July 25, 2020


(NBC, September 17, 1983-December 1, 1990)

Bagdasarian Productions, Ruby-Spears Enterprises (season 1-5), Murakami-Wolf-Swenson (season 6), DiC Enterprises (season 6-8)

Ross Bagdasarian, Jr.Alvin, Simon, Dave Seville, Grandpa Seville (2nd voice), various
Dody GoodmanBeatrice Miller (season 4-8)
Sherwood Ball – Chipmunk singing voices
Rainy Hayes – Chipette singing voices

For the history of the Chipmunks, check out the post here.

            Ross Bagdasarian Sr. was the creator of Alvin and the Chipmunks. He came up with the notion of creating characters to go along with his newfound trick of recording his voice and playing it at double speed that he used in his songs “Witch Doctor” and “The Bird on My Head”. He introduced the world to the Chipmunks with 1958’s “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)”, which launched an entertainment franchise that led to 12 studio albums, a comic book, and an animated series.

Ross Bagdasarian Sr. among the fruits of his Chipmunk empire.

            All of that seemingly came to a halt in 1972 when Bagdasarian died of a heart attack. However, the Chipmunks soon returned to the airwaves as the original cartoon, The Alvin Show, was repackaged as Alvin and the Chipmunks and aired on NBC Saturday mornings in 1979. Then, KMET DJ Chuck Taylor made a joke that the Chipmunks released a new single by playing Blondie’s “Call Me” at double speed. Bagdasarian’s son, Ross Bagdasarian Jr., who had taken over his father’s company, Bagdasarian Productions, found himself bombarded with requests for the new Chipmunks “release”. With the aid of Steve Vining, Bagdasarian rushed a recording of the first new Chipmunks album: Chipmunk Punk (which was the name Taylor used, rather than a description of the type of music featured).

            When the album went platinum, NBC decided to see how far the Chipmunk resurgence would go by commissioning an all-new special. Produced by Bagdasarian Productions and Chuck Jones Enterprises, A Chipmunk Christmas made its debut on the network on December 14, 1981. Bagdasarian once again supplied the main voices except for Theodore, who was handled by his wife and business partner, Janice Karman. The special, written by Bagdasarian and Karman, saw Alvin secretly give the harmonica that Dave gave him to a sick boy. However, his plans to save enough to buy a new one before Dave found out was spoiled by Carnegie Hall wanting him to perform with it on Christmas Eve. A companion album containing the special’s songs was released by RCA the following year.

Simon, Alvin and Theodore.

            Encouraged by the ratings of the special, NBC went forward with ordering a brand-new series. This time, animation production was handled by Ruby-Spears Enterprises, however the minor softening to the characters’ designs made in the Christmas special were kept. Like The Alvin Show before it, Alvin and the Chipmunks focused on the daily lives of the Chipmunks as they dealt with school, modest fame, and everyday life in the Seville household. Along with typical slice of life stories, many episodes were done as parodies of  pop culture either in their title (such as “Urban Chipmunk” referencing the film Urban Cowboy or “Swiss Family Chipmunks” referencing the book Swiss Family Robinson) or in their entire plot (such as “The Brunch Club” based on the film The Breakfast Club or  “Chipmunk Vice” based on the series Miami Vice). A little fantasy was thrown in with Simon creating various inventions, including a time machine that factored into several plots. One notable storyline featured the Chipmunks inspiring the fall of the Berlin Wall, which would air 11 months prior to the actual toppling of the wall.

The Chipettes: Jeanette, Brittany and Eleanor.

            The series introduced several new characters to the mythos. Chief among them were the Chipettes (all voiced by Karman); a band of girl chipmunks from Australia that had a friendly rivalry with the Chipmunks, and were every bit their counterparts. Brittany, the eldest, was every bit like Alvin with her vanity and self-centeredness, but deep down cared about others. Jeanette was the tallest and nerdiest, but unlike Simon with Alvin she wasn’t able to stand up to Brittany. Eleanor loved food and cooking like Theodore, but was more athletic, intelligent and was able to stand up to Brittany. They would alternate being just friends to being romantically interested with their Chipmunk counterparts. The Chipettes were initially living on their own in a treehouse until they were eventually adopted by the Sevilles’ absent-minded neighbor, Beatrice Miller (Dody Goodman), who was also once a performer like them. The Chipmunks’ birth mother, Vinny (June Foray & Karman), was introduced and it was explained she left them with Dave to spare them having to deal with a rough winter. Members of Dave’s family were also introduced, including his parents and adventurous elderly uncle, Willy (Thomas H. Watkins). The first new chipmunk introduced in the series was recurring antagonist, “Uncle” Harry (Frank Welker). He continually tried to con the Chipmunks in order to enrich himself. The characters were designed by Corny Cole, Fred Hellmich, Toby Bluth and Sandy Berez.

