September 04, 2021


             Unless you’re talking about soap operas or an anime based on a popular Japanese video game franchise, odds are a television show will eventually end up cancelled. There are many reasons why shows get cancelled: low ratings; little return on the investment for the studio; the story reached its natural conclusion; a major actor is ready to move on to new projects; merchandise failed to sell; a sufficient number of episodes were made to air it in syndication; a new boss came in and wanted a clean slate for their own projects; the cost of pandemic-proofing was too high, etc. It doesn’t happen often that a show gets to end on its own terms (many times, they don’t even get the courtesy of a proper series finale).

            In the old days of television production, the month of September usually marked the beginning of the new season when networks would debut their new shows or new episodes of returning programs. For that reason, we decided we’d go the opposite way and take a look at some of the recently cancelled Saturday morning offerings this month. Were they among your favorites? Were you sad to see them go? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, on Twitter, or now on Instagram! Just search for Saturday Mornings Forever.

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