November 28, 2020




(TV Tokyo, Kids Station, April 6, 2003-March 28, 2004, March 25-April 30, 2020, JAP
FOX, August 23, 2003-May 6, 2006, US)


TMS Entertainment, 4Kids Entertainment (US)




Jun-ichi Kanemaru (Japanese) – Sonic the Hedgehog
Jason Griffith (English) – Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, various
Ryō Hirohashi (Japanese) – Miles “Tails” Prower, Cheese, Chao
Amy Palant (English) – Miles “Tails” Prower, Boom 1
Nobutoshi Canna (Japanese) – Knuckles the Echidna
Dan Green (English) – Knuckles the Echidna, Elmer Johnson, Ghana, various
Sanae Kobayashi (Japanese) – Chris Thorndyke
Jerry Lobozzo (English) – Chris Thorndyke, Chuck Thorndyke
Taeko Kawata (Japanese) – Amy Rose
Lisa Ortiz (English) – Amy Rose, various
Sayaka Aoki (Japanese) – Cream the Rabbit, Vanilla the Rabbit (season 2-3), various
Rebecca Honig (English) – Cream the Rabbit, Cheese, Maria Robotnik, Tikal (both season 2), Vanilla the Rabbit (season 2-3), Helen’s mother (season 1-2)
Bin Shimada (Japanese) – Chuck Thorndyke, Bocoe
Chikao Ōtsuka (Japanese) – Dr. Eggman, Professor Gerald Robotnik (season 2)
Mike Pollock (English) – Dr. Eggman, Ella, Professor Gerald Robotnik (season 2)
Darren Dunstan (English) – Bocoe, Mr. Tanaka, Director of Central Intelligence, E-51 Intelligente, Officer Albright
Ken Yamaguchi (Japanese) – Decoe, Nelson Thorndyke
Andrew Rannells (English) – Decoe, Bokkun, Mr. Stewart (season 1-2), E-102 Gamma, E-101 Beta, E-104 Epsilon (all season 2), narrator
Ted Lewis (English) – Nelson Thorndyke, the President, Li Yan (all season 1-2), Yellow Zelkova (season 3)
Etsuko Kozakura (Japanese) – Cosmo (season 3)
Amy Birnbaum (English) – Helen, Froggy, Charmy Bee (season 2-3), Cosmo (season 3)
Jōji Nakata (Japanese) – E-102 Gamma (season 2), Dark Oak (season 3)
Katsuyuki Konshi (Japanese) – Lucas (season 3)
Matt Hoverman (English) – Dark Oak/Lucas (season 3)
Jūrōta Kosugi (Japanese) & Jim Napolitano (English) – Pale Bayleaf (season 3)
Ken Narita (Japanese) & Sean Schemmel (English) – Black Narcissus (season 3)
Takeshi Watabe (Japanese) – Yellow Zelkova (season 3)
Hōchū Ōtsuka (Japanese) – Red Pine (season 3)
Jonathan Todd Ross (English) – Red Pine (season 3), Howard Watcher


 For the history of Sonic the Hedgehog, check out the post here.


            After three American animated series and a two-episode OVA, Sonic the Hedgehog was finally coming home to his native Japan in a long-form anime. Sonic X was developed by TMS Entertainment (which would become a subsidiary of Sonic’s creators Sega in 2005) and was designed with a Japanese audience in mind. As a result, it featured none of the original characters introduced in DiC Entertainment’s previous programs and relied heavily on established ones from the various games intermixed with TMS’ original creations.

            The series began with an original storyline. Sonic (Jun-ichi Kanemaru & Jason Griffith) and his friends were attempting to stop Dr. Eggman’s (Chikao Ohtsuka & Mike Pollock) latest scheme when one of his own robots damaged a machine containing the mystically-powered Chaos Emeralds. The resulting explosion teleported them all from their native planet Mobius (unnamed in the anime) to the planet Earth in another dimension populated by humans. There, Sonic met and befriended 12-year-old Chris Thorndyke (Sana Kobayashi & Jerry Lobozzo), had to find his missing friends, and keep Eggman from conquering an entirely new world. The second season would incorporate adaptations of Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Battle into its narrative, as well as introduce the characters associated with them.

Amy Rose with Big the Cat, Cream the Rabbit and Cheese.

