November 25, 2023


 The American holiday of Thanksgiving is a time when families get together and fill up on lots of homemade goodies while also expressing thanks for everything and everyone they have in their life. Although not as widely celebrated on the small screen as its surrounding holiday brethren, there have been some episodes here and there on Saturday mornings. And these are those episodes, with more to come each year. Know of any we missed? Let us know!

All Grown Up!

"R.V. Having Fun Yet?"
Susie gets chosen to perform at the Thanksgiving Day parade in New York, but first they must endure a cross-country trek in a clunky old motor home.


"The Big Bugball Game"
Anne must learn to be a team player in order to help the farmers win the annual Bugball game against the Townies during their Thanksgiving-like holiday.

Animaniacs (1993)

"Turkey Jerkey"
Native American Warners must keep their pet turkey from becoming Thanksgiving dinner.

Big City Greens

"Big Deal"
Desperate for a new TV, Cricket convinces his family to go to a big Thanksgiving sale at a big-box store.

Bobby's World

"Generics and Indians"
A Native American community comes to the Generics' rescue when their van breaks down and offers them a different perspective of Thanksgiving.

The Care Bears

"Grams Bear's Thanksgiving Surprise"
The Care Bears must stop Sour Sam from ruining Thanksgiving with his crabby apple pies.


"Rooftop Thanksgiving"
The kids band together to help a hard-off family have a good holiday.

Craig of the Creek

"Craig and the Kids Table"
When Bernard accidentally ruins dessert, Craig and the Kids Table help keep him out of trouble with the family.

Disney's House of Mouse

"House of Turkey"
Everyone eagerly awaits Mr. Turkey's arrival as the literal dinner guest.

Doug/Disney's Doug

"Doug's Thanksgiving"
When Bill Bluff is told he should have Thanksgiving dinner with an average family to boost his popularity, Doug's family ends up chosen and their holiday is turned upside-down.

Life with Louie

"The Fourth Thursday in November"
The Andersons host Thanksgiving dinner for the entire family.

The Loud House

"The Loudest Thanksgiving"
Lori and Bobby try to bring their respective families together so they won't have to spend Thanksgiving apart.

"The Loud House Thanksgiving Special (Clyde's Kitchen)"
Lincoln and Clyde are helping each other prepare the perfect Thanksgiving dinner over video chat.

Max & Ruby

"Max's Thanksgiving"
While Ruby is eager to help Grandma prepare for Thanksgiving dinner, Max is just ready to eat her famous stuffing.

"Max and Ruby Give Thanks"
Ruby encourages Max to go somewhere else to find something to be thankful for while she works on her Thanksgiving cards.

Pepper Ann

"Thanksgiving Dad"
Pepper Ann believes her father will actually visit this Thanksgiving.


"Thanksgiving for the Memories"
Q*Bert's class gets a history lesson about the first Thanksgiving in Q*Burg.

The Real Ghostbusters

"The Revenge of Murray the Mantis"
Ghosts possess the Murray the Mantis parade balloon, and the guys' only chance at beating it rests with Mr. Stay Puft.

Sesame Street

"A Sesame Street Thanksgiving"
All the residents of the street gather together for a Thanksgiving feast where they plan on sampling foods from each others' respective cultures.

The Spectacular Spider-Man

"Nature vs. Nurture"
Aunt May is released from the hospital just in time for Thanksgiving--and for the newly-transformed Venom to come looking for trouble.

Strawberry Shortcake: Berry in the Big City

"Berry Bounty Bust"
Personalities clash over holiday traditions when Strawberry and her aunt are invited over to Lime's for a Berry Bounty banquet.

Teen Titans Go!

Uninvited guests look to spoil the perfect Thanksgiving Robin had planned for their special guest: Batman.

Bored with Thanksgiving, the Titans decide to come up with their own holiday and traditions.

"A Doom Patrol Thanksgiving"
Beast Boy returns home for Thanksgiving where the Doom Patrol enter a float in the local parade and watch old home movies the Chief had hidden from them.

"The Wishbone"
When the wishbone the Titans make wishes on breaks, they head to Gobble-Gobble land to set things right.

Teacher's Pet

"The Turkey that Came to Dinner"
The pets must protect the turkey Grandma Rose brought along from becoming Thanksgiving dinner.

Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales

"The Romance of Plymouth Rock"
Tennessee plans to put on a play about the Pilgrims and Jeroba Jump and Tiger Tornado join the cast in order to sabotage it.

Underdog (1964)

"Simon Says No Thanksgiving"
Simon Bar Sinister decides to go back in time and sabotage the first Thanksgiving.

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