October 30, 2021



(YTV, Fox Family Channel/ABC Family Channel, April 2, 1999-April 27, 2002)
Telescene (season 1-2), CinéGroupe (season 3), Saban Entertainment
Brandon Quinn – Thomas P. “Tommy” Dawkins
Danny Smith – Merton J. Dingle
Rachelle Lefevre – Stacey Hanson (season 1)
Aimée Castle – Lauren “Lori” Baxter (season 2-3)
Tommy Dawkins (Brandon Quinn) was having a pretty good life. He was a star player on the Pleasantville High football team, he was well-liked, and the girl of his dreams--head cheerleader Stacey Hanson (Rachelle Lefevre)--was finally taking an interest in him. Unfortunately, his life was turned upside-down when a wolf bit him on a camping trip and turned him into a werewolf. Forming an unlikely friendship with social outcast and goth Merton Dingle (Danny Smith), who happened to possess as much knowledge about the macabre as he did movie trivia, they worked together to try and remove Tommy’s curse (or convince Tommy to turn him into one) while also dealing with supernatural trouble that found its way to Pleasantville.

Tommy's original werewolf look.

Big Wolf on Campus was essentially an expansion of the concept seen in the 1985 film Teen Wolf with a mixture of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. However, unlike the film, Tommy hid his lycanthropy from everyone and seemed to possess his abilities when he wasn’t transformed; including super strength, increased speed and agility, rapid healing and enhanced senses. Tommy would come to be revealed as an aberration, as most werewolves succumb to the dark side of their curse that Tommy had somehow managed to repress (however, that dark side was still there and managed to be brought out by certain circumstances). Despite protecting the town from various creatures and entities such as blood bank-robbing vampires, a pack of evil werewolves, ghosts, a mummy, a cyclops and zombies, most people considered the werewolf as big or equal a threat. Further, Tommy often found his dates with Stacey being interrupted by his need to “wolf out”, leading her to think he was constantly ditching her. Stacey also ended up being targeted by some of those entities who found her just as appealing as Tommy.

Tommy finally getting some time alone with Stacey.

Other characters included Tommy’s family: His father, Bob (Alan Fawcett), the mayor of Pleasantville and the biggest proponent for taking the werewolf down, his mother, Sally (Jane Wheeler), a local reporter, and his brother, Dean (Jack Mosshammer), a couch potato who never left his chair (although his television knowledge came in handy at times); Merton’s family, although only his sister, Becky (Natalie Vansier), was ever seen and was embarrassed to be related to him; Tim (Domenic Di Rosa) and Travis (Rob deLeeuw) Eckert, two dimwitted bullies that dubbed themselves “TNT” and dedicated themselves to finding the Pleasantville Werewolf; and Hugo Bostwick (Richard Jutras), the overzealous security guard of the high school. Tommy and Merton would frequently meet in Merton’s basement, which he converted to his “lair” containing all of his accumulated occult items and various screenplays he was working on. They would also hang out at The Factory, a teen hangout where kids could dance, bowl and eat.

Promo shot of Stacey, Tommy and Merton.

Big Wolf on Campus aired on YTV in Canada and Fox Family Channel in the United States, debuting on April 2, 1999 and running for a total of 3 seasons. The show was created by Peter Knight and Christopher Briggs, who after a successful stint writing for Sweet Valley High and Breaker High decided to approach Saban Entertainment with some show ideas for their impending takeover of The Family Channel. Due to its similarity to Teen Wolf, Saban actually contemplated just securing the rights to the film and its characters, but ultimately settled for the cheaper option of just making their own original interpretation. To further save money, the production was filmed in Canada, to take advantage of various incentives Canada offered. It was produced by Telescene, and then CinéGroupe when the former went bankrupt. Knight and Briggs served as creative consultants, producers and wrote several episodes; however, Briggs would depart during the first season over frustration with the power struggles behind the scenes as they found themselves constantly being undermined because of their comparative youth and perceived inexperience. Briggs would return as a consultant and writer for the third season.

Death comes for us all.

Other writers included Gregory Thompson, Aron Abrams, Dan Kopelman, Michael MacKenzie, Dana Reston, Michael Shipley, Jim Bernstein, Rick Nyholm, Kirk Savell, Jonathan Goldstein, Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, Jeff Rothpan, David Hamburg, Mitchell Goldsmith, Ari Posner, Rick Parks, Scott Jackson, Sam Wendel, Robert L. Baird, Kelly Senecal, Michael Bornhorst, David Feeney, Brian Gewirtz, Arnold Rudnick, Rich Hosek, Barry Julien, David Wolkove, Sandy Brown, Pang-Ni Landrum, Maggie Bandur, Matthew Salsberg, Michael Benson, Marc Abrams, Beth Seriff, Geoff Tarson, Lars Guignard, Ron Nelson and Louis Pearson. Baird and Senecal served as story editors for season 2 with Salsberg taking over in season 3, and Julien as executive story editor. The series’ music was composed by James Gelfand in season 1 and Simon Carpenter for the remainder. The theme was written and performed by Smith with arrangement by Robert Marcel Lepage, which was then rearranged from season 2 onwards by Carpenter. Most of the series’ episode titles were puns or parodies of film titles.

Tommy looking dapper in his refined wolf make-up.

Three episodes into the series, Tommy’s werewolf appearance was changed as Quinn proved to be allergic to the glue used. He went from having a wolf-like face with scraggly hair and pointy ears to just having the ears, fangs, and more hair that expanded to his face in mutton chops leading to an incomplete mustache. This look would come to be enhanced and refined as the series went on. The special make-up effects were done by Twins F/X 11 Inc., Erik Gosselin, Karl Gosselin, Marie-France Guy, Marti Jutras, Frédérick Guilbert, Pascal Hérbert and Caroline Aquin. Special effects were rendered by Big Bang Animation (1997) Inc. for the first two seasons, Covitec for the third.

Meet the new girl: Lori.

Stacey was written out of the show after the first season as having gone off to college early. This was done because Knight felt that the character was poorly fleshed out and needed a reset. This allowed him to add Lori Baxter (Aimée Castle), a transfer from Pleasantville Catholic school who was kicked out for vandalism when helping Tommy and Merton deal with a ghost of a football star destroyed a tribute to him. She became the second person to know about Tommy’s secret, as well as his on again/off again girlfriend (they often found being together was distracting from their mission, and while Tommy wanted to stop working together, she wanted to end the relationship to keep up the fight). As a trained kickboxer, she often helped him battle the bad guys. Additionally, the characters of Hugo and Tommy’s parents largely disappeared due to budgetary constraints and wanting to focus more on the essential characters.