Hijinx with Beatrice Miller and Dave Seville.

            Alvin and the Chipmunks debuted on NBC on September 17, 1983, although they made an appearance as costumed actors the night before in the Saturday morning preview special, The Yummy Awards. The majority of the episodes were broken up into two story segments each, with at least one musical number per story. The show proved a success and ran for 8 seasons. During that time, there were also three television specials—I Love the Chipmunks Valentine Special, A Chipmunk Reunion and Rockin’ Through the Decades—as well as a Saturday morning preview special centered on the Chipmunks entitled Alvin Goes Back to School, and a theatrically-released film, The Chipmunk Adventure.

The Chipmunks get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (which they actually would in 2019).

While the first season was largely comprised of original songs made for the show and some of Bagdasarian Sr.’s previous hits (including “Witch Doctor”, which was often considered the first Chipmunk song by fans), gradually cover songs became the norm. Covered artists included a mix of contemporary and classic ones from a variety of genres, such as  Michael Jackson (who also was the focus of an episode and appeared via live archive footage), Irving Berlin, Olivia Newton-John, Queen, The Beach Boys, Kool & the Gang, Lesley Gore, Billy Joel, Pat Benatar, Duke Ellington, The Beatles, Willie Nelson, Devo, Cyndi Lauper, Huey Lewis and the News, Little Richard, ZZ Top, Madonna, The Drifters, The Go-Go’s, Patti LaBelle, The Pointer Sisters, Elvis, Aretha Franklin, The Bangles, Bonnie Tyler, Bill Haley & His Comets, Ray Charles and James Brown, among others.  Each song was chosen to have some kind of connection to the story’s plot. Dean Elliott handled the original music for the first five seasons, then Randy Edelman, Thomas Chase and Stephen Rucker through Chase/Rucker Productions, Inc. for the remainder. The theme songs were composed by Bagdasarian and Karman. Sherwood Ball and Rainy Hayes provided the singing voices for the Chipmunks and Chipettes, respectively.

            As the Chipettes became more prominent in the show, it was decided to rename it simply The Chipmunks for the 6th season. To cut costs, production was moved over to DiC Enterprises for the remainder of the series’ run, and original songs began to dominate again. At the same time, Bagdasarian Productions wanted to sell the series into the growing syndication market and commissioned Murakami-Wolf-Swenson to produce the 11 episodes they needed to round out the package (which included all 52 Ruby-Spears episodes and the Valentine and Reunion specials), which also aired as part of season 6 when DiC’s episodes ran late. The syndicated version retained the original Alvin title. Clips from The Chipmunk Adventure were used in the original opening titles for the season played against a modified version of the theme before it was changed to an all-new intro. The syndicated episodes retained the original opening but utilized the modified theme.

            For the final season, it was decided to shake things up and try and revitalize the show. The original format was abandoned in favor of going all-out on the parodies. Each episode was a spoof of a movie including Back to the Future, King Kong (1976), Batman (1989), Indiana Jones, Star Trek, RoboCop, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, National Lampoon’s European Vacation, Dick Tracy, Gremlins, Splash and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (although Jaws, Frankenstein and Star Wars were seen in the opening titles, they weren’t adapted). The series’ name was once again changed to The Chipmunks Go to the Movies, invoking the name of the final album released by Bagdasarian Sr. The season’s title had Alvin spoofing the MGM Lion.

The Chipmunks meet their past selves thanks to Simon's time machine.

Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue VHS.

In 1990, the Chipmunks appeared in the anti-drug special Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue with several other Saturday morning characters. Three more specials utilizing the show’s designs were made between 1994 and 1995: Trick or Treason, A Chipmunk Celebration, and The Easter Chipmunk. They aired on USA Network where the final seasons was currently running as part of their Cartoon Express block. Three direct-to-video movies were released between 1999 and 2003. Universal Studios purchased the rights to the characters leading to the film Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein and its sequel, Meet the Wolfman. Both featured the Chipmunks encountering the titular monsters. A breach of contract caused Universal to lose the rights shortly after. Little Alvin and the Mini-Munks was a live-action movie that featured the characters done in puppet form and made pre-school age.  During its run, the series was nominated for three Emmys and a Young Artists award. The film was also nominated for a Young Artist, but it would be Meet Frankenstein that would end up taking home a Golden Reel award.

To boldly go where no Chipmunk has gone before.

