June 04, 2016


(NBC, September 11, 1993-January 8, 2000)

Peter Engel Productions, NBC Productions, Rysher Entertainment

Dennis Haskins – Richard Belding
Robert Sutherland Telfer – Scott Erickson (season 1)
Isaac Lidsky – Barton “Weasel” Wyzell (season 1)
Bonnie Russavage – Vicki Needleman (season 1)
Bianca Lawson – Megan Jones (season 1-2)
Natalia Cigliuti – Lindsay Warner (season 1-3)
Jonathan Angel – Thomas “Tommy D” De Luca (season 1-3)
Dustin Diamond – Samuel “Screech” Powers (season 2-7)
Christian Oliver – Brain Keller (season 2)
Spankee Rodgers – Bobby Wilson (season 2)
Sarah Lancaster – Rachel Meyers (season 2-4, guest season 1)
Richard Lee Jackson – Ryan Parker (season 3-5)
Salim Grant – R.J. “Hollywood” Collins (season 3)
Samantha Esteban – Maria Lopez (season 3-7)
Anthony Harrell – Cornelius “Eric” Little (season 4-7)
Ben Gould – Nicky Farina (season 4-7)
Lindsey McKeon – Katie Peterson (season 4-7)
Ashley Lyn Cafagna – Liz Miller (season 5-7)
Tom Wade Huntington – Tony Dillon (season 6-7)

            Looking to keep the Saved by the Bell gravy train rolling, NBC commissioned the production of not one, but two spin-offs of the popular teen comedy. Half of the original cast would be followed into higher education in Saved by the Bell: The College Years during the week while a new class of Bayside High students would return to Saturday morning in Saved by the Bell: The New Class. 

Developed by Bennett Tramer, the show debuted the same week as The College Years, offering viewers a double dose of Bell each week for the 1993-94 season. The New Class aired as part of the TNBC programming block, which featured teen-oriented shows developed as a result of the success of the original Bell. Helping with the transition and serving as an introduction to the new show was a special re-airing of the television movie Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style, which featured bumper segments where the original cast met the new students for a symbolic passing of the torch. Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez) and Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhees) would also go on to make appearances in the show together, with Slater getting an additional one alone. Remaining with the show from the original was the lovable goofball principal Richard Belding (Dennis Haskins).

Zack returns to try and save Bayside from demolition.

Saved by the Bell: The New Class debuted on Septmeber 11, 1993, with two episodes airing every weekend. It was written by Carl Kurlander, Tony Soltis, Rob Hammersley, Leslie Eberhard, Todd J. Greenwald, Renee Palyo, Perry Dance, Robert Jayson, Tim Meinhart, Jordana Arkin, Paul Dell, Steven Weiss, Lori Marshall, Trish Baker, Alan Eisenstock, Mark Fink, Larry Mintz, Elise Allen, Robert Tarlow, Pamela Pettler and Scott Yaffe. Only Jeffrey J. Sachs, Brett Dewey, Scott Spencer Gorden and Ronald B. Solomon returned from the previous series. Scott Gale and Rich Eames also returned to compose the music.

Students hanging out in a different hallway, for a change.

Despite lasting 3 seasons longer than its predecessor, New Class was largely panned by critics and audiences and featured steadily declining ratings during its run. One particular area of criticism was the fact that many episodes recycled plots from the previous series. After its first season, producers tried to shake the stigma of being a poor copy of the original by changing the look of Bayside’s halls and Belding’s office, and The Max, the restaurant where the characters from both shows hung out, was redesigned after a fire. However, the original theme and opening animation were retained for the duration of the show’s run.

The season 1 cast: Haskins, Angel, Cigliuti, Lawson, Telfer, Lidsky and Russavage.

The changes the show became most infamous for were to the cast. Contributing to the decreasing ratings was the constant removing and adding of characters without any explanation, keeping audiences from developing any kind of bond with them. In the first season, the students included schemer Scott Erickson (Robert Sutherland Telfer), a transfer student from rival Valley High who broke the fourth wall to speak to the audience much like Zack Morris did before; Tommy D (Jonathan Angel) was the quarterback on the football team and the steady boyfriend of Lindsay Warner (Natalia Cigliuti), the most popular girl in school who was involved with every school organization and also the object of Scott’s desires; Megan Jones (Bianca Lawson) was an over-achiever and not shy about that fact; uber-nerd Barton “Weasel” Wyzell (Isaac Lidsky) had an unrequited crush on Megan and was Scott’s best friend, who often got caught up in Scott’s schemes as a result; and Vicki Needleman (Bonnie Russavage) was Megan’s neurotic best friend and a cheerleader who developed a crush on Scott.

