January 14, 2017


            Hello. My name is Rerun Van Pelt. They asked me to talk to you about reruns. I guess since it’s my name.

            Reruns are when new TV shows become old TV shows and they show them again. Did you know TV stations used to be limited? I couldn’t imagine. I couldn’t imagine not having something to watch on TV whenever you want. I rely on TV to keep my sister Lucy happy when she gets in one of her moods.

            Believe it or not, there weren’t always Saturday morning cartoons. TV stations would put on lots of rerurns on weekends. Soon, they decided to give us kids new TV shows so we could enjoy weekends more. Although, sometimes, they would run out of TV shows and show more reruns again.

            So, this month, this blog will be talking about the reruns that used to air on Saturdays to fill up TV schedules. At least we have something to watch, right?

*This is meant as a tribute/parody. Saturday Mornings Forever has no affiliation with or endorsement from Peanuts.  Rerun is TM & © Peanuts.

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