Corey Haim (top) and Corey Feldman really sucking (blood) in their guest-spots.

While it maintained a “villain of the week” type format for its entire run, it did have several recurring villains: Butch (Adam MacDonald), a bully and escapee from old 1950s educational films; the Evil Werewolf Syndicate, who wanted to make Tommy one of their own and use him to create more werewolves (since Tommy was turned by an Alpha and became an Alpha himself); and the personification of Death (Lawrence Bayne). Notably, the Coreys guest-starred in two episodes: Corey Haim as a vampiric version of himself, and Corey Feldman as Haim’s friend who came to town looking for him and to make Merton’s movie.

Frank Stein's monster.

Because of declining budgets, power struggles and issues such as Telescene’s bankruptcy and Saban selling out to Disney, it was a struggle to get each additional season into production. After 65 episodes, enough to reach syndication levels, the series came to an end as it just wasn’t making enough money to justify keeping it going. However, the production was given enough notice to deliver a proper finale and give their characters a send-off. The series remained on Fox Family’s successor, ABC Family (now Freeform), until September when it was removed for Disney’s own programming. To date, only the first season has seen home release on a VHS box set dubbed in French. Starting in 2020, Canadian media company Encore+ Media released the entire series to YouTube.
Season 1:
“Pilot” (4/2/99) – Tommy is attacked by a wolf on a camping trip and becomes a werewolf.
“The Bookmobile” (4/9/99) – Tommy has his chance to get rid of his curse, but the arrival of a bookmobile leading to mysterious disappearances takes precedence.
“Butch Comes to Shove” (4/16/99) – A character from a 1950s educational film exits into Pleasantville and decides to bring Stacey back with him.
“Cat Woman” (4/30/99) – A foreign exchange student comes to the school who gets along with Tommy very well, much to Stacey’s annoyance.
“Witch College” (5/7/99) – When a sorority sets their sights on Stacey, she suddenly becomes a real witch.
“The Pleasantville Strangler” (5/14/99) – Hugo and Merton accidentally release the spirit of a serial-killer who can possess anyone.
“Stage Fright” (5/21/99) – A crazed cable man comes to town and punishes those who steal their cable by sending them into the shows they watch.
“That Swamp Thing You Do” (5/28/99) – A teacher who fell into the swamp 25 years ago returns as a mutated monster searching for his old fiancée.
“Muffy the Werewolf Slayer” (6/4/99) – A new girl gets information on the werewolf from Merton while Tommy is dealing with a soul-sucking salesman.
“Stalk Like an Egyptian” (6/11/99) – Tommy and Merton accidentally resurrect a mummy on a field trip who becomes a teenager and wants to make Stacey his queen…forever.
“Flugelhoff!” (6/18/99) – A lychanthropist arrives in town claiming he can cure Tommy.
“Invisible Merton” (6/25/99) – Merton’s nemesis comes back to town, armed with magic that makes Merton invisible.
“The Wolf is Out There” (7/2/99) – While Tommy tries to battle his wolf cravings and expanding waistline, the mayor ups the battle against the town werewolf.
“Interview with a Werewolf” (7/9/99) – Merton gets set up on a date with a woman who sucks the youth right out of him.
“Fangs for the Memories” (7/23/99) – Retrieving the blood Tommy donated so as not to spread his curse becomes complicated when vampires raid the blood banks.
“Time and Again” (7/30/99) – Merton is thrilled with his new watch that can reverse time; unfortunately, each use drains more and more of his intelligence away.
“Big Bad Wolf” (8/6/99) – Tommy and Merton recite an Indian chant that brings Tommy’s dark side out.
“Scary Terri” (8/13/99) – Mistaking his friendship for affection, psychic Terri seeks revenge on Tommy when she finds him with Stacey.
“Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” (8/20/99) – A new substitute teacher claims to be the one who turned Tommy and seeks to bring out his bad side.
“The Exor-Sis” (8/27/99) – Merton’s sister ends up with a locker that contains an inter-dimensional portal.
“Don’t Fear the Reaper” (9/3/99) – When Tommy saves a man from the Grim Reaper, the Reaper comes for Tommy.
“Game Over” (9/24/99) – Tommy’s beating a high score on an arcade game unleashes a villain that seeks to destroy him and Merton.
Season 2:
“Hello Nasty” (3/18/00) – Tommy, Merton and their new friend Lori must take on the ghost of a football player responsible for the team’s 61-year-old curse.
“Frank Stein” (3/25/00) – A quiz bowl turns Merton into a target for a strange man who wants his brain.
“Commie Dawkins” (4/1/00) – A Russian man follows Tommy and Merton through a wormhole and changes the outcome of the Cold War.
“The Girl Who Spied Wolf” (4/8/00) – Lori discovers Tommy’s identity just as the Evil Werewolf Syndicate tries to force him to join them.
“Apocalypse Soon” (4/15/00) – Tommy and his friends have to prevent a wrestler’s next potentially world-ending win.
“The Sandman Cometh” (4/22/00) – Tommy and Merton have to deal with a Sandman who seeks to enslave people through contact with a special sleep sand.
“The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth” (5/6/00) – Tommy and Merton learn they picked the wrong side in a battle between a teen and a demon.
“Imaginary Fiend” (5/13/00) – Donating his old toys causes Merton’s imaginary friend to get free.
“101 Damnations” (5/20/00) – Tommy finds a stray puppy that turns out to be the legendary Cerberus.
“Mind Over Merton” (6/3/00) – After being rejected by a genius society Merton creates a potion to make him smarter, which unfortunately helps Tim and Travis figure out who the werewolf is.
“Blame it on the Haim” (6/10/00) – Corey Haim comes to town to shoot a vampire flick, but is it possible he’s actually a real vampire?
“Pleased to Eat You” (6/17/00) – Becoming Homecoming King causes Tommy to neglect Merton and allow him to fall into a new crowd that doesn’t have his best interests at heart.
“The Manchurian Werewolf: Part 1” (7/15/00) – The Evil Werewolf Syndicate brainwashes Tommy and causes him to bite Lori.
“Manchu: Part Deux” (7/22/00) – Tommy and Merton must prevent Lori from becoming a werewolf.
“Mr. Roboto” (7/29/00) – A cyborg infiltrates the school and implants students with mind-control devices.
“Rob: Zombie” (8/5/00) – Lori breaks up with Tommy and convinces Merton to revive her dead boyfriend.
“Fear and Loathing in Pleasantville” (8/19/00) – A demon terrorizes the populace to feed on their fear.
“Faltered States” (8/26/00) – Merton becomes a test subject at a lab to impress a girl, only to end up turned into a caveman.
“Butch is Back” (9/2/00) – Butch emerges from another film and captures Lori.
“Voodoo Child” (9/8/00) – The new school nurse offers to let Merton become a voodoo apprentice.
“She Will, She Will Rock You” (9/9/00) – The new transfer student turns Merton into stone.
“Clip Show: The Kiss of Death” (10/7/00) – Tommy, Merton and Lori go over all of their good deeds to keep Death from claiming Tommy.
Season 3:
“Stone Free” (10/27/01) – Tommy and Lori must save Merton from being a stone golem, but the cure may be worse than the disease.
“Everybody Fang Chung Tonight” (11/3/01) – Merton’s radio show attracts a vampire and her clan who just happen to feed on werewolf blood.
“I Dream of Becky” (11/10/01) – Becky unleashes a genie from a lamp and gets three wishes, unaware that they come at a price.
“Stormy Weather” (11/17/01) – Tommy and Lori are suspicious of the first candidate for Merton’s new superhero club.
“Hellection” (11/24/01) – Tommy loses the class president election to a girl who made a deal with a demon to win.
“Being Tommy Dawkins” (12/1/01) – Trying to escape an ex-convict leads Merton to a portal that lets him enter Tommy’s body.
“Save the Last Trance” (12/8/01) – Merton’s new girlfriend ends up being a real witch.
“Anti-Claus is Coming to Town” (12/15/01) – Tommy and his friends must help keep a Santa impersonator from ruining Christmas.
“N’Sipid” (1/12/02) – Becky is kidnapped by aliens posing as a boy band.
“Very Pale Rider” (1/19/02) – Merton is put into his favorite role-playing game.
“Play it Again, Samurai” (1/26/02) – While Tommy does community service, Merton falls in love with a 900-year-old Japanese princess.
“Dances Without Wolves” (2/2/02) – Tommy finds himself in an alternate universe where he never became a werewolf, but unfortunately his rival has and has given in to his dark side.
“Baby on Board” (2/11/02) – An alien encounter leaves Merton pregnant!
“The Boy Who Tried Wolf” (2/18/02) – Just as a werewolf comes to town, Tommy accidentally bites Merton turning him into an evil werewolf.
“The Mertonator” (2/25/02) – A killer cyborg from the future that resembles Merton is after Tommy.
“What’s Vlud Got to Do With it?” (3/4/02) – A werewolf princess falls in love with Tommy.
“There’s Something About Lori” (3/11/02) – A factory phantom believes Lori is his long-dead love.
“Switch Me Baby One More Time” (3/18/02) – Lori ends up switching bodies with a girl that’s jealous of her.
“What’s the Story, Morning Corey” (3/25/02) – Corey Feldman comes to town to produce Merton’s script and to meet up with his old friend, Corey Haim.
“Thanks” (4/1/02) – Tommy and Merton are interested in the same girl, unfortunately she’s a supernatural assassin with the kiss of death.
“The Sum of All Fears” (4/8/02) – The stars of the show count down the fans’ favorite moments.


