September 16, 2017



General Mills

Strawberry Shortcake was created by Muriel Fahrion for American Greetings in 1977. The character soon became popular enough to grow beyond greeting cards and posters into a scented toyline developed by Kenner. Eventually, Strawberry was brought to life in a series of half-hour animated specials beginning in 1980 with Russi Taylor in the lead role. After the first two specials, the third in 1982 was heralded in with the aid of a new cereal by General Mills.

Not satisfied with only one tie-in to the venerable franchise, General Mills also commissioned a second cereal based on Strawberry’s artistic friend from Big Apple City: Orange Blossom Cereal. Orange Blossom (Diane McCannon) made her animated debut in the second special, Strawberry Shortcake in Big Apple City. The cereal was similar in appearance to Strawberry’s, but with an orange flavor and coloring. The same box was also used, with Orange standing in for Strawberry, and a back panel introducing Strawberry and Orange’s world. For the uninitiated, an image of Strawberry was placed on the front of the box to help establish the connection to the franchise.  The cereal debuted in 1982 alongside Strawberry Shortcake cereal, however its shelf-life was far shorter in comparison disappearing before its parent cereal. 

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PocketCars1974 said...

First box of Orange Blossom hit shelves in July 1983