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(CBS, September 9, 1978-September 5, 1983)

Hanna-Barbera Productions, King Features Syndicate

Hal SmithCol. Crumb (season 4)
Frank Welker – Dinky Dog (season 1-3)
Frank Nelson – Uncle Dudley (season 1-3)
Julie Bennett – Monica (season 1-3)
Jackie Joseph – Sandy (season 1-3)

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In 1978 CBS had acquired the television rights to Popeye and approached Hanna-Barbera Productions about making a Christmas special centered around the character. Instead, that involved into an all-new Saturday morning television series.

Popeye with Olive, Swee'Pea, Eugene, Wimpy, Poopdeck and his nephews.

The All-New Popeye Hour was an hour-long program featuring one-eyed strongman sailor Popeye (Jack Mercer, reprising the role he’s held since 1935), his girlfriend Olive Oyl, adopted son Swee’Pea (both Marilyn Schreffler), his hamburger-loving moocher friend J. Wellington Wimpy (Daws Butler, impersonating W.C. Fields), his father Poopdeck (also Mercer), and his lookalike nephews Pipeye, Peepeye, Poopeye and Pupeye (Mercer and Schreffler, respectively). Rounding out the cast to provide troubles for him were fellow sailor, Bluto (Allan Melvin), and the pirate witch, the Sea Hag (Schreffler). Long-time Olive performer Mae Questel auditioned for the role again, but was turned down in favor of frequent studio collaborator Schreffler.

Publicity cel of Popeye giving chase to Bluto giving chase to Olive.

Hanna-Barbera attempted to maintain the style of the original Thimble Theater comic strip (where Popeye starred until it was renamed Popeye that decade). As a result, the all-white Navy uniform Popeye had worn in theatrical and television shorts since World War II was replaced by the sailor uniform he originally wore in the strip. The only exception was his hat, which maintained its Navy styling. Notably, Bluto’s name was restored, having been changed to Brutus by King Features, publisher of the Popeye strip, for their 1960s televised shorts. King Features had been under the belief that Paramount Pictures, distributor of the original theatrical shorts, owned the character and decided to change the name to avoid any legal hassle. In fact, the character was created by E.C. Segar for the comic strip a year before the first Popeye short had debuted. 

Balancing the line between violence and comedy.

However, the faithfulness ended there. Due to increasing restrictions on violence for children’s cartoons, Popeye and Bluto didn’t fight as they once had. Bluto was more concerned with outwitting Popeye in whatever they were doing by any means necessary, and Popeye often got his vengeance by using his spinach-powered strength to outperform or simply toss Bluto away. At the end of every episode, Bluto would even admit that his cheating is what did him in, providing the prosocial moral message as the capper.  Popeye was also no longer allowed to smoke his trademark pipe. Instead, it served merely as a musical instrument for him to toot; particularly when singing his theme song. 

Popeye, Olive and Eugene on the hunt for treasure.

The All-New Popeye Hour debuted on CBS on September 9, 1978. Each episode was broken up into several segments. The Adventures of Popeye, or simply Popeye, was a standard Popeye adventure that would see Popeye overcome adversity (usually caused by Bluto) on land, sea or other time periods. Popeye’s Treasure Hunt followed Popeye and Olive as the co-owners of Treasure Seekers, Ltd. Together, they would travel to various parts of the world to search for hidden treasure with the aid of Eugene the Jeep (Don Messick). Bluto of Bluto’s Treasure Salvage would follow close behind, looking to steal the treasure for himself. The Treasure Hunt segment was often broken up into two parts shown at different times during the episode and aired every other week. Rounding out the hour was the completely unrelated Dinky Dog, which was not created by Segar and had nothing to do with any of his comic strips. It followed the adventures of sisters Monica (Julie Bennett) and Sandy (Jackie Joseph) who had adopted a tiny puppy (Frank Welker) that ended up growing into an enormous handful (more on Dinky in his own entry). In between the segments to further the prosocial content, there would be Popeye’s Safety Tips; quick 30-second bits where Popeye would educate his nephews on safety and lead them away from the bad influence of anthropomorphic wolf Mr. No-No (John Stephenson). 1979 saw the addition of Popeye’s Sports Parade, in which Popeye and Bluto would compete in various athletic competitions as Wimpy played referee. There was also a special: the half-hour The Popeye Valentine Special: Sweethearts at Sea, which was the first time a singular story took up the entire running time.

Popeye giving his nephews an edumikashun.

