June 01, 2019




            The Incredibles is a 2004 Pixar film written and directed by Brad Bird and based on the comics and spy films from his youth. Set in an alternate version of the 1960s where superheroes and supervillains exist, public opinion soon turned against them due to the repeated damage their fighting causes. Superheroes are therefore outlawed and are forced to live ordinary, normal lives unless they end up in jail. Bob Parr, aka the super-strong Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson), was lured back into costume by a mysterious woman named Mirage (Elizabeth Peña). However, it all turned out to be a plot by a genius villain named Syndrome (Jason Lee), who was a fanboy that felt spurned when Mr. Incredible refused to let him become his sidekick. Bob’s family—his wife, the stretchy Elasti-Girl (Holly Hunter), and their kids, the super-fast Dash (Spencer Fox) and the invisibility-casting Violet (Sarah Vowell)—are forced to come rescue him from the clutches of Syndrome.

            The film opened on November 5, 2004. Unlike Bird’s previous film, The Iron Giant, The Incredibles went on to gross over $631 million. It received the highest opening-weekend for a Pixar and non-sequel animated film, as well as the highest November opening for a Disney film. Such was the film’s reception that fans were eagerly awaiting a sequel that wouldn’t arrive for 14 years.

To coincide with the release of the film, Kellogg’s produced a limited-edition cereal based on it. The cereal featured strawberry-flavored pieces in star shapes with red and yellow swirls, based on the colors of the Incredibles’ costumes. The back of the box featured a simple word search game, and there was an offer to send away for an Incredibles-themed race car.

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