October 03, 2015


Warning: may contain spoilers.


Release Date: August 5, 2015
Writer: Dan Jurgens
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Editors: Dan Didio & David Pina
Covers: Bernard Chang & Marcelo Maiolo (regular), Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz, & Romulo Fajardo, Jr. (variant)

Brother Eye has captured Tim Drake and begins his interrogation of the anomaly to his plans, but Tim is able to escape and is able to recruit Inque upon learning why she serves him. Meanwhile, Matt McGinnis questions if Tim is on the level about his becoming Batman but he doesn’t get very long to dwell on it as when Tim returns to Neo-Gotham, Eye somehow follows.

Just in case you were just joining us.

GRADE: B. This issue takes a break from the main story to focus on Matt’s doubts about Tim, but only a moment as it dives right back into the action. Inque is given a little depth while another Beyond character makes an appearance in the form of size-changing Micron.

Dan Jurgens manages to display Tim’s training throughout, but also remembers to incorporate the fact that he’s a fish out of water and rusty on top of that, which means he makes a lot of simple mistakes without having much time to catch his breath. This world isn’t the home Tim knew and he’s fighting an uphill battle trying to adjust to it while staying alive. That part alone keeps the story interesting. It’s also nice that some focus is finally being given to the characters who truly belong in a Beyond book, instead of keeping them just window dressing to drive the title home.
Raising the stakes.

Bernard Chang’s artwork complimented by Marcelo Maiolo’s colors make the book visually appealing as there is a lot of action crammed onto each page.

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