In 1983, Ideal released plush dolls based on the Chipmunks, notably giving each one an initial on their shirt, followed by the Chipettes in 1985. Ideal would also make a set of wind-up toys for both bands. Shortly after the series premiered, Random House published short story books based on various episodes, both in standard form and with audio accompaniment. In 1984, Playskool released an electronic Talk ‘n Play book where the reader could conduct the Chipmunks in a concert. In 1987, Bagdasarian Productions published two books on their own before Golden Books picked up the license in 1990. Between 1992-94, Harvey Comics released a five-issue comic book series, two of which adapted episodes directly.

Chipmunks in harmony.

While the Chipmunks had been releasing albums since Chipmunk Punk, three albums released after 1984 focused on material used in the program and related media. Songs From our TV Shows from IJE Records featured several of the cover and original songs used during the first season. Buena Vista Records published the soundtrack for The Chipmunk Adventure in 1987. EMI Americana Records released Rockin’ Through the Decades, tying into the special of the same name. 1988’s Solid Gold Chipmunks from Buena Vista and The Chipmunks and the Chipettes: Born to Rock from Quality Records did feature songs from the show, but not exclusively.

Coming out on top.

Following the successful release of Adventure on VHS by Lorimar Home Video in 1987, episode compilations were released across seven VHS tapes in 1989 by The Chipmunk Video Library. Buena Vista Home Video took over distribution in 1992, releasing 20 more tapes between then and 1996. In 2003, Paramount Home Video released The Mini-Munks to DVD, while Universal Studios Home Video re-released their films in a compilation pack with Monster Mash and several episodes of Archie’s Weird Mysteries called Monster Bash Fun Pack. Paramount continued releasing DVDs comprised of the specials and episodes, particularly from the last season. Their release of The Alvin Show also included episodes of the 1980s series as special features. In 2011, Bagdasarian Productions took over releasing the DVDs themselves. There have also been a number of international releases, many of which feature episodes that have never been released to North America such as “The Phantom”, “The Wall”, “Queen of the High School Ballroom”, “Alvin’s Not So Super Hero”, “Home Sweet Home”, “All Worked Up” and “Phantom of the Rock Opera”.

EPISODE GUIDE (linked songs are covers):
Season 1:
“The C-Team / The Chipettes” (9/17/83) – The Chipmunks ask Mr. T for advice on how to retrieve Dave’s pocket watch from some bullies. / The Chipettes arrive on the scene and believe they have a claim to the name “The Chipmunks”.
Songs: The C-Team & We Aim to Please

“Uncle Harry / Rock ‘n’ Robot” (9/24/83) – A conman convinces the Chipmunks he’s their uncle and will take them to their mother when they earn enough money. / The Chipmunks use Alvin’s videogame to create a robot roadie that ends up returning to its original programming.
Songs: Working Day and Night & Honest Fun

“The Television Stars / The Cruise” (10/1/83) – Alvin lies that the Chipmunks are going to perform on TV to a girl he likes. / Alvin unknowingly helps a jewel thief commit his crime.
Songs: Something Told Me (Your Love Was Just For Me), Mister Winter’s Birthday & Cruisin

“The Chipmunks Story” (10/8/83) – The origin of the Chipmunks and how they ended up with Dave.
Songs: The Snake Song & Witch Doctor

“Mr. Fabulous / Grandpa and Grandma Seville” (10/15/83) – Alvin and Simon have Theodore enter a wrestling exhibition that pits him against a giant Russian wrestler. / The Chipmunks meet their grandparents and help raise money to save their farm.
Songs: Pump, Pump, Pump & We Wish You a Happy Birthday

“Unidentified Flying Chipmunk / Mother’s Day” (10/22/83) – A plan to attract more fans with an alien costume leads the government to investigate. / The Chipmunks search for an ideal mother so that they can attend their school’s Mother’s Day picnic.
Songs: There’s No Rock & Roll on Mars & It’s Your Mother (to the tune of “Dance of the Hours” from La Gioconda)

“The Chip-Punks / From Here to Fraternity” (10/29/83) – Alvin tries to give the Chipmunks a new image. / Trying to earn money for a birthday gift for Dave leads the Chipmunks into pulling pranks for some bored college students.
Songs: We Don’t Care, 3-Ring Birthday & Every 365th Day of the Year

“Urban Chipmunk / The Incredible Shrinking Dave” (11/5/83) – The Chipmunks illegally enter a contest to win a chance to sing with Dolly Parton and the runner-up is determined to prove it. / Dave has a nightmare about his shrinking.
Songs: We Love the Country, One Way or Another & What I’ll Do

“Angelic Alvin / The Trouble With Nanny” (11/12/83) – Alvin is upset with playing an angel in the school play until a bump on the head makes him believe he really is one. / The Chipmunks try to get rid of the nanny Dave hired to watch them.