The season 2 cast joined by Diamond, Lancaster, Oliver and Rodgers.

The second season saw the first major cast shake-up as Scott, Weasel and Vicki were all written off the show as producers felt that they resembled the original characters of Zack, Screech and Jessie a bit too much. Replacing them was Brian Keller (Christian Oliver), a transfer student from Switzerland; Bobby Wilson (Spankee Rodgers), the cool kid; and Rachel Meyers (Sarah Lancaster), the school’s fashion expert and shopaholic. Rachel had previously appeared in a season 1 episode as a guest star. The second season also mirrored the third season of the original show, with the students taking a summer job at a country club. Also like the original show, the summer episodes were aired between the regular school episodes. However, the summer episodes seemed to have an inexplicably direct bearing on the school episodes as if they were taking place at the same time. It happened again later on when the class was simultaneously on a trip to France and still at Bayside.

Don't worry, Richie--we feel your pain.

The most notable change was the return of Dustin Diamond as Screech following the cancellation of The College Years, serving in a work/study program from the fictional California University as Belding’s assistant. Screech would remain until the end of the show, with little to no mention of his college life outside of Bayside. Although older, Screech was still the consummate dork and caused chaos and mishap in his endeavors. Against his better judgement, Belding often entered into various business partnerships with Screech including running a school store and selling low-fat yogurt at the mall. Diamond became the only original cast member to have a starring role in every incarnation of the franchise since its 1988 debut as Good Morning, Miss Bliss.

Season 3 welcomed Grant, Jackson and Esteban.

Before season 3 began, Lawson, Oliver and Rodgers left the show. Replacing their characters were Ryan Parker (Richard Lee Jackson), the new schemer; Maria Lopez (named after Mario Lopez, played by Samantha Esteban), a lively and outspoken cheerleader and eventual host of a talk show at Bayside; and fashion-forward R.J. “Hollywood” Collins (Salim Grant). All were transfers from Valley. By the end of the season, the last of the original cast, Cigliuti and Angel, decided to leave the show. Grant was also let go. 

Comparison of the season 3-7 cast as shown on the DVD covers.

The fourth season brought in Nicky Farina (Ben Gould), Ryan’s stepbrother from New York; Katie Peterson (Lindsey McKeon), a goody-two-shoes; and Eric Little (Anthony Harrell), the star of the football team. Lancaster left at the end of the season and was replaced by Liz Miller (Ashley Lyn Cafagna), star of the school’s swim team who was romantically pursued by both Ryan and Nicky. With season 6, Parker was replaced by new Valley transfer student Tony Dillon (Tom Wade Huntington), a new love interest for Maria. 

The gang reminisce in the burnt-out remains of The Max.

The show was intended to end after season 6, but NBC decided to prolong it by cutting the season in half and airing the remainder as a separate season. Season 7, as a result, was the only season not to have a single cast change. As the previous series had ended, the finale featured the class graduation from Bayside with everyone going their separate ways: Eric headed to the Chicago School of the Arts to pursue a singing career; Liz headed to Stanford to follow Olympic aspirations; Maria went to UCLA and Tony to SDSU, leading to their relationship ending; Katie was accepted to Columbia University, but due to financial difficulties decided to go to Cal State instead; Nicky was accepted to NYU, putting his future with Katie in question; Mr. Belding was even offered the job of Dean of Students at the University of Tennessee, which he accepted. Although the graduation episode was meant to end the show, “A Repair to Remember” was delayed in its broadcast and was actually the final episode of the series.

Sing! Sing! For you may not be here next season!

During the show’s run, several actors from the original series reprised their previous roles including Mark Blankfield as James the actor and former Max waiter; Pamela Kosh as the nearly-deaf Mrs. Simpson; Lew Horn as one of the kids’ old bosses, Mr. Moody; Loren Freeman as Mr. Lazaar; and Louan Gideon as Belding’s wife, Becky. In 1994, Scholastic released Saved by the Bell: Ring out the Old, Ring in the New Scrapbook which featured photos of the original and new cast. Pressman Toy Corp also produced a board game that, while based on this show, featured the characters of Zack and Kelly from the original. Throughout 2005, Image Entertainment (now RLJ Entertainment) released the entire series to DVD in six season sets, combining the last two seasons into one set. 

