July 30, 2016



General Mills

            General MillsWheaties cereal has always had a strong tie to sports since it first advertised in Nicollet Park in Minneapolis in 1927. Various sports players have since endorsed the cereal as well as appeared on its distinctive orange box. In the 50s, General Mills did attempt to attract children to the product by switching their sponsorship to kids’ programming, but the sports soon returned and remains to this day.

The cut-out hoop on the back of the box.
            In 1994, General Mills made a renewed attempt to market their cereal to the younger consumers. Instead of changing the cereal’s sponsorship once again, they decided to create a spin-off cereal: Wheaties Dunk-A-Balls. Available for a limited time, the cereal took the classic Wheaties taste and put it into the shape of fully-rendered basketballs (all they were missing was a little “Spalding” stamp). To further entice the youngsters, the back panel of the box came with the image of a hoop that could be cut out and set up over a bowl turning breakfast into a game.

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