December 08, 2018


(NBC, September 7, 1974-November 30, 1975)

D’Angelo Productions

Heinrich & Gus (stunt double) – Joe
Arch Whiting – Sgt. William Corey (season 1)
Chad States – Josh McCoy (season 2)
Paul Frees - Narrator

Ever wondered what The Fugitive would be like if it starred an animal—say, a dog? Well, wonder no more!

Corey training Joe.

Created by Richard H. Landau, the show centered on a German Shepherd named Joe (Heinrich, the pet of producer William D’Angelo) who was being trained by army Sargent William Corey (Arch Whiting). However, one day Joe was framed for attacking Corey; the punishment for which was for him to be euthanized. Joe escaped, and the army put a $200 bounty on his head. Joe traveled the country, trying to keep ahead of the army and the various bounty hunters looking to collect the reward, while also helping those in need he encountered along the way. Corey also gave his own pursuit, believing Joe to be innocent and wanting to find him before the army did.

Joe helping a blind girl.

Run, Joe, Run debuted on NBC on September 7, 1974. Landau had presented the idea to D’Angelo during production of Love, American Style and the pair tried for years to sell it as a prime-time show, but the networks weren’t interested. NBC head of children’s programming, Joe Taritero, suggested doing it as a kid’s show. Although D’Angelo had never produced a show for children before, he saw it as a chance to open D’Angelo Productions and developed the concept for their Saturday morning schedule. Writers for the show included Landau with Harte Catlin, Arlene Stadd, Leonard Stadd and Martin Donovan. Richard LaSalle composed the music. Because it was a traveling hero show, it featured a number of guest-stars including Chuck McCann, Robbie Rist, Robert Carradine, Leif Garrett, James Gammon, James Hampton and Pat Priest, amongst others.

The show was renewed for a second season. Whiting left the show; his character being written out as having to return to active duty after being unable to find Joe. In his place was hiker Josh McCoy (Chad States) who became Joe’s traveling companion. While Joe would continue to help those he encountered, Josh would end up often becoming involved in the plots by taking jobs in the places where something would go down; be it driving a car targeted by thieves or slinging hash in a joint invaded by bank robbers. While the show was not renewed for a third season, it remained on the network’s schedule until the fall of 1976. Stills from the episode “Little Big Bear Hunter” were turned into a ViewMaster set in 1974.

“Bounty Hunter” (9/7/74) – A ruthless bounty hunter and his attack dog pursue Joe.

“Yardbirds” (9/14/74) – Joe helps a railroad station guard put an end to freight car thefts.

“Bon Voyage” (9/21/74) – A fisherman relies on Joe to get his nephew to stop skipping school.

“Missionary” (9/28/74) – Joe takes refuge on a bus to escape two motorcycle-riding bounty hunters.

“False Alarm” (10/5/74) – Joe’s tenure as a fire dog comes with stopping two boys from setting false alarms.

“The Big Race” (10/12/74) – Joe encounters criminals at a race track.

“Homecoming” (10/19/74) – A girl finds and takes in Joe but runs away with him when her stepfather wants to get rid of him.

“Six Seals, Two Whales and a Dog” (10/26/74) – Joe ends up at a wild animal park where he becomes part of the dolphin show.

“Little Big Bear Hunter” (11/2/74) – To prove his manhood, a city-raised Indian boy confronts a wild bear.

“Sunken Treasure” (11/9/74) – Joe finds valuable jewels on a boy he just saved from drowning.

“The Mute” (11/16/74) – A mute boy helps Joe after he’s hurt in a fall.

“Blind Girl” (11/23/74) – Joe leads a blind girl lost in the woods to safety.

“Little Old Lady Antique Dealer” (11/30/74) – Thieves take an interest in the doll purchased by an elderly antique dealer.

Season 2:
“Joe’s New Friend” (9/6/75) – Two hunters mistaking Joe for another dog leads him to meet his new traveling companion, Josh.

“The Secret – Part 1” (9/13/75) – Josh gets accused of robbing the house where he has been working as a handyman.

“The Secret – Part 2” (9/20/75) – Joe and Josh end up in the middle of a truck hijacking.

“Rip Off” (9/27/75) – Motorcyclists come for the stolen diamonds they hid in Josh’s backpack.

“The Prisoner” (10/4/75) – Joe looks for a prisoner who escaped from a crashed prison plane.

“The Town Hero” (10/11/75) – Joe ends up in a pound and is adopted by a man who plans to use dogs for robberies.

“Trackdown” (10/18/75) – A thief seeks to lure Joe into the swamp as he gives chase.

“The Hitchhiker” (10/25/75) – Josh gets hit by a camper and falls into a ditch with a broken leg.

“The Wild Stallion” (11/1/75) – Joe and Josh take jobs at a farm where the owner is obsessed with catching a wild stallion.

“The Runaway” (11/8/75) – Josh meets a female hitchhiker who ran away from her life.

“The Long Wait” (11/15/75) – Josh tries to stop a feud while stumbling upon a real estate scam.

“The Scrap Heap” (11/22/75) – Josh gets a job driving a vintage car that ends up stolen.

“The Hunters” (11/29/75) – Josh gets a job in a cafĂ© that ends up being taken over by bank robbers.

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