Season 1:
“The Date Lottery” (9/11/93) – Scott transfers from Valley and has Weasel help him fix a dance raffle so he can win a date with Lindsay in order to make her is girlfriend and become popular.

“The Slumber Party” (9/18/93) – Scott crashes a slumber party as his cousin “Tina,” but the plan backfires when Crunch falls in love with him.

“A Kicking Weasel” (9/25/93) – Weasel is promoted from waterboy to kicker while Scott fixes Megan, Lindsay and Vicki’s fight over a varsity cheerleading spot.

“Home Shopping” (10/2/93) – The gang plans to sell a “memory enhancing drug” before mid-terms on the “Bayside Shopping Network” public-access television show.

“Love Is on the Air” (10/9/93) – Scott joins the radio station to get into “Babe Hall” and Weasel becomes “Dr. Luv,” romance advice master.

“George Washington Kissed Here” (10/16/93) – Scott wants Lindsay to be his Martha Washington at the American Revolution party, but Tommy and Vicki have other plans.

“Homecoming King” (10/23/93) – Class President Chad Westerfield and Lindsay are nominated for Homecoming King and Queen.

“Belding’s Baby” (10/30/93) – Scott volunteers to babysit Mr. Belding’s son and uses him to impress a girl through baby modeling.

“Good-bye Megan” (11/6/93) – Megan’s father wants her to enroll at a snooty private school.

“Swap Meet” (11/13/93) – Weasel sells a valuable comic book that Scott seeks to reclaim in order to buy concert tickets for a date with Rachel.

“Weasel Love” (11/20/93) – Weasel’s pen pal Natalie comes to Bayside and joins the school band, and so do Scott and Tommy in order to win a trip.

“Tommy A” (11/27/93) – In order to get a car from his father Tommy needs to get an A in class and the gang tries to help him while a boy causes Megan to act like an airhead.

“Running the Max” (12/4/93) – The gang takes over the Max for a school project and almost run it into the ground until Scott takes over.

Season 2:
“The Return of Screech” (9/10/94) – Screech returns to Bayside with new foreign exchange student Brian, and the gang helps Rachel figure out how to replace her mother’s $700 jacket.

“All Play and No Work” (9/10/94) – Belding and Screech manage the Palisades Hills Country Club where Screech hires the gang to work, much to owner Mr. Harrington’s chagrin.

“Let the Games Begin” (9/17/94) – Screech has to replace an injured Belding in a golf match against Harrington, and Lindsay and Megan have to teach Tommy D. how to swim.

“Blood Money” (9/17/94) – Megan runs the school’s blood drive while Brian plots to get Screech to volunteer to chaperone the camping trip.

“Squash It” (9/24/94) – The gang operates a booth at the Bayside Carnival while Bobby, threatened by a bully, takes karate lessons from Screech.

“Brian’s Girlfriend” (9/24/94) – Brian hangs out with the club’s tennis instructor to make Rachel jealous and get her mind off her boyfriend David.

“The People’s Choice” (10/1/94) – Wanting more responsibility, Belding puts Screech in charge of the school paper.

“Rachel’s Choice” (10/1/94) – David arrives at the club, forcing Rachel to choose behind him and Brian, while Screech makes a promotional video for the club.

“Belding’s Prank” (10/8/94) – Belding invites the new superintendent to Bayside and cancels prank day, but no one listens and the pranks commence.

“A Matter of Trust” (10/15/94) – The male staff is up for a charity auction at the club, and Tommy hopes he and Lindsay won’t win the balloon ride prize as he’s afraid of heights.

“Tommy the Tenor” (10/15/94) – Bobby is unable to recruit for the glee club until the girls see the cute music teacher, and Tommy refuses to sing lest it hurt his image.

“Christmas in July” (10/15/94) – The club’s annual celebration has Screech, Bobby and Tommy worried over what gifts to buy and Megan protests the swimsuit part of the Snow Queen pageant.

“Bayside Story” (10/22/94) – Megan’s new boyfriend is the captain of the Valley team that Bayside is about to play against in the big game.

