October 01, 2016


            It’s October, and that means once again we’ll be cracking open the vault to unleash the most horrifying creatures ever to grace the Saturday screen upon the world. That’s right, it’s Halloween month, where we’ll be bringing you the shows that are deeply entrenched in the Halloween motif. Be they through ghosts, goblins, witches or just a gang of creeps.

            This October, we’ll be doing something a little different as well. Since September marked the 30th anniversary of the most Halloween-ish show of them all, The Real Ghostbusters, we’ll be celebrating by having some Ghostbusters intermixed with everything else we do. And, of course, you can always go and read the write-up we did for the show itself two Halloweens ago.

            Trick or treat, Saturday fans! Let the frights begin!

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