March 05, 2016


           This year, Warner Bros. has taken the first steps towards launching their own unified cinematic universe. Batman v Superman started out as the first silver screen meeting of DC Comics’ two flagship heroes, but over its production time gradually expanded to introduce other members of the Justice League leading to the subtitle Dawn of Justice. Furthering those developments, Ben Affleck’s Batman is set to appear in August’s Suicide Squad movie.

            To celebrate the birth of the DC Cinematic Universe, this month we’ll be looking at shows that star members of the Justice League (with a few Suicide Squad-ers thrown in for good measure). Plus, not to mention every freakin’ Batman and Superman cereal EVER!

            On March 5th, what better place to start than with the first superhero in his first Saturday outing The New Adventures of Superman. Joining him is the second Saturday DC-toon Aquaman.

            On March 12th, we jump a bit ahead to the recent past with Beware the Batman, which starred Suicide Squad’s Katana, followed by Green Lantern: The Animated Series starring the League founding member.

            On March 19th, we get unified with the Justice League in Super Friends and the Teen Titans, which starred eventual League-er Cyborg.

            Finally, on March 26th, the match-up you’ve all been waiting for since this blog started. That’s right, it’s Batman and Superman: The Animated Series. 

            And for some of the Justice League fun we've already posted, you can check out The Adventures of Batman and The NEW Adventures of Batman

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