“The Bully Ballet / Alvin…and the Chipmunk” (11/19/83) – A boy who takes ballet stays with the Chipmunks and must show a bully that ballet is cool. / Wanting a break from his fans, Alvin trades places with a wild chipmunk.
Songs: Runnin’ Fast & It Feels So Right

“Swiss Family Chipmunks / Santa Harry” (11/26/83) – Dave takes the Chipmunks camping to get away from a tabloid reporter and they end up on a search for Bigfoot. / Harry disguises himself as Santa and tricks the Chipmunks into building a Christmas-themed amusement park.
Songs: It’s A Jungle Out There & Here Comes Santa Claus

“A Dog’s Best Friend Is His Chipmunk / The Curse of Lontiki” (12/3/83) – The Chipmunks try to raise money for an animal fund and end up taking home a dog instead. / The Chipmunks go to Hawaii and Alvin finds a medallion he believes is cursed.
*replaced by Surfin’ Safari on DVD

“Baseball Heroes / May the Best Chipmunk Win” (12/10/83) – The Chipmunks get jobs as vendors to earn money for new baseball uniforms and end up stopping a pickpocket. / The Chipettes transfer to the Chipmunks’ school and Brittany runs against Alvin for class president.

Season 2:
“The Chipmunk who Bugged Me / Rich and Famous” (9/8/84) – Alvin uses his detective kit to try and solve a mystery on the Orient Express. / Alvin pretends to be rich to compete with another kid for a girl’s affections.

“Don’t Be a Vidiot / A Horse, of Course” (9/15/84) – The Chipmunks all make their own music videos. / The Chipmunks invest in an old racehorse.

“The Camp Calomine Caper / Lights, Camera, Alvin” (9/22/84) – The Chipmunks compete against the Chipettes at camp. / Harry schemes to make Alvin a movie star to break up the Chipmunks.

“Some Entrancing Evening / Match Play” (9/29/84) – A hypnotist gives Dave Alvin’s personality so that he won’t be nervous appearing on a show. / The Chipmunks trick Dave into playing against a man Alvin made a wager with for Dave’s signed golf club.

“The Picture of Health / The Victrola Awards” (10/6/84) – Alvin decides they need to join a gym and try to meet the qualifications for a free membership. / The Chipmunks try to get publicity shots of their doing good deeds to win an award.
*replaced by the original When I’m Old and Gray on DVD.

“Royally Received / Gone Fishin” (10/13/84) – Alvin tries to impress a girl in London by saying they’re there to play for the Queen. / Working at an aquarium for Simon’s science project leads the Chipmunks to have to rescue two prized dolphins.

“Setting the Record Straight / Father’s Day Muffins” (10/20/84) – Theodore is turned into a record mascot to win a radio contest. / A batter mix-up ruins the muffins the Chipmunks planned to sell to raise money for a present for Dave.

“Alvin on Ice / Operation Theodore” (10/27/84) – Alvin plots to get a famous figure skater to appear in the school pageant. / Theodore goes missing when he brings Eleanor’s homework to the hospital where she’s volunteering.

“The Gang’s All Here / Snow Job” (11/3/84) – Alvin gets challenged by a gang. / Alvin gets himself invited to the celebrity ski tournament, now he just has to learn how to ski.
Songs: Beat It & Footloose

“Maids in Japan / My Fair Chipette” (11/10/84) – Alvin signs the group up to be in a Kabuki theater in Japan. / Brittany challenges Alvin to turn Jeanette into a beauty pageant winner.

“New, Improved Simon / The Greatest Show-Offs on Earth” (11/17/84) – Alvin changes Simon’s image so he can impress a girl he likes. / The Chipmunks and Chipettes team up to save a circus.

“Guardian Chipmunks / Carsick” (11/24/84) – Dave starts a neighborhood watch to catch a burglar, and the Chipmunks try to catch him themselves. / After Dave gets sick taking care of them, the Chipmunks try to fix up his car for the car show.
Songs: The C-Team & Little Deuce Coupe

“Hat Today Gone Tomorrow / Snow Wrong” (12/1/84) – Alvin goes crazy searching for his cap. / The Chipmunks and Chipettes audition to be in a production of Snow White.
Songs: The Heart of Rock & Roll, Good Friends & I Have a Dream

Season 3:
“Film Flam / The Secret Life of Dave Seville” (9/14/85) – The Chipmunks hire a cut-rate film editor to make their greatest hits video, and he ends up using home movies instead. / The Chipmunks interview Dave’s friends to find out what secret he’s hiding.

“Who Ghost There? / Romancing Miss Stone” (9/21/85) – Stuck at home without lights, the Chipmunks believe their house is haunted. / Alvin gets a crush on his teacher and becomes jealous when Dave starts dating her.