In 1981, the show was reduced to a half hour and renamed The Popeye and Olive Comedy Show. Dinky Dog was spun off into his own show, and two new segments were added. The first, Prehistoric Popeye, followed the standard Popeye story format except he and his friends now lived in the stone age. Private Olive Oyl, inspired by the 1980 film Private Benjamin, saw Olive and Alice the Goon (Schreffler) as part of an all-female platoon in the U.S. Army. Olive and Alice would often accidentally cause chaos that would set off their superior, Sergeant Bertha Blast (Jo Anne Worley), but would somehow continually put them in good favor with the oblivious Colonel Crumb (Hal Smith) by solving one of his problems. The segment didn’t really focus on war and instead was centered on life in the barracks.

Alice and Olive serving their country.

The series was cancelled after four seasons but remained on the network until 1983, at which point it entered into syndicated reruns. It was the final time Mercer would voice Popeye before his death in 1984. As well as performing, Mercer served as one of the script and storyboard writers. Other writers included Doug Booth, Tom Dagenais, Jack Hanrahan, Richard Dunn, Willie Gilbert, Glenn Leopold, Cliff Roberts, Dalton Sandifer, Don Heckman, Bob Ogle, Kimmer Ringwald, David Villaire, Andy Heyward, Chris Jenkyns, Mark Jones, Wally Wohl, Larz Bourne, Patty Salier, Tom Yakutis and Frances Novier. Hoyt Curtin produced the series’ music, with the exception of Popeye’s theme composed by Sammy Lerner.

Prehistoric Popeye.

18 segments were released to DVD by Rhino Home Video in 2000: “The Spinach Bowl”, “Pedal-Powered-Popeye”, “Olive’s Shining Hour”, “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Popeye”, “Popeye’s Self Defense”, “The Umpire Strikes Back”, “The Decathlon Dilemma”, “Take Me Out to the Brawl Game”, “Olive Does Dallas”, “The Great Speckled Whale”, “Shark Treatment”, “Popeye the Sleepwalker”, “A Goon Gone Gooney”, “Popeye Goes Sailing”, “Pappy Falls in Love”, “Ships that Pass in the Fright”, “Popeye Snags the Seahag”,  and “The Game”. In 2008, Warner Home Video released Popeye & Friends Volume One which contained eight additional segments: “Abject Flying Object”, “Ship Ahoy”, “I Wouldn’t Take That Mare to the Fair on a Dare”, “Popeye Goes Sightseeing”, “Chips off the Old Ice Block”, “Popeye the Plumber”, “Swee’Pea Plagues a Parade” and “Polly Wants Some Spinach”. In 2011, Visual Entertainment Inc. released the complete collection of Dinky Dog segments onto its own DVD.

EPISODE GUIDE (Dinky Dog segments will be handled in its own entry):
Season 1:
“Popeye the Carpenter / I Wants Me Mummy” (9/9/78) – Bluto and Popeye end up destroying Olive’s house while competing to hang a picture for her. / Popeye and Olive are hired by a mummy enthusiast to find Cleopatra’s treasure.

“The Ski’s the Limit / Popeye and the Beanstalk / The Big Wheel” (9/16/78) – Popeye is hopeless on skis until Swee’Pea is threatened by an avalanche. / Popeye trades his cows for some beans that end up growing a giant beanstalk. / While hanging out at the amusement park, Bluto plots to get rid of Popeye to be alone with Olive.

“Popeye the Sleepwalker / The Terrifyink Transylvania Treasure Trek” (9/23/78) – Olive tries to keep Popeye from hurting himself when he sleepwalks after a tiring expedition. / Count von Dracula hires Popeye and Olive to find his family’s treasure in Transylvania.

“A Whale of a Tale / Olive’s Shining Hour / A Bad Knight for Popeye” (9/30/78) – To help his nephews sleep, Popeye tells them the story of a mighty sailor who was swallowed by a whale. / Eager to show off her new tennis skills, Olive enlists Popeye as his partner in a game against Bluto and his girlfriend. / In the Middle Ages, farmer Popeye takes up the task to rescue Princess Olive from evil knight Bluto.

“Popeye Goes Sailing / The Sword of Fitzwilly” (10/7/78) – Bluto is determined to get Olive onto his boat, so he sinks Popeye’s. / Popeye and Olive head to England to find a special sword.

“A Seal with Appeal / A Day at Muscle Beach / The Crunch for Lunch Bunch” (10/14/78) – Popeye’s nephews adopt a seal and try to hide from him that they let it in the house. / An outing at the beach is interrupted by its king, Bluto. / When cavemen Popeye and Bluto fail to bring any food to Olive’s diner, she decides to go out hunting herself.

