August 18, 2021


            Disney’s The Owl House is a groundbreaking animated series created by Dana Terrace. The series follows ordinary human teenager Luz Noceda (Sarah-Nicole Robles) as she accidentally finds her way into a magical land full of witches and demons. There, she finds a new family—renegade witch Eda Clawthorne (Wendie Malik), wolf-like demon King (Alex Hirsch), and worm-like owl-faced house demon Hooty (also Hirsch)—makes new friends—illusion-casting Gus (Issac Ryan Brown), plant magic-based Willow (Tati Gabrielle), and abomination-making Amity (Mae Whitman)—while also fulfilling her dreams of learning how to be a witch, as well as becoming embroiled in the schemes of the sinister Emperor Belos (Matthew Rhys).

            The series has earned a strong fan-following due to its characters, settings and especially its diversity (the cast, crew and characters are all a mix of races and sexual orientations). Currently on its second season, it has been wowing fans even more with the densely packed stories full of character development and lore. While currently on its mid-season hiatus, we thought it would be a good time to check off our favorite moments of the season (so far). Do you agree with our picks? Do you have different ones? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter @SatMForever! Also, a SPOILER WARNING is in effect, so if you haven’t watched any episodes yet (partially available now on Disney+), you’ve been warned!

            Following the conclusion of the first season, Eda’s sister Lilith (Cissy Jones) had left the Emperor’s Coven, lost her magic and taken on half of Eda’s curse as penance for putting it on her in the first place. She was at her lowest point and wanted to make it up to Eda further by gathering the ingredients to concoct a potion that would allow Eda to spy on the Emperor. And, much like other residents of the Owl House, she found Hooty to be an annoyance. That is until he came to her rescue in acquiring honey from fire bees. From that moment on, they became fast friends: joking with each other, hanging out together, and even becoming pen pals when Lilith left the Owl House to reunite with her family. If that’s not friendship goals, what is? 


            In “Keeping Up A-fear-ances”, we finally got to meet Eda’s mother (Deb Doetzer), who has been working on finding a cure for Eda’s curse without much success. However, that wasn’t the big part of this episode. No, it came in the last few seconds, where we got a glimpse into Luz’s home in the human realm and found that her mother, Camila (Elizabeth Grullon), hasn’t been missing her since she’s been trapped in the Demon Realm—because she’s already there?! That’s right, someone who resembled Luz (dubbed “Creepy Luz” by the fandom) was in her house, and Camila was none the wiser. We had gotten hints of the double in the previous season when it was shown that Camila had been getting physical letters from Luz (the real one had been texting her through the portal until she had to destroy it), but this was the first time we saw her in the flesh and ominous shadows.


            We hadn’t seen much of Camila outside of the first episode, but “Yesterday’s Lie” changed all that as we got to the bottom of the “Creepy” Luz subplot. It turned out the doppelganger was none other than a basilisk named Vee (Michaela Dietz) that escaped captivity by Emperor Belos and retreated to the human realm, taking Luz’s place in order to get a new life. Unfortunately, a witch hunter that had encountered Eda before managed to capture her, forcing Luz—who was able to peer through and interact through reflections from a portal door she was able to build—to contact Camila for help. Camila managed to keep it together long enough to whip out la chancla (a flip flop) and give the witch hunter a sound thrashing, freeing Vee and bringing her home. That moment, along with a few others of Camila’s, was sure to have Hispanic fans dying over the accuracy.


            Amity had long been subjected to the whims and desires of her family. Be the best, associate with the best, live up to the Blight name. In “Escaping Expulsion”, Luz, Gus and Willow were all expelled from Hexside at the behest of Amity’s mother when she felt they were making her too distracted. Luz made a deal with Odalia (Rachel MacFarlane) to get them back into the school by being the target for their latest abomination weaponry demonstration. Once Luz’s life was in danger, though, Amity jumped in to rescue her; going against her mother’s wishes and destroying the necklace she used to communicate telepathically with her. The episode showcased how strong Amity had become both magically and psychologically since allowing herself to be with people she wanted to be with. And, her awesome display managed to finally switch something on in Luz that she began reciprocating the crush Amity had on her since last season. But, we’ll get into that part later.