            Among the misplaced Mobians was Sonic’s ever-present sidekick, Tails (Ryō Hirohashi & Amy Palant): the two-tailed flying fox and inventor. There was also Sonic’s friendly rival, Knuckles the Echidna (Nobutoshi Canna & Dan Green), who had previously appeared in animation in the OVA. He’s the guardian of the Master Emerald, a powerful ancient relic, possesses super strength, a short-temper and gullible nature, and could float via his dreadlocks. New to animation was Amy Rose (Taeko Kawata & Lisa Ortiz), a pink hedgehog armed with a giant mallet who could be bossy, stubborn, and constantly strived to get Sonic to date her; Cream the Rabbit (Sayaka Aoki & Rebecca Honig), a well-mannered young girl always in the company of her pet Chao, Cheese (Hirohashi & Honig); Big the Cat (Takashi Nagasako & Oliver Wyman), a large but gentle cat whose only desire in life is to just be fishing with his best friend, Froggy (Tomohisa Asō & Amy Birnbaum); Rouge the Bat (Rumi Ochiai & Kathleen Delaney), a jewel thief who is capable of altruistic deeds but always has her own agenda—usually resulting in something being stolen; and the Chaotix, a team of adventuring detectives consisting of Vector the Crocodile (Kenta Miyake & James Carter Cathcart), Espio the Chameleon (Yūki Masuda & David Wills) and Charmy Bee (Yōko Teppōzuka & Birnbaum).

Sonic with Ella, Mr. Tanaka, Knuckls, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Tails, Chris and Chuck.

            Newly created characters included the rest of Chris’ family: Chuck Thorndyke (Bin Shimada & Lobozzo), Chris’ grandfather who was a scientist and inventor that became fast friends with Tails; Ella (Kujira & Pollock), the Thorndyke family maid who could be a force of nature when made angry; Mr. Tanaka (Naoki Imamura & Darren Dunstan), the Thorndyke’s butler and bodyguard who enjoyed meditation and martial arts; Sam Speed (Sōichirō Tanaka & Frank Frankson), Chris’ uncle who led a special unit of the Station Square Police Department known as the Speed Team that utilized high-speed race cars; Nelson Thorndyke (Ken Yamaguchi & Ted Lewis), Chris’ father who was a wealthy industrialist and usually very absorbed with work; and Lindsey Thorndyke (Naomi Shindō & Veronica Taylor), Chris’ mother who was a famous actress and spent most of her time traveling from one set to another. Chris’ human friends included Helen (Noriko Hidaka & Birnbaum), a paraplegic that readily accepted Sonic and his friends; Danny (Shindō & Rachel Lillis as a kid, Frankson as a teen), an always-optimistic athlete who approached everything with enthusiasm; and Frances (Yuka Shioyama & Kerry Williams), a thrill-seeker who loved a challenge but would always look to protect her friends from harm.

The President and his unscrupulous aide, Jerome Wise.

            Other characters included The President (a combination of George W. Bush and Richard Nixon, voiced by Tomohisa Asō & Lewis), who was initially wary of the Mobians but came to regard their value in defeating Eggman; Jerome Wise (Kōji Haramaki & David Lapkin), the President’s aide who viewed the Mobians as a threat to the President’s re-election and often worked against them; Mr. Stewart (Michio Nakao & Rannells), a government agent initially assigned to pose as a teacher at Chris’ school to keep an eye on the Mobians; and Topaz (Yukari Hikida & Jennifer Johnson), a by-the-book agent of the President’s Guardian Units of the Nations military organization (G.U.N. for short, although not uttered on the English version of the show) that was eventually partnered with Rouge.

Dr. Eggman with Bocoe, Bokkun and Decoe.

            Eggman, not one to be kept down, quickly set about establishing new bases and war machines on the planet, as well as built his own robot army. Among his minions were Bocoe (Shimada & Dunstan) and Decoe (Yamaguchi & Rannells), who served as his personal assistants, and Bokkun (Yumiko Kobayashi & Rannells), a messenger robot that communicated with Sonic on Eggman’s behalf via explosive televisions. These three robots were all original to the series. The E-Series of robots were Eggman’s primary soldiers in his attempts at world conquest and reacquiring the Chaos Emeralds, each with a different appearance and functionality. Eggman would come to free an ancient and immortal being from their world called Chaos to aid in his plans. Chaos was powered by the Chaos Emeralds and could assume different and more powerful forms the more Chaos energy it was exposed to. To aid Chaos, Eggman created the E-100 Series of robots which were powered by placing animals inside of them. The most notable of these robots was E-102 Gamma (Imamura & Rannells) who would defy his programming and seek to free the captured animals and his brethren from Eggman’s control. There was also Shadow the Hedgehog (Koji Yusa & Griffith), a dark version of Sonic created by Eggman’s grandfather, Gerald Robotnik (Ōtsuka & Pollock). Faster and more powerful than Sonic, Shadow wanted to destroy the world due to the death of his closest friend, Maria Robotnik (Yuri Shiratori & Honig), but ultimately fell into the role of hero.