“Wilder Than Usual Blue Yonder / Play It Again Popeye” (10/21/78) – Olive refuses to go flying in Popeye’s newly-restored biplane. / The treasure hunters are all hired to find the same Casablanca Falcon.

“Popeye Out West / Popeye the Plumber / Spinach Fever” (10/28/78) – The Bluto Boys come riding into the Western town where Popeye is sheriff to cause trouble. / Olive hires Popeye and Swee’Pea to fix her plumbing and they end up making a mess of her house. / While out at a disco, Popeye gets jealous when Olive is impressed by Bluto’s dance moves.

“Heir-Brained Popeye / Captain Meno’s Sunken Treasure” (11/4/78) – Popeye gives chase to his uncle’s will when it blows away. / Marvin Meno hires Popeye and Olive to find his grandfather’s lost treasure.

“Popeye and Bigfoot / Popeye’s Engine Company / Getting Popeye’s Goat” (11/11/78) – Bluto dresses up as Bigfoot to spoil Popeye and Olive’s camping trip. / When Olive’s oven smokes, firemen Popeye and Bluto compete to see who will put it out. / Popeye babysits the Navy Reserve’s goat mascot who happens to have a monstrously ravenous appetite.

“Close Encounters of the Third Spinach / The Delmonica Diamond” (11/18/78) – Popeye finds a message from Princess Olive-Pit and sets out to rescue her from Darth Bluto. / Popeye and Olive are hired by the queen of Delmonica to find their stolen crown jewel.

“Popeye’s Finest Hour / Popeye and the Pest / Popeye Meets the Blutostein Monster” (11/25/78) – A computer error recalls Popeye to the Navy where he ends up in a unit with Bluto’s nephew. / A mosquito disturbs Popeye’s peaceful fishing trip. / A mad scientist’s creation falls in love with Olive.

“Ship Ahoy / The Treasure of Howe’s Bayou” (12/2/78) – Bluto ruins Popeye’s attempts to teach his nephews how to sail. / Bluto tries to help himself to Olive’s inheritance.

“Here Stew You / Popeye and the Pirates / Popeye Goes Hollywood” (12/9/78) – Popeye and Olive end up shipwrecked on an island inhabited by Goons. / Popeye and Princess Olive are set upon by Blutobeard the Pirate. / Popeye and Bluto compete for the same stuntman job.

“Popeye’s Roots / Spring Daze in Paris” (12/16/78) – Poopdeck teaches the nephews about their ancestors. / Popeye and Olive’s Paris vacation is cut short when Olive volunteers to find a treasure for Marie Antoinette’s descendent.

“Popeye Snags the Seahag / The Three Ring Ding-a-Ling / A Day at the Rodeo” (12/23/78) – P.I. Popeye is called upon to stop the Sea Hag from hijacking ships. / At the circus, strongman Bluto attempts to ruin Popeye’s trapeze routine. / Bluto cheats at the rodeo for a date with rodeo queen Olive.

“The Decathlon Dilemma / Coldfinger” (1/6/79) – Poopdeck and Eugene teach Popeye a lesson about ageism. / Popeye and Olive are tasked by the government to retrieve a satellite from a notorious master villain.

“Chips off the Old Ice Block / Popeye of the Klindike / Popeye Goes Sightseeing” (1/13/79) – Bluto decides he’s the better ice skater and should teach Swee’Pea how to skate. / Olive relays the story of Popeye and Bluto’s time in Alaska during the Gold Rush. / Popeye loses Swee’Pea in New York and sets out to find him before Olive learns about it.

“Shark Treatment / A Horse of a Flying Color” (1/20/79) – Popeye and Poopdeck head out for a sea adventure where they encounter old enemies of Poopdeck’s. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.

“Bluto’s Bike Bullies / Mother Goose on the Loose / Steeple Chase at Ups and Downs” (1/27/79) – Bluto challenges Popeye to a game of chicken, and he accepts not knowing what it is. / Popeye and Bluto compete in telling stories to Swee’Pea while babysitting. / Olive inherits a horse and tries to fulfill her uncle’s final wish of seeing it win the steeplechase at Up and Downs.

“A Camping We Will Go / The Mask of Gorgonzola” (2/3/79) – When bears eat their food, Popeye teaches his nephews how to live off the land. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.

“Take Me Out to the Brawl Game / I Left My Spinach in San Francisco” (2/10/79) – Popeye and Bluto are tasked with getting attendance up at a ball park. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.

