September 11, 2021


(Disney XD, Disney Channel, August 12, 2017-February 22, 2021)
Disney Television Animation
David TennantScrooge McDuck
Danny PudiHubert “Huey” Duck
Ben SchwartzDewford “Dewey” Duck
Bobby MoynihanLlewellyn “Louie” Duck
Kate MicucciWebbigail “Webby” Vanderquack
Beck BennettLaunchpad McQuack
Toks OlagundoyeMrs. Bentina Beakley
Tony AnselmoDonald Duck
Paget BrewsterDumbella “Della” Duck (season 3, recurring previously)
            DuckTales is a reboot of the 1987 series of the same name developed by Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones, two self-professed fans of the original who wanted to make an updated version for a new generation. As it went on, it also became a love letter to Disney Television Animation’s history and legacy.

Promo art featuring Scrooge, Donald and the kids fending off a dragon from the Money Bin.

            Like its predecessor, the series focused on the adventures and treasure hunts of Scrooge McDuck (David Tennant), the wealthiest resident of the city of Duckburg, that he shared with his nephews Donald (Tony Anselmo, Don Cheadle in 2 episodes, and Russi Taylor & Cristina Valenzuela as a kid), Huey (Danny Pudi), Dewey (Ben Schwartz) and Louie (Bobby Moynihan), as well as his housekeeper, Mrs. Beakley (Toks Olagundoye), her granddaughter Webby Vanderquack (Kate Micucci), and Scrooge’s inept and accident-prone chauffer/pilot Launchpad McQuack (Beck Bennett). The show set itself apart from the original in that it took a greater inspiration from the comic book work of Carl Barks, creator of Duckburg and many of its residents. Most notably, the style of the show was heavily influenced by both his comics and paintings, immediately evident by the presence of comic panels and Ben Day dots (the dot-like coloring process used to color comics through the 1970s) in the title sequence and end credits, as well as the color palette used. Additionally, Scrooge and Donald were designed wearing their typical comic outfits not generally seen in other Disney media, involving a red coat and black sailor suit, respectively. And not to mention that Donald would play a much larger role in the series as many of his comic adventures were often intertwined with Scrooge’s. Sean Jimenez served as the art director while Timothy A. Moen was the lead character designer. Additional character designs were done by Matt Braly, Anthony Holden, Alonso Ramirez Ramos, Andy Suriano, Sarah Craig, Erik Elizarrez, Jeremiah Alcorn, Tapan Gandhi, Khang Le, Alex Kirwan, Elsa Chang, Justin Rodrigues, Devin Roth, Thomas Perkins, Shakeh Haghnazarian, Baptiste Rogron, Soyeon Yoo, Andy Ristaino, Kali Fontecchio and Gary Montalbano.

Launchpad at the controls.

            While the characters are the same, they received some tweaks for the new version outside of their visual designs. Scrooge was still the wealthy adventure capitalist and CEO of McDuck Enterprises with his mansion, fortified Money Bin (now on a small island in the bay instead of the middle of the city) and his lucky Number One Dime (the first dime he ever earned), but he lost the spark for adventure until his nephews moved in and helped reignite it. Tennant, being actually Scottish like the character, was allowed to improvise and add some authenticity. Donald was initially estranged from Scrooge for 10 years over a falling out (which will be explained in a bit), but reluctantly reconciled with him in order to ensure his nephews had someone to babysit while he hunted for work (bouncing from job to job was an innovation of Barks’ based on his own experiences). As a result, he ended up being dragged into Scrooge’s new adventures. Launchpad served as the series’ comic relief with his ability to crash any kind of vehicle, of which was a great source of pride for him. As a nod to his role in Darkwing Duck, that series was made his favorite show within the DuckTales universe.

Louie, Dewey and Huey.

            Huey, Dewey and Louie were depicted as slightly older--as it was felt that opened up more story possibilities--and were given new features to distinguish them from each other for the first time since the series Quack Pack. Traditionally, the only way to tell them apart was by the color of their clothing as they not only looked and acted the same but typically shared the same voice actor. Huey, in a red polo shirt and cap, was the oldest (by three seconds) and really threw himself into his Junior Woodchuck (the duck version of scouts) training. Dewey, wearing a blue t-shirt over a light blue long-sleeved shirt, was adventurous, courageous and sensitive and the most eager to learn the truth about their mother. Louie, with a green hoodie, was the self-described “evil brother” who was lazy, money-grubbing and opportunistic; eager to become an entrepreneur and echo Scrooge’s success by any means possible (provided it didn’t require too much effort on his part, that is).

Beakley and Webby.

            Webby was an intellectual nerd, a bit of a genius, and incredibly athletic. She was an enthusiastic fan of adventure driven by her own curiosity, and a historian on Clan McDuck, idolizing Scrooge. She spent most of her life sheltered in the mansion by her grandmother, Mrs. Beakley. Mrs. Beakley was changed from a mere housekeeper to a former agent and director of the espionage organization known as S.H.U.S.H. (a parody of Marvel ComicsS.H.I.E.L.D. introduced in Darkwing Duck) with impressive strength. As the series progressed, it was revealed that Webby was actually a clone of Scrooge created by criminal agency F.O.W.L. (Fiendish Organization for World Larceny, also from Darkwing) as an attempt to retrieve a powerful artifact that could only be reclaimed by an heir of Scrooge’s; of which he had none. Beakley adopted her and retired as a spy, coming to work for Scrooge. Both Webby and Beakley were given an extreme overhaul to make them more interesting and stronger characters, according to Youngberg. Notably absent for a time was Scrooge’s butler, Duckworth (David Kaye). It was revealed that he had died before the series began, however his ghost ended up being summoned back to the world of the living and he remained as a guardian for the manor, as well as Beakley’s chief critic in regards to her cleaning methods.