Over the years, many programs have chosen to celebrate Halloween in some form or other. Here, we present to you a collection of the Halloween-themed episodes or specials related to Saturday morning programs. Now, while some of the shows could be considered Halloween-like 24/7, we're looking at the particularly scary episodes or the ones where Halloween is clearly present. 

We're taking some liberties with specials that were made after the production of a particular show wrapped, but maintained enough of the same cast and crew to really be considered part of the same program. We won't be looking at the various Scooby-Doo direct-to-video movies as they are a franchise all their own with no particular connections to any one show. A special exception was made for Garfield's Halloween Adventure because we feel that one doesn't get nearly enough love.

Did we get them all? Probably not. But we think we have a nice offering to fill your plastic Halloween pail that will hold you over to at least Christmas. Or sooner, if you really want to risk the upset tummy.

What are your favorite Halloween specials and episodes? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter @SatMForever.

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

"Ghost Who's Coming to Dinner"
The gang must help prevent the destruction of a haunted house or else the ghost that lives there will be destroyed as well.

ABC Weekend Special

"Soup and Me"
Soup and his friend get into mischief at a Halloween party while having to deal with the local bully.

From the series of children's books, a group of house pets believe the family's new rabbit is a vampire.

"Monster in my Pocket"
A failed pilot for a series based on the toys, this special sees a group of good and bad monsters shrunk to miniature size and set loose in the streets of Los Angeles.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

"Witch's Brew"
Ace returns to high school to find a missing bat.

The Addams Family (1992)

Wednesday, Pugsley and N.J. cross paths with the Puttergeist: the ghost of a golfer who lost his head after he was struck by lightning and haunted the golf course ever since.

All Grown Up!

"TP + KF"
Trick-or-Treating loses out to conflict as Chuckie finding a carving in his basement leads him to believe that Tommy has a crush on Kimi.

Alvin and the Chipmunks

"Who Ghost There"
Stuck at home without lights, the Chipmunks believe the house is haunted.

"My Pharaoh Lady"
Brittany puts her chances for carnival queen on the block when she bets a classmate that a pharaoh's mummy will return to life.

"Simon Says"
After seeing a horror movie and his glasses get broken, Simon believes he sees the aliens from the film on their way to Earth through a telescope.

"Nightmare on Seville Street"
The Chipmunks disobey Dave and see a scary movie, resulting in their believing the movie's monster is stalking them.

"Trick or Treason"
Alvin wants to join a gang notorious for pulling mean pranks on Halloween.

"Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein"
The Chipmunks befriend the classic monster only to discover his creator is the true monster as he tries to transform and kidnap Alvin.

"Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman"
When Theodore is bitten by a strange dog, he becomes a werewolf.

ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks

"Switch Witch"
When the Chipmunks' and Chipettes' Halloween candy goes missing, they suspect that Miss Croner is the thief and a supernatural entity known as the Switch Witch.


"The Shut-In!"
To keep from turning into monsters during a blue moon, the Plantars hunker down inside and spend the time telling each other scary stories.


"Draculee, Draculaa"
Going back to their roots in Pennsylvania, the Warner siblings end up at Dracula's castle in Transylvania.

Rita and Runt are chased by a mad scientist who wants Runt's brain for her experiments.

"Scare Happy Slappy"
Slappy takes Skippy trick-or-treating on a block where all of her old enemies live.

"Witch One"
In colonial Salem, Rita is accused of being a witch.

Yakko translates as Slappy, Hello Nurse and Dot recreate the Three Witches' scene from MacBeth.

The Archie Show

"Groovy Ghosts"
Reggie decides to frighten the gang in their creepy new clubhouse.