“Farewell Dance” (10/22/94) – Bobby plays himself up in order to date a rich club member, and Alison is accepted to Julliard which upsets Screech.

“A Perfect Lindsay” (10/29/94) – Lindsay endangers her health in trying to be perfect while a TV show holds a dance contest at Bayside.

“Back at the Ranch” (10/29/94) – Screech takes the gang to his uncle’s dude ranch where they’re overcome by gold fever upon learning about a treasure.

“Wanna Bet?” (11/5/94) – Screech and Belding are left in charge of the ranch leading to a competition between them, and the gang is taken in by a pair of older con artists.

“Breaking Up” (11/12/94) – Brian and Bobby help Lindsay make a video for Tommy’s birthday, but Tommy and Brian’s sister Kate begin falling for each other.

“The Class of 2020” (11/19/94) – The gang records interviews to be placed in a time capsule for the class of 2020.

“Drinking 101” (11/19/94) – Belding takes the gang on a school ski trip where Lindsay and Tommy go to a frat party and end up drunk.

“Feuding Friends” (11/26/94) – Tommy and Megan grow close, causing a feud between them, Lindsay and Bobby, while a designer seeks to make a mockery of Screech.

“To Cheat or Not to Cheat” (12/3/94) – Brian helps Rachel cheat to get the B on a test she needs to go to the Bayside Ball while Belding does a performance evaluation on Screech.

“The D Stands for Dropout” (12/10/94) – Tommy finds his niche as a mechanic at Vince’s garage and decides to quit school to work full time.

“Goodbye Bayside-Part 1” (12/24/94) – Bayside’s 40th anniversary is overshadowed by millionaire J. Walter McMillan’s intent to buy the school and tear it down for condos.

“Belding’s Prize” (12/31/94) – Screech forgets to submit Belding’s application to a prestigious principal club while the gang attempts to win MTV music award tickets from The Max.

“Goodbye Bayside-Part 2” (12/31/94) – The gang tries to delay the demolition in order to have their prom, but find a way they may be able to save the school with the help of some alums.

Season 3:
“Welcome to Bayside” (9/9/95) – Friction occurs when new Valley students come to Bayside until Belding manages to get them to work out their differences at the school dance.

“The Love Bugs” (9/9/95) – Lindsay must choose between Tommy and Ryan, as well as who she’s going to take to Grungefest with the tickets she won.

“Driving School” (9/16/95) – Ryan runs a scam to get a car to compete with Tommy while Maria convinces Screech to let her pass Driver’s Ed, resulting in her crashing into Belding’s car.

“What’s the Problem?” (9/16/95) - Lindsay and Maria are nominated for Homecoming Queen and Belding asks Rachel to tutor the star football player.

“Air Screech” (9/30/95) – R.J. accidentally spray paints some sneakers and creates a new fad, causing Ryan to dream up a scheme to sell more in order to compete with Tommy for Lindsay.

“Big Screech on Campus” (9/30/95) – Visiting Cal U., Ryan pretends R.J. is a star football recruit who worships Screech in order to get Screech in good with his fraternity brothers.

“Maria’s Movie Star” (10/7/95) – When Ryan finds out Maria has secretly been dating her favorite movie star, he tries to cash in by arranging a personal appearance at Splash Video.

“Acting Jealous” (10/7/95) – The school’s production of Cinderella is hampered by fights amongst the cast, and Lindsay becomes jealous of Ryan and Rachel as the leads in the play.

“Boundaries” (10/14/95) – While Screech fends off advances from the lunch lady, Rachel dates a college boy and becomes the victim of abuse.

“Hollywod, Here He Is” (10/14/95) – While the students struggle to put on a TV show, R.J. is being bilked by a phony talent agent.

“Ryan’s Worst Nightmare” (10/21/95) – Ryan takes out Lindsay when Tommy has to study, resulting in his having to scheme to get out of the test he didn’t get to study for.

“Prom Dates” (10/21/95) – With the prom approaching, the students try to find the perfect dates to go with.

“Thomas D.” (10/28/95) – Tommy takes drastic measures to appear more cultured in order to win over a classy girl.

“Fear of Falling” (10/28/95) – Troubles arise when the girls’ gymnastic team doesn’t have the money or a coach to go to the state finals, and star performer Lindsay sprains her ankle.