Gyro and Gizmoduck.

            Other returning characters included inventor Gyro Gearloose (Jim Rash), Scrooge’s head of research and development who was as irritable as he was eccentric; Lil Bulb, the lightbulb-headed tiny robot Gyro invented as his helper; Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera (Lin-Manuel Miranda), changed from an accountant to a semi-competent scientist working as Gyro’s intern that would still become the high-tech superhero Gizmoduck (he was made Hispanic because Angones felt there weren’t enough positive Latino superheroes); Officer Maria Antonia Magdalena Aldonsa Cabrera (Selenis Levya), Fenton’s mother changed from a soap opera-watching couch potato to a no-nonsense Latina detective for the police department; Gladstone Gander (Paul F. Tompkins), Donald’s annoyingly-lucky cousin; Emily Quackfaster (renamed from Featherby in the original, voiced by Susanne Blakeslee) altered from Scrooge’s secretary to being the archivist of his personal archive; Goldie O’Gilt (Allison Janney), Scrooge’s former girlfriend and rival who, while having deep affection for Scrooge, just loved gold more; Gandra Dee (Jameela Jamil), Fenton’s love-interest who was depicted as a rebel scientist initially working for his rival and later revealed as a cyborg in the employ of F.O.W.L.; and Doofus Drake (John Gemberling), originally a friend to the triplets reimagined as a selfish, insane, sociopathic rich kid whose inheritance of a fortune allowed him to turn his parents into servants and enjoyed hurting other people. Bubba the Caveduck (Dee Bradley Baker), revealed to be an ancestor to Clan McDuck, and Gene the Genie (Jaleel White) with Faris D’jinn (previously Dijon, voiced by Omid Abtahi), both originally from DuckTales: The Movie, also made appearances. Donald’s long-time girlfriend Daisy Duck (Tress MacNeille) made her DuckTales animation debut (she appeared in some of the tie-in comics before) as the personal assistant to Emma Glamour (Bebe Neuwirth), a famous trendsetter, as did Donald’s other cousin, Fethry (Tom Kenny), who was the caretaker of one of Scrooge’s marine science stations (and also appeared in previous tie-in comics).

Glomgold pits the Beagle Boys, Magica and the Air Pirates against the Ducks.

            Of course, those were just the good guys. A number of recurring villains received updates as well. The Beagle Boys—Bigtime, Burger, Bouncer (all Eric Bauza), and their Ma (Margo Martindale)—were a family of crooks intent on robbing Scrooge’s Money Bin, operating out of the junkyard Ma ran. Flintheart Glomgold (Keith Ferguson) remained Scrooge’s chief rival, except now was comically unhinged in his dedication to besting and ruining Scrooge after Scrooge refused to pay him properly for a shoe polish years prior. He ran Glomgold Industries with a focus on personal branding and making products cheaply. In this series, he was born Duke Baloney in South Africa (his original nationality before it was changed in the original cartoon) and adopted his Scottish guise to emulate Scrooge as a means to outdo even his nationality. Magica De Spell (Catherine Tate) was still an evil sorceress, however her desire for Scrooge’s Number One Dime was altered to be because an encounter with Scrooge saw her trapped within it and only able to project her shadow form into the outside world. The Phantom Blot (Giancarlo Esposito) was made a magic-hating agent of F.O.W.L. who wanted to destroy Magica and was often disguised as the mascot to one of F.O.W.L.’s front companies.

Della finally makes it home.

            Presented for the first time outside of comics was the triplet’s mother and Donald’s twin sister, Della Duck (Paget Brewster). The first mention of the character came in the 1938 short Donald’s Nephews, via a postcard bearing her name: “Dumbella”. When Barks came up with the Duck family tree, he renamed her Thelma. In Don Rosa’s version of the family tree published in 1993, he restored her name to the shortened “Della”. Outside of cameo appearances in flashbacks, Della typically only appeared via correspondence to Donald about her sons. Following a reappearance in the Dutch Donald Duck magazine in 2014 for his 80th anniversary as one of the first female pilots and eventual astronaut, she continued to make appearances in its pages throughout 2017. For the DuckTales version, Della was a pilot who frequently went on adventures with Scrooge and Donald. Before the triplets hatched, Della took off in Scrooge’s spaceship, the Spear of Selene, which hit a cosmic storm and left her stranded on the moon; able to survive for a decade thanks to Gyro’s Oxy-Chew gum, which gave her oxygen, nutrients and water. She also lost a leg, fashioning a prosthetic one for herself while attempting to rebuild her ship and get home. Her disappearance was what caused the rift between Scrooge and Donald, and his inability to find her cost Scrooge his adventurous spirit.

Manny with Fenton and Lil Bulb in a gun.