Gotta move fast!

            Sonic X originally debuted on TV Tokyo in Japan on April 6, 2003. The series was preceded by two trailers: the first featured most of the footage that would end up used in the series’ intro as well as unused scenes featuring unique characters, and the second was shown by Sega at the World Hobby Fair video gaming event in February of 2003 comprised of footage from the first few episodes. Notably, the second trailer ended with a still frame of the original design for Super Sonic—a Sonic super-powered by the Chaos Emeralds—that ended up being changed by the time the episode went to air. Yuji Naka, then-head of Sega’s Sonic Team (the group responsible for developing all Sonic games) served as an executive producer, and several of the voice actors utilized had previously voiced their characters in the games. The original anime writers were Chinatsu Houjou, Hiro Masaki, Kiyoko Yoshimura, Koji Miki, Masahiko Shiraishi and Yoshio Urasawa. The anime’s theme, “Sonic Drive”, was composed by Takeshi Aida and Cher Watanabe with vocals by Hironobu Kageyama and Hideaki Takatori. There were also three ending themes: “Future” by Kazuyoshi Baba performed by Run&Gun, “Shining Road” by Shun Taguchi and Masataka Matsutoya performed by Aya Hiroshige, and “T.O.P.” by KP and URU. The characters were designed by Satoshi Hirayama, adhering closely to the original game designs for the established characters. 

Shadow reluctantly working with Rouge.

            4Kids Entertainment acquired the rights to handle the localization for the American market. As with their other acquired programs, 4Kids made extensive edits for content and length. They reduced depictions of violence (like blood and death), removed instances of alcohol and sexual innuendos, modified language (removed curses or lessened threats), replaced gunfire with lasers, and eliminated instances of breaking the fourth wall. Eyecatch cards, which displayed information about a character at various intervals utilizing game-inspired art, were also removed. The only thing Sonic X managed to escape was having entire episodes cut out of the rotation; something that befell other 4Kids acquired programs. Rather than use the games’ voice actors, 4Kids cast all-new ones for the show since the game cast didn’t live in New York. Norman J. Grossfeld invited Pollock and Griffith to audition since he knew them from Kirby: Right Back at Ya! and Ultimate Muscle. Griffith, in fact, auditioned for the role of Chris thinking it would be thrilling to be Sonic’s companion, but the producers felt his voice fit Sonic better. The rest of the cast was found through general auditions. Sega would go on to decide to recast their games as well with the 4Kids cast for their games made between 2005-10.

            The 4Kids version of Sonic X made its debut on their FoxBox programming block on FOX on August 23, 2003. The episodes were adapted by John Touhey, Michael Haigney and Lewis, with Kaz Sano serving as a translation advisor. Pollock was allowed to make uncredited rewrites to dialogue whenever he felt something was off. 4Kids gave the series all-new music by Craig Marks, Joel Douek, John Angier, Louis Cortelezzi, Manny Corallo, Matt McGuire and Ralph Schuckett, as well as a new theme, “Gotta go Fast”, by Grossfeld, Joe Garrity and Russell Velázquez. International versions of the show got their own theme, “Sonic X”, by Mark Biagi and Nikki Gregoroff.

Have no fear: the Chaotix are on the case!

            Despite being designed for a Japanese audience, Sonic X actually performed quite poorly in Japan. In contrast, it was a ratings hit in both the United States and France. This would inspire TMS to focus on making properties that would sell well outside of Japan, as well as continue on with the third season of Sonic X (known as series 2 in Japan). Despite having a full Japanese audio track done, the third season aired first in France on Jetix, followed shortly by the 4Kids version later that same year. The third season wouldn’t be seen in Japan until 2020 when Sonic X was re-aired on Kids Station as part of a promotional campaign for the Sonic the Hedgehog film.

The Metarex leadership: Dark Oak in front of Pale Bayleaf, Black Narcissus, Yellow Zelkova and Red Pine.

            For the third season, the show was given new foes in the forms of the Metarex: a large army of cyborgs and robots equipped with advanced powerful weaponry. The Metarex traverse the galaxy to claim objects of great power, in particular Planet Eggs. Planet Eggs embodied the life force of the planet it rests on, causing the planet to begin to die in a variety of different ways once removed (one planet went from desert to flooded, one became an ice planet, vegetation died off on another, etc.). Their leader was Dark Oak (Jōji Nakata with Katsuyuki Konishi as his alter ego, Lucas, and Matt Hoverman), an incredibly powerful and brilliant schemer capable of laying out complex plans that resulted in the Metarex’s continued success. Directly under his command were his generals: Pale Bayleaf (Jūrōta Kosugi & Jim Napalitano), a resourceful tactician with advanced reflexes, strength and durability; Black Narcissus (Ken Narita & Sean Schemmel), a vain narcissist who liked to study his opponents thoroughly, although he wasn’t initially a particularly adept fighter; Yellow Zelkova (Takeshi Watabe & Lewis), a dim-witted powerhouse who used brute force as his first course of action; and Red Pine (Hōchū Ōtsuka & Jonathan Todd Ross), the most cool-headed of the group who liked to plan carefully. Each one was capable of Mover Mode: the shared ability of the males of their plant-like species to assume powerful dinosaur-like forms for a limited time.

