January 15, 2022



            Doc McStuffins was a computer animated series on Disney Junior that followed the adventures of Dottie “Doc” McStuffins (Kiara Muhammad & Laya DeLeon Hayes) as she pursued her dreams of becoming a doctor by practicing on her menagerie of stuffed animals. A magical stethoscope allowed her to bring toys to life, and following Toy Story rules they behaved like toys around other people. In the 4th season, her grandmother (Dawnn Lewis) gave Doc her own magical stethoscope that transported her to McStuffinsville, a city populated by living toys where Doc became the head of the hospital there.

            So it was only natural that Doc would end up meeting Disney’s most famous stuffed animal: Winnie the Pooh (Jim Cummings). In the episode “Into the Hundred Acre Wood” written by series creator Chris Nee Pooh found himself carried into McStuffinsville via a handful of balloons by a blustery day (a common occurrence in the world of Pooh, it seems). Doc and her friends gave chase to try and get Pooh down, but didn’t succeed before his stomach got torn on a tree branch in the Hundred Acre Wood. Fortunately, one quick trip to the hospital was all that was needed to get Pooh back up to snuff. Not only was this the first episode to feature hand-drawn animation in Pooh’s flashbacks, but it was the first time that Peter Cullen had voiced Eeyore since 2010. This also marked a rare instance where Pooh and his friends being stuffed animals was acknowledged outright.

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