            Newly created characters for the series included Lena Sabrewing (Kimiko Glenn), a shadow being created by Magica to act as her agent in the physical world to free her by befriending the Ducks, however she turned against Magica thanks to her friendship with Webby; Violet Sabrewing (Libe Barer), became Webby’s new friend over their shared interest in magic and helped rescue Lena from Magica’s shadow realm, and later became her adoptive sister when Lena was taken in by Violet’s fathers; Mark Beaks (Josh Brener), a tech industry billionaire and Glamour’s son whose driving factor was ensuring he remained popular on social media by any means necessary, which often meant trying to steal the Gizmoduck suit for himself (he represented the kind of new billionaire of the tech generation in controls to Scrooge being old-school); the Greek Gods, particularly Storkules (aka Hercules, voiced by Chris Diamantopoulos), Selene (Nia Vardalos), and Zeus (Michael Chiklis), who had encountered Scrooge, Donald and Della before; B.O.Y.D. (aka Be Only Yourself, Dude, voiced by Nicolas Cantu & Noah Baird), a childlike android created by Gyro and his former mentor, Dr. Akita (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa); Akita himself was a new character, and an evil roboticist; Manny the Headless Man Horse (Keith David in the finale, silent otherwise), a headless horse monster that was rehabilitated when the head from a statue of Scrooge landed on his neck, and would go on to become Gyro’s intern; Gabby McStabberson (Jennifer Hale), a trained assassin raised by warrior monks that worked as Glomgold’s henchwoman; and the Moonlanders (inspired by the moon stage from the DuckTales video game), a civilization that lived on the moon and included General Lunaris (Lance Reddick), who resented the Earth and used Della’s arrival and departure to incite an invasion against it, and Lieutenant Penumbra (Julie Bowen), who was extremely protective of her people and reluctantly came to view Della as a friend.

            DuckTales’ 44-minute first episode premiered on Disney XD on August 12, 2017, airing for a consecutive 24 hours before being posted onto YouTube the next day. It then aired again on Disney Channel on September 17 to coincide with the original’s 30th anniversary before the series made its official debut on September 23rd. As part of the promotion for the series, a video was released on December 16, 2016 announcing the top-billed voice cast as they performed the theme; which was the same as the original written by Mark Mueller. The actual theme for the series would be performed by Felicia Barton. Original Launchpad Terry McGovern would express that he was “heartbroken” that none of the surviving original cast was invited back except Anselmo, who was Donald’s official voice actor, and Taylor for a guest role voicing a young Donald (a great number of that cast had passed before or during the show’s production). The series was written by Angones, Youngberg, Madison Bateman, Colleen Evanson, Nate Federman, Noelle Stevenson, Christian Magalhaes, Bob Snow, Rachel Vine, Ben Joseph, Emmy Cicierega, Ben Siemon, Sam King and Megan Gonzalez, with Angones serving as story editor. Animation duties were provided by Snipple Animation Studios and Toon City Animation, while Golden Wolf, Inc. did the main titles. Dominic Lewis served as the series composer.

The ever-growing cast of characters on DuckTales.

            The series proved immensely popular with fans, both new and of the original, allowing it to run for three seasons. No official reason was given for the show’s cancellation. In May of 2018, the series moved to Disney Channel until it returned to Disney XD with the third season. The few extra-sized episodes that aired were later broken up into multiple regular-length ones for reruns. While episodes seemed to be standalone similarly to its predecessor, each season contained an overreaching story arc. Season one dealt with Dewey and Webby trying to learn the secret behind Donald and Scrooge’s rift, as well as what happened to Della, while Magica worked towards her freedom from the dime. In season two, Scrooge and Glomgold were in a competition to become the richest duck in the world, Della worked towards getting back home, and Louie tried to start his own multi-million-dollar business. In season three, the Ducks came under the watchful eye of F.O.W.L. in a race to find and retrieve several lost treasures and artifacts leading up to the final confrontation in the finale. Angones further broke down the season structure on the tumblr account where he answered fan questions into past, present and future. He also stated that they had figured a 4th season was unlikely and wrapped up as many of the storylines they could while setting up the next chapter for the characters if their versions were ever revisited.

Season 3 promo poster showcasing all the crossover characters.

            Along with DuckTales-centric characters, characters from other franchises were brought into the show for guest appearances. Long-time Disney character Ludwig Von Drake (Corey Burton), who only appeared once in the original, had a recurring role as a colleague of Scrooge’s and the director of S.H.U.S.H. Don Karnage (Jaime Camil) and his Air Pirates, originating from TaleSpin, appeared as recurring antagonists. Kit Cloudkicker (Adam Pally) and Molly Cunningham (Eliza Coupe), the young children characters from TaleSpin, were now adults and had attended flight school with Della. Kit took over the cargo delivery business from the show (as well as his mentor, Baloo’s, personality) while Molly became the owner of a stunt plane circus. José Carioca (Bernardo De Paula) and Panchito Pistoles (Arturo Del Puerto), were Donald’s college friends and the show’s interpretation of The Three Caballeros that appeared in the 1940s films Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros, and would go on to have their own unrelated streaming show on Disney+. The Rescue Rangers (Burton, Jeff Bennett & April Winchell) from Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers appeared as lab animals turned intelligent via F.O.W.L.’s Intelli-Ray. Goofy (Bill Farmer) appeared in his Goof Troop form in the episode “Quack Pack!” (named for the show), as did his son, Max, Max’s best friend, P.J., and girlfriend from A Goofy Movie, Roxanne, in a photograph in his wallet. Additionally, the characters of Bumblelion, Rhinokey and Butterbear from The Wuzzles were alluded to in “The Lost Treasure of Kit Cloudkicker”. Mickey Mouse made a vocal cameo for a melon fashioned by Donald in his image when he was stranded on an island, provided by his regular voice actor Diamantopoulos. Other little nods and allusions to other Disney characters and franchises were peppered in various episodes as Easter Eggs.