A budding romance between Tails and Cosmo?

            Joining the heroes was a female from their species, Cosmo (Etsuko Kozakura & Birnbaum), who could communicate with plant life, jump high and float with her skirt, and unlock the power of a Planet Egg. Cosmo’s homeworld was destroyed by the Metarex and she was raised on a space colony until the Metarex came for that as well. She came to find the legendary one—Sonic—who could wield the power of all the Chaos Emeralds to stop the Metarex. Unfortunately, Sonic hand to scatter the Emeralds across the cosmos to prevent the Metarex from getting them, leading to a hunt to retrieve them that saw Eggman often joining in to help. Tails created the Blue Typhoon, a massive space-faring vessel, to accomplish this task. Its primary weapon was the Sonic Power Cannon, which fired Sonic as a projectile. Along for the ride was a now 18-year-old Chris, who had invented a portal that allowed him to visit Sonic’s world. The time differences between the dimensions (years for Chris, months for Sonic) reverted him physically to his 12-year-old self, although he still retained his mind and experiences from the years that passed.

Sonic and Shadow going Super.

            At 78 episodes, Sonic X was the longest-running Sonic animated series until it was passed by Sonic Boom in 2017, which ultimately topped-out at 104 episodes. It was also the longest consistently-aired of the Sonic shows with reruns being continually broadcast in various territories. Following 4Kids’ bankruptcy in 2012, Saban Brands’ Kidsco Media Ventures acquired their rights to the series until 2014. As of 2015, the American rights for Sonic X lie with Discotek Media.

The comic series from Archie Comics.

            ShoPro licensed extensive waves of merchandise for the show in North America, which included toys, bedding, towels, backpacks, stationery and pajamas. Toy Island produced a line of action figures for the 4Kids version, which actually began as repacked versions of their line for Sonic Adventure. Eventually, more on-model figures were produced. FEVA distributed the toys in the United Kingdom, which also included a radio-controlled Sonic by Spin Master. While Archie Comics had the Sonic the Hedgehog license, they began a tie-in series for the anime also titled Sonic X. Beginning in 2005, it was originally set to be a 4-issue mini-series, but high demand turned it into an ongoing series that ran for 40 issues (the same thing happened with their main Sonic title). The comics would follow the premise of the show, but greatly expand some of the concepts and characters introduced; such as a new G.U.N. agent, Captain Westwood, starting the secret group S.O.N.I.C.X. (Society for Observing and Neutralizing Inter-dimensional Creatures and Xenomorphs) comprised of characters somehow wronged by Sonic, such as Jerome Wise. Some of the issues would be reprinted by Jetix Magazine in the United Kingdom, Italy and Poland. In 2003, McDonald’s featured five LCD sports games in their Happy Meals based on the show; with two featuring Sonic and one each for Tails, Knuckles and Shadow. Another one with Big the Cat arrived the following year. In 2007, they’d release another collection of spinner toys. LeapFrog Enterprises released an educational Sonic X math game for its Leapster handheld consoles in 2005, and the Vortexx Sonic X website featured the browser game Sonic X Ring Thing. There was also a collectible card game produced by Score Entertainment where two players competed to score three Chaos Emeralds in order to win a game. Between 2005 and 2007, six novels were published by Grosset & Dunlap. Four of them were written by Charlotte Fullerton and the last two by Paul Ruditis and Diana G. Gallagher, respectively.

The complete series.