“The Principal’s Principles” (11/4/95) – Belding and Tommy switch places for a day.

“Screech’s Millions” (11/4/95) – Screech believes he won the lottery.

“My Best Friends” (11/11/95) – Rachel feels left out when Lindsay and Maria start spending more time together without her.

“Lindsay’s Dilemma” (11/11/95) – The kids help Screech’s grandpa save his ski lodge while Lindsay ends up having to choose between Ryan and a waiter at the lodge.

“Screech’s Dream” (11/18/95) – Screech’s importance is in question until he has a dream about Bayside’s future without him.

“R.J.’s Handicap” (11/18/95) – On a class trip cruise, R.J. falls for a disabled girl.

“Casino ID’s” (11/25/95) – The students plot to get into the cruise ship’s casino.

“Green Card” (11/25/95) – The students try to help Screech find a new girlfriend, and end up setting him up with a girl who wants to marry him for a Green Card.

“No Smoking” (12/2/95) – Trouble brews at Bayside when smoking leads Tommy D. to be removed from a team and Lindsay burns a dress for the fashion show she works on.

“The Fallout” (12/2/95) – Screech and Belding try to join a club together while Lindsay breaks up with Ryan after she finds another guy.

“The Christmas Gift” (12/9/95) – Screech arranges for Belding’s family to visit the ski lodge they’re at, but unknowingly Belding decides to go home to visit them.

“New Year’s Resolution” (12/9/95) – The students help Screech find his resolution.

Season 4:
“Oh, Brother” (9/7/96) – Lindsay and Tommy D leave Bayside, while Ryan wants to ask Rachel out but is overshadowed by the popularity of new student Nicky.

“Unequal Opportunity” (9/7/96) – Rachel is discriminated against at work, Screech uses fattening hot fudge to make his low-fat yogurt tasty, and Katie helps Maria get her hair done.

“Backstage Pass” (9/14/96) – Nicky wins MTV Music Awards passes but tears them up when his friends act fake to try and get his extra one.

“Baby Care” (9/14/96) – The boys and girls are paired up to take care of computerized babies, unfortunately the baby keeps Ryan from telling Rachel how he feels.

“The Tall and Short of it” (9/21/96) – It’s time for the Sadie Hawkins Dance, and while everyone hopes for a particular date Rachel is having problems with hers and Ryan’s height difference.

“Little Hero” (9/21/96) – When Belding accidentally injures himself, a football player and a cheerleader, Eric is put in the game, wins it, and suddenly gets Heather’s attention.

“Student Court” (9/28/96) -  When the gang is put in charge of the student court, they abuse their positions in order to ensure they’ll win a trip to Catalina Island.

“Fall Formal” (9/28/96) – Eric plots to get his band to play as a record producer will be in attendance and Katie’s parents can’t afford a new dress for her.

“Wrestling with Failure” (10/5/96) – In order to get on the wrestling team, Ryan needs to lose weight and defeat Nicky.

“To Tell the Truth” (10/5/96) – Screech enlists the boys to bake a cake for Belding while Maria’s new boyfriend appears to be using her for a better grade.

“Renaissance Faire” (10/12/96) – The school’s fundraising renaissance faire falls to chaos as egos and tempers flare amongst the students.

“The Last to Know” (10/12/96) – While helping out with Maria’s radio show, Nicky and Maria fall for each other leading to Katie breaking up with him.

“The Final Curtin” (10/19/96) – Eric deals with the death of the comedian he befriended at the hospital while Belding and Screech’s clown act leads to some physical pain.

“Hospital Blues” (10/19/96) – Eric pretends to be a hospital patient to attract an intern, Screech spoils Belding’s sleep study, and Rachel has to face her fears to visit Ryan in the hospital.

“Trash TV” (10/26/96) – A tabloid show claims to want to film the gang to demonstrate their responsibility, when in fact it shows the opposite.

“Karate Kids” (10/26/96) – When Maria uses her self-defense to protect Nicky from a bully, his manhood feels threatened.

“Vote Screech” (11/2/96) – Screech organizes a voting drive at the mall while Ryan has to tell Rachel she can’t sing in order to save his band.

“Campaign Fever” (11/2/96) – Rachel and Katie are running against each other for student president.

“The Wrong Stuff” (11/9/96) – While the gang is at Space Camp, fights break out over which of them is the team leader.

