October 03, 2015


Warning: may contain spoilers.


Release Date: June 3, 2015
Writer: Ted Anderson
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Editors: Bobby Curnow
Covers: Amy Mebberson (regular), Brenda Hickey (subscription)

Twilight Sparkle has a lot to do and a problem she can’t solve, which drives her close to burning out. She decides to find out how other Ponies handle such a load and settles on observing Big Mac as he handles his chores. Feeling it not enough, Twilight casts a spell to actually enter Big Mac’s mind and see what makes him tick.

GRADE: A. Twilight’s freakouts are an established part of her character, and are used to propel this story forward. What was unique was the larger focus Big Mac received in this tale, as he’s usually an incidental character in a story that focuses on his family or that leads to the farm. Ted Anderson handled all the aspects of Big Mac well, showing how everypony has many different sides to their personalities, even if they don’t always show them in obvious ways, and how those sides can work together to make one function. It was a fun, simple story wonderfully brought to life by Brenda Hickey and Heather Breckel.

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