May 05, 2018


Marvel and DC by George Perez

            There’s been an eternal debate amongst comic fans: Marvel or DC. Which has the better characters? Which has the better books? And, in the 21st century, that argument has expanded to include which has the better movies?

            This month, we’re bringing you MARVEL VS. DC. The name is a bit misleading, though. This month, we’re celebrating two milestones for those companies: the 80th anniversary of Superman and the super hero genre, and the 10th anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and, consequently, the record-breaking box office of Avengers: Infinity War). Not to mention the recently-passed 25th anniversaries of Batman: The Animated Series and X-Men: The Animated Series. (Interestingly enough, last year was also the anniversary of the Marvel vs. DC comic event).

            Each week we’ll be presenting a pair-off between both company’s Saturday morning offerings, two “bouts” per “round”. Some are ones we’ve posted before, some are all-new, and all are accessible through the round posts. We’ll also be presenting some extras as we celebrate all things comic this month. To think, a mere 20 years ago TV networks viewed comic-based properties as a gamble, now you’ve got Hollywood scrambling for properties for the next big movie and show. How times have changed!

            And hey, be sure to let us know what shows are your favorites, which shows aren’t, what shows bring back great memories for you, or anything else you want to say! You can follow us and chat with us on Facebook here and here, and on Twitter @SatMForever. That’s also where we post news items and other announcements. And feel free to send us requests for what shows you’d like us to get to sooner than later.

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