F.O.W.L. company: Phantom Blot, Don Karnage, Black Heron, Bradford Buzzard, Steelbeak, John D. Rockerduck and top Egghead Pepper.

         F.O.W.L. was given a new origin as being founded by Bradford Buzzard (Marc Evan Jackson), who was the first Junior Woodchuck which made him decide being adventurous was too dangerous, deciding to take over the world and end chaos forever. He founded the organization with Black Heron (Winchell), a martial artist and engineer who ran up against Beakley when she was an agent. Another member was John D. Rockerduck (John Hodgman), an Old West robber baron thwarted by Goldie and Scrooge, and used experimental cryogenic technology to stay alive to get his revenge. Rockerduck was a modern-day rival of Scrooge’s in the international comics, whose name was a play on John D. Rockefeller. With him as in the comics was Jeeves (Ferguson), his enforcer and assistant modeled after Odd Job and Jaws from the James Bond franchise. Only the metal-mouthed Steelbeak (Jason Matzoukas) and the nameless legion of Egghead (renamed from Eggmen since some were women) foot soldiers were previously established F.O.W.L. characters from Darkwing Duck.

Launchpad, Gosalyn and Darkwing Duck, together again for the first time!

            As stated before, Darkwing Duck was a fictional show within this universe. Scrooge’s studio was producing a reboot film with actor Drake Mallard (Darkwing’s actual identity, voiced by Diamantopoulos) taking over the role from a bitter Jim Starling (Jim Cummings, Darkwing’s original voice actor). Launchpad convinced Mallard to become Darkwing for real in the town of St. Canard, while in his mania Starling became Negaduck, Darkwing’s evil doppelganger. This marked the first time that Darkwing was seen in an animated DuckTales production, although Gizmoduck had appeared on Darkwing and a full crossover has occurred in comic form before.  The 1-hour special “Let’s Get Dangerous!” was essentially a reworking of the debut movie of the original Darkwing series, featuring Taurus Bulba (James Monroe Iglehart) and his sinister Ramrod device that could pull any item from other dimensions, and Gosalyn Waddlemeyer (Stephanie Beatriz), granddaughter of its co-inventor, helping to stop him and becoming Darkwing’s sidekick (as opposed to his adopted daughter). The Ramrod was used to bring other Darkwing villains into the episode from the TV show: Bushroot, Megavolt, Liquidator (both Ferguson) and Quackerjack (Michael Bell, reprising the role). Additionally, Jumbalaya Jake and Bugmaster appear as disguises. Originally. Negaduck was set to return for the second half of the special and to be the one that conjured the villains, as revealed in storyboards posted by artist Diana Huh.

The kids hanging out with Marshmello.

        Supplementing the show were several series of shorts that aired online and many between commercial breaks. Welcome to Duckburg! aired in June before the first episode, introducing the main characters to the audience. The Lost Key of Tralla La was a stand-alone short released the following month, billed as a 360-degree adventure as viewers could control the camera’s angles while it played. A channel-wide 30 Things aired in May of 2018 and featured the kids listing off their 30 (or so) favorite things. Immediately following was Webby Reacts, which saw Webby reacting various live-action Disney program and film clips when she stumbled upon a smartphone. Next was The World’s Longest Deathtrap! where the kids and Launchpad tried to get themselves out of a pit with (extremely) slowly closing walls. Then came Dewey Dew-Night!, which saw Dewey trying to host his own late-ish night talk show from the boys’ bedroom. Another stand-alone short, Duckburg’s Funniest Home Videos, saw a static image of Louie on the couch watching live-action funny animal videos and commenting on them. Ending the 2018 offerings was DuckFAILS!, which were done in stop-motion and featured various characters blundering through their activities. Between 2019 and 2021, Launchpad and Glomgold participated in channel-wide short series: Theme Song Takeover, where characters sung their show’s theme (with some alterations); Top Favorite, where characters listed off their top favorite things within a certain theme; Random Rings, which featured characters prank calling various establishments or having silly conversations with characters/stars from other shows, had Launchpad interacting with Baymax (Scott Adsit) from Big Hero 6: The Series and Cricket (Chris Houghton) from Big City Greens; and Chibi Tiny Tales, inspired by Big Hero 6: The Series’ shorts, which featured chibi versions of the show’s characters pantomiming their way through comedic adventures. Following the conclusion of the series, a podcast called This Duckburg Life featured Huey hosting a show on “Duckburg Public Radio” discussing riveting stories from around town. In a special collaboration between Disney and music producer Marshmello, a partially-animated music video for his song “Fly” featuring the DuckTales characters was made and simultaneously released in 2018 by Marshmello and Disney Channel.

The toyline.