            Victor Entertainment and Universal Music released 13 DVD and VHS compilations in Japan between 2003 and 2004, with Hi-Spec editions of the first 10 released with bonus features and better audio quality. 2004 also saw the release of a Game Boy Advance Video containing episodes from the first season, with a second one planned but eventually cancelled before release. The first 52 episodes were released in the United States by Funimation in 10 VHS and 10 single-disc collections released from 2004 to 2006. Beginning in 2007, they were combined and re-released as four “Saga” sets: New World Saga, Chaos Emerald Chaos, Chaos & Shadow Sagas and The Egg Moon, Emerl & Homebound Sagas. The final season was released between two collections: The Complete 5th Season and So Long, Sonic. In 2016, all the collections were condensed down into two, while in 2019 the complete series was released for the first time onto Blu-ray by Discotek. Warner Home Video and Jetix Consumer Products handled the various European releases. episodes. Future Publishing’s Jetix Magazine released their sixth and ninth issue with DVDs containing an episode of Sonic X along with an episode of Robot Wars and Totally Spies!, respectively. MRA Entertainment released 17 volumes of three-episodes each in Australia between 2005 and 2006. Focus Filmes released three DVD collections in Brazil beginning in 2016. The first two seasons have been made available to stream on Netflix and Vudu, with the entire series available on Prime Video, Hulu, Tubi, Roku and TMS’s official YouTube channel. It’s was also made viewable on Kabillion stations. 



EPISODE GUIDE (translated Japanese titles in parenthesis):
“Chaos Control Freaks (Super Sonic Hero Appears!)” (4/6/03 JAP, 8/23/03 US) – Stopping Eggman’s latest scheme sends Sonic and his friends to an alternate dimension where humans are the dominant species.


“Sonic to the Rescue (Infiltrate! Area 99)” (4/13/03 JAP, 9/13/03 US) – Sonic invades a high security military research facility to rescue Cream and Cheese.


“Missile Wrist Rampage (Dr. Eggman’s Ambition)” (4/20/03 JAP, 9/20/03 US) – Eggman begins his attempted takeover of the world and Knuckles and Amy join in the fight to drive him back.


“Chaos Emerald Chaos (Get the Chaos Emerald!)” (4/27/03 JAP, 9/27/03 US) – The government becomes aware of the ongoing battle as Sonic and his friends and Eggman head out after a Chaos Emerald.


“Cracking Knuckles (Clash! Sonic vs. Knuckles)” (5/4/03 JAP, 10/4/03 US) – Eggman manages to convince Knuckles that he’s remorseful and just wants to get everyone home, pitting him against Sonic for another Emerald.


“Techno-Teacher (Fierce Battle! School Wars)” (5/11/03 JAP, 10/11/03 US) – Believing in education for world conquest, Eggman sends a teaching robot to Chris’ school but it becomes too enthusiastic and puts all the children in danger.


“Party Hardly (Giant Free-for-All! Chris’ House Party)” (5/18/03 JAP, 10/18/03 US) – Chris learns Mr. Stewart has been calling his home and tries to keep Sonic and his friends secret from the rest of his family.


“Satellite Swindle (Emergency Launch! X-Tornado)” (5/25/03 JAP, 10/25/03 US) – Eggman gobbles up all the satellites, sending Sonic on a mission to discover why Cream can’t watch her favorite show.


“The Last Resort (Amy on the Beach)” (6/1/03 JAP, 11/1/03 US) – Eggman crashes the opening ceremony of a beach resort, looking to build his own amusement park on the site.


“Unfair Ball (Fierce Fight! Sonic Baseball Team)” (6/8/03 JAP, 11/8/03 US) – Chuck convinces Sonic and Eggman to have a baseball game to determine who gets to claim an Emerald found in an abandoned ballfield.


“Fly Spy (The Beautiful and Mysterious Thief Rouge)” (6/15/03 JAP, 11/15/03 US) – The President sets a trap to try and capture and recruit Sonic and his friends, but Rouge is the one that ends up taking the bait: a Chaos Emerald.


“Beating Eggman, Part 1 (Attack on the Eggman Base! Part One)” (6/22/03 JAP, 11/22/03 US) – The President launches an attack on Eggman’s base with Rouge in the lead while Sonic’s friends try to claim a Chaos Emerald from Eggman.


“Beating Eggman, Part 2 (Atack on the Eggman Base! Part Two)” (6/29/03 JAP, 11/29/03 US) – Eggman manages to grab the Chaos Emerald while the Eggman base invaders end up trapped inside after planting some bombs.


“That’s What Friends Are For (Chase the Hero Sonic!)” (7/6/03 JAP, 12/6/03 US) – In order to help the President look good, an aide intends to get a picture of him shaking hands with Sonic—no matter what.


“Skirmish in the Sky (Mobile Fortress Egg Fort Attacks!)” (7/13/03 JAP, 12/13/03 US) – Eggman renews his attack on the city with a flying Egg Fort.


“Depths of Danger (Aim for It! The Sunken Ship in the Southern Sea)” (7/20/03 JAP, 1/17/04 US) – Sonic and his friends follow the Chaos Emerald as it leads them to another one below the sea.


“The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk (Knuckles! Fist of Fury)” (7/27/03 JAP, 1/24/04 US) – Knuckles reunites with treasure hunter Hawk and they set out to find a Chaos Emerald in Oriental City.


