April 30, 2016


Every year, many retailers participate in an event called Free Comic Book Day. Held on the first Saturday of May since 2002, the goal of the initiative is to get people interested in comics by offering them a sampling of what can be found on the shelves every week. Not only will FCBD 2016 fall on the day we kick off our COMIC BOOK MONTH event, but we'll also be covering the smattering of Saturday-based comics that have come out over the years as a helpful guide for you to look for in your local shop's back issue section.

To find a participating retailer, just head to the FCBD website (linked above). And don't forget: the comics may be free, but retailers still have to pay for them. Buy something, why don'tcha?

This year's offering of Saturday-based comics:

Strawberry Shortcake #0.

Spongebob Freestyle Funnies 2016.

Pink Panther.

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