February 27, 2021


 And so we come to the end of our year (and 2 months) long celebration of Saturday mornings. From the 1950s through today, a variety of shows both live and animated have entertained the youth of the world. And while the shows themselves and the viewing methods may have changed, there's no doubt that these programs will continue to resonate for a long time.

Thanks for joining us on this journey. When we began, we had no idea there'd be the level of craziness that 2020 ended up being. Hopefully what we did was able to give you some enjoyment during those months in quarantine--or just as a general distraction from everything. While we didn't quite accomplish as much as we hoped, we think we did these programs justice.

With that, Saturday Mornings Forever will be taking a bit of a break. We'll be showcasing reruns for a time while we plan for the next phase of the site. Oh, don't worry--these won't be reruns to YOU, just shows that didn't originate on Saturday mornings that ended up airing there over time. Those are usually quick, short entries that will allow us some rest and time to get ahead.

In the meantime, continue to follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we post upcoming new episodes and Saturday morning-based comic releases, as well as other various news items that come our way. See you soon!

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