“The Dam Scam (Huge Shoot-out on the Savanna!)” (8/3/03 JAP, 1/31/04 US) – Chris and Tails try to get two men to stop building a dam in the middle of the Savanna just as Eggman decides to attack.


“Sonic’s Scream Test (Ghost of the Old Castle King Boom Boo)” (8/10/03 JAP, 2/7/04 US) – Chris and his friends visit his mother’s film set to watch the shoot, but it turns out someone accidentally released the ghosts haunting the old castle there.


“Cruise Blues (Departure! Egg Fort II)” (8/17/03 JAP, 2/14/04 US) – Sonic finds himself going nuts with the slow pace the passenger boat they’re on travels and will do anything to get to go home.


“Fast Friends (Speed Match! Sonic vs. Sam)” (8/24/03 JAP, 2/21/04 US) – At the behest of the President’s aide, Sam challenges Sonic to a race.


“Little Chao Lost (Summer Vacation, a Chao Observation Diary)” (8/31/03 JAP, 2/28/04 US) – Chris goes away with some of the animals and his school friends only to have their vacation interrupted by Eggman.


“Emerald Anniversary (Mayhem! 6 Chaos Emeralds)” (9/7/03 JAP, 3/6/04 US) – Chris’ father purchases a ring for his wife not knowing it’s actually a Chaos Emerald various parties want to get their hands on.


“How to Catch a Hedgehog (Sonic Goes Wild! Strategic Capture Operation)” (9/14/03 JAP, 3/13/04 US) – Sonic suddenly goes wild during a battle with Eggman and his friends come up with more and more complicated plans to stop him.


“A Dastardly Deed (The Last Chaos Emerald)” (9/21/03 JAP, 3/20/04 US) – Knuckles wants to convince Sonic to work with Eggman to find the last Emerald but instead manages to recruit Chris.


“Countdown to Chaos (Birth! Super Sonic)” (9/28/03 JAP, 3/27/04 US) – Chris gives Eggman the Emeralds they found in order to help his friends get home sooner.


Season 2:

“Pure Chaos (The Beginning of Disaster)” (10/3/03 JAP, 9/18/04 US) – Eggman returns with new robots piloted by animals and a monster called Chaos.


“A Chaotic Day (The Mysterious Life Form Chaos)” (10/12/03 JAP, 9/24/04 US) – The X-Tornado crashes during a battle with the Egg Carrier as Amy ends up captured by Eggman while helping a small bird.


“A Robot Rebels (Amy the Captive)” (10/19/03 JAP, 10/2/04 US) – Eggman’s robot E-102 ends up releasing Amy after capturing Froggy while Sonic and Tails chase after the Egg Carrier with Knuckles.


“Head’s Up, Tails! (Battle on the Egg Carrier)” (10/26/03 JAP, 10/9/04 US) – The heroes infiltrate the Egg Carrier and end up in a confrontation with Eggman and Chaos.

“Revenge of the Robot (Gamma the Wanderer)” (11/2/03 JAP, 10/16/04 US) – While Sonic infiltrates Eggman’s underground base, Gamma wanders around freeing the animals captured by his fellow robots.


“Flood Fight (The Scream of Perfect Chaos)” (11/9/03 JAP, 10/23/04 US) – Chaos defies Eggman and uses the Chaos Emeralds to evolve into the ferocious Perfect Chaos.


“Project: Shadow (The Mystery of Project Shadow)” (11/16/03 JAP, 10/30/04 US) – Eggman discovers his grandfather had connections to GUN’s top-secret weapon and sets out to steal it.


“Shadow Knows (Sonic the Fugitive)” (11/23/03 JAP, 11/6/04 US) – Sonic ends up a fugitive when GUN believes him to be the one that committed Eggman’s thefts.


“Sonic’s Big Break (Escape from Prison Island)” (11/30/03 JAP, 11/13/04 US) – Sonic’s friends set out to rescue him from Prison Island while Eggman, Shadow and Rouge head there for the Chaos Emeralds.


“Shadow World (Threat from Outer Space)” (12/7/03 JAP, 11/20/04 US) – Shadow inadvertently rescues Chris from Prison Island’s destruction and takes him to Space Colony ARK where Eggman threatens the planet with a cannon.


“Showdown in Space (Maria’s Wish, Everyone’s Wish)” (12/21/03 JAP, 12/4/04 US) – The two sides fight it out until they’re forced to come together and stop ARK from crashing into the planet like a giant bomb.


“Defective Detectives (Chaotix Detective Agency)” (12/28/03 JAP, 12/11/04 US) – Eggman seemingly reforms and fixes up the moon he destroyed while strange detectives have an interest in Cream.