          Phatmojo became the official toy manufacturer for the series. In 2018, they released a wave of action figures including Scrooge, Launchpad and Glomgold with Huey & Dewey and Webby & Louie in 2-packs, as well as a Sun Chaser vehicle and Money Bin playset; a figurine collection with Scrooge and the kids, available both in regular colors and in gold; blind packaging figurines “Money Stacks Mystery Mini Figures” that came in plastic containers resembling a stack of coins, featuring Scrooge, Donald, Launchpad, the kids, Lena and Darkwing; and 7” talking plush dolls of Scrooge and the kids at Target. A second wave of figures featuring new characters and vehicles was planned and promoted during Toy Fair 2019, but Phatmojo lost the license before they could be released. A Disney Store exclusive 7-piece figurine set, 12” plushes of the kids, and Tsum Tsum plushes of Scrooge and the kids were also released. In 2019, Hallmark released a set of two miniature replica tin lunchbox and thermos ornaments adorned with promotional images. Funko, who had been producing figures based on the classic series, made a red coat variant of Scrooge in their Pop! line as an Entertainment Earth exclusive. A pin featuring the characters was made available at the Disney theme parks.

Promo for the then-upcoming comic series.

        Beginning in 2017, IDW Publishing began an ongoing comic series written by Joe Caramagna, Joey Cavalieri, Steve Behling and Alessandro Ferrari, and drawn by Luca Usai, Gianfranco Florio, Andrea Greppi, Paolo Campinoti, Roberta Zanotta, Manuela Razzi, Michela Frare, Cristina Stella, Emilio Urbano, Ciro Cangialosi and Danilo Loizedda. The first four issues contained prequel stories set before the events of the show, and actually introduced Della a full year before her first actual appearance. After 20 issues (plus a #0 issue), the series was cancelled and replaced with two mini-series: Silence and Science and Faires and Scares. Starting in 2018, Disney Press released various books centered on the series. “Woo-oo!” was adapted by into a read-along storybook and CD, as well as a Cinestory Comic featuring stills from the episode. “The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra!” and “Terror of the Terrafirmians!” were adapted into a combined storybook with included stickers, and “The Missing Links of Moorshire” was adapted into an illustrated hardcover storybook by Maggie Fischer titled Duck, Duck, Golf. Solving Mysteries and Rewriting History! was written by Rob Renzetti and Rachel Vine with art by Niki Foley, and presented as a journal kept by Scrooge that received later additional notations by the kids. Media Lab Books published DuckTales Adventurer’s Guide: Explorer Skills and Outdoor Activities for Daring Kids that provided encyclopedic entries of various locations along with outdoor skills and games kids could learn. There was also a coloring and activity book, DuckTales: Doodles, and joke book, Launchpad’s Notepad: Jokes to QUACK You Up. A number of unofficial notebooks and coloring and activity books have flooded the market, sometimes combining both versions of DuckTales. 

DVD cover.

        In June of 2017, an online mix-and-match character building game called All Ducked Out was released on the Disney Channel website and as an Android app. On the same day as the series preview, Disney released a mobile game called Duckburg Quest, where a player had to control the kids around Duckburg to stop Scrooge from marrying Ma Beagle. In 2019, a DuckTales-themed adventure map was released for the blocky open sandbox game Minecraft.  To date, only two DVDs have been released for the series. The first, Woo-oo!, was released in December of 2017 and contained only the pilot and all 6 Welcome to Duckburg shorts. The second, Destination Adventure!, was released in June of 2018. It contained 6 episodes plus 2 episodes from the original series released to DVD for the first time. The series was made available to stream on Disney+.