 Archie's Weird Mysteries

"Attack of the Killer Spuds"
Jughead's trophy ends up being an alien potato capable of creating copies of people it encounters.

"Halloween of Horror"
Part three in a trilogy of episodes dealing with vampires in Riverdale. Count Medlock, thought defeated, returns and crashes the Lodge Halloween party, turning the citizens of Riverdale into vampires.

Back at the Barnyard

"The Haunting"
When Otis builds a fun shack over a pet burial ground, the ghost of a bunny possesses Pig and plots to take over the world.

"Barnyards and Broomsticks"
Pip tells the others a campfire story about a witch, and when they find an old woman’s house full of sweets in the woods Otis fears she’s her.

"Back at the Booyard"
Otis gives out supposedly haunted candy to his friends so that he can win a prize for collecting the most Halloween candy.

The Batman

"Grundy's Night"
Solomon Grundy is resurrected and targets the descendants of the founders of Gotham City, robbing them and destroying everything they own.

"The Batman vs. Dracula"
Batman faces off against the legendary Dracula in order to keep Gotham City from becoming full of his mindless minions.


"Laugh of the Party"
Lydia wants to throw a Halloween party to compete with Claire's, but she has no food, no decorations, no guests and is stuck with only a pink bunny costume.

"Bewitched, Bothered & Beetlejuiced"
Beetlejuice and Lydia disguise themselves as witches to rescue Percy from the Witches' Ball in the Neitherworld.

Ben 10

"Last Laugh"
Ben admits he scares himself whenever he changes into Ghostfreak after having to do so to stop a soul-stealing clown.

"Ghostfreaked Out"
Ghostfreak escapes from the Omnitrix and attempts to take possession of Ben.

While visiting a Navajo village, Ben is attacked by a werewolf whose scratch seems to be changing him into a wolf himself.

"Under Wraps"
Max takes Ben and Gwen to a farm to teach them the value of hard work which is where they encounter a strange alien mummy.

"The Return"
A monstrous scientist and alien werewolf and mummy attract the attention of the Tennysons, only to discover the trio is working for Ghostfreak.

 "Be Afraid of the Dark"
Ben battles Ghostfreak to prevent his plan of bringing eternal darkness to the world, which would allow him to conquer it.

Ben 10 (2016)

"Scared Silly"
After running out of gas, Ben, Gwen and Max are forced to stay at a creepy hotel being menaced by a local folklore expert who may just be a ghost himself.

"Beware of the Scare-Crow"
Ben's cousin's farm seems to be haunted by a living Scare-Crow, but there may just be other malicious forces behind it.

Ben 10: Omniverse

"Something Zombozo This Way Comes"
When Rook emerges from a circus looking like a clown, Ben discovers that Zombozo has escaped his cell and his zombie clown army is growing.

"Rad Monster Party"
A delivery strands Ben, Rook and Rad on a planet where they're perceived as monsters. They soon learn the planet is the home of Ghostfreak, who orchestrated the delivery to return both him and a restored Dr. Viktor.

"Charmed, I'm Sure"
Still stranded, Ben develops strange acne every time he transforms and has to partner with Charmcaster in order to defeat Zs'Skayr.

"The Vampire Strikes Back"
Zs'Skayr revives the evil Lord Transyl who is able to hypnotize and control everyone but Ben and Hobble.

Big City Greens

"Blood Moon"
When the Blood Moon rises on Halloween, the Greens' animals turn into zombies.

"Monster Man Broken Karaoke"
Tilly tells Cricket about her encounter with a Monster Man set to the tune of The Monster Mash.

When Bill is upset that his pumpkins aren't growing as big as he hoped, Tilly decides to "borrow" Gwendolyn Zapp's alien chemical compound to give them a little boost.

Big Hero 6: The Series

"Obake Yashiki"
After a visit to a haunted house on Halloween, Hiro believes he sees his deceased brother Tadashi everywhere he goes.

The Biskitts

"A Biskitt Halloween"
A witch the Biskitts defeated before returns and kidnaps Waggs and Sweets, and casts a spell to drain the swamp of life.

Blaze and the Monster Machines

"Truck or Treat!"
Crusher's attempt to steal Blaze and his friends' candy results in it being sent far away, and the race is on to reclaim it before Crusher gets to it.

Bobby's World

"The Night of the Living Pumpkin"
With Bobby too little to go trick-or-treating, Uncle Ted transforms the house into a horror house where trick-or-treaters have to pay money and candy to enter.

Bunsen is a Beast

"Beast Halloween Ever"
Mikey shows Bunsen how to collect candy on his first Halloween, but Amanda is planning to steal all their candy.

The Buzz on Maggie

"The Big Score"
Maggie and Rayna head to the human world for trick-or-treating, but while Pupert gets high on sugar Maggie finds herself trying to get more candy than Aldrin.

"Scare Wars"
The Pesky kids attempt to out-scare each other with Maggie being the prime target.

Camp Candy

"Scare Package"
When John shows the campers his favorite scary movie during "Monster Week", Iggy becomes terrified and starts seeing monsters everywhere.

The Cassagrandes

"New Haunts"
Ronnie Anne and Sid try to get into Sameer's Halloween party at the skateboard park while Bobby, C.J. and Carl set up the mercado as a haunted house.

Cattanooga Cats

"Ghosting A-Go-Go"
The Cats end up at a haunted house where a ghost is determined to put the fright into them.


"Pumpkin Love"
To avoid Reggie and get his Jill-O-Lantern to school for a contest, Rudy cuts through ChalkZone but ends up losing the pumpkin when Snap takes him to a concert.

The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show

"Snoopy's Brother Spike (Great Pumpkin segment)"
Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown compete in a Halloween bowling tournament while Linus once again waits in the pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin.

Corn & Peg

"The Haunted Barn"
Corn, Peg and Clarissa face their fears at Farmer Shire's Horse-o-ween barn.

Craig of the Creek

"The Haunted Dollhouse"
The Stump kids end up being followed by a doll they found and enlist the aid of the Witches of the Creek to figure out how to get rid of it.

"Trick or Creek"
Craig's quest to get as much candy as possible is threatened by the appearance of a ghoul from the Creek's past.

"Creature Feature"
Craig gets made fun of for crying during a scary movie, but the next day the kids encounter a real swamp monster who follows them home.

"The Legend of the Library"
After the Creek Kids take refuge from a storm in the library and begin to disappear, Stacks believes the ghost of a substitute librarian is to blame.

Darkwing Duck

"Ghoul of My Dreams"
Nodoff has Morgana use his sleep sand to put the entire city to sleep.

"Hot Spells"
DW and Gosalyn accompany Morgana to school to deliver her thesis paper and Goaslyn tries to take a shortcut into learning magic.

