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(CBS, September 16, 1978-January 13, 1979)
Filmation Associates


Linda Gary – Web Woman/Kelly Webster, various
Lou Scheimer – Scarab, Spinner


For the 1977 season, Filmation paired up the second season of Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle with reruns of The New Adventures of Batman in a block called The Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour. With the show block being successful, Filmation decided to use the two established shows as a hook to bring audiences in for some new content.

Web Woman in Web Central.

In 1978, they renamed the block Tarzan and the Super 7 (the Super 7 referencing the seven different shows that would be featured with Tarzan) and expanded it to an hour and a half. Along with Tarzan and a truncated version of Batman, Filmation included the additional segments of The Freedom Force, Manta and Moray, Superstretch and Microwoman, Web Woman and Jason of Star Command (the only live-action show in the block). Another segment, Sunlight and Starbright, was planned but abandoned at the network’s behest (technically making it the Super SIX).

Web Woman and Spinner ensnare a diabolical robot.

Web Woman centered on NASA scientist-turned-farmer Kelly Webster (Linda Gary), who had rescued the insectoid alien Scarab (Lou Scheimer) from drowning. As a thanks, he turned her into the galactic hero Web Woman. She was given the strength and power of the world’s insects as well as the ability to communicate with them, a utility belt full of advanced technology including a Web Lasso, and a ring that created forcefields, shot energy that turned into solidified ensnaring webs, delivered sleeping gas and allowed her to communicate with Scarab remotely. She also gained a new companion/sidekick in furry alien Spinner (also Scheimer) who helped her on her farm as much as on adventures.

Receiving a mission from Scarab.

Kelly operated from a webbed subterranean base called Web Central (a rounded cave decorated in webs with several elevated platforms), which was accessed via a web-covered monorail that was accessed under her barn when Scarab summoned her. There she would communicate with Scarab from his galactic space station, Citadel Seven, via a giant crystal ball where he would tell her about a looming threat—from space pirates stealing the sun’s energy to disgraced military personnel out for revenge—followed by a cryptic riddle that would aid in her victory. When it was time to go into action, she would recite the chant “Insects of the world, small creatures of the cosmos, lend me your powers now!” and become Web Woman. Her primary mode of transportation was a spider-shaped ship called the Web Track, which could fly through the sky as easily as enter orbit.

Web Woman beside herself after being cloned.

Web Woman debuted along with the block on September 9, 1978 on CBS. Only five of the included segments aired each week, with Superstretch and Microwoman alternating with Web Woman every week beginning on the 16th. Seven of the episodes were clocked in at 11-minutes, while three ran for 17. The segment was written by Gerry Boudreau, Len Janson, Don Heckman, Buzz Dixon, Chuck Menville, Michael Reaves, Patrick Harmon, Kathleen Barnes, David Wise and William S. Lipsher, with Menville and Janson serving as story editors. The music was composed by Ray Ellis (as Yvette Blais) and producer Norm Prescott (as Jeff Michael). Web Woman would follow its Super 7 compatriots over to NBC where the block was renamed Batman and the Super 7 as Tarzan stayed at CBS.

Early concept art.

Early in Web Woman’s development, designs for her were labelled with the name “Spider Woman”. However, this was changed at some point as Marvel Comics had created their own Spider-Woman in 1977 to ensure they would own the trademark on the name. They had learned about Filmation’s production, and had already been burned by rival DC Comics for making a Wonder Man character while they had Wonder Woman only for them to later make a Power Girl character while Marvel already had a Power ManRemnants of this early work could be found in the comic book print ads for the Super 7 as she was depicted in a blue, yellow and red full-body suit rather than the purple leotard that made it to air. Gary would go on to star in two other shows featuring Marvel’s more well-known arachnid: as Colleen in 1981’s Spider-Man, and as Aunt May for the first three seasons of Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Ben Cooper produced a costume based on Web Woman while Imperial Toys released a Web Woman flash light, include the characters in their Super 7 puffy sticker collection, a set of Bubb-a-Loons balloon-maker tubes and two bubble maker sets.

Kelly about to transform into Web Woman.

Shortly after the block’s debut, DC Comics had sued Filmation for copyright infringement, feeling that Superstretch and Microwoman as well as Manta and Moray copied their characters Plastic Man and Aquaman a little too closely; especially considering Filmation was involved in the production of a series with one and in talks for the other. Many places claim that Marvel joined in on the suit in regards to Web Woman, however Scheimer stated in the book Creating the Filmation Generation that neither he nor his lawyer recall that particular nugget. However, deciding to be cautious and not press their luck, Web Woman ceased to air after it concluded its run as part of Batman and the Super 7. To date, episodes are only available to view through fan recordings on YouTube.


EPISODE GUIDE (dates are approximate):
“The Rainmaker” (9/9/78) – A disgruntled Major takes control of an experimental military weather satellite and starts causing weather problems around the world.
“The Eye of the Fly” (9/23/78) – A greedy treasure hunter stumbles upon a long-hidden alien spaceship and becomes a humanoid fly on a quest to find their greatest secret.
“The World Within” (10/7/78) – Dr. Abyss plans to bombard the world with deadly volcanos unless he’s named ruler of Earth.
“Madame Macabre’s Calamity Circus” (10/21/78) – Web Woman chases two crooks to a mysterious carnival where the owner captures beings from one world to exhibit on others.
“Red Snails at Sunset” (11/4/78) – Space pirates take control of Citadel Seven while Scarab escapes in a damaged ship that’s being pulled towards the sun.
“Send in the Clones” (11/18/78) – A vengeful mad scientist manages to get the drop on Web Woman and create a perfect duplicate of her.
“The Sun Thief” (12/2/78) – Space pirates plan to steal the sun’s energy to sell off to the highest bidder.
“Dr. Despair and the Mood Machine” (12/16/78) – Dr. Despair plans to turn members of the space program against it in order to become the master of space.
“The Perfect Crime” (12/30/78) – Mr. Perfect abducts law-breakers and brings them to his tiny island where he brainwashes them into being perfect people.
“The Lady in the Lamp” (1/13/79) – An ancient evil Scarab defeated before is freed and sets her sights on conquering the world—starting with Web Central.

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