“Popeye Versus Machine / A Trio in Rio” (2/17/79) – Popeye and Bluto compete for a contract by building a 22-mile freeway through the mountains. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.

“The Spinach Bowl / Popeye at the Center of the Earth” (2/24/79) – Popeye and Bluto’s football teams play against each other. / Underground creatures take Poopdeck and Popeye has to get him back.

“Ballet-Hooey / Boola Boola Hula” (3/3/79) – Popeye gives chase when Bluto steals his basketball. / On a Hawaiian vacation, Olive ends up buying a parrot that knows the way to a treasure in ancient ruins.

“Yukon Country Mountie / Treasure of Werner Schnitzel” (3/10/79) – Popeye and Bluto volunteer to guard the payroll, which ends up stolen along with Olive. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.

Season 2:
“Queen of the Load / Plunder Down Under” (9/10/79) – Trucker Bluto decides to improve his business by getting Olive as his partner. / An Australian treasure hunt leads Popeye and Poopdeck to encounter a couple of Goons.

“Love on the Rocks / Popeye the Lone Legionnaire / Roller Rink-a-Dink” (9/17/79) – Popeye builds a monument to his love for Olive, but Bluto tries to interfere. / Popeye has to retake his desert fort from desert pirate Bluto. / Bluto tries to butt in on Popeye and Olive’s skate date and Popeye challenges him to a skating competition.

“Old McPopeye Had a Farm / King of the Rodeo” (9/24/79) – Popeye and his nephews help out at his uncle’s farm as Bluto keeps stealing from it. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.

“Polly Wants Some Spinach / The Loneliness of the Long Distance Popeye / Popeye’s High School Daze” (10/1/79) – Opening a window to let the dust out allows Olive’s parrot to escape. / Bluto cheats as he runs the Boston Marathon with Popeye and Olive. / Their yearbook sets Popeye and Olive into a daydream about their school days.

“Mule-itary Detail / The Reel Hollywood Treasure Hunt” (10/8/79) – Popeye tries to return a mule to the army base but keeps being outsmarted. / Popeye and his nephews head for a treasure hunt in Hollywood.

“Boo-Who / Building Blockheads / Olive’s Bugged House Blues” (10/15/79) – When Popeye and Olive take refuge in a spooky old castle, Bluto tries to scare them away. / Popeye and Olive try to build the world’s tallest building before Bluto. / Popeye brings Olive a cricket for a housewarming present, but instead of luck it just brings her misery.

“The Game / Sky High Fly Try” (10/22/79) – Popeye and Olive end up stranded on hunter Bluto’s island, and he’s eager to hunt humans. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.

“Free Hauling Brawl / Pedal-Powered Popeye / Wotsa Matterhorn?” (10/29/79) – Popeye and Bluto compete in a cross-country truck race for a driving job. / Popeye and Olive compete against Bluto in a cross-country bike race. / Popeye and Bluto compete to climb the Matterhorn first.

“Popeye’s Aqua Circus / The Great Decathlon Championship” (11/5/79) – Bluto wants to take over Popeye’s circus and tries to ruin each act to make him look bad. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.

“Popeye’s Poodle Problem / Take It or Lump It / Westard Ho! Ho!” (11/12/79) – Popeye takes Olive’s new poodle to the dog show but encounter Bluto and his dog on the way. / Bluto takes the place of the MC on the game show Popeye and Olive are on. / Popeye tells his nephews about how he dug the Grand Canyon.

“Bad Day at the Bakery / Popeye in Wonderland” (11/19/79) – Popeye and Bluto’s fighting causes him to mix cement into his bread batter. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.

“Bully Dozer / Popeye the Painter / Popeye the Robot” (11/26/79) – Popeye and Bluto battle over who gets to wake up sleeping Olive with a kiss. / Popeye and Bluto compete to paint a building to win a lucrative contract. / Bluto unleashes a robotic Popeye to ruin National Popeye Day.

“Swee’Pea Plagues a Parade / Fantastic Gymnastics” (12/3/79) – Swee’Pea’s parade debut is spoiled by his desire to chase a balloon. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.

“Paddle Wheel Popeye / Water Ya Doin’” (12/10/79) – Popeye and Bluto compete in a boat race. / Popeye and Bluto compete in a water competition being judged by Olive and Wimpy.