“Woo-oo!” (8/12/17) – Donald and his nephews move in with his Uncle Scrooge who regains his thirst for adventure and sets out to find the Lost Jewel of Atlantis.
“Daytrip of Doom!” (9/23/17) – The boys take Webby out but she has trouble having fun, and then they end up captured by the Beagle Boys for ransom.
“The Impossible Summit of Mt. Neverrest!” (12/2/17) – Scrooge attempts to complete his feat of climbing Mt. Neverrest while the rest of his family gets into little adventures of their own.
“The Great Dime Chase!” (9/23/17) – When Louie loses Scrooge’s Number One Dime, he tries to use Little Bulb to get it back but ends up turning it into a giant coin-collector instead.
“The Beagle Birthday Massacre!” (9/30/17) – Webby makes friends with the rebellious Lena before they accidentally crash Ma Beagle’s birthday party and end up being chased by the Beagles.
“The House of the Lucky Gander!” (10/14/17) – The ducks discover that Donald’s cousin Gladstone is being held prisoner by a luck vampire feeding off his unnatural good luck.
“The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks!” (10/21/17) – Huey and Dewey must stop competing for an internship and save their prospective employer from a scheme that went sideways.
“The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra!” (10/28/17) – The ducks explore an Egyptian pyramid only to end up separated and Louie and Webby imprisoned by its resident, Toth-Ra.
“Terror of the Terra-firmians!” (10/7/17) – A scary movie inspires Huey, Webby and Lena to explore an abandoned subway in search of legendary creatures.
“McMystery at McDuck McManor!” (5/25/18) – Against warnings Huey throws a birthday party of Scrooge, but the guests end up being his worst enemies and Scrooge goes missing.
“The Missing Links of Moorshire!” (5/18/18) – Not only does Scrooge have to beat Glomgold in a game of golf, but he must deal with his jealousy over Dewey’s skill and interrupting spirits.
“The Spear of Selene!” (5/4/18) – While stranded on an island, Dewey and Webby search for the Spear of Selene and end up discovering the mystery of Della’s disappearance.
“Day of the Only Child!” (6/30/18) – Dewey makes up a holiday causing the boys to split up and pretend to be an only child for the day, getting into trouble along the way.
“Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System!” (5/11/18) – Launchpad and the newly-minted Gizmoduck must rescue Scrooge, Dewey, Gyro and Beaks from the self-driving car Beaks stole from Gyro’s plans.
“The Golden Lagoon of White Agony Plains!” (6/23/18) – Scrooge goes gold-hunting with his ex only to have Glomgold intervene and seemingly kill her.
“Jaw$!” (6/16/18) – Lena unleashes a giant money shark in the Money Bin to get the dime for Magica, which ends up escaping and ruining Scrooge’s attempts to bolster his public image.
“From the Confidential Casefiles of Agent 22!” (7/7/18) – Beakley’s days as a S.H.U.S.H. agent comes back to haunt her as a foe returns to seek a formula she kept from him.
“Sky the Sky!” (7/28/18) – Dewey ends up trapped with the Sky Pirates that just robbed Scrooge and manages to convince the crew to mutiny against their leader, Don Karnage.
“The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck!” (8/4/18) – Scrooge tries to recruit his estranged parents on a hunt for some treasure while Huey and Louie learn about Dewey’s investigations.
“Who is Gizmoduck?!” (7/14/18) – Getting chided out for destroying a bank he was saving, Fenton decides to get a job with Beaks who decides to take over the role of Gizmoduck himself.
“The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck!” (7/21/18) – While the boys deal with a con artist bigfoot, Lena attempts to fight against Magica’s control of her life to protect Webby.
“The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!” (8/11/18) – A fateful crash forces Scrooge to reveal what really happened to Della, resulting in everyone angrily leaving the mansion and Scrooge alone.
“The Shadow War!” (8/18/18) – Magica makes her move and breaks free of her prison, freeing all the shadows of the citizens of Duckburg.
Season 2:
“The Most Dangerous Game…Night!” (10/20/18) – Tired of adventuring, Louie suggests a game night which brings out Scrooge’s competitive side and is about to be set upon by tiny manor inhabitants.
“The Depths of Cousin Fethry!” (10/27/18) – A visit to Donald’s cousin at a marine station turns into an adventure when they’re attacked by a giant sea monster.
“The Ballad of Duke Baloney!” (11/3/18) – Louie and Webby stumble upon an amnesiac Glomgold who has been spending the past 4 months as a fisherman.
“The Town Where Everyone Was Nice!” (11/10/18) – Donald reunites with the Three Caballeros in time to save themselves and his family from a dangerous trap.
“Storkules in Duckburg!” (11/17/18) – Storkules rents a room from Donald and harpies follow him, inspiring Louie to create a monster-control business.
“Last Christmas!” (12/1/18) - Scrooge avoids holiday stress by traveling to the past with a trio of ghosts and crashing history’s greatest Christmas parties.
“What Ever Happened to Della Duck?!” (3/9/19) – Della spends 10 years on the moon trying to get home when befriending the Moonlanders that live there lead her to the gold she needs for fuel.
“Friendship Hates Magic!” (5/15/19) – While trying to find a way to bring Lena back, Webby befriends another girl interested in magic whose possession of Magica’s amulet has Lena suspicious.
“Treasure of the Found Lamp!” (5/7/19) – An Arabian warrior comes looking for a lamp Scrooged acquired which Louie accidentally sold at a yard sale.
“The Outlaw Scrooge McDuck!” (5/8/19) – Scrooge tries to reignite Louie’s business sense with a story about his days as a prospector in the Old West.
“The 87 Cent Solution!” (5/9/19) – When a sick Scrooge goes on a rampage to find 87 missing cents, his family worries that he may be suffering from gold fever.