“Sunblock Solution (Eggman Corporation)” (1/4/04 JAP, 12/18/04 US) – Eggman’s moon covers the sun, giving him leverage to offer the President a sunlight supply device.


“Eggman for President (Give Us the Light!)” (1/11/04 JAP, 1/22/05 US) – The public reacts badly to Sonic’s attempts to stop Eggman.


“A Date to Forget (Amy, Love’s Escape?!)” (1/18/04 JAP, 1/29/05 US) – Sonic blows off a date with Amy, prompting her to go on a trip with Sam Speed that lets them discover a mech trying to free Eggman.


“Mean Machines (Huge Home Electronics Panic!)” (1/25/04 JAP, 2/5/05 US) – Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe are put to work in an electronics factory where they slip chips that put the city’s appliances under Eggman’s control.


“Sewer Search (The Ridiculous Epic Spy Battle)” (2/1/04 JAP, 2/12/05 US) – Chris and his friends join in Stewart’s search for the escaped Eggman.


“Prize Fights (Sonic Battle: Face Off!)” (2/8/04 JAP, 2/19/ 05 US) – The President sets up a martial arts tournament with a Chaos Emerald prize in order to lure out Eggman.


“A Wild Win (Sonic Battle: Finale!)” (2/15/04 JAP, 2/26/05 US) – Emerl has a strange reaction to the Chaos Emerald and goes wild.


“Map of Mayhem (Big Decisive Battle on Lattitude 0!)” (2/22/04 JAP, 3/5/05 US) – Eggman uses a giant battleship to threaten the planet with destruction by triggering the “navel of the world”.


“The Volcanic Venture (Sonic vs. the Underground Monsters)” (2/29/04 JAP, 3/12/05 US) – Sonic and his friends follow Eggman to an underground world where they meet giant ferocious creatures.


“The Beginning of the End (The Day the World Stood Still)” (3/7/04 JAP, 3/12/05 US) – Sonic and his friends must return home to prevent a time stagnation phenomenon from occurring, but Chris doesn’t want them to go.


“Running out of Time (Morning of Farewells)” (3/14/04 JAP, 3/19/05 US) – Tails and Chuck work to make a device to send the animals home while GUN launches an unsanctioned attack on Eggman’s base.


“Friends ‘till the End (Chris’ Long Journey)” (3/21/04 JAP, 3/19/05 US) – Chris snatches Sonic away from returning home and runs off with him.


“A New Start (Memories of the Wind)” (3/28/04 JAP, 3/26/05 US) – Sonic finally returns home while a now 18-year-old Chris works on a portal to allow him and his friends to visit Sonic’s world.


Season 3:

“A Cosmic Call (The Messenger from a Meteor Shower)” (3/12/05 FR, 9/10/05 US, 3/25/20 JAP) – The Metarex attack Sonic’s world and steal its life source, causing Sonic to scatter the Chaos Emeralds across the galaxy just as Chris warps to the planet to visit.


“Cosmic Crisis (The Spaceship Blue Typhoon)” (3/12/05 FR, 9/17/05 US, 3/26/20 JAP) – Alien being Cosmo comes to recruit Sonic’s help in defeating the Metarex and restoring all the planets they’ve visited.


“H2 Whoa (The Water Planet Hydo)” (3/13/05 FR, 9/24/05 US, 3/27/20 JAP) – While looking for planet Hydo’s Planet Egg to restore it, Sonic ends up captured by the Metarex and Chris has to save him.


“An Enemy in Need (Dr. Eggman Joins the War!)” (3/14/05 FR, 10/1/05 US, 3/31/20 JAP) – Eggman tricks Knuckles into helping him steal a Chaos Emerald, but the Metarex end up taking it first.


“A Chilling Discovery (The Battle on the Ice Palace)” (3/15/05 FR, 10/8/05 US, 4/1/20 JAP) – Sonic and his friends track a Chaos Emerald to an ice palace where the Metarex are holed up working on some kind of procedure.


“Desperately Seeking Sonic (The Maidens’ Jungle Trap)” (3/16/05 FR, 10/15/05 US, 4/2/20 JAP) – Sonic’s friends manage to repel the Metarex stealing a jungle planet’s Planet Egg, but he ends up being hurled towards the planet and lost in the process.


“Galactic Gumshoes (The Chaotix Go Into Space)” (3/17/05 FR, 10/22/05 US, 4/3/20 JAP) – Cream’s mother hires the Chaotix to take the items sent from Chris’ world to the Blue Typhoon.


“Trick Sand (Shadow Rebirth)” (3/18/05 FR, 10/29/05 US, 4/6/20 JAP) – Sonic finds a Chaos Emerald on a dead planet only to fall into a trap set by Deserd.