Season 3:
“Merry Madness at the Mardi Gras / No Fuel Like an Old Fuel” (12/17/79) – Bluto uses multiple costumes to spoil Popeye’s enjoyment of Mardi Gras. / O.G. Wotasnozzle calls on Popeye to drive the car powered by his new fuel in the National Energy Saving Cross Country Race.

“A Goon Gone Gooney / Bad Company / Popeye of Sherwood Forest / Top Kick in Boot Camp” (12/24/79) – Popeye, Olive and Bluto end up stranded on Goon Island and their queen wants to make Popeye her own. / When the nephews choose to go to a picnic with Bluto, Popeye and Olive follow in disguise to make sure they’re okay. / Popeye and his men steal from the crooked Sheriff of Rottenham and give the money back to the poor. / Corporal Popeye and Sergeant Bluto are ordered to conduct Private Olive’s physical training.

“Peask and Quiet / Dublin or Nothin” (12/31/79) – Needing a break from his nephews, Olive takes them camping while Popeye and Eugene head to a mountain cabin. / Popeye and Olive head to Ireland to help his uncle find his lost silver shillelagh.

“Spa-ing Partners / Abject Flying Object” (1/7/80) – Popeye and Bluto compete for instructor jobs at Olive’s health spa. / While Olive and Popeye befriend a visiting alien, Bluto tries to capture him to get rich.

“Ships that Pass in the Fright / Around the World in 80 Hours” (1/14/80) – Bluto comes to save a stranded Popeye and Olive, but attempts to leave Popeye behind. / Popeye makes a bet that he can go around the world in 80 hours without transportation for a donation to his favorite orphanage.

“Olive Goes Dallas / Popeye’s Perilous Pursuit of a Pearl / Popeye’s Self Defense” (1/21/80) – Olive tries out to be a cheerleader and Bluto attempts to become a judge to ruin her chances. / The Sea Hag wants a Black Pearl for its magical powers and decides to let Popeye and Olive find it for her. / Popeye takes an exercise class to be strong without Spinach only to discover Bluto is the instructor.

“Pappy Falls in Love / Hail, Hail the Gang’s All Here” (1/28/80) – Poopdeck and Bluto compete for the affections of a woman they meet on a cruise. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.

“Alpine for You / Popeye of the Jungle / Tour Each His Own” (2/4/80) – Popeye tries to recover Olive’s pet lamb from Bluto. / Popeye tells Swee’Pea about a jungle-dwelling relative. / Popeye and Bluto compete to get Olive’s business for their struggling tour guide operations.

“The Umpire Strikes Back / Beyond the Spinach Brick Road” (2/11/80) – Popeye, Olive and Swee’Pea aren’t doing well in their baseball game against Bluto. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.

“Tough Sledding / Unidentified Fighting Object / W.O.I.L.” (2/18/80) – Popeye and Olive go to see how they can help keep her granny’s ski resort from closing. / Bluto refuses to return Popeye’s nephews’ ball out of spite for not being invited to their cookout. / Popeye and Olive compete against Bluto’s radio station.

“I Wouldn’t Take that Mare to the Fair on a Dare / Cliff Hanger” (2/25/80) – Wimpy refuses to let Swee’Pea enter his old nag into the strong horse competition at the state fair. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.

“The Great Speckled Whale / Forum or Against ‘Em” (3/3/80) – Popeye and Olive have to protect a whale from capture by Bluto. / While exploring ancient Roman ruins, Popeye and Olive discover a key to Caesar’s safe.

“Popierre the Musketeer / In a Little Spinach Town” (9/8/80) – Blutomus steals a crown meant for the king from Olivella. / NO SYNOPSIS AVAILABLE.

Season 4:
“Reptile Ranch / Mission Improbable / So Who’s Watching the Bird Watchers?” (9/12/81) – Popeye and Bluto compete for a job at Olive’s prehistoric ranch. / Colonel Crumb sends Blast, Olive and Alice to deliver some secret plans, but Olive ends up reading the map upside-down. / Olive puts Popeye and Bluto in a bird-watching club to keep them out of trouble.

“Computer Chaos / Chilly Con Caveman / Here Today – Goon Tomorrow” (9/19/81) – Colonel Crumb places a new robot sergeant in charge of Olive and Alice. / Bluto discovers snow. / Blast has to find Olive and Alice when they follow her orders to “get lost”.

 “Olive’s Devastatingk Decorators / Troop Therapy / Come Back, Little Stegosaurus” (9/26/81) – Olive asks for Popeye’s help to decorate her house, resulting in his almost destroying it while fighting with Bluto. / Blast is ordered to schedule a training session for Olive and Alice that she hopes will finally get them kicked out. / Popeye and Bluto compete to catch Olive’s pet stegosaurus.