“Science Fair” (11/9/96) – Screech wants to win the science fair and attempts to enhance Eric’s project, which could end up getting Eric disqualified.

“The Fifth Wheel” (11/16/96) – Katie finds herself the only one without a partner at Space Camp.

“The Kiss” (11/16/96) – Encountering Deering High School at Space Camp leads to Ryan accidentally kissing Mary Beth.

“Balancing Act” (11/23/96) – Maria’s promotion and school work leaves her with little free time, while Belding’s surprise party ends up coopted by Screech who believes it to be for him.

“Stealing Screech” (11/23/96) – When Screech is offered a better-paying job at Valley High, Screech has to decide if he can leave Bayside to take it.

“Fire at the Max: Part 1” (12/14/96) – When he forgets to turn off the Christmas tree lights, Ryan accidentally causes The Max to be burned down.

“Fire at the Max: Part 2” (12/14/96) – A.C. Slater visits and shares memories of the Max with the rest of the gang.

Season 5:
“Desperately Seeking Work” (9/13/97) – Everyone is out looking for work while the Max is rebuilt and reopened.

“Suddenly Ryan” (9/13/97) – Screech tries to make enough money to buy the Max while Rachel breaks up with Ryan from Boston.

“It’s Not About Winning” (9/20/97) – With the girls’ swim team poised to win, the boys’ team plans to get them in trouble in order to get additional practice time in the pool.

“Football & Physics” (9/20/97) – Eric feels Coach Wagner told him to drop out of physics because he’s black and stands up to him.

“Highs and Lows” (9/27/97) – Maria and Nicky’s relationship may be the casualty of her starting to smoke pot, while Screech fears for his job after Eric successfully covers him when he’s sick.

“Letting Go” (9/27/97) – Katie and Eric take all-natural stimulants to help deal with their long hours while Maria sicks security guard Screech on Nicky’s new girlfriend.

“The Great Stain Robbery” (10/4/97) – Eric releases a laundry cleaning spray he and Maria invented without properly testing it, resulting in clothing being ruined.

“Boy II Man” (10/4/97) – Eric wins a recording contract but the executive wants to change his image.

“Big Sister Blues” (10/11/97) – Katie tries to win homecoming queen in order to compete with Robin’s academic honors while Screech faces his long-time crush on Robin.

“Her Brother’s Keeper” (10/11/97) – While Maria struggles to find and keeper her brother a job, Screech is forced to give up one of his.

“Friends Behaving Badly” (10/18/97) – A tabloid TV show is coming to film Maria’s talk show and encourages her to switch to an exploitation format to reveal her friends’ secrets.

“A Tale of Two Siblings” (10/25/97) – Liz can’t decide between Ryan and Nicky while Maria’s surprise party is blown by Screech and Belding.

“Liz’s Choice” (10/25/97) – Maria and Katie both take Eric to the formal while Liz finally chooses Ryan.

“State Champs” (11/1/97) – After the swim team wins the state championship, Katie’s ego swells while Liz’s father wants her to train harder for the Olympics.

“Screech and the Substitute” (11/1/97) – Screech begins to date the new substitute teacher, but the gang fears she’s only using him to get a permanent position at Bayside.

“Love, Bayside Style” (11/8/97) – The gang gets stuck in an elevator where Ryan and Liz quarrel and Screech attempts to get them out.

“Foreign Behavior” (11/8/97) – The gang heads to France where Maria, Nicky and Katie almost get them in trouble after misunderstanding the currency exchange rate.

“Thanks for Giving” (11/15/97) – Ryan, Eric and Nicky ditch their responsibilities at Habitat for Humanity to see a football game.

“Foreign Affairs” (11/15/97) – Eric fakes interest in French culture to get close to their tour guide while Liz goes out with another guy to get even with Ryan.

“Putting Up Walls” (11/22/97) – Maria goes out of her way to help in the building of Mike’s house, making her come off as condescending to him.

“Goodbye Paris” (11/22/97) – Eric wants to stay in France with Danielle while Katie, Liz and Ryan buy a fake Picasso from a con artist.

“Private Peterson” (11/29/97) – Katie is blocked from joining the ROTC program by the guys in it and Screech believes he’s contracted a tropical disease.

“Into the Woods” (11/29/97) – Ryan and Maria get lost while hiking in the woods and Ryan breaks his leg.