“Ship of Doom (Metarex Battleship Attacks!)” (3/19/05 FR, 11/5/05 US, 4/7/20 JAP) – Sonic’s friends, Eggman and Shadow find themselves at the mercy of the Metarex Hellship.


“An Underground Odyssey (The Secret of the Underground Valley)” (3/20/05 FR, 11/12/05 US, 4/8/20 JAP) – In an underground cavern, Tails and Cosmos stumble upon the Metarex creating copies of the Chaos Emeralds.


“Station Break-In (Space Fortress Metal Plant)” (3/21/05 FR, 11/19/05 US, 4/9/20 JAP) – Eggman teams up with Sonic and his friends in order to get the last two Chaos Emeralds out of the Metarex fortress.


“A Metarex Melee (Clash! Sonic vs. Shadow)” (3/23/05 FR, 11/26/05 US, 4/10/20 JAP) – The Metarex army descends on the fortress to spring their trap while Sonic ends up locked into battle with Shadow.


“Mission: Match Up (The Chaotix’s Incredibly Shocking Lovey-Dovey Operation)” (4/5/05 FR, 12/3/05 US, 4/13/20 JAP) – The Chatoix decide that Tails has feelings for Cosmo and decide to help him along in expressing them.


“Clash in the Cloister (Cross the Galaxy Corridor!)” (4/6/05 FR, 2/4/06 US, 4/14/20 JAP) – The Blue Typhoon’s path is blocked by cosmic roots that allows Yellow Zelkova the time to attack.


“Teasing Time (Black Trap)” (4/7/05 FR, 2/11/06 US, 4/15/20 JAP) – The heroes track down large amounts of Chaos Emerald signals to an old asteroid factory where they discover an Emerald production plant.


“A Revolutionary Tale (Upon a Destroyed Planet)” (4/8/05 FR, 2/18/06 US, 4/16/20 JAP) – Eggman’s group arrives on Cascade tracking a Chaos Emerald signal and discover one of the group of heroes protecting the planet may be working with the Metarex.


“The Planet of Misfortune (Please Marmolim!)” (4/9/05 FR, 2/25/06 US, 4/17/20 JAP) – The heroes recover a Chaos Emerald from three aliens, and then proceed to free their planet’s Planet Egg from a diseased part of the world.


“Terror on the Typhoon (The Eggman Fleet Appears!)” (4/10/05 FR, 3/4/06 US, 4/20/20 JAP) – The heroes discover that Eggman has joined forces with the Metarex.


“Hedgehog Hunt (Café Chaotix)” (4/11/05 FR, 3/11/06 US, 4/21/20 JAP) – The heroes are stranded on an alien planet with the Chaotix with Pale Bayleaf lying in wait above, until Eggman arrives and disguises his ship as the Blue Typhoon as a decoy.


“Zelkova Strikes Back (The True Form of the Metarex?!)” (4/12/05 FR, 3/18/06 US, 4/22/20 JAP) – Zelkova’s ambush backfires as the heroes manage to take him out, and Shadow and Rouge end up coming upon some information that will help them defeat the Metarex.


“The Cosmo Conspiracy (Shadow the Assassin!)” (4/13/05 FR, 4/1/06 US, 4/23/20 JAP) – Shadow invades the Blue Typhoon to kill Cosmo, leaving a desperate Tails to try and save her.


“Eye Spy (Lost Planet)” (4/15/05 FR, 4/8/06 US, 4/24/20 JAP) – It’s discovered that Cosmo has unknowingly been spying on the heroes for Dark Oak, but instead of letting her leave they vow to help free her of the Metarex.


“Agent of Mischief (The Day of the Forestation)” (4/15/05 FR, 4/15/06 US, 4/27/20 JAP) – The heroes confront the Metarex and the plant dragon they summoned while Chris infiltrates Dark Oak’s ship to free Eggman.


“The Light in the Darkness (Decisive Battle! Dark Oak)” (4/16/05 FR, 4/22/06 US, 4/28/20 JAP) – The heroes use the Master Emerald to strike at the dragon, rendering it powerless and only succeeding in taking out Black Narcissus and Pale Bayleaf.


“A Fearless Friend (What Can I Do For You)” (4/17/05 FR, 4/29/06 US, 4/29/20 JAP) – The Chaos Emeralds regain their power, turning Sonic and Shadow super and allowing them to take on the dragon’s nut-like form.


“So Long, Sonic (The Place Where Planets Are Born)” (4/18/05 FR, 5/6/06 US, 4/30/20 JAP) – With the threat eliminated, Eggman sends Chris home so that he and Sonic can resume their rivalry.

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