DC Super Hero Girls (2019)

Katana asks Batgirl and Supergirl to help her with a haunting at McDougal Academy, but they discover there's more going on than it seems.

Disney's House of Mouse

"Halloween with Hades"
Mickey tries to help Hades and Maleficent come together.

"House Ghosts"
Donald sets out to win the costume contest while Pete unleashes ghosts on the club to scare everyone off.

Doc McStuffins

"Boo-Hoo to You"
When the new Halloween decoration her father buys doesn't work, Doc takes it into her clinic to repair it and introduces the toy ghost inside to the concept of Halloween.

"Hallie Halloween"
Doc takes her toys out to enjoy Halloween, and while she's chasing her hat in the wind Hallie wanders off to investigate a girl dressed like her.

Dog City

"The Bloodhound"
Eliot suspects Colleen's new friend is a vampire, leading to one plaguing the citizens of Dog City.

"Comedy of Horrors"
Artie, Bruno and Eliot believe Bowser may have gone mad, Rotweiler uses a Sci-Fido monster to try and take over the world, Mr. Mogie goes on an adventure under the bed, and the Dog City cast live their own version of an Edgar Allen Poe story.

Doug/Disney's Doug

"Doug's Halloween Adventure"
Roger convinces Doug and Skeeter to sneak onto a ride when the park closes before they can, giving him an opportunity to scare them.

"Doug's Bloody Buddy"
Everyone believes a rumor that Skeeter is a vampire when he's found hanging out with bats.

"Night of the Living Dougs"
Doug needs to find a quick replacement costume for Beebe's Halloween party, but everyone is too busy to help him.

DuckTales (2017)

"Terror of the Terra-firmians!"
A scary movie has the kids set out to explore an abandoned subway line while Launchpad grows increasingly paranoid, and Lena attempts to earn Mrs. Beakley's trust while secretly receiving instructions from Magica de Spell.

"The Depths of Cousin Fethry"
Huey and Dewey trick Launchpad into visiting Donald's cousin Fethry at one of Scrooge's marine science stations. There, they discover Fethry isn't who they thought he was, and that there are a lot of scary things under the sea!

"The Trickening!"
Louie convinces the others to go to a haunted house rumored to have candy left by terrified kids and they wind up the prizes of candy-seeking monsters.

Eek! The Cat

Eek helps a ghost try to find his family, but ends up having to rescue him, J.B. and Elizabeth from a pretty witch.

"The Eeksorcist"
Elmo accidentally unleashes the joyful spirit Huggie who possesses Sharky and makes him too cute and lovable. 

"Boo Thunder"
Scooter invents Halloween where they scare their neighbors with masks while the Thuggosaurs create a lava-covered robot for their next attack. 

Elena of Avalor

"Flower of Light"
Elena and her childhood friend have to travel to the spirit world to save Dia de los Muertos from two mischievous spirits.

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

"The Fat Albert Halloween Special"
Fat Albert and the gang have to find two kids that disappeared in Mrs. Bakewell's house after they went in to play a trick on the spooky old lady.

The Flintstone Kids

"Curse of the Gemstone Diamond"
Freddy steals Dreamchip's diamond at a Halloween party...or did he?

Gadget and the Gadgetinis

"Trick or Trap"
Dr. Claw plans a Halloween party in order to recruit criminals to be his agents.

Garfield's Halloween Adventure

"Garfield's Halloween Adventure"
Trick-or-treating takes Garfield and Odie to a house on an island where pirate ghosts come to reclaim their long-buried treasure.


"Eye of the Beholder"
Xanatos proposes to Fox and gives her the Eye of Odin, which changes her into a werewolf.

The Ghost and Molly McGee

"Chibi Tiny Tales: Molly's Haunted Mansion"
Molly and Scratch pay a visit to Disney's haunted mansion.

"Chibi Tiny Tales: Scratch's Sugar Rush"
Scratch goes candy-crazy on Halloween night.

Goof Troop

Pete buys an old mansion that's haunted by a group of ghostly musicians.


"The Haunted Mask"
Carly-Beth takes a mask from a new store despite the owner's warnings and discovers it has begun to meld with her body and change her personality.

"Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns" 
Pumpkin-headed creatures force a group of kids to trick-or-treat forever.

 "The Haunted Mask II"
Steve Boswell takes a mask from the same store as the original and is gradually turned into an old man, while the original Haunted Mask returns and plans to use Steve for revenge against Carly-Beth.

Hotel Transylvania: The Series

"The Legend of Pumpkin Guts"
Sneaking out to learn the secret behind Halloween causes Mavis and her cousins to accidentally unleash the monstrous Pumpkin Guts on the monster world.

It's Pony

"Raiders of the Lost Cinema"
Annie decides to finally search for the legendary abandoned movie theater whose snack counter is full of untouched goodies.

Jackie Chan Adventures

"Chi of the Vampire"
After accidentally releasing a vampire that attacks Tohru, Uncle uses some of Jade's chi to save him and gives Jade some of his qi, creating a mixed-up group of Chans to defeat the creature.

 "Fright Fight Night"
Tired of how others treat him, Paco is determined to out-scare Jade by donning the Oni Mask of General Orenji.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates

"Night of the Golden Pumpkin"
It's a race between Jake and his friends and Captain Hook to try and claim the golden pumpkin in Never Land.

"Trick or Treasure!"
Captain Hook crashes Jake's Halloween party and makes off with all of their treats.


"Trick or Techrat"
Spooks and ghosts try to prevent the Holograms from putting on a Halloween concert to save an old opera house.

Justice League Action

"Trick or Threat"
Klarion the Witch Boy transforms Batman, Zatanna, Constantine and Dr. Fate into 10-year-olds with very little recollection of who they are. They have to escape his army of monsters and escape the House of Mystery before it disappears at Midnight.

Kidd Video

"Grooveyard City"
Master Blaster drops the band in the middle of a haunted city.

Life With Louie

"Louie's Harrowing Halloween"
Louie tries to get rid of candy he stole during Halloween.

Lilo & Stitch: The Series

Halloween is made interesting by an experiment that can assume the form of someone’s worst fear.

The Little Rascals (1982)

"Fright Night"
The gang goes trick-or-treating while Spanky and Alfalfa head to a cemetery to look for ghosts.

Little Shop

"Untilted Halloween Story"
Angered over the tradition of pumpkin carving, Junior goes trick-or-treating with Seymour and Audrey to steal back all the jack-o-lanterns.

The Littles

"The Big Scare"
Henry spends the night in a haunted house in order to join a bicycle club.