“A Chip Off the Old Tooth / Three Alarm Alvin” (9/28/85) – Alvin disguises himself as the Tooth Fairy to try and cash in on Theodore’s lost tooth. / The Chipmunks decide to start their own fire department for publicity, which goes fine until an actual fire breaks out.
Songs: Goodbye to You (modified version) & Holding Out For A Hero

“Sisters / Court Action” (10/5/85) – Brittany wants to join a popular clique which means keeping her distance from clumsy, unpopular Jeanette. / Alvin’s participation in the championship basketball game is in jeopardy when he’s put on trial for plagiarizing a book report.

“Good Old Simon / The Chipmunks Go to Washington” (10/12/85) – Feeling unappreciated, Simon runs away and stows away on a cargo ship. / Dave, the Chipmunks and Chipettes head to Washington to try and save a bald eagle nest from a building development.

“Soccer to Me / Every Chipmunk Tells a Story” (10/19/85) – Alvin needs a new player for his team, and only Eleanor fits the bill. / The Chipmunks all have a different story on how Dave’s piano ends up destroyed and covered in pudding.

“A Little Worm in the Big Apple / Staying Afloat” (10/26/85) – Harry attempts to trick the Chipettes while they visit New York. / Alvin accidentally causes Dave’s friend’s boat to sink while on vacation.

“The Chipette Story” (11/2/85) – The Chipettes meet and old friend and remember their struggles going from an Australian orphanage to being music stars.
*Replaced by original songs You Are Beautiful & Keep Dancing on DVD

“The Prize Isn’t Right / The Gold of My Dreams” (11/9/85) – Alvin and Theodore disguise themselves as Simon to compete in a game show for him when he falls ill. / Alvin sells Dave’s RV to buy a gold claim.
Songs: Magic Bus, We’re in the Money & I Need That Gold Tonight (based on “I Need Your Love Tonight”)

“Mind Over Matterhorn / Alvin’s Oldest Fan” (11/16/85) – Alvin arranges to have the gang climb the Matterhorn so that the Chipettes can perform on the peak and gain more fame. / Alvin sets up a contest for one of his fans to win a date with him, but it ends up being an elderly lady.

Season 4:
“Help Wanted: Mommy” (9/13/86) – Dave takes in the Chipettes when it’s discovered that they live alone, but they begin fighting with the Chipmunks.
Songs: New Attitude* & I Wanna Be Loved by You

“Teevee or Not Teevee / A Rash of Babies” (9/20/86) – When their appearance on a talk show is cancelled, the Chipmunks follow the crew to try and get on TV anyway. / Disaster strikes when the Chipmunks start a babysitting service.
Songs: Talk to Me, What’s the Matter With Kids Today? & Theodore’s Lullaby

“Whatever Happened to Dave Seville? / Simon Seville, Superstar” (9/27/86) – The Chipmunks believe that a wax figure of Dave is actually him suffering from some rare disease. / When Simon becomes popular in Australia, Alvin sets it up so that he can “rescue” them and steal his fame.
Songs: First Date & Help!

“Miss Miller’s Big Gamble / Sweet Smell of Success” (10/4/86) – The Chipettes accidentally cause Miss Miller to become a compulsive gambler. / Brittany wants to market her own perfume by giving some to a Queen, but the bottle ends up being switched with one full of fish soup.

“Cinderella? Cinderella!” (10/11/86) – Brittany dreams she’s Cinderella when Miss Miller forces her to do her chores before she can to go to the dance.

“Experiment in Error / How You Gonna Keep ‘em Down on the Farm?” (10/18/86) – Brittany uses an accident in Simon’s lab to get Alvin to take her to a ball. / Theodore tries to keep Grandpa Seville from turning his calf into veal.
Songs: Here She Comes & On the Road Again*

“Middle-Aged Davey / I Love L.A.” (10/25/86) – The Chipmunks try to set Dave up with an old girlfriend to make him feel young again, but he ends up with her younger sister instead. / Alvin wants to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame before Dan the Dog.

“Chipmunk Vice / Hooping It Up” (11/1/86) – Alvin is sick with the flu and dreams he’s a detective searching for his prized baseball card. / The school holds a 1950s-themed scavenger hunt.

Season 5:
“Back to Dave’s Future / Tell It to the Judge” (9/12/87) – The Chipmunks are propelled back in time where they must help young Dave start his music career. / Alvin and Brittany go to court and try to out-lie each other over who caused their accident.
Songs: High Tech World & Fun, Fun, Fun

“Sincerely Theodore / My Pharaoh Lady” (9/19/87) – When Alvin finds out Theodore’s pen pal is the daughter of a film director he steals his date with her. / Brittany bets another girl that if a mummy doesn’t rise and visit her house Brittany will have to drop out of the Carnival queen race.

