers that look like this:

            With computers becoming so involved with everyday life, it was only natural it would work its way into the entertainment world; making life easier for special effects people to create the spectacular things we see on the screen that aren’t possible within the realm of physics. Computers have become responsible for those effects, as well as objects, backgrounds, hell, even entire people.

ReBoot, the first all-CGI cartoon.

            The world of animation also came to embrace this technology; initially to enhance their productions, but soon becoming the primary media for them. Ink and paint is all but gone, with most cartoons rendered in a similar style using Flash these days.

Regal Academy, the latest cell-shaded animated series.

            This month, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the Saturday morning shows that made use of this technological advancement to create a whole new realm of animation. As said before, since most shows are made using computers these days, we’ll be focusing on the shows that use the techniques of 3D rendering or cell shading only. 

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