“The Golden Spear!” (5/10/19) – Penumbra launches Della’s ship early and she leaves her plans for it with Lunaris, who lies about her attacking him in order to rally the Moonlanders into an invasion.
“Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!” (5/13/19) – Della tries to readjust to motherhood while Donald crashes onto the moon in her ship and ends up captured by the Moonlanders.
“Raiders of the Doomsday Vault!” (5/14/19) – Scrooge takes Della and Dewey to the Arctic to secure the contents of a doomsday vault, but Glomgold and Owlson set their sights on it as well.
“The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!” (5/16/19) – Fenton invites a rebel scientist back to the lab, not knowing she’s working for Beaks in an attempt to steal his Gizmo-tech.
“The Duck Knight Returns!” (5/17/19) – Launchpad ends up caught between the new star of the Darkwing Duck reboot movie and the original star who will do anything to reacquire his glory.
“Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!” (9/4/19) – Louie and Goldie attend Doofus’ party in an attempt to scam their way into all of his gift bags.
“What Ever Happened to Donald Duck?!” (9/3/19) – Penumbra frees Donald from the gold mines and enlists his help to attempt to stop Lunaris’ invasion plans.
“A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill!” (9/5/19) – Magica invades the kids’ dreams and attempts to prove Lena is just like her by making her resemble her so the others will attack Lena.
“The Golden Armory of Cornelius Coot!” (9/6/19) – Webby attempts to find a treasure Della couldn’t and Big Time Beagle follows so as to win his way back into the gang.
“Timephoon!” (9/9/19) – Loui’s scheme to use Gyro’s time tub to treasure hunt turns a hurricane into a time storm that displaces people in history and his entire family.
“GlomTales!” (9/10/19) – Glomgold teams up with the other villains to invade the manor and win his bet with Scrooge, and gains an unlikely ally in a grounded Louie.
“The Richest Duck in the World!” (9/11/19) – Louie decides to keep his newfound wealth, unwittingly releasing a monster bent on destroying the world’s richest person.
“Moonvasion!” (9/12/19) – The Moonlanders invade the Earth with the plot to either use an engine to make it orbit the moon—or destroy it.
Season 3:
“Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks!” (4/4/20) – When Violet seems to ace winning a promotion to Senior Woodchuck Huey decides to cheat and get ahead.
“Quack Pack!” (4/4/20) – The ducks realize they’re trapped in a 90s sitcom as the result of Donald making a wish with a genie for a normal life.
“Double-O-Duck in You Only Crash Twice!” (4/11/20) –Steelbeak accidentally increases Launchpad’s intelligence and allows him to stop the F.O.W.L. agents’ latest plans.
“The Lost Harp of Mervana!” (4/18/20) – The ducks head to an underwater society to find a sentient harp that forces Beakley to reveal the lies she’s told Webby over the years.
“Louie’s Eleven” (4/25/20) – Louie plots with the Three Caballeros to invade a trendsetter’s party to get them on her blog, but her son, Beaks, has his own plan to steal her phone.
“Astro B.O.Y.D.!” (5/2/20) – Gyro takes a malfunctioning B.O.Y.D. to Tokyolk to get him fixed, only to have Dr. Akita take control of the android to enact his revenge on Gyro.
“The Rumble for Ragnarok!” (5/9/20) – Dewey ends up having to take Scrooge’s place in a wrestling tournament, but Dewey quickly loses confidence in his abilities.
“The Phantom and the Sorceress!” (9/21/20) – Webby, Violet and Lena are forced to team-up with Magica to fend off the Phantom Blot from stealing Magica’s amulet.
“They Put a Moonlander on the Earth!” (9/28/20) – In trying to get Penumbra used to her new life on Earth, Webby and Dewey end up trapped in Glomgold’s latest scheme against Scrooge.
“The Trickening!” (10/5/20) - Louie convinces the others to go to a haunted house rumored to have candy left by terrified kids and they wind up the prizes of candy-seeking monsters.
“The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades!” (10/12/20) – Scrooge, Goldie and Rockerdock on behalf of F.O.W.L. all seek the legendary fountain of youth.
“Let’s Get Dangerous!” (10/19/20) – Scrooge heads to St. Canard to invest in Taurus Bulba’s device that can seemingly create anything from nothing, only to learn he’s a rogue F.O.W.L. agent.
“Escape from the ImpossiBin!” (10/26/20) – While Scrooge has Della and Louie test out his bin’s new security system, Beakley and Webby train the others to fight off F.O.W.L.
“The Split Sword of Swanstantine!” (11/2/20) – The family races against F.O.W.L. to find all the pieces of a magical sword.
“New Gods on the Block!” (11/9/20) – The kids think they’re being replaces when Scrooge calls in more help; Storkules tries to help Donald with Daisy and ends up driving her off; and Zeus plots to have a Titan released so that he may regain his lost powers.
“The First Adventure!” (11/16/20) – In the 60s, Scrooge is tasked with caring for Della and Donald while trying to find a magical papyrus that can create anything written on it for S.H.U.S.H.
“The Fight for Castle McDuck!” (11/23/20) – As Scrooge argues with his sister, F.O.W.L. agents use magical bagpipes to bring Clan McDuck statues to life who join in on the arguing.
“How Santa Stole Christmas!” (11/30/20) - Scrooge has to put aside his long-standing feud with Santa in order to help deliver presents when Santa hurts his leg.
“Beaks in the Shell!” (2/22/21) – Fenton and Gandra keep their relationship a secret as they work on a VR landscape together, which Beaks decides he wants to steal and traps them within.
“The Lost Cargo of Kit Cloudkicker!” (3/1/21) – Della and Dewey enlist Kit’s help to find a cargo he lost years ago, which the Air Pirates are also looking for on behalf of F.O.W.L.