“Goon Native / Cheap Skate Date / Alice in Blunderland” (10/3/81) – Olive and Alice take their assignment to raft to an island as a vacation. / Popeye attempts to teach Olive how to skate when Bluto comes along to bother them. / Blast, Olive and Alice are sent to retrieve some spring water for an important visitor.

“The Incredible Shrinking Popeye / Wreck Room / Neanderthal Nuisance” (10/10/81) – Stopping to pick flowers for Olive leads Popeye to be exposed to a shrinking formula. / Crumb assigns Blast, Olive and Alice to build a new rec room. / Olive’s neighbor Bluto won’t let them enjoy a day of sunbathing.

“Private Secretaries / The First Resort / Goon Balloon” (10/17/81) – Ordered to do Crumb’s paperwork, Olive and Alice keep messing up his office while Blast tries to clean it. / Popeye and Bluto both decide to go to Olive’s resort, but neither is in for a relaxing time. / Alice accidentally causes herself, Olive and Blast to take a hot air balloon ride.

“Vegetable Stew / Tanks a Lot / Winner Window Washer” (10/24/81) – After Wimpy eats all of Olive’s food, she sends Popeye and Bluto out with a shopping list. / Olive and Alice cause trouble when they find an abandoned tank. / Popeye and Bluto complete to finish washing the windows of a skyscraper for a job with Olive’s company.

“Rocky Rolls / Hogwash at the Car Wash / Snow Fooling” (10/31/81) – Olive and Alice are put on KP duty. / When Bluto dirties Olive’s car, she takes it to Popeye’s carwash. / Olive and Alice are ordered to remove the snow so that Crumb can get to an airplane on time.

“Bronto Beach / “Infink-try / The Midnight Ride of Popeye Revere” (11/7/81) – Popeye tries to teach Olive how to fish at the beach but Bluto keeps bothering them. / Swee’Pea and Wimpy visit the base, but after visiting hours Swee’Pea sneaks back. / Popeye tries to get his nephews interested in history.

“Goon Hollywood / Popeye Stumps Bluto / Basic Train-ning” (11/14/81) – Crum makes Blast the director of a new training film. / Popeye and Bluto compete for a job from Olive. / Olive and Alice are sent to clean the new silent troop train and end up taking off with it.

“Up a Lizard River / Jeep Thrills” (11/21/81) – Bluto interrupts Popeye and Olive’s camping trip. / Eugene visits the base and drives Blast crazy.

“Sweethearts at Sea” (2/14/79) – Olive decides to take a romantic cruise on her own when Popeye forgets to send her a valentine, and Bluto intends to take advantage of their split.


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"The All-New Popeye Hour was an hour-long program featuring one-eyed strongman sailor Popeye (Jack Mercer, reprising the role he’s held since 1935), his girlfriend Olive Oyl, adopted son Swee’Pea (both Marilyn Schreffler), his hamburger-loving moocher friend J. Wellington Wimpy (Daws Butler, impersonating W.C. Fields), his father Poopdeck (also Mercer), and his lookalike nephews Pipeye, Peepeye, Poopeye and Pupeye (Mercer and Schreffler, respectively). Rounding out the cast to provide troubles for him were fellow sailor, Bluto (Allan Melvin), and the pirate witch, the Sea Hag (Schreffler). Long-time Olive performer Mae Questel auditioned for the role again, but was turned down in favor of frequent studio collaborator Schreffler."

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The All-New Popeye Hour was an hour-long program featuring one-eyed strongman sailor Popeye (Jack Mercer, reprising the role he’s held since 1935), his girlfriend Olive Oyl, adopted son Swee’Pea (both Marilyn Schreffler), his hamburger-loving moocher friend J. Wellington Wimpy (Daws Butler, impersonating W.C. Fields), his father Poopdeck (also Jack Mercer), and his lookalike nephews Pipeye (Jack Mercer), Peepeye (Jack Mercer), Poopeye (Marilyn Schreffler) and Pupeye (Marilyn Schreffler). Rounding out the cast to provide troubles for him were fellow sailor, Bluto (Allan Melvin), and the pirate witch, the Sea Hag (Marilyn Schreffler). Long-time Olive performer Mae Questel auditioned for the role again, but was turned down in favor of frequent studio collaborator Marilyn Schreffler.

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The series was animated overseas by an old Australian Hanna-Barbera studio in Sydney, which was folded by Disney in 1988.