June 27, 2015


Look! We've got cake!

            Well, here we are. The 1 year mark of SATURDAY MORNINGS FOREVER. For those not in the know, SMF began as a book concept I had. There were books about every Saturday-like subject, from cereals to cartoons, but never anything focusing SPECIFICALLY on Saturday morning fare. Saturdays were very memorable for me, and I’m very nostalgic for the times when I had nothing to do but relax after a long week at school and veg out for an entire morning. I know many of you out there are too, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this thing today.

            So, why the blog? Because I got impatient working on entries and not being able to show them to anyone until I was ready to publish who knows when. These things take a LOT of work, from research to writing to fact checking to finding episode guides to work off of when full episodes are not available to re-watch. We live in the information age, that’s true, but sometimes I find myself being the pioneer of said information. It’s not always easy, and my schedule doesn’t always allow me to spend ages doing it. But, I try, and I share, and hopefully you’ve enjoyed my efforts thus far.

Celebrating Sonic's 20th.

            When I decided to do the blog, it was the week of Sonic the Hedgehog’s 23rd anniversary. Since I was a fan of his SatAM show (as its fans know it), I decided to begin there. To celebrate mine and his anniversaries, I had planned to bring you another Sonic offering with Sonic Underground, but somehow I had mistakenly gotten the idea that it was a Saturday show. How? I don’t know. That was a product of early initial research. To replace it, I had planned to do Sonic X—a Japanese import that WAS actually on Saturday, but that thing proved to be a bit complicated for a quick research and write-up, so I need to dedicate more time on that. You’ll also notice Baby Looney Tunes never made it up during our Babyfication month. Same reason. Hey, I’m not perfect, but I try to make as few mistakes as possible. Hopefully, the smattering of Sonic commercials I’ve posted will make up for that.

A smattering of Saturday toons and friends.

            Where does that leave us? Well, minus the two goofs, we’re 78 shows into our 1,000 show journey to recreate Saturday morning memories for everyone. Along with sonic, we’ve celebrated the anniversaries of Saved bythe Bell, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters and Hello Kitty with their related shows. We marked the release of Dumb and Dumber II with our first theme month (not counting the recurring Halloween theme preceding it) celebrating cartoons based on Jim Carrey movies. We joined the rest of fandom in commemorating the historic and long-awaited release of the 1966 Batman series on DVD with the one cartoon starring both Adam West and Burt Ward in their iconic roles. In 2015, we began our monthly theme months with Black History Month, and have many more coming up this year and planned for next. We also began increasing our focus, going into comics based on Saturday shows. How cool is that?

We're going on..to the future!

            So, here’s to the next however many years I’ve got left to go on this thing before I can compile it all, re-edit it and make it into the book of my dreams. Thanks for joining me for the ride so far, and hopefully you’ll continue to stick around. If we hadn’t gotten to your favorite show yet, I’m sure it’s coming soon.

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