"The Littles' Halloween"
Henry explores an old mansion where an evil magician is rumored to live.

Littlest Pet Shop (2012)

"Littlest Pet Shop of Horrors"
Blythe and the pets have a scary storytelling contest.

Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own

"Spooky Tails"
On a camping trip, the pets decide to hold a competition to see who can tell the best campfire story.

Lloyd in Space

"Halloween Scary Fun Action Plan"
Lloyd and his friends' plan to scar Francine backfires when their haunted house sends them into the future.

The Loud House

Lincoln and Clyde plan to hit a fancy neighborhood to accomplish their dreams of getting full-sized candy bars while Lucy puts on a haunted maze and the younger girls scheme to get a lot of candy.

"Lucy Loud's Halloween Spooktacular"
Lucy counts down her top 10 favorite spooky moments while reading excerpts about her family from her poetry book.

Lucas the Spider

Lucas decides to pretend he's a ghost and scare his friends on Halloween.

"Ghost Camp"
While camping with his friends, a scary story has Lucas believing there's a ghost in the garden.

Madeline/The New Adventures of Madeline

"Madeline and the Haunted Castle"
The girls try to help movie star Sugar Dimples' homesickness by providing her with a Halloween celebration.

"Madeline's Halloween"
A Halloween trip to New York leads Madeline to finding some earrings that could lead to Miss Clavel's missing cousin.

"Madeline and the Haunted Castle"
Madeline and the girls try to introduce Halloween to Paris with disastrous results. Waiting out a storm in an old house leads them to be greeted by a number of terrifying happenings.

Martin Mystery

"Curse of the Necklace"
Martin, Diana and Java have to stop an evil spirit from bringing eternal Halloween to the world.

"The Haunting of the Blackwater"
The spirit of a former lodge owner possesses Diana.

 "The Vampire Returns"
Diana, Billy and Java have to rescue Martin from the vampires before they unleash their brethren on the world.

Marvel's Spider-Man

"Halloween Moon"
Spider-Man has to help the Hulk stop a gamma-powered Man-Wolf from infecting all of Manhattan and turning the citizens into werewolves.

The Mask

"All Hallow's Eve"
Skillit seeks revenge on The Mask by resurrecting his predecessors: Atilla the Hun, Billie the Kid and Merlin.

Max & Ruby

"Max's Halloween"
Max wants to be a vampire for Halloween, but Ruby wants him to dress as a prince to compliment her Cinderella costume.

"The Blue Tarantula"
Ruby reads Max a scary story that keeps him up all night.

"Ghost Bunny"
The Bunny Scouts are telling scary stories by the campfire which Max wants to hear, but Ruby feels are too scary for him.

"Max and Ruby's Perfect Pumpkin"
Every time Max and Ruby find a perfect pumpkin in Mr. Piazza's store, Max ends up distracting Ruby long enough for the pumpkin to be stolen.

"Max's Jack O Lantern"
Ruby tells Max to design a pumpkin face for their grandma to carve for their Halloween party, but keeps insisting it must be a happy face.

"Max's Big Boo"
Max attempts to scare Ruby before they go trick-or-treating, but Ruby seems to always be one step ahead of him.

"Ruby and the Beast"
Max and Ruby search for materials to make Halloween costumes out of, with Ruby wanting them to be fairytale characters and Max just wanting to be something scary.

"Max and Ruby's Halloween House"
Max's attempts to get at the candy bowl keeps distracting Ruby from decorating the house for Halloween.

"Max's Trick or Treat"
Ruby wants to come up with a trick to play on all the houses they trick-or-treat at while Max just wants to score some candy.

Men in Black: The Series

"The Jack O'Lantern Syndrome"
J, K and U discover an alien has arrived to kidnap children for slavery while strange goings on happen at MIB headquarters.

Mickey Mouse (2013 shorts)

"Ghoul Friend"
Mickey's car breaks down in a spooky forest and a ghost chases after him.

"The Boiler Room"
Mickey investigates a boiler room where a monster supposedly dwells.

"Black and White"
Mickey becomes frightened by the horror movie he and Minnie watch.

"The Scariest Story Ever: A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spooktacular"
Mickey attempts to scare his friends with scary stories, but it turns out they just aren't scary enough.

Mickey Mouseworks

"Hansel and Gretel"
Mickey and Minnie encounter an old witch in the woods.

"How to Haunt a House"
Goofy plays a ghost tasked with scaring Donald.

"Donald's Halloween Scare"
When Donald scares his nephews to get their candy, they plot their revenge.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

"Life's a Masquerade"
While the Rangers attend a Halloween party at the Youth Center, Rita mines for a special clay that will allow her to make Super Putties and sends the Frankenstein Monster to the party.

"Trick or Treat"
Kimberly's television debut is spoiled when Rita sends the Pumpkin Rapper into town.

"Zedd's Monster Mash" 
Zedd sends the Putties to crash the annual Halloween party at the Youth Center while Tommy is abducted by Goldar and sent to face Doomstone.

 "Lord Zedd's Monster Heads"
A direct-to-video movie that uses footage combined from several episodes, including the ones mentioned above, with new dialogue to tie them together. Zedd decides to give the Rangers one Halloween off in order to throw his own Halloween party, and he has Finster resurrect several of his monsters as guests.

Milo Murphy's Law

"Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-A-Torium!"
Milo turns an old truck into a haunted house that ends up going for a wild ride through town, while Dakota and Cavendish investigate the mystery of last Halloween.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

"ZAG Chibi: Scarybug"
After being scared by Cat Noir on Halloween, Ladybug decides to scare him back by catching a mouse (of which he's terrified) and give it to him disguised as a gift.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

"Luna Eclipsed"
Princess Luna visits Ponyville on Nightmare Night, but her presence constantly being greeted by screams and fleeing over her past as Nightmare Moon has Luna decide to banish the holiday forever.

Attempting to rid Sweet Apple Acres of vampire fruit bats leads to Twilight accidentally combining Fluttershy with one, turning her into Flutterbat.

"Scare Master"
Fluttershy is forced to go out on Nightmare Night and decides to force herself to join her friends in the festivities by attempting to scare them.

The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

"The Monster Frankenpooh" 
On a dark and stormy night, Tigger decides to entertain his friends with a scary story about mad scientist Piglet and his monster.

"Boo to you Too! Winnie the Pooh"
Direct-to-video movie. Piglet attempts to brave going out on Halloween, but ends up running off in fear. As his friends search for him, their own fears begin to give rise.

The New Archies

"I was a 12-Year-Old Werewolf"
Archie accidentally gets some chemicals spilled on him that turns him into a wolf-boy.