“Simon Says / When the Chips Are Down” (9/26/87) – When Simon breaks his glasses and looks through a telescope, he believes he sees aliens coming to Earth. / Alvin tricks the others into investigating an old mansion for treasure by promising to paint the garage himself if he’s wrong.

“Alvin, Alvin, Alvin! / Dave’s Dream Cabin” (10/3/87) – Alvin tries out different personalities. / Dave finally buys his dream cabin and Alvin uses it as an opportunity to get Robby Leach to interview him.

“Old Friends / The Mystery of Seville Manor” (10/10/87) – Alvin tries to find the old woman he almost ran over when he finds out she’s wealthy. / The Chipmunks look into if they’re related to one Lord Seville in England.

“Ask Alvin / Theodore Lucks Out” (10/17/87) – Simon and Theodore get Alvin a talk show so that he’ll stop giving them unsolicited advice. / Theodore becomes convinced a bent dime he finds is good luck.

“Big Dreams / Island Fever” (10/24/87) – Simon uses his time machine to find out the results of Alvin’s choice of prize in a sweepstakes he won. / Tempers flare as the Chipmunks and Chipettes get tossed off the cruise ship where they perform and end up stranded on an island.

“Just One of the Girls / Goin’ Down to Dixie” (10/31/87) – The Chipettes and Miss Miller with her old singing group both decide to audition for a TV show. / The Chipettes have to deal with a cut-rate travel service in order to get to a gig in New Orleans.

Season 6:
“Dreamlighting” (9/10/88) – While waiting for Alvin for a date, Brittany has a dream that they’re a pair of detectives and Alvin has to stop her from marrying an evil Simon.
Song: Alvinson’s Root Beer Cooler

“Elementary, My Dear Simon” (9/17/88) – Simon hosts a show where he plays Sherlock Holmes.
Song: Home Skiddle De Doorey

“The Brunch Club” (10/1/88) – While in detention, the Chipmunks and Chipettes try to figure out who knocked over a statue.
Song: What Were You Doing at the Time?

“Food for Thought” (10/15/88) – Alvin and Simon try to help Theodore pass his history test.
Song: History Rap

“Wings Over Siesta Grande” (12/2/88) – A tribe of wild chipmunks helps the Chipmunks stop a thief in Mexico.
Songs: The Key & Witch Doctor*

“Treasure Island” (10/29/88) – Dave reads to the Chipmunks after the TV blows up.
Song: The Sea Life

“Chipmunkmania” (12/5/88) – An overview of the Chipmunks’ career.
Songs: Puttin’ on the Ritz*, Witch Doctor*, Poopsie Cola, Three Little Maids from School*, Bad to the Bone*

“Grounded Chipmunk” (12/6/88) – Alvin doesn’t get to go to the fun park and is forced to clean up the house after holding a forbidden party.
Song: Bippidee Bop With My Favorite Mojo

“Alvie’s Angles” (12/7/88) – The Chipettes hunt down a popular jewel thief.
Song: Beat of the Jungle

“Cadet’s Regrets” (12/8/88) – Alvin enrolls them in a cadet camp, and the Chipmunks consider running away when it proves too tough.
Song: Commandos

“Alvin in Analysis” (12/9/88) – Alvin goes to a psychologist.
Songs: Goodbye to You*, First Date*, Rock Around the Clock* & The Heat Is On*

“Dave’s Getting Married” (9/24/88) – Dave’s new love-interest seems almost perfect, except that her own sons clash with the Chipmunks.
Songs: She’s Alright & Count on Me

“No Chipmunk is an Island / Babysitter Fright Night” (10/8/88) – Constant fighting leads the Chipmunks to want their own rooms. / A movie encourages Alvin to think their babysitter is a murderer.
Songs: Help Me Get Out & Babysitter Rock

“Alvin’s Summer Job” (10/22/88) – Alvin gets a job in order to afford an expensive toy.
Songs: We’re the Chipmunks & Swing

“Once Upon a Crime” (11/5/88) – The Chipmunks end up taking a toy from Miss Miller’s attic without permission.
Song: Sorro

“The Phantom / Mad About Alvin” (11/12/88) – Dave becomes a successful rock singer. / Alvin ends up challenged to a fight at school.
Song: The Phantom

“Vinny’s Visit” (11/19/88) – The Chipmunks’ mother visits for “Parents’ Day” but has trouble adapting to modern life.
Songs: Vinny’s Lullaby & Girls of Rock ‘n’ Roll (from the film The Malibu Bikini Shop)