“Mission: Control” (12/6/97) – Nicky and Katie develop feelings for each other, but Katie’s fear of losing him causes her to act differently.

“Forget and Forgive” (12/6/97) – Screech ends up left behind by the gang leaving him to reflect on all the times he’s helped them.

Season 6:
“Maria’s Revenge” (9/12/98) – Maria spreads vicious rumors about Tony for standing her up years ago, while Eric, Nicky and Katie try to console Liz over Ryan’s departure.

“Do the Write Thing” (9/19/98) – Katie writes an expose about favoritism towards members of the football team.

“The Lyin’ King” (9/26/98) – Screech tries to get a job in the store through underhanded means while Nicky deals with Eric dating his cousin.

“The Young and the Sleepless” (10/3/98) – Maria and Tony are set up on blind dates while Eric’s sleep deprivation causes him to crash his car.

“Cigar Wars” (10/10/98) – Belding has to take drama class to make up for a credit he was short while Tony is caught smoking cigars and is suspended.

“Win, Lose or Cheat” (10/17/98) – Maria and Tony compete against Nicky and Katie in a dating game show and are given the questions in advance.

“Hands Off” (10/24/98) – Maria’s lawyer mother helps Katie deal with sexual harassment from her boss while Belding and Screech work on a commercial for their store.

“Guess Who’s Running the Max” (10/31/98) – Tony is jealous when Maria is made temporary manager of the Max and gives her a hard time.

“Mind Games” (11/7/98) – Eric and Tony think Nicky is withholding money from them while Liz’s boyfriend is causing her to avoid her responsibilities to her friends.

“Free For All” (11/14/98) – Nicky becomes manager of the theater and hires Tony, but when letting their friends in for free gets out of hand both end up fired.

“Loser” (11/21/98) – Belding convinces Liz to stay at Bayside when she becomes depressed over losing out to Katie for the swim championship while the guys fight over the theme for the dance.

“Bye-Bye Tony” (11/28/98) – The gang tries to help Tony tell his dad he doesn’t want to move to San Diego.

“Seasons Greed-ings” (12/5/98) – When competition over a prize for whoever can get the most donations to a charity gets out of control, the charity cancels the contest.

Season 7:
“Show Me the Money” (9/11/99) – Nicky, Eric and Tony invest in the stock market to rais money for the senior trip but the stock tanks, and Screech is in charge for a sick Belding.

“Prescription for Trouble” (9/18/99) – Katie injures her shoulder forcing her to take painkillers for a swim meet while Screech starts a massage parlor in Belding’s office.

“Me TV” (10/2/99) – Eric uses Maria, Nicky and Tony to make a music video, costing them a contest they wanted to enter and forcing Liz to do their science project alone.

“The Captain and Maria” (10/9/99) – Maria attempts to spend time with her father who is captain of the police/fire cadet training academy where the gang is enrolled.

“Liz Burns Eric” (10/16/99) – Liz alters the grade of a boy she likes to get him in Honor Corps instead of Eric, and Tony tries to discover what Maria got him for his birthday.

“The X-Friends Files” (10/23/99) – Party planning goes awry when Katie discovers a scornful entry about her in Maria’s journal while Belding and Screech wrestle to promote their store.

“Don’t Follow the Leader” (10/30/99) – Eric, Nicky and Katie are encouraged by their commanding officer to cheat in a competition.

“A Mall Shook Up” (11/6/99) – Nicky saves a kid in an earthquake, Maria accidentally taches Macau to insult her boss, and Screech damages the shop’s jukebox.

“Party Animals” (11/13/99) – After finals, the gang decides to have a drinking party on the beach that ends up being raided by the police.

“A Repair to Remember” (1/8/00) – Liz helps Maria and a reporter catch a crooked repairman who overcharged Maria for car repairs.

“The Last Prom” (11/20/99) – Maria wants to break up with Tony before she goes to college, Nicky and Katie get stressed out preparing for the prom, and Belding overdoses on allergy meds.

“Mr. B Goes to College” (11/27/99) – Belding is approached by an old college friend about taking a dean position at the University of Tennessee.

“The Bell Tolls” (12/4/99) – Belding takes the job and Screech presents him with an oil painting, meanwhile Tony and Eric accidentally ruin the graduation gowns.

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