The New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show

"A Halloween Hassle at Dracula's Castle"
Scooby and the gang have to help a group of monsters stop an evil magician and a ghost.

The Nightmare Room

"Full Moon Halloween"
Five friends become suspicious that one of them is a werewolf when they hear one is loose in their town.

Norman Picklestripes

"Happy Owlween"
The residents of Plywood forest get ready to celebrate Halloween in different ways, but Fred's desire to decorate everything with webs causes quite a few sticky situations.


Mezmaron transforms a bat into Count Pacula as a way to get the citizens of Pac-Land to lead him to the Power Pellet Forest.

 "Trick or Chomp"
The ghosts spoil trick-or-treating for the Pac family.

Both episodes would be combined into the Pac-Man Halloween Special.

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

 "A Berry Scary Night"
Betrayus summons Count Pacula to drain the last Yellow One.

"The Shadow of the Were-Pac"
Were-Pac attacks threaten President Spheros' Halloween party.

 "Pac's Very Scary Halloween"
Dr. Pacenstein invites Pac, Spiral and Cylindria to his castle for a Halloween dinner, but has sinister plans in mind for them.

Pepper Ann

"A 'Tween Halloween"
Milo wants Pepper Ann to go trick-or-treating with him, but when she takes a poll that reveals no one else is she thinks they may be too old for it.

Pickle and Peanut

"Trick or Treat"
When caught, Pickle and Peanut try to hide the fact they were trick-or-treating by putting together a last-minute Halloween party.

Pinky and the Brain

"A Pinky and the Brain Halloween"
Mr. Itch requests Brain's soul in exchange for ruling the world. Brain refuses, but soon learns that Pinky accepted instead, sending Brain on a quest to save his friend's soul.

Pound Puppies (2010)

"Nightmare on Pound Street"
The puppies try to find the weird-looking Freddie a home.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers

"Hypnotic Halloween"
The Rangers are hypnotized into believing that they are actually the characters they've dressed up as for Halloween.

Power Rangers Dino Charge

"The Ghostest with the Mostest"
Kendall must figure out which of her friends has been abducted and replaced by a monster.

Power Rangers Dino Fury

"Old Foes"
Void Knight and a necromancer named Reaghoul revives and enslaves Lord Zedd to get more Sporix, while Ollie's friends put his claim of lacking any fear to the test.

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

"Trick or Trial"
The Rangers are put on intergalactic trial for all the monsters they've destroyed.

Power Rangers Megaforce

"Raising Spirits"
A mysterious fortune teller shows the Rangers their previous battles in a crystal ball, except those battles end in the favor of the monsters. The medium reveals himself to be a monster intent on disrupting all the city's electronics.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel

"Grave Robber"
A Halloween trap pits the Rangers against monsters they've previously beaten.

Power Rangers Samurai

"Party Monsters" 
The defeated Nighlok Monsters hold a party where they exchange stories about their defeat at the hands of the Rangers.

Power Rangers Super Samurai

"Trickster Treat"
Master Xandred has Trickster trap the Rangers in a series of dreams.

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

"Monster Mix-Up"
The Rangers' trick-or-treating is interrupted when an intergalactic game of monsters comes to Earth and trades bodies with them.

Power Rangers Turbo

"Carlos and the Count"
Divatrox turns a lunar bat into Count Nocturne, who proceeds to bite Carlos and turn him into a vampire.

Power Rangers Zeo

"It Came from Angel Grove"
Adam is the only Ranger left unchanged into a classic monster movie character.

The Real Ghostbusters

"When Halloween Was Forever"
Samhain, the spirit of Halloween, is freed from his prison and seeks to stop time and make Halloween last forever. 

"Halloween II 1/2"
Goblins free Samhain from the containment unit and he turns the firehouse into his personal fortress.

"The Halloween Door"
An anti-Halloween group breaks a seal and causes an influx of ghosts to enter our world.


"To Mend and Defend"
Enzo has to prove himself as the new Guardian while Megabyte and Hexadecimal attack the Principal Office.


"Terrifying Tales of Recess"
Butch tells the audience three terrifying tales of Recess.

 "Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade"
As the gang enters fifth grade and all the difficulties that brings, a new hang-up arises when Spinelli thinks he's getting too old to trick-or-treat with the gang.

The Rocketeer (2019)

"The Haunted House"
Kit uses a haunted house to keep Orsino from getting his hands on the rocket pack.

"The Halloween Heist"
Kit has to stop a stampede used to cause a distraction from a theft going on in town.

Schoolhouse Rock!

"Them Not-So-Dry Bones"
An educational song about the human skeleton.

The Scooby-Doo Show

"The Headless Horseman of Halloween" 
The Headless Horseman crashes a Halloween party and makes off with a guest's head.

"To Switch a Witch"
A trip to Salem lets the gang encounter a witch that has risen from the grave.

The Smurfs

"The Haunted Castle"
Taking refuge from a storm puts Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy, Johan and Peewit in the company of a ghost.

"All Hallow's Eve"
Mother Nature accidentally makes Lazy red, which allows him to be easily captured by Gargamel.

 "The Littlest Witch"
The Smurfs teach a young witch how to do good things with her magic.

"Lure of the Orb"
An evil witch gives the Smurfs an orb that energizes and inspires them, but when its effects continually wear off she uses the incentive of a new orb to turn them into her slaves.

"Monster Smurfs"
Brainy casts a spell that turns all the Smurfs into monsters.

Jokey tricks Brainy into thinking his house his haunted.

"Scary Smurfs"
The hungry Smurfs find a gingerbread house in a scary forest, and when they eat it they turn into monsters.

The Snorks

"A Willie Scary Halloween"
When Willie is uninvited to a party, he runs off to the Lost Valley.

Space Goofs

"Count Gracula"
The aliens enjoy Halloween until Gorgious discovers that his strawberry jam has been taken, and a trail leads to a mysterious box in the basement.

The Spectacular Spider-Man

"The Uncertainty Principle"
The Green Goblin seeks to become the reigning crime boss in New York in order to kill Spider-Man, leading to a confrontation that reveals Goblin's true identity at last.

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

"The Bride of Dracula!"
Dracula chooses Firestar to be his bride and absconds with her to his castle in Transylvania.

Spongebob Square Pants

"Scaredy Pants"
After being frightened by the story of the Flying Dutchman, Spongebob decides to scare everyone at the Krusty Krab Halloween party by dressing up as the ghost. Unfortunately, the real ghost decides to attend as well.

"Ghoul Fools"
Spongebob and Patrick find a sunken houseboat infested with ghost pirates.

"Don't Look Now"
After seeing a horror movie, Spongebob and Patrick are convinced the film's villain is after them.