“Uncle Adventure / Luck O’ the Chipmunks” (11/26/88) – The Chipmunks try to alleviate Dave’s concerns about his elderly uncle. / The Chipmunks investigate a new student who claims to have a leprechaun.
Songs: You’re Always Young as You Feel & Good Luck Charm

“Theodore and Juliet / Quarterback in Curlers” (12/3/88) – Theodore’s crush ends up crushing on Alvin when she overhears a line Alvin said to help Theodore. / Brittany tries out for the football team, prompting Alvin to try out for the cheer squad in revenge.
*replaced by “Witch Doctor” on DVD

“The Wall / The Amazing Chipmunks” (12/17/88) – The Chipmunks play a concert in Berlin and help inspire the tearing down of the wall. / A crook uses the Chipmunks’ concerts as cover to rob their audiences’ homes.
Songs: Let the Wall Come Down & Great Balls of Fire

“Theodore’s Life as a Dog / Queen of the High School Ballroom” (1/7/89) – Theodore and Simon trick Alvin into thinking Theodore is becoming a dog after Alvin makes him eat a dog biscuit. / The Chipettes try to disguise the Chipmunks as Miss Miller’s date for her high school reunion.
Songs: Life of a Dog & Be My Baby

“Psychic Alvin / A Special Kind of Champion” (1/14/89) – Alvin believes he’s psychic when he passes a test that Simon fails. / When Alvin can’t keep up with the track team, the coach makes him the trainer for a Special Olympian.
Songs: Mystic Guy & Over and Over

“Alvin’s Obsession / Alvin’s Not So Super Hero” (1/21/89) – Alvin challenges a new boy to various competitions to prove he’s better. / Alvin gets to meet his favorite TV hero.
Songs: Shakedown & Holding Out for A Hero*

“Dave’s Wonderful Life” (1/28/89) – A series of setbacks has Dave questioning his existence, and he’s shown what would happen to the Chipmunks without him.
Song: Wonderful Life

Season 7:
“Cookie Chomper III” (9/9/89) – The Chipmunks adopt a new kitten.
Song: Beautiful Memories

“Home Sweet Home / All Worked Up” (9/16/89) – Alvin tells his classmates he’s performing with Michael Jackson. / The Chipmunks overhear Dave suggestion different careers for them, and they promptly being exploring them.

“Nightmare on Seville Street / Thinking Cap Trap” (9/23/89) – The Chipmunks sneak a horror movie and end up terrified the rest of the night. / Tired of being the only genius, Simon invents a helmet that will make the rest of his family as smart as he is.
Songs: Hideous Harold & Calculate

“Bye, George / A Day in the Life” (9/30/89) – Alvin uses Simon’s time machine to pass his history class. / Concerned about the video Simon takes of them at home, Dave and the others decide to break into the TV studio to take the video back.
Songs: Time Warp Rap & Coast Is Clear

“Like Father, Like Son / Dr. Simon and Mr. Heartthrob” (10/7/89) – Alvin gets tired of being treated like a kid and trades places with Dave. / Alvin mucks with Simon’s formula, turning him into a heartthrob and threatening Alvin’s status as a teen idol.
Songs: I Got the Power & Yesterday and You

“Too Hip to Be Dave / Hearts and Flowers” (10/14/89) – A bump on the head causes Dave to lose his memory and adopt a trendy style he saw on TV. / The Chipettes decide to get Miss Miller a boyfriend so that she’ll stop making plans for them.
Songs: Hip and Happenin’ & Hello, Mr. Flowers

“Maltese Chipmunk / Dear Diary” (10/21/89) – Alvin dreams he’s a 1940s detective on the search for Brittany who has disappeared. / The Chipettes take up diary writing, and problems arise when they sneak a peek at each other’s.
Songs: Follow That Clue, Brittany’s Vamp & Dear Diary

“Unfair Science / Shaking the Family Tree” (10/28/89) – The Chipmunks all develop a crush on the substitute science teacher and compete for her affection. / The Chipmunks want a family reunion but find out their family is full of tension and hostility.
Songs: Put on Your Tappin’ Shoes & Family Tree

“Inner Dave / The Legend of Sleeping Brittany” (11/11/89) – The Chipmunks end up shrunken by one of Simon’s inventions. / While covering the story of Sleeping Beauty, Brittany pricks her finger on a spinning wheel and ends up cursed.
Songs: Sing Calypso & Wake Up Little Susie

“Three Chipmunks and a Puppy / Phantom of the Rock Opera” (11/25/89) – Finding difficulty in training Lilly, the Chipmunks give her away. / The Chipmunks take part in an opera that has been plagued with problems.
Songs: Hound Dog, Bombingo Mio, Opera Opening, Potato Potahto, Thunder and Lightning, Star of the Show & Lance the Knife