“The Life and Crimes of Scrooge McDuck!” (3/8/21) – Doofus plans revenge against Louie by putting Scrooge on trial in a karmic court for creating his enemies.
“The Last Adventure!” (3/15/21) – Webby learns of her origins as F.O.W.L. captures the family and forces Scrooge to sign an anti-adventuring agreement for their release.
Welcome to Duckburg:
“Donald’s Birthday” (6/9/17) – Scrooge uses a magical candle on Donald’s cake.
“Meet Scrooge!” (6/9/17) – Louie’s messing with a clock sends Scrooge through time.
“Meet Huey!” (6/9/17) – Huey uses his Junior Woodchuck Guidebook to help him catch a sasquatch.
“Meet Launchpad McQuack!” (6/16/17) – Launchpad leaves notes on some cars he crashed into.
“Meet Mrs. Beakley!” (6/16/17) – Mrs. Beakley casually cleans while the kids are terrorized by a ghost.
“Meet Webby Vanderquack!” (6/16/17) – Webby goes on the hunt for a very special kind of treasure.
The Lost Key of Tralla La:
“The Lost Key of Tralla La” (7/29/17) – Scrooge and the kids must escape Glomgold, who is after their latest acquisition.
30 Things:
“With Huey” (5/1/18) – Huey reveals his 30 favorite things.
“With Webby” (5/2/18) – Webby runs through a list of her 30 favorite things.
“With Dewey” (5/3/18) – Dewey talks about his 30 favorite things.
“With Louie” (5/4/18) – Louie shares a list of his 26 favorite things (and 1 thing he hates).
Webby Reacts:
Andi Mack – ‘Bex’s Secret’” (5/8/18) – Webby finds a smartphone and stumbles upon some family drama on Andi Mack.
Andi Mack – ‘Ummm’” (5/10/18) – An awkward scene teaches Webby that “um” is a valid answer.
ZOMBIES” (5/12/18) – Webby gets really into fighting against a zombie to the point she whips out a crossbow.
Stuck in the Middle” (5/16/18) – An emotional scene makes Webby vow to never let her family go.
Raven’s Home” (5/18/18) – Guilt manifestations has Webby thinking various kinds of demons are attacking the characters on the show.
Descendants 2” (5/24/18) – Webby wonders why the pirate on her screen keeps asking what’s her name.
Descendants 3” (5/26/18) – Webby finds a movie that speaks to her themes of mysterious parentage and a desire for long-lost family.
The World’s Longest Deathtrap!:
“Part 1” (5/27/18) – Webby and Dewey fall into a deathtrap that Dewey ends up activating.
“Part 2” (6/3/18) – They realize the trap is super slow from age, however their situation doesn’t improve when Louie falls in and Dewey tosses his phone out.
“Part 3” (6/10/18) – Launchpad’s incompetence causes him to fall into the trap as well, and now the floor comes alive with buzzsaws.
“Part 4” (6/17/18) – With Dewey unable to follow his instructions, Huey comes down to deactivate the trap himself only to end up making things worse.
“Part 5” (6/24/18) – Huey ends up stopping the trap by catching his guidebook in the gears, allowing them to escape the pit—and fall victim to the ceiling deathtrap.
Dewey Dew-Night!:
“The Sidekick” (7/8/18) – Dewey launches his own talk show and quickly regrets making Webby his first guest.
“The Interview” (7/15/18) – Unable to get Scrooge on his show, Dewey substitutes him with the headless man horse.
“Will it Crash?!” (7/22/18) – Dewey enlists Launchpad’s help in drumming up excitement for his show by crashing a fan boat.
“Bedtime” (7/29/18) – Dewey’s attempt to break the internet into quarters is interrupted by his brothers’ desire to get to bed.
Duckburg’s Funniest Home Videos:
“Duckburg’s Funniest Home Videos” (9/4/18) – Louie watches and comments on some funny animal videos.
“Part 1” (10/15/18) – Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby’s epic fails.
“Part 2” (10/16/18) – Launchpad joins in on the blunders.
“Part 3” (10/17/18) – Donald gets added to the mix.
Disney Theme Song Takeover:
“Launchpad” (6/27/19) – Launchpad sings his own version of the DuckTales theme and runs through the intro.
“Glomgold” (7/19/19) – Glomgold animates and sings his own intro for GlomTales.
Top Favorites:
“Webby’s Top 4 Disguises” (7/23/19) – Webby recounts the best disguises seen on the show.
“Louie’s Top 4 Treasures” (7/30/19) – Louie names his favorite treasures they’ve found.
“Webby’s Top 4 Monsters” (8/11/19) – Webby counts down her favorite monsters they’ve encountered.
“Huey’s Top 4 Tech” (8/18/19) – Huey lists his favorite pieces of tech featured on the show.
“Dewey’s Top 4 Quests” (8/25/19) – Dewey shares his favorite adventures on the show.
Disney Random Rings:
“Baymax Helps Launchpad” (6/29/20) – Launchpad calls Baymax while trying to order a pizza.
“Launchpad Calls Cricket” (1/31/21) – Launchpad accidentally calls Cricket Green while trying to inform Scrooge he found his massive gem.
Chibi Tiny Tales:
“Mayan Mayhem” (2/26/21) – The ducks have some misadventures exploring a Mayan temple for some treasure.
“Dime and Dash” (3/7/21) – Magica and Glomgold both try to get their hands on Scrooge’s #1 dime.
“Burrito Bash” (3/14/21) – Webby and Launchpad head out to see the world’s largest burrito.
This Duckburg Life:
“Adventure Calls” (3/29/21) – A series of voicemails to Launchpad relays how Dewey and Louie got kidnapped by the Beagle Boys while waiting for him.
“Narratron 3000” (4/5/21) – Gyro’s latest invention gains sentience and attempts to take over Huey’s body.
“Louie Sells Out” (4/12/21) – Louie drops advertisements on Huey’s lecture about the Duckburg Bark Beetle.
“Ghost Library” (4/19/21) – Scrooge, Dewey and Webby visit a library that only appears for 13 minutes every hundred years while Huey interviews Ms. Quackfaster about it.
“The Framing of Flintheart Glomgold” (4/26/21) – Huey decides to prove Glomgold’s innocence in sabotaging Scrooge’s new water park with sharks.
“Out to Lunch” (5/3/21) – Huey spends the day with Launchpad.
“Beagle Day” (5/10/21) – Louie and Webby must retrieve Scrooge’s top hat from the Beagle Boys as it contains the deed to Duckburg.

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