"The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom"
The Flying Dutchman wants to make sure Spongebob and his friends are sufficiently scared on Halloween.

Star vs. The Forces of Evil

"Hungry Larry"
Star and Janna summon a very scary spirit to help make Mr. Diaz's haunted house scarier.

Strawberry Shortcake: Berry in the Big City

"Ghost of Cupcakes Past!"
Strawberry's efforts to come up with frightening cupcakes for Fright Fall are interrupted by the ghost of the original Berryworks owner.

"Fright Fall!"
Raspberry Tart tricks Strawberry into thinking she's attending a costumed Fright Fall party, but that may actually help her save it from itself.

The Super Globetrotters

"The Super Globetrotters vs. the Transylvania Terrors"
Count Bragula and his Terrors plan to take over Transylvania.

Tangled: The Series

"The Wrath of Ruthless Ruth"
A storm traps Rapunzel and the Captain of the Guard in the Snuggly Duckling, which is haunted by its former owner: Ruthless Ruth.

Teacher's Pet

"Costume Pity Party"
When Spot loses his costume on the way to school his classmates just think he's wearing a great dog costume.

"The Tale of the Telltale Taffy"
Scott convinces Leonard to break his promise not to cross the street in order to get better treats from those houses. Meanwhile, Pretty Boy and Jolly suspect the black cat Leonard took in is really a vampire.

Teen Titans Go!

Raven tries to celebrate Halloween but the other Titans aren't enthusiastic about it.

"Scary Figure Dance"
The Titans' Halloween party is interrupted by a robbery at a candy factory.

"Halloween v Christmas"
The Titans must help stop Santa Claus from taking over Halloween.

"Costume Contest"
The Titans are determined to beat the H.I.V.E. Five in the annual costume contest by dressing up as them.

"Monster Squad!"
When the Titans desire to be extra scary for Halloween, Raven casts a spell that turns them all into real monsters.

"Witches Brew"
The Titans invite the Justice League to their Halloween party, but Robin's witches brew has some unexpected side effects.

"Ghost with the Most"
The Titans have to team-up with Beetlejuice in order to rescue the kidnapped Halloween Spirit.

"Pepo the Pumpkinman"
A magic hat brings the Titans' pumpkins to life, and now they must find a way to keep him from rotting away.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

"Super Irma"
Irma gains magnetic powers and decides to try and fight crime, but their wearing off requires her to be rescued by the Turtles. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

"All Hallows Thieves"
Looking to become the king of thieves, a thief steals a statue that he uses to summon the god of larceny, Kleptonus, and his army of winged gargoyles.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)

"The Curse of Savanti Romero"
Strange monsters interrupt the Turtles' Halloween by threatening to transform the city.

"The Crypt of Dracula"
Renet takes the Turtles to Transylvania to stop Savanti Romero from recruiting the actual Count Dracula.

"The Frankenstein Experiment"
Savanti extends his recruitment to the Frankenstein monster and plans to unleash his creatures on the 21st Century.

"Monsters Among Us!"
Renet and the Turtles return home only to discover they made things worse as their world is now run by monsters.

Tiny Toon Adventures

"The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain"
The girls are having a slumber party in an isolated house while the guys are camping nearby, and both parties try to scare each other as the night goes on. However, one by one, the friends begin to disappear.

"Night Ghoulery"
A one-hour special where Plucky is afraid of Hamton's vacuum, Furrball is tasked with catching a sneezing ghost, Babs faces the Demon Dog on the moors, Calamity gets run over by a fuel truck, Daniel Webfoot goes to confront Satan at Max's mansion, Plucky and Buster head to a mansion Plucky inherited, the Wackyland gang is pursued by advertisers, Elmyra creates her very own pet, and Plucky sees a gremlin sabotaging the flight he's on.

Tom and Jerry Tales

"Bats What I Like About the South"
Jerry uses a bat that resembles him to put a scare into Tom.

"Fraidy Cat Scat"
Jerry pretends to be a ghost in order to scare away Tom after he buys the haunted house he lives in.

"Tomb It May Concern"
Tom follows Jerry to an ancient tomb where they disturb and anger the mummy within.

"Invasion of the Body Slammers"
A shape-shifting alien emerges from a ship that lands next to Tom and Jerry’s house.

"Monster Con"
Abraham Van Helsing crashes a monster convention, but all his assistant Tom is interest in is catching Jerry.

"Over the River and Boo the Woods"
A fishing trip takes Tom and Jerry to a haunted forest where they encounter a bat creature.

Total DramaRama

"Ghoul Spirit"
Gwen rejects the friendship of a friendly ghost and the others try to help him become the kind of ghost she'd like.

"Duncan Carving"
Duncan uses a Halloween legend in order to steal candy from his classmates.

"Dude Where's Macaw"
Chef's use of an old cheat code in a game brings a dangerous avatar to life.

"Gwen Scary, Gwen Lost"
Chef outsources his Halloween pranks to Gwen with the hope of finally getting the kids, but Gwen may be going to lengths Chef hadn't planned on.

Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Ghost in the Machine"
Myles and Evan carjack Quickshadow, stumbling upon the secret of the Rescue Bots and threaten to expose them.

Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy

"Trick or Treat"
Cody takes the Bots out for their first Halloween, but Wedge's desire to be like Bumblebee ends up putting humans at risk when a real emergency happens.


"Day of the Undead"
Tut joins Cleo and her friends for Halloween and summons a demon from the underworld to scare them.

The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat

"Order of the Black Cats"
Returning a video on Halloween night gets Felix dragged into a secret society of cat wannabes. 

Walk the Prank

"Prank or Treat"
The kids use their scariest pranks in this Halloween special.

The Weekenders

Tino wants revenge when his friends decide they're too old to go trick-or-treating.

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

"A Scooby-Doo Halloween"
The gang heads to visit Velma's family in Banning Junction only to encounter a group of ghostly scarecrows and the ghost of Hank Banning.

Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

"Trick or Treat?"
Carmen sets up a haunted house to get revenge for a trick played on her back in China.

Where's Waldo? (1991)

"My Left Fang"
Waldo must help a young vampire named Fang find a scroll that will turn him human.

Where's Waldo? (2019)

"A Welsh Trick and Treat"
The Wanderers get a Halloween invitation to Wales where Odlulu uses the Haunted House Key to bring some decorations to life.

X-Men: The Animated Series

Nightcrawler is lured into a trap under the pretense of helping his estranged mother: Mystique!

Young Justice

Artemis and Zatanna's girls' night is interrupted by a psychopath named Harm, while Kid Flash, Miss Martian and Superboy attend a Halloween party at the latter two's school.