            We’d already been introduced to various kinds of magic in the show: glyph magic; wild magic, which was all-encompassing; plant magic; illusion magic; construction magic, which could cause structures to rise up out of the ground; abomination magic, which crafted semi-autonomous creatures out of a purple goo; healing magic; oracle magic; beast-keeping, which could summon and control various creatures; and potion magic. One we knew existed but never saw anything of was bard magic. Until “Eda’s Requiem”. Eda was reunited with ex-lover Raine Whispers (Avi Roque), who had just become the head of the Emperor’s Bard Coven. As a result, we finally got to see bard magic in action: from controlling people and objects to bathing the world in a glorious display of color masterfully rendered by the animation team. Add to that it was partially introduced to us by the first non-binary Disney character and that makes it all the more memorable.


            Gus was beginning to question his choice to pursue illusion-casting, feeling there isn’t much to offer in creating something that isn’t really there. In “Through the Looking Glass Ruins”, Luz encouraged him to go on an adventure with some Glandis students (a rival school to Hexside) that led them to what turned out to be an illusionist graveyard. Gus ended up creating the ultimate elaborate illusion to keep the Glandis students from looting the graveyard, complete with body terror and bleeding statues. Frankly, it’s amazing Disney let that go through! But as awesome as this was, Gus’ adventure was unfortunately overshadowed by another event from that episode…


            While Gus was on his adventure, Luz was having one of her own with Amtiy; seeking out the journal of Philip Whittebane (Alex Lawther), a human who had come to the Boiling Isles back in the 1600s. Amity, of course, had been crushing hard on Luz and put her job on the line to help her as a result. Unfortunately, it ended up with Luz accidentally getting Amity fired when it was discovered an echo mouse had eaten the journal, and Amity now needed to come to terms with all the new emotions that seem to be clouding her judgement lately. Luz being Luz, she got Amity’s job back after some harrowing tasks and made peace with the mouse when it was discovered it could project the contents of the journal. In that moment of sweetness, Amity was overcome with the desire to kiss Luz on the cheek and acted on it; a moment that surprised both of them and had the fandom burst out in a cheer heard from space.


            In “Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Hooty’s Door”, Hooty attempts to help his friends overcome their problems in the most Hooty ways possible. Helping Eda get some rest forces her into a dream encounter with the owl beast that inhabited her as part of her curse. Through shared memories and symbolism, Eda decides instead of fighting maybe they should form a truce. The result? Eda gained a new badass harpy form while still being in full possession of her faculties.


            Lumity, the fandom designation for the romance between Luz and Amity, became official in the episode “Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Hooty’s Door”. Hooty kidnapped Amity (as one does) and dropped both girls into a tunnel of love he formed under the Owl House. Now, keep in mind, at this point Amity thinks Luz only thinks of her as a friend and Luz is afraid to make her own move because of bad experiences in the past. While Amity enjoys the tunnel, Luz is too horrified to notice and proceeds to destroy it in front of her, making Amity think Luz doesn’t like her. Hooty throwing a devastating tantrum forces Luz to face her fear and finally ask Amity out—only to have Amity beat her to it! It was such a cute and realistically awkward moment, and made fans squeal with glee over Lumity becoming official and being an actual on-screen same sex couple in a Disney show.


            In “Eclipse Lake”, Amity, Eda and King were on the hunt for some Titan’s Blood to create a new portal back to the human realm. However, Emperor Belos needed it as well for his own portal and his minions were looking for it at the same time; as was his protégé, Hunter (Zeno Robinson), in an attempt to prove himself. Discovering the Titan’s Blood had dried up, Hunter was ready to give up on life. Amity attempted to take a page from Luz’s book in trying to comfort him, but he snapped when he saw she had the original portal door key. What followed was one of the most epic fight scenes in the show yet, with Amity’s abomination-magic wielding being reminiscent of Whitman’s previous water-bending character Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The battle ultimately ended in a badass stalemate, but Amity no doubt proved how awesome a girlfriend she was (a term that was dropped FOUR TIMES this episode, by the way).

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