October 03, 2015


Hello, boils and ghouls. It's October, and that means it's time once again for the most fiendishly gruesome programs that were ever unearthed on Saturday Mornings. We dig deep into the cemetery of time and resurrect some programs from the annals of memory to roam the world once more.

What could be worse: going to school with a werewolf or living in a town where strange is normal? It's TEEN WOLF and EERIE INDIANA: THE OTHER DIMENSION.

Monsters may roam free, but don't worry: these are good monsters. It's DRAK PACK and MONSTER SQUAD.

Just in time for its new hit movie, it's the original adaptation of the hit children's horror novel series GOOSEBUMPS, followed by the intrepid students of Riverdale High as they investigate the strange around town in ARCHIE'S WEIRD MYSTERIES.

Some monsters are born, but others are made. This week we'll feature both kinds as MILTON THE MONSTER meets FRANKENSTEIN JR. AND THE IMPOSSIBLES.

Had your fill of monsters and things that go bump in the night (or day)? Then join us as we peer into the world of the ghost with the most, BEETLEJUICE, and join some intrepid heroes as they defend their world from a horde of SKELETON WARRIORS.

It's thrills and chills all this month on Saturday Mornings Forever. But don't worry, kiddies--none of it is real. Or...is it? MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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