October 24, 2020



(WB, September 11, 1999-March 25, 2000)


Warner Bros. Animation



Tara Strong – Shareena Wickett
Billy West – Emmitt Roswell
Roger Eschbacher – Jim Kim
Carlos Alazraqui – Ramon “Gug” Gugleamo
Tia Mowry – Lemonjella LaBelle
Tamera Mowry – Orangejella LaBelle
Bob Doucette – Duncan Bubble, Miss Treacle
Pamelyn Ferdin -Shelley Kelley
Kathleen Freeman – Eugenia P. Kisskillya


            Created by Bob Doucette and developed by Tim Cahill, Michael Maler and Julie McNally, Detention focused on 7 troublemakers from Benedict Arnold Middle School. Try as they might, they just couldn’t avoid being sent to detention by gym teacher Eugenia P. Kisskillya (Kathleen Freeman), a former sergeant in the Marine Corps who often timed displayed a humorless form of tyranny over them (however, she has been shown to be a nice person).  She was based on a nun teacher from Doucette’s grade school, and was infused with elements of Freeman’s Sister Mary Stigmata from The Blues Brothers films.

The Detention Crew: the Labelle twins, Shelley, Shareena, Emmitt, Jim, Gug and Duncan.

            Her frequent targets included Shareena Wickett (Tara Strong), a horror-loving goth girl who liked being a free spirit and had a pet pig named, well, Pig; Emmitt Roswell (Billy West), a conspiracy theorist with a firm belief in aliens (hence the name); Jim Kim (Roger Eschbacher), whose love of superhero comics tended to leave him a bit detached with reality as he often believed he possessed their various abilities; Ramone “Gug” Gugleamo (Carlos Alarzaqui), a short kid with a bad temper often left out of competitive sports and looking to take on people bigger than him; Duncan Bubble, a quiet boy who was able to spell out various words with the yo-yo he always carried (accompanied by an electronic voice reading them aloud, provided by Doucette); and twins Lemonjella and Orangejella LaBelle (played by real-life twins Tia and Tamera Mowry), whose possessed a high intelligence that often left others confused when they spoke and had a tendency to become competitive with each other. Shelley Kelley (Pamelyn Ferdin) was also present; however, she was considered Miss Kisskillya’s assistant more than a troublemaker (despite her best efforts to be one once). She was a peppy girl always in a Ladybug Scout uniform whose desire to be friends with the kids (particularly Shareena and Emmit, who she had a crush on) often goes at odds with their despising her for sucking up to Miss Kisskillya. The characters were designed by Stephen Silver and Matt Taylor.

Miss Kisskillya.

            Detention debuted on The WB as part of the Kids’ WB programming block on September 11, 1999, after airing a preview in the afternoon the day before. The series was a lot more grounded than other shows to come out from Warner Bros. Animation, with more of the more outlandish elements coming from fantasy sequences imagined by the kids as they got their revenge on Kisskillya. It was written by Eschbacher, Maler, Cahill and McNally with Stephen Shaw, Wendell Morris, Tom Sheppard and Charles M. Howell IV. Cahill and McNally also served as story editors, with educational input by Miki Baumgarten, Ph.D. to ensure it met the FCC’s educational and informative requirements. The series’ music was composed by Thomas Jones Chase and Steve Rucker, with the theme song’s lyrics written by Doucette and Maler. Animation duties were handled by Wang Film Productions Co. Ltd.

The DVD collection.

            At 13 episodes, it was one of the shortest shows to come out of Warner Bros. Animation by the time it was cancelled after its only season. It did, however, find an extended life in reruns when The WB moved it to Friday afternoon reruns from September 8, 2000 until August 31, 2001. It wouldn’t be until 2020 when Warner Archive released the complete series to DVD.



“Shareena Takes the Cake” (9/11/99) – Shareena and Shelley bake an explosive cake for Misss Kisskillya over missing a concert for detention, while the boys try to retrieve Duncan’s yo-yo from her.

“The Man with the Golden Brain” (9/18/99) – The gang has to keep Lemonjella and Orangejella from ruining the spelling bee with their competitiveness while Emmitt suspects the principal is a brain-stealing cyborg.
“What Did You Séance?” (9/25/99) – Shareena plans to contact her great-aunt via a séance while Shelley joins Emmitt in his plans to welcome UFOS set to arrive on the school roof.
“The Contest” (10/9/99) – The kids all hold a competition to see who can stay out of detention while Shelley tries to get it on purpose.
“Too Good to be Truant” (10/23/99) – Emmitt and Gug run against each other for class president while Shareena and Shelley decide to skip school.
“Breaking Out” (11/6/99) – The kids decide to get out of Saturday detention to meet their favorite TV star, not knowing Miss Kisskillya is doing the same.
“Comedy of Terrors” (11/13/99) – Miss Kisskillya gives Gug the part Shareena wanted in the school play, and she doesn’t take it very well.
“Little Miss Popular” (11/20/99) – Shareena hangs out with a clique of popular girls in order to meet the boy she likes.
“Capitol Punishment” (12/4/99) – Shelley wins a trip to Washington, D.C. and invites the gang and Miss Kisskillya along, but she ends up left behind when the plane leaves.
“The Blame Game” (1/8/00) – Lemonjella and Oangejella try to find the thief behind the thefts they’re blamed for while Emmitt is assigned to clean the haunted boiler room.
“Boyz ‘N the Parenthood” (2/5/00) – The kids are broken up into pairs to care for a water balloon “baby” while Emmitt is distracted by the notion his father is coming to see him.
“A Friend in Greed” (3/4/00) – Lemonjella and Orangejella find a map for a buried treasure which causes greed to erupt among the kids.
“Rule the School” (3/25/00) – Gug is made hall monitor and he goes mad with power, while Shareena plans a party when her parents go out of town.

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