“The Return of Uncle Adventure / The Princess and the Pig” (12/2/89) – Seeing the boys are bored playing an old folks’ cruse, Uncle Willy takes them to find the Fountain of Youth. / Brittany ends up working on a farm that she has to save from being sold to an unscrupulous businessman.
Songs: La Bomba & Country Feelin’

“Alvin in Neverland” (12/9/89) – When a girl rejects him for being too childish, Alvin decides to make him and his brothers behave like adults.
Song: Oh Boy & Unsavory Things

“Merry Christmas, Mr. Carroll” (12/16/89) – It’s Christmas time, which means once again Alvin is only thinking about himself and what he wants.
Songs: The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late) & Here Comes Christmas

Season 8:
“Back to Our Future” (9/8/90) – The Chipmunks go back in time to convince 1950s Alvin not to give up on the music business.
Songs: Back In Time, Witch Doctor*, Alvin’s Harmonica & The Alvin Twist

“Bigger” (9/15/90) – Alvin wishes he were bigger so people would stop treating him like a kid.
Songs: I Wanna Be Big, I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll & The Girls of Rock ‘n’ Roll*

“Kong!” (9/22/90) – Alvin tries to convince Kong to come back to America with him.

“Batmunk” (9/29/90) – Batmunk merchandise is being stolen, and the only criminal mad enough to pull that off is—the Jokester.

“Daytona Jones and the Pearl of Wisdom” (10/6/90) – Archaeologist Daytona Jones and his brother, Saratoga, head off to find the Pearl of Wisdom.
Songs: Chinatown & Good Thing*
*Replaced by original song “Good Grief” in UK airings.

“Star Wreck: The Absolutely Final Frontier” (10/13/90) – The USS Booby Prize encounters an alien race that wants everything to be the same.
Songs: Bad Moon Rising & Red Alert

“Robomunk” (10/20/90) – After Officer Malone suffers a terrible accident, he’s turned into the half-robot, half-chipmunk Robomunk.
Songs: Hero, The C-Team* & Hangin’ Tough

“S.T. the Space Traveler” (10/27/90) – The Chipmunks meet an alien and try to hide him from scientists.
Songs: Workin’ for a Livin’ & Somebody Rescue Me

“Irrational Buffoon’s European Vacation” (11/3/90) – Clark Sevillewald wins a trip to Europe for him and his boys on a game show.
Songs: The Wanderer & I Wish I Could Speak French

“Chip Tracy” (11/10/90) – Chip Tracy sets out to clean-up the city of crime.
Songs: Real Wild Child (Wild One) & Clothes Make the Man

“Gremlionis” (11/17/90) – The Chipmunks encounter Italian gremlins.
Songs: Gremlionis & Rebel Yell

“Sploosh” (11/24/90) – Trusty must save mermaid Princess Montana from his fame-hungry scientist boss before he exposes her to the world to the world.

“Funny, We Shrunk the Adults” (12/1/90) – Simon’s invention shrinks Dave and Zelda, leaving the kids on their own to cause chaos.
Songs: Short People & Coming up Short

“I Love the Chipmunks Valentine Special” (1984) – Simon and Theodore give Alvin a tape to help him be more confident in asking Brittany out, but instead it turns him into Captain Chipmunk.

“A Chipmunk Reunion” (1985) – The Chipmunks decide to go in search of their mother.

“Alvin Goes Back to School” (9/12/86) – Alvin takes over a school to try and make it more fun for the kids there (NBC preview special).

“Rockin’ with the Chipmunks” (1990) – The Chipmunks celebrate their history with a variety of celebrity guests.

“Trick or Treason” (1994) – Alvin wants to join a gang notorious for pulling mean pranks on Halloween.

“A Chipmunk Celebration” (1994) – The Chipmunks are all given jobs different than they wanted in the town play and come to dread failing horribly.

“The Easter Chipmunk” (4/14/95) – Alvin learns his grandfather was the original Easter Chipmunk and sets out to prove it to the world.

“The Chipmunk Adventure” (5/22/87) – The Chipmunks and Chipettes compete in a hot air balloon race around the world that serves as cover for a diamond smuggling ring.

“Meet Frankenstein” (9/28/99) – The Chipmunks befriend the classic monster only to discover his creator is the true monster as he tries to kidnap and transform Alvin.

“Meet the Wolfman” (8/29/00) – When Theodore is bitten by a strange dog, he becomes a werewolf.

“Little Alvin and the Mini-Munks” (11/15/03) – When Dave needs peace to write a new song, he leaves the Chipmunks and Chipettes with his friend, La